The Amazing Race RECAP 3/16/14: Season 24 Episode 4 “Smarter Not Harder”


Tonight on CBS the Emmy award winning show The Amazing Race returns for yet another exciting installment. On “Smarter Not Harder” the race continues in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia. One racer’s feet start bleeding during a Roadblock, while another participant suffers a meltdown during a difficult Detour. Did you guys watch last week’s episode of The Amazing Race? If not we have you covered with a full recap to get you caught up, right here.

On last week’s episode teams raced through the Malaysian jungle where the roaring rapids crushed their spirits and their homemade rafts. In the detour, teams were forced to choose a Murut hunting guide who would lead them into the jungle where they had to hit a target using a blow pipe before receiving the next clue.

On tonight’s episode you can count on a lot of exciting twists and turns. At one point, in Detour B, Mother/son team Margie and Luke must mix seven cocktails and pour them simultaneously into a pyramid of glasses. Once the drinks are properly made, they then must deliver them across a pool in order to receive the next clue.

Tonight’s The Amazing Race Season 24 episode 4 is going to be as awesome as ever, and you won’t want to miss it. Be sure to tune in for our live coverage of The Amazing Race — tonight at 8 PM EST! While you wait for our recap, hit the comments and let us know how you are enjoying this season of The Amazing Race so far!

Tonight’s episode begins now – Refresh Page for Updates

Tonight’s episode of Amazing Race opens with the teams departing, Dave and Connor head to Prince Phillip Park first, followed by Jet and Cord and Leo and Jamal. At the park, the racers reach a roadblock. They must jump on a hand-made trampoline, high enough to reach a flag hanging from the ceiling.

Once they get the flag the teams must travel to the capital of Malaysia and find the next clue in the middle of a busy intersection. They have to head to the airport and get on the first flight to the capital of Malaysia.

Dave and Connor are the first team to compete the road block and get the flag, they head to the airport, Leo and Jamal follow closely behind them. Jet and Cord are still trying to get their flag at the road block. Margie and Luke arrive at the road block just as Jet and Cord are finally leaving, they head to the airport.

Flight Time and Big Easy are departing and arriving at the road block as Margie and Luke are leaving. Caroline and Jennifer arrive at the road block, followed by Jessica and John. Brendon and Rachel are the last team to depart and arrive at the road block. Jessica has a slight setback when her feet start bleeding and she has to stop jumping and get her feet wrapped. She finally gets the flag, and she and John head to the airport. Meanwhile at the airport the first flight has been delayed, so the players that were scheduled to take off first, are now taking off third.

Leo and Jamal find the clue first in Malaysia and have to choose between a detour, they must head to a club and complete a song on the DJ switchboard or mix a pyramid of cocktails. Leo and Jamal decide to make cocktails along with Jet and Cord and Dave and Connor.

The second flight of racers arrives in Malaysia and they head to the sky bar. Flight Time and Big Easy decide they should do the DJ turntables. Meanwhile Jet and Cord, Leo and Jamal, and Dave and Connor are still struggling with the cocktails. Leo and Jamal decide to ditch the cocktail competition and head to the DJ turntables. Jet and Cord finally complete the cocktail competition and get the clue to the next Pit Stop at Batu Caves. Dave and Connor finish the competition soon after and head to the Pit Stop as well.

Leo and Jamal finally conquer the turntables and leave the bar and head to the Pit Stop. Meanwhile Jet and Cord arrive at the Pit Stop first, they have won this leg of the race. Dave and Connor arrive at the Pit Stop in second place.

The rust of the teams are still struggling at Sky Bar with the turntables and cocktails. Flight Time and Big Easy failed the DJ test and have to get back in line while Jessica and John give it a shot. Brendon and Rachel are on their 14th attempt at the cocktail road block. Margie and Luke are on their 19th attempt, and both teams are extremely frustrated. Caroline and Jennifer complete the DJ competition, while Leo and Jamal are arriving at the Pit Stop in 3rd place. Big Easy and Flight Time complete the DJ competition and head to the Pit Stop. Margie and Luke and Brendon and Rachel are the only two teams left at the Sky Bar.

Caroline and Jennifer arrive in fourth place at the Pit Stop and Jessica and John are in 5th place. Flight Time and Big Easy arrive at the Pit Stop in 6th place. Margie and Luke finally finish the cocktail competition and finish in seventh place. Brendon and Rachel are still at Sky Bar trying to finish their cocktail. Brendon and Rachel finally arrive at the Pit Stop in 8th place. However, this week is not an elimination round.

No team was eliminated from Amazing Race this week.