Juan Pablo Cheating On Winner Of The Bachelor Season 18 – The Proof’s In The Pictures! (PHOTOS)

Juan Pablo Cheating 1

Even though we are only on Episode 6 of The Bachelor, the internet already knows which bachelorette Juan Pablo gives the final rose to. Reality Steve, the infamous blogger and Bachelor spy, announced recently that Nikki Ferrell would win Season 18 of The Bachelor. The news arrived months before the love-fest even premiered.

Let’s just pretend Reality Steve is right for a moment and not take into consideration the fact that he was wrong last season regarding whom Desiree Hartsock chose in her season of The Bachelorette. So, Juan Pablo chooses Nikki Ferrell and they ride off into the sunset together and live happily ever after, right? Wrong!

Photos have emerged on Instagram of The Bachelor Juan Pablo cuddled up close to an unknown woman. Although we have no idea who the woman in the picture is, it is definitely NOT Nikki Ferrell — or any other woman from Season 18 of The Bachelor for that matter! In the photo, the blonde woman has her arms wrapped around Juan Pablo, holds his face, and is kissing him on the cheek.

Sure, the photo doesn’t scream cheating, but I think we can all agree that this is a pretty close pose for a random fan. In the second photo, Juan Pablo is pressed against the woman and whispering sweet nothings in her ear, all while she still has her arms wrapped around Juan’s bod! Whether Nikki Ferrell is the winner of The Bachelor or not, it’s safe to say Juan Pablo has some explaining to do.

Juan Pablo Cheating 2

Image credits to Instagram

  • Pepe

    Her name is camila canabal venezuelan journalist

  • Haunter

    Nikki is not pretty or interesting, and I heard they don’t stay together, but he still turned out to be a bit of a D-bag.

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  • caramia33

    Two words…Man hands!!

  • LCRM

    This “mysterious woman” is Camila Canaval, a venezuelan tv host. She is married! He is not cheating ;)

    • DD

      Juan’s daughter is also named “Camila”
      I seriously doubt that He loves Nikki He was most affectionate with Claire and then dumped her. I would have to say Adios

  • slim1

    It’s okay….it’s okay!!! Not ! Andi sure as heck put him in his place. 4 real! Good for her!