The 100 Recap 10/29/14: Season 2 Episode 2 “Inclement Weather”

The 100 Recap 10/29/14: Season 2 Episode 2 “Inclement Weather”

Tonight on the CW The 100 returns with an all new Wednesday October 29, season 2 episode 2 called “Inclement Weather.” On tonight’s episode, Clarke [Eliza Taylor] confronts Dante Wallace (Raymond J. Barry). Meanwhile, Kane interrogates one of the 100; and Abby performs emergency surgery.

On the last episode picking up where the season one finale ended, Clarke (Eliza Taylor) was still alone in the white room, frantically trying to make sense of her bizarre surroundings, while the fate of Bellamy (Bob Morley), Finn (Thomas McDonell) and Raven (Lindsey Morgan) was still unknown. Lincoln (Ricky Whittle) and Octavia’s (Marie Avgeropoulos) daring plan was thwarted and an enemy returns. Meanwhile, Abby (Paige Turco), Kane (Henry Ian Cusick) and the survivors of the Ark faced physical and moral dilemmas in their dangerous and beautiful new world. Finally, Jaha (Isaiah Washington) made a heroic decision. Did you watch last season’s finale? If you missed it we have a full and detailed recap, right here for you.

On tonight’s episode, a suspicious Clarke (Eliza Taylor) confronts President Dante Wallace (guest star Raymond Barry) and demands answers. Kane (Henry Ian Cusick) interrogates one of The 100, and Abby (Paige Turco) performs emergency surgery. Meanwhile, Octavia (Marie Avgeropoulos) resorts to violence to find Lincoln (Ricky Whittle). Thomas McDonell, Bob Morley, Devon Bostick, Lindsey Morgan, Chris Larkin and Isaiah Washington also star. John F.

Tune in tonight to catch the season 2 episode 2 of The 100 on CW – we’ll be right here recapping it for you live! While you wait for the recap, check out a sneak peek of tonight’s episode below!

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At the crash site, everyone is hard at work. Some are setting up a perimeter and Kane goes inside to the brig to talk to Bellamy. He says he won’t let him out til he’s sure he’s not a threat. Kane wants to hear about the Grounders and Bellamy says they need to go after the others before it’s too late. Bellamy asks to be on the search team but Kane says he’s not trained and to tell him about the Grounders and their weapons. He tells him primitive weapons, but not guns. Bellamy says the guns they found helped but didn’t have enough bullets. Kane tells him they should have looked harder because there were more guns and bullets.

Murphy is brought into the brig cleared from medical and Byrne puts him where Kane says. She restrains him and Murphy looks at Bellamy and says this should be fun. The adults head out when they hear gun shots from the woods. Kane comes out and is told they opened fire because they thought they saw something. Kane takes the guy’s gun and says only guards get guns. He shouts out to all that unauthorized use of a gun is punishable under the Exodus charter. Abby pushes him to search the woods in case it was the missing kids that the guy saw and shot at. They send out a party.

At Mt Weather, the dorms are rocking and Jasper sees that Clarke is sketching the premises. He jokes that it’s good enough to frame. Miller shows up and Clarke says she’s glad he’s okay – he says he had three surgeries. Maya hands him his pills and gives Clarke an unkind look before she leaves. Jasper walks out with Maya and flirts. They head to breakfast together but then there’s an alarm that goes off and Clarke asks what it is. Maya says it means the search party is back and someone is injured.

Clarke wants to follow. Clarke is there and asks who attacked. She heads into quarantine since they can’t be exposed and Jasper goes with her. She sees a body bag and says it’s a bullet wound. She says Grounders don’t use guns and thinks some of their people are alive. They bring in a guy who is all burned up and looking bad. Clarke is sure Dante is lying to them about what’s going on.

Jaha goes looking for the crying baby. He rushes through the ship but the cry is echoing off walls and it’s hard to pin down the source. Is he going nuts or is there a child there. He breaks into a locked compartment and, sure enough, there’s a little baby there. Wow. Abby comes to see Raven to tell her the bullet is still inside her. She says if they live it in, she’ll live but never walk or Abby digs it out and the surgery could likely kill her but she might be able to walk again.

