Who Won The Amazing Race: The Scientists Amy and Maya Win Season 25 Finale – Recap “All or Nothing”

Who Won The Amazing Race: The Scientists Amy and Maya Win Season 25 Finale - Recap "All or Nothing"

Tonight on CBS the Emmy award winning show The Amazing Race hosted by Phil Keoghan returns for yet another exciting episode and sadly it is the 25th season finale and we have your weekly recap below.  In an all new Friday December 19, season 25 finale episode called, “All or Nothing”  for the first time ever, four teams battle it out in the final leg for the million dollar prize. Tonight we will learn who won The Amazing Race finale season 25! And as you will read below the scientists are the winners!

On the last episode, teams raced to Manila, Philippines where they got muddy with an ornery Ox during a memorable switchback challenge from season five. Did you watch the last episode? If you missed it, we have a full and detailed recap right here for you.

On tonight’s episode as per the CBS synopsis, “for the first time ever, four teams battle it out in the final leg for the million dollar prize, but one team will face a shocking elimination before making it to the finish line.”

Tonight’s The Amazing Race season 25 finale is going to be as awesome as ever, and you won’t want to miss it. Be sure to tune in for our coverage of The Amazing Race — tonight at 8 PM EST! While you wait for our recap, hit the comments and let us know how excited you are or this season of The Amazing Race!

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For the first time in Amazing Race history, the final leg begins with four teams instead of three and they’re all head back to the US. Once the teams land, they will hop into a Ford and use the car’s tech to get them to their next clue. The other teams are disappointed to see the scientists show up at the airport – they thought for sure they’d be out of the race. Brooke is mean and says “it’s disgusting” to see them there. Brooke is mean to their faces and says it’s frustrating to see them there.

The scientists tell them not to take it out on them and says it’s the rules of the game. The dentists talk to the wrestlers and tell them the scientists are low hanging fruit for elimination but Brooke says if it’s a brainy challenge, they could be out since they’re not too bright. They talk some smack that’s not too nice. The surfers are much nicer and say they just have to work hard. The wrestlers are far too sure they’re going to win this and seem pretty cocky.

All teams are on the same flight into LAX so it’s neck and neck right now. They all run out to search for their cars. Bethany is driving for her team. They get an audible text clue that welcomes them to LA and tells them they have to bring the manila envelope to City Hall to get the next clue. They all take off at about the same time. Jim thinks they’re the only ones going the right way. The wrestlers are following the surfers.

The surfers take an exit and the wrestlers miss it. Duh. Jim realizes they are headed in the wrong direction after he was so sure they were right. He tells Misti to make a u-turn and he’s frustrated and cranky at their error. The wrestlers stop to ask for directions and a guy gives them a map with a highlighted route. They run back to their car.

The scientists pull up at the building and the surfers are there too but a little behind them. It’s a foot race but the scientists are there first. They get their film permit approved and have to take it to a warehouse. The surfers are close behind and are getting theirs stamped as the others leave. The scientists ask someone to check their smart phone to get directions while the surfers hop back in their car and use their map.

Jim and Misti show up in third place. The scientists are still there getting their directions. They leave the same time as the dentists. The wrestlers are nowhere in sight yet. The surfers get off the freeway and head to a fire station to ask for directions. A fireman gives them directions and tells Bethany that his daughter is a big fan of hers.

The scientists make it there first and get their #Roadblock info. They have to learn a stunt and then play action hero. Maya says she wants to do it. The surfers show up not too much later and get their info. Bethany tells Adam he can do it. Misti and Jim are taking the wrong bridge – they stop and ask for directions and are told to head back over it. They get back in the car and realize they were right there. They worry they’re in last and Misti tells him not to go negative.

The wrestlers are in Santa Monica – a ways away from where they’re supposed to be. They ask another car where they should be and he says to go back to 10 East. Robbie complains that she got the directions not him – he says this sucks. Brooke tells him to stop giving her crazy attitude and it devolves into an argument.

At the Roadblock, Maya gets her training session where she sees how she has to jump and fall. Adam gets training at the same time. Maya is scared and has several false starts before she makes the jump. The dentists show up next and Jim decides to do it for them. Amy is waiting for Maya to jump out through the window. Maya makes a flying leap out of the window and screams that it’s so freaking cool. They open the knapsack to get the clue and are told to head to Terminal Island.

Adam is ready to make his jump and leaps out and down. He goes flying and it looks great. Bethany says he has a future in stunt work. They get their clue and head off. Jim is not too far behind as he completes his practice round. Amy realizes that the clue said Maya had to take off her costume and she forgot to. They run back and this allows Bethany and Adam to catch up and take over first place. The wrestlers finally find city hall.

