The Bachelor 2014 RECAP 1/12/14: The Bachelor: Behind the Scenes

The Bachelor 2014 RECAP 1/12/14: The Bachelor: Behind the Scenes

Tonight ABC is airing a special look at THE BACHELOR – BEHIND THE SCENES.  ON tonight’s show Chris Harrison hosts a behind-the-scenes look at the production of the 18th season of “The Bachelor.” Included: Harrison and bachelor Juan Pablo Galavis crash viewer parties; eliminated bachelorettes weigh in on rejection; footage of the women moving into the mansion.  Did you watch last week’s premiere episode of The Bachelor?  We did and we recapped it right here for you.

On last week’s premiere episode Juan Pablo enjoyed some time with his adorable daughter, Camila, when he is surprised by a visit from Sean Lowe. Sean offered some pointers on how he should handle his romantic adventure when 27 amazing women come from all over the world to meet him.  Tensions ran high once Chris Harrison brought out the first impression rose, with those who haven’t spoken with the handsome bachelor growing more anxious by the minute.  At the end of the evening, 18 bachelorettes remained to start the exciting adventure with Juan Pablo and begin the search for love.

 On tonight’s show we will get more in-depth behind-the-scenes of what transpired during production of Juan Pablo Galavis’ season.  We also get a more in-depth look at a few of the amazing women that received a rose the first night and will be dating our Bachelor. Find out why these lovely ladies believe Juan Pablo is the perfect man to possibly spend a lifetime with. As a very special bonus, viewers will get a sneak peek at the second episode of the Bachelor which airs tomorrow.

We will be live blogging  The Bachelor 2014, Behind the Scenes, so come back tonight at 8PM for our live recap of The Bachelor 2014 “Behind the Scenes”  While you wait for the recap, hit the comments and let us know if you are enjoying this season of The Bachelor?

Tonight’s episode begins now – Refresh Page for Updates

Tonight’s episode of The Bachelor: Behind The Scenes opens with Chris Harrison, a reel of Bachelor Viewing Parties. During the season premiere of The Bachelor, Chris and Juan Pablo crashed a series of Bachelor Viewing Parties. While fans were watching The Bachelor with their friends at the homes, Juan Pablo literally walked into their houses, and was of course greeted with crowds of screaming women. Ironically, the shocked viewers are rooting for Nurse Nikki Ferrell. The Bachelor fans they visited also weren’t impressed by Clare’s fake baby-bump.

Next, Chris Harrison shares footage of an interview he did with Juan Pablo the day after his very first Rose Ceremony. Juan reveals that he will be going on his first 1-on-1 date with Clare, and he is really looking forward to getting to know her better. Clare and Juan Pablo will be going on a “Winter Wonderland” date, they have brought in fake snow, and they will be going skiing and skating. Juan is going to take his daughter Camila to play in the fake snow, before his date later that night with Clare. This will be the first time Camila has ever seen snow, and Juan takes her ice-skating. Then the father and daughter put on their gloves and build a snowman.

Chris also shares some behind the scenes footage of the girls moving into The Bachelor Mansion after their first Rose Ceremony. Kat thinks the mansion is “out of this world.” Nikki is happy to receive a rose and move into the mansion, but she can’t imagine how horrible the girls that didn’t receive roses last night feel.

Kyle didn’t receive a rose, and she is devastated and “emotionally exhausted.” Lacy is really upset because in her life she “doesn’t really have time to find a man,” and she was hoping that she would find love on The Bachelor. The eliminated girls spent the day after the Rose Ceremony crying, packing their bags, and hopping on planes headed back home.

Bachelor Alums Sean Lowe and his fiancé Catherine spent some quality time with Juan Pablo the day after the Rose Ceremony, and Juan reveals that it was really hard for him to send nine girls home. They also discuss their upcoming wedding, and Juan confesses he wants to find a wife.

Up next on The Bachelor: Behind The Scenes is a clip of Chris Harrison sharing the “date card” with the women in the mansion. After he leaves they open the card and learn that Clare has received the first 1-on-1 date with Juan Pablo. Clare is thrilled, she heads upstairs to get ready for her date.

The final part of The Bachelor: Behind The Scenes is a sneak peak of the women that “will be causing all the drama during tomorrow’s episode of The Bachelor.” Victoria reveals that she was married and divorced before she was twenty, and she is “110% ready to fall in love and get married.” Lucy, will also be causing some drama tomorrow night. Apparently she is a nudist and “loves to be naked,” (that could cause some awkward tension in the mansion). Elise is also going to be dishing out some drama, she is still very emotional about the death of her mother. Apparently when Elise was cleaning out her Mom’s belongings after her death, she found a letter that her Mom had written and wanted to submit to The Bachelor for her. Tomorrow night’s episode looks intense, and Victoria is going to go NUTS!