Finn tells her not to risk the surgery but she insists. She says she needs her legs down here on Earth and tells Abby to take it out. Octavia comes to and sees a Grounder. He approaches her and offers her water. She asks where Lincoln is. He forces her to drink and tells her to drink or die and tells her to drink it all. He holds her mouth shut so she can’t spit it out then she passes out again.

Clarke goes to find Dante and tells him they need to talk. She asks who shot the soldier and he pulls her aside to chat. He says the patrol was attacked by Grounders. She says they don’t have guns. He says Shaw was shot by an arrow but she says she saw the wound and it was a bullet. He says she was seeing things and she asks to see the body again. He tells her okay and takes her out of the dining hall. Jaha tries to comfort the crying child and says this is a fine mess.

He boots the screens up and says they have to find a way to get him to the ground. He tries to find something left up there to save them. Now he has a purpose again. Abby tells Raven they’re almost ready to start the surgery. Finn offers to talk to her while it happens. They belt her down since they have no anesthesia. Abby starts to cut into her and Raven tells Finn she’s scared. He tells her to look at him and focus. Abby makes the incision. Raven screams.

Bellamy hears the screaming and is visibly upset. Murphy says that was him at the Grounder camp. He says they tortured him and Bellamy says he wouldn’t have broke no matter what they did to him. Murphy says they tortured him for three days before he talked and tells Bellamy to go on believing he could have held out. Outside, they hear screams coming from the North and rush to investigate. Kane and the others find three of theirs pinned to a tree with arrows. Only Campbell is still alive.

Dante takes Clarke down to the clinic and Dr Tsing wheels in the body. Clarke asks how the man with the burns is feeling and she asks to talk to him. Dante says they can arrange it. Clarke looks at the sensor on the body and Tsing says it’s a dialysis shunt and says they all have it in case of contamination. Tsing shows her his wound and says they had to remove it in the field. They also show her the bloody arrowhead.

Jaha finds a chess piece in the child’s hand and wonders where he got it. He says he may teach him to play one day. Jaha keeps at it and then finds a missile he thinks can take them there. He says their ancestors used them to destroy the world and now they can use it to get to the world. Jaha says the bad news is they have to go outside to get to it. Kane looks at the bodies of his men and then goes to talk to Abby. She tells him Raven survived the surgery but she doesn’t know how.

Kane says the kids do all have courage. He tells her Bellamy can’t wait to get back out there. She asks if he sent a search team. He tells her the men were crucified and they can’t send anyone out until the camp is secure. She says they can’t wait because of how they treat them. She reminds him they put a spear in Jasper and tortured Murphy. He says it’s his decision and he’s made it.

Octavia wakes again and the guy asks if she’s feeling better. She asks who he is and where Lincoln is. He says he’s Michael – a friend of Lincoln’s. She stands and he says that’s good and tells her to run. She asks again about Lincoln and he says he’s answering for what he’s done. He tells her that their clan is vulnerable to the Reapers because Lincoln helped her. She’s horrified and asks him to help Lincoln. She says they have to do something. He says he did – he saved her and tells her again to run.

She kicks him in the head and knocks him out. She thanks him and then ties him up and holds a knife to his throat. She leads him into the village and calls out the phrase Lincoln taught her saying her name and that she’s of the sky people. She tells them they have something she wants.

[10:00:40 PM] Rachel Rowan: A woman steps out of their shack-like building and asks what she wants. Octavia says she wants Lincoln and the woman says no. Octavia puts a knife on Michael’s neck and the woman asks her to stop. She says he’s their only healer. Octavia tells her that she’s to send Lincoln to the place where he left her and says he’ll know where. She says if he’s not there by dark alone, she kills their healer.

Abby checks on Raven and tests her sensations. She feels nothing in her feet and Finn starts to freak. Abby tells her that her left leg has significant damage and she’ll need crutches. Raven cries and calls herself a cripple. Abby leaves her with Finn and goes. He sits down and tells her he’s tired of talking about her – he asks if she wants to hear about his day. She laughs and says she’s tired. She tells him not to be there when she wakes up. She tells him to go get their friends.

