The Bachelor 2014 RECAP 1/6/14: Season 27 Episode 1

The Bachelor 2014 RECAP 1/6/14: Season 27 Episode 1

Tonight on ABC Juan Pablo Galavis starts his search for love on THE BACHELOR.  As a lead in to tonight’s premiere episode last night ABC aired a special where we got to follow a day in the life of Juan Pablo, meet Juan Pablo’s daughter, Camilla, and go behind the scenes at casting for The Bachelor.

On tonight’s episode Juan Pablo enjoys some time with his adorable daughter, Camila, when he is surprised by a visit from Sean Lowe. Sean offers some pointers on how he should handle his romantic adventure when 27 amazing women come from all over the world to meet him. Although not looking forward to having to send any of these beautiful bachelorettes home, he soon forgets about that when he hears the first screams of excitement from the limousines. It’s obvious the women are out to make a memorable first impression. A gorgeous nurse pulls out a stethoscope and lets him listen to her heart. A free-spirited hippie decides to go barefoot. A vivacious dancer invites him to show her his sexy salsa moves. The real showstopper is a music composer who arrives on a “piano bike,” playing her own composition. Not to be outdone, one woman shows up seven months pregnant. Is it a stunt or an OMG real moment? And one bachelorette brings a date – her dog, Molly.

 Tensions run high once Chris Harrison brings out the first impression rose, with those who haven’t spoken with the handsome bachelor growing more anxious by the minute. One recently heartbroken woman tearfully relates her story of being left at the altar by her former fiancé. An elegant opera singer, who has come half away around the world to meet Juan Pablo, is totally enchanting. As the party draws to a close, he offers the coveted rose to a stunning beauty, but she is hesitant to accept it. Why?  At the end of the evening, 18 bachelorettes remain to start the exciting adventure with Juan Pablo and begin the search for love.

We will be live blogging  The Bachelor 2014, Juan Pablo SPECIAL, so come back tonight at 8PM for our live recap of The Bachelor 2014 “Premiere”  While you wait for the recap, hit the comments and let us know if you are enjoying this season of The Bachelor?

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Tonight’s season premiere of The Bachelor opens with Juan Pablo preparing to head to Los Angeles to meet his “true love” and a “step-mom for Camila.” He is “definitely ready to fall in love and have a family.”

Before Juan leaves for The Bachelor he meets up with The Bachelor alum Sean Lowe for some advice. Juan is scared that he is going to forget some of the women’s names, 25 names is a lot to remember. Sean advises him to just be honest and tell them up front that he probably won’t remember their names. He also tells Juan to kiss a lot of girls, but don’t let any of them see him kissing another girl, because they will freak out on him. After his chat with Sean he fells ready, but he still really nervous.

It’s time to meet some of the women that will be competing for Juan Pablo’s heart on The Bachelor. 28 year old Chelsea from Columbus, Ohio has been working on her Spanish so she can have a leg up when she gets to The Bachelor house. Renee from Sarasota, Florida, has been spending some quality time on the beach with her eight year old son Ben before she leaves to meet Juan Pablo. Andi is a criminal prosecutor from Atlanta, Georgia and she thinks Juan Pablo may be the love of her life. Amy, a massage therapist from California, thinks she may be destined to end up with Juan Pablo. Nikki, a 26 year old nurse, is looking for a “head-over heels love” and she thinks “Juan Pablo is very sexy.” Lacy, a 25 year old nursing home owner, is “ready to care for a man and a family of her own.”

It’s time for Juan Pablo to head to the Bachelor mansion. When he arrives in his limo he is surprised with the news that there are actually 27 women competing for his heart, not 25. It’s time for him to meet the girls.

The first limo to arrive contains Amy, a 27 year old local news reporter from Orlando, FL. Next is Cassandra, a 21 year old former NBA dancer from Michigan. Then comes Christy, a 24 year old marketing manager, and then Christine a 24 year old police support specialist. Christine has brought a gift (a bracelet) for Juan Pablo’s daughter Camila. Nikki, the 26 year old nurse from Georgia arrives next. She has brought a stethoscope with her, so Juan Pablo can listen to her heart-beat and hear how nervous she is.

