The Bachelor’s Juan Pablo Galavis Quitting Show Over Love

The Bachelor's Juan Pablo Galavis Quitting Show Over Love

If you are a fan of ABC’s