In the dorms, Clarke comes back and Jasper asks what Dante said. She says she looked at Shaw’s body and it did look like an arrow wound. She says they could have doctored it and Jasper says she sounds crazy and asks why she wants to screw this up. She says she doesn’t know what this is and he tells her it’s safe. He’s worried she’s going to get them all kicked out and she asks if someone threatened him. He says it’s common sense to kick out a guest who acts like an ungrateful ass.

Jasper and Miller agree that the biggest risk to them now is her. She’s not happy to hear this. Jaha opens the missile bay. He makes a makeshift sling for the baby. They have 15 minutes until the missile launches and tells the baby they don’t want to miss their ride. He puts his space suit on over he and the baby and says not to worry, there’s enough air for two. He sees a crack in the helmet and is worried. He puts it on and the voice says seven minutes until missile launch.

He steps out into the unsafe area and then looks out and says he has to jump across the ring, stick the landing and jump in a missile before it launches. He opens the air lock and tells the baby – hold on little man. He goes flying across and sees the crack on the helmet spreading. It shatters and he has no air. He makes it to the airlock, slams the seal and lands inside. He can breathe. He pops open the helmet and checks on the baby. There’s no child there. It’s a bundle of clothes.

The missile launch is in just a few minutes. He screams in frustration then hears his son’s voice. He turns and sees Wells holding the chess piece the baby was holding before. Jaha pants and then drops to his knees. He says oxygen deprivation is hitting him. Wells tells him he’s not done yet but he says he is. Wells tells him – our people still need you but Jaha says he did his job already. Wells asks what he would tell him to do and says he’d tell him to live.

He tells his dad his life can be more than this tragic end and tells him to choose to live. Jaha cries and says he misses him every day. Wells says he’s with him every day and tells him he can do this. There are two minutes until launch and Jaha runs through what he needs to do – disarm the warhead, check the chute, check oxygen. Jaha looks outside and says it’s time to go home.

Finn comes in to break out Bellamy and says they’re going after them. Murphy asks to go along and Bellamy cuts him loose too. Finn isn’t happy but Bellamy says he’s been to the Grounder camp. Murphy says he can take them there. The girl comes and tells them to hurry up that someone is coming. They scramble.

At Mt Weather, things are going well for everyone but Clarke who sits in a chair and pouts then tears up her escape map she’s been sketching. Clarke sees the guy who was all burned come into the common area and he looks 90% healed. She follows him. He swipes his card and goes into a room. She goes back to the dorms and looks around. She remembers that only patients are allowed in medical and cuts her still healing arm until blood starts flowing.

The missile counts down, then launches toward Earth. Jaha is in there in a fresh space suit and is getting rattled around good as it hurtles downward. Octavia waits in the woods with Michael. He says it looks like she’ll have to kill him since no one has shown but then they hear a noise and the woman has brought Lincoln. Octavia says he’s hurt and the woman says he should be dead. She takes the knife away from Michael’s neck and tells him sorry.

Lincoln hobbles towards Octavia but then yells – Reapers – just as the savages attack. Octavia is knocked down and her vision goes blurry as the fight progresses. Lincoln is dragged away by the Reapers screaming her name. Jaha comes to – looks like he passed out – and starts unscrewing the bolts in the missile’s body. He kicks the panel aside and touches Earth. He laughs. He’s got sand in his hands. He sniffs it. He looks around and sees stars up above him.

He stands and the shot backs away. We see that he’s in the middle of what looks like a vast desert. The kids go to sneak out of the base camp when a flashlight shines in their face. Abby says – you’re late – and Finn explains that Bellamy decided to bring company. He says Murphy has been to the camp. Miller hands over his weapon and says to find his son Nathan. Abby hands over her weapon to the kids too and tells them to bring the others home. The kids troop out.

In the clinic, Clarke’s arm is attended to and she looks around. As the doc leaves, she sits up and looks at the survivor she saw earlier. She nudges and says his name – Langston. She looks at the burn on his hand and then wonders what they’re doing to him. She looks at the shunt and the blood and follows a line in the ceiling where the blood is coming from. She hits a dead end at a secured door. She notices an air vent above her head and climbs up into it.

She steps through and sees bodies handing upside down. They are being bled to provide plasma for the people in the clinic. She heads moans and looks around and sees people in cages. There are several cages full of people. Clarke kneels down and sees Anya there.