The Amazing Race Recap – Who is Eliminated, Who Makes The Finale: Season 25 Episode 11 “Hooping It Up”

The Amazing Race Recap - Who is Eliminated, Who Makes The Finale: Season 25 Episode 11 "Hooping It Up"

Tonight on CBS the Emmy award winning show The Amazing Race hosted by Phil Keoghan returns for yet another exciting installment in an all new Friday December 12, season 25 episode 11 called, “Hooping It Up” and we have your weekly recap below. On tonight’s episode, the race continues in the Philippines. At the pit stop, Phil greets the racers with some shocking news.

On the last episode, teams raced to Manila, Philippines where they got muddy with an ornery Ox during a memorable switchback challenge from season five. Did you watch the last episode? If you missed it, we have a full and detailed recap right here for you.

On tonight’s episode as per the CBS synopsis, “teams race to Manila, Philippines where they get muddy with an ornery Ox during a memorable switchback challenge from season five.”

Tonight’s The Amazing Race season 25 episode 11 is going to be as awesome as ever, and you won’t want to miss it. Be sure to tune in for our coverage of The Amazing Race — tonight at 8 PM EST! While you wait for our recap, hit the comments and let us know how excited you are or this season of The Amazing Race!

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Tonight on #AmazingRace25, the racers start out in the Philippines. They are in Manila at a rice field where they’ll start the next leg. Misti has hurt herself and her foot is causing her pain. She and Jim start out at 9 am. They have to go to a local park to get to their next clue. They struggle to find someone who speaks English to help them find the Jeepney stand. Amy and Maya leave moments after them. They mention that they’ve yet to find a leg. Jim and Misti see the scientists and hop on a Jeepney with them.

Adam and Bethany leave in third place but are close behind. Their Jeepney heads in the other direction – they were instructed to take a Jeepney to one station then get a new one. The surfers asked for the end point not the mid-point station. The Wrestlers are also struggling to get on the correct one. Two teams may be going the wrong way but which ones are doing it the right way?

Adam and Bethany hop off the Jeepney at the park and see the clue box and the speed bump sign for the wrestlers. They get a this or that roadblock with no details. They ask for directions to each of the two choices and head off to the closest one. The wrestlers show up next at the park and see their speed bump. They have to go help a street vendor transfer his goods onto a replacement bike/taxi thing.

They go off to their #Speedbump and Robbie says he doesn’t think it’s going to take that long. The dentists and scientists are falling behind. The surfers have to play basketball for their #Roadblock. They have to score 21 points against a local street team. Adam is taller but the locals seem pretty talented. They also have to constantly dodge traffic because they’re playing in the street.

Brooke is freaking out about the speed bump. Robbie says she’s a loose cannon. The Jeepney the scientists and dentists are in has to stop for gas which puts them further behind. Adam is pretty much running the challenge since Bethany can’t really shoot hoops very effectively. Brooke and Robbie clear their speed bump and now head off to the clue box and are surprised that the other teams haven’t gotten there yet.

The dentists and scientists talk about how smart they are and how they will definitely beat the other teams to the pit stop. Then they ask the driver how long to get to the park and they are told it’s back in Manila – the other way from where they’re headed! Looks like they’re not so smart. The scientists start to panic and Misti thinks they should stay on the Jeepney.

They all decide to get off and find a Jeepney going back the other way. Bethany is trying hard to play because she doesn’t want to be the weak link. They are up to 18 points and need 21 to clear the challenge. Adam sinks a free throw that puts them over the top. They get a clue that tells them to find a market place and they search for a Jeepney to take them there.

The wrestlers show up for the basketball challenge and Brooke is confident and says she played for years. Brooke is struggling and the locals play pretty aggressively. The dentists and wrestlers finally make it to the clue box and get their clue for this or that. Both of them head off. Robbie whines when he gets poked in the eye. Brooke is pretty well running the challenge.

They complete it and head off to the market a little ways behind Bethany and Adam. Except Bethany and Adam have lost their clue. Maya and Amy chose the other road block. The have to navigate a taxi bike around a city block within a short amount of time. Jim and Misti are there as well. One drives and one rides in the side car. The two teams are racing against each other.

Jim is pedaling for the dentists and is zipping along while Maya struggles to drive. They have to do two laps around the course in less than 18 minutes. Jim is yelling at pedestrians to get out of the way and says the turning is hard and the brake isn’t working well. Maya pedals for her life and she says she normally rides her bike to work so it’s not so bad.

Bethany and Adam show up to the market but don’t know where to go because they lost the clue. Adam remembers the street but not the cross street. Brooke is really car sick and asks the cabbie to turn the A/C on but he says he can’t because the engine will overheat. Jim and Misti almost run down some people. They are at just over 14 minutes when they switch – Misti takes over but has a hurt foot.