They are solidly in last place as they run out and head to the stunt challenge. Adam and Bethany get their clue which says they have to test their swimming skills with the US Coast Guard search and rescue. They have to do a training exercise. Their boat heads out and they put on wetsuits and say they are back in their element. Misti waits for Jim to do his big stunt jump and he dives out the window. This puts them right back with the dentists.

Jim doesn’t find his clue in the bag. They tear it apart and realize he missed a zipper. This puts them a little behind the scientists when they could have been tied up. Brooke complains that the scientists have taken their spot and that they shouldn’t have to worry about being eliminated and blames it on them. Wow – sour grapes much? The scientists are in 2nd and the dentists in 3rd and their boats leave one after the other.

Adam and Bethany start their open water challenge and Adam says it was a breeze for them since they’re used to much choppier waters in Hawaii. They have to haul back in a 200 pound dummy for their rescue effort. Bethany says dragging him back was a little hard but they get him back to the boat and then pull themselves back in and are done. Adam jokes and tries to revive the dummy. They are headed back as the scientists are just pulling out to the open water exercise site.

The scientists are in the water and then the dentists but the dentists complete theirs first. The scientists are close behind. It’s pretty much neck and neck with them. Adam and Bethany get their clue and thank the Coast Guard officer for serving their country. They hop into a taxi and head out. The dentists are off the boat first because the scientists are still changing clothes. Jim and Misti are about 10 minutes behind and ask their cabbie to rush.

The wrestlers make it to the movie set and watch a demonstration then Robbie decides he’ll do the challenge but Phil shows up. Uh-oh. Are they about to be eliminated. Honestly, based on their attitude, I won’t be sorry to see them go.
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Phil tells them they have been eliminated. Robbie tells him they tried and didn’t give up. Robbie says he would have liked to jump out the window and Phil says they should be proud of each other. Robbie says if you can get through the race, you can get through anything. Brooke says she’s proud but seems pretty angry. Robbie says you may have loved them or hated them, but you won’t forget them.

Bethany races for the clue box at a shipping yard. Bethany has to do this roadblock since Adam did the last. It’s a huge yard of containers and they have to find nine containers that represent cities they represented. Each has a number they have to memorize to fill in a form to earn them their next clue. Adam tells Bethany to take her time and focus. Bethany says the weight of the whole race is on her.

The dentists and scientists show up one after the other and the race is on. Amy and Misti have to do this challenge. Amy’s leg is hurting her so she has to suck it up. Bethany jogs around and looks. They have to find the cities, memorize the numbers then put them down in the order that they visited the cities. All three women are struggling and are worried about the task. Bethany is singing a song to help her memorize them. She says her memory is not so good.

All three wander around trying to memorize numbers. The others sit and wait and say it feels like hours. Misti is down to just one container and Amy finds her last. Bethany has all nine of hers. The women race back. Jim tells Adam and Maya that they are all tied for first right now. Maya is back first and writes down her codes. She hands it over and is told she has it right. They get their clue. Wow. Bethany is next and writes hers down. Misti has to wait but walks off so she doesn’t hear the numbers Bethany is saying and get confused.

Amy and Maya are told the clue to the final location. Bethany misses one number and goes off to think. Misti comes over to try and is also told hers are wrong. Bethany comes back and tries again but has made it worse. Misti gets hers right on her second try. They are off and running. Bethany is really upset at herself. Misti and Jim are in their cab but are behind the others.

Bethany gets hers right, they get their clue and take off. They hug and head off but are in last place. Jim says the one mistake when they went the wrong way can cost them the race. The scientists are really nervous. The other teams wait at the finish line as the scientists race up and are cheered all the way to the victory mat. Maya leaps up into Phil’s arms and he picks her up. Amy falls down exhausted. Phil congratulates them on being the official winners! They are the #RaceWinners.

Phil says this is only the third time they’ve had a female team win it. Maya says she hopes they’ve inspired people to try things that are out of the box. Jim and Misti run up next to take second place. Phil congratulates them and says they still have the best looking teeth in the race. Adam and Bethany show up last and Phil tells them their results. He says they should be very proud of themselves. Bethany says she’s proud of how they performed and says she loves Adam even more now than she did weeks ago.

Adam says Bethany continually just surpasses all his expectations of her. He says money is nice but says he wouldn’t trade their relationship being stronger for a million dollars. They all hug the other racers. Bethany says their adventures will continue from there. Amy and Maya say they will head back to Wisconsin and inspire smiles. That’s it for Season 25 of the Amazing Race.
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Next season is 11 dating couples. Five of the couples will be blind dates! That’s insane. Can’t wait to watch it.