The next limo arrives, and Kat is the first to climb out, she is a 29 year old medical sales rep and a dancer. Next is Chantel, a 27 year old account manager from San Diego, California. Victoria, a 24 year old legal assistant from Florida arrives next, and Juan Pablo is thrilled to learn that she is form Brazil and speaks Spanish. Up next is Lucy a “Free Spirit” from California arrives barefoot, with a flower wreath on her head. Danielle, a 25 year old psychiatric nurse arrives next. She tells Juan Pablo that she has a present inside for him, and she will show it to him later. Lauren, a 26 year old music composer from Texas is next, and she comes with her own piano. She plays a quick tune for Juan Pablo after she gets done trying to push the piano up the driveway. The third limo arrives, and Chelise the 24 year old teacher from Ohio climbs out first. She has brought a science experiment with her, she throws the test tube in the bushes and declares “instead of doing chemistry,” she wants to “make chemistry” with Juan Pablo. Valeria, a 26 year old fitness trainer arrives next, in an evening gown and cowboy boots because she is a “country girl.” Elise, a 27 year old teacher, steps out of the limo next. Ashley, a first grade teacher, arrives next. She has brought a gold star sticker for Juan Pablo. After some grunting, Clare a 32 year old hair stylist emerges from the limo, with a huge baby bump. She reveals that it is fake, but she does want to have children. Alli a 32 year old nanny and soccer player arrives next and then Amy, a physical therapist arrives after her. Renee, a 32 year old real estate agent from Florida, and a single mother arrives next. Then comes Lauren, a mineral coordinator, followed by Maggie, a 24 year old personal banker. Maggie has brought Juan Pablo a fishing hook, because she loves fishing, and she thinks Juan is a “big catch.” Next is Kelly a 27 year old “dog lover,” and her dog Molly. Lacy, a 25 year old nursing home owner meets Juan next, and she is followed by Alexis, a 24 year old from Tampa. Kylie, a 23 year old interior designer from Illinois arrives next, and she is followed by 29 year Sharleen, a Canadian opera singer. The last girl to arrive is Andi, a criminal prosecutor.

Juan is overwhelmed by meeting all 27 women. Chris, reminds Juan that here is a “First Impression Rose,” and he has to give it the woman he is 100% sure he wants to stay. Juan heads in to mingle with all of The Bachelor contestants. Juan gives a little speech and thanks them for all taking time out of their lives to come and meet him. Then he brings in some music, so they can all have a dance party to break the ice.

Juan takes Nikki aside for some alone time. Nikki reveals that she works at a Children’s Hospital in Missouri. Nikki really wants to stay, she hopes that she made a good first impression, and she could definitely feel a connection. Renee, a 32 year old single Mom spend some alone time with Juan next. She confesses that she is also divorced, she married her son’s father when she was pregnant, but it didn’t work out. Lucy, the bare-foot free spirit, scores some alone time next. Juan thinks Lucy is a “little crazy” and a “happy camper.” Amy, the physical therapist has brought a massage table, and steals Juan to give him a massage. She confesses to Juan that she thinks he is a “beautiful person.” Juan thinks the massage was “pretty awkward.” Chris Harrison brings the First Impression Rose to Juan, and tells him it is time to hand it out. Elise spends some alone time with Juan next, she reveals that her Mom passed away a year ago, and she wanted Chelise to find her “prince charming.” The remaining girls that haven’t had any alone time are starting to panic, they want to speak to Juan one-on-one before the rose ceremony. Lauren is getting emotional, she just got out of a messy break-up, and she can’t stop crying because she hasn’t had any alone time with Juan Pablo. She finally gets her wish, and Juan joins her. She confesses to him that she was engaged, and her fiancé and her just broke up a few months ago, and she feels really insecure. She is scared that she screwed up her alone time with Juan and she may be sent home.

After Sharleen’s (the opera singer)’s alone time, Juan rushes inside to grab his First Impression Rose. He gives Sharleen the First Impression Rose, because he doesn’t want her to leave, he wants to be able to get to know her more.

Chris comes in and steals Juan, it is time for him to prepare for the Rose Ceremony. The girls are all nervous, none of them wants to be sent home tonight.

It’s time for the Rose Ceremony. Chris reminds the girls of how the Rose Ceremony works, and then brings out Juan Pablo. He begins passing out his roses. The first official Rose Ceremony has ended, Juan has sent home Amy, Kylie, Lauren, Christine, and Ashley.