Amy takes over for the scientists and is struggling. The steering on these are really hard. Misti complains that Jim is heavy and he tells her to push through the pain. Amy tries to pass them and the scientists wreck into a parked car. Someone runs up and grabs the sidecar and barely stops them from tipping over.

Jim tells Misti to #KeepGoing and not worry about them. The scientists recover and press on. Misti tells Jim her foot is hurting. The scientists catch back up and pass them safely this time. Misti says he weighs twice what one of the girls does which makes it hard. They switch again on lap three of four. Adam and Bethany are wandering around the market lost.

The Wrestlers get out of their cab in frustration and get to the clue box. That puts them in first. The next road block is to do with coconuts. They have to carry awkward items to three different shops. Robbie says he’ll do the carrying. Robbie and Brooke don’t see the instructions on the side of the van and he wanders off with no idea where he’s going.

Misti takes back over on the last lap. They are down to less than three minutes and both teams are neck and neck. Amy and Maya make it with two minutes to spare. This puts them in third place. The dentists also make it in time and take fourth place. Both teams run for a taxi to get to the market. Robbie tries to get information off the road block clue and sees he has to go back because he didn’t read the directions.

He gets back and takes notes then runs back off again. He’s in a panic now. Adam and Bethany are still meandering the market. They pull off Adam’s backpack and find the clue. They run off now that they have the info they need. The dentists get out of their cab and run to the clue box – they are in the market and take over second place.

Adam and Bethany make it there and Adam loads off and does the same thing as Robbie – he doesn’t read the directions to where he’s supposed to go. Robbie is wandering through the market lost. Adam is clueless. Robbie makes his first delivery. Robbie is told that he didn’t bring the proper quantity of goods. The scientists get there finally and are in last place. Adam is wandering lost and asking for help.

Amy is carrying for the scientists and it looks like she glanced at hers. Adam finds Jim and they walk together. Robbie makes his first delivery and runs back for his second. Amy asks questions to try and make her delivery. Jim and Adam are wandering and then decide to go back and reset. Robbie makes his second delivery.

Amy stops to ask directions. Robbie comes back for his third load. Jim and Adam are there reading their directions finally. Amy is struggling with the weight of the stuff she’s carrying. She says this is the worst roadblock for her knees. Jim and Adam finally make their first deliveries. Robbie makes his third. Adam is trying to pull ahead of Jim and begins to run to gain a lead.

Brooke and Robbie get their clue telling them to go to the pit stop at Fort San Diego. They head off saying they went from worst to first. The other teams watch them leave jealously. Robbie says he thinks the scientists are going to lose since Amy’s hips are hurting. Jim borrows a cart from someone to help him. Adam finishes his second delivery and races back.

Jim hands off his second delivery and is on the way back to pick up his stuff for the third. Amy tells Maya she can’t carry the stuff and drops it in the street while cars honk at them. Amy borrows a cart to help her make her deliveries and Adam makes his third delivery. He runs back as Jim is heading out for his third.

The wrestlers are still not at the pit stop. They really want to win this leg and get into the final three. Amy finally makes her first delivery. Adam gets their pit stop clue and he and Bethany head out. Jim finally gets his third delivery receipt and heads back. Amy makes her second delivery. The scientists are in dead last at this point. She comes back to get the stuff for her third.

Misti and Jim get their clue and hop a cab to the pit stop. Amy makes her third delivery and races back. They get their clue and head out to find a taxi. Amy is shaking and feeling awful. She’s dehydrated and struggling. Maya is worried she’s going to pass out and have to go to the hospital. The wrestlers are a little lost and they stop to ask directions.

All the teams are in the taxis now and racing for the fort. Phil waits at the pit stop. Brooke and Robbie make it their first to win the leg. Phil says they made Amazing Race history going from worst to first and are in the finals. Phil says the final leg starts now and hands them a clue and an envelope they can’t open until later. They are told to hop a flight to LA.

Adam and Bethany show up to take second and are told they have to leave now and they had them their clue and envelope. They rush off. The dentists make it there in third place and are given their materials for the final leg. They run off. The scientists show up last and Amy is still struggling. Phil calls for water and gets her some shade and a chair.

Medical checks her and then Phil gives them their results. He tells them they were in last place and are in last place. They tell him they don’t feel done and says for the first time in Amazing Race history, four teams will race to the finish line. He says he will eliminate a team at some point in the final leg. The girls are thrilled. They are told they have to leave now.

The scientists are shocked they are still in it. Robbie says they will clearly win it. He mocks the other teams. Jim admits that the wrestlers are physically strong but are mentally weaker. Jim says he and Misti have won five legs and are the strongest contenders. Adam says they’ve played the game well and haven’t played dirty. The scientists are proud they are the final female team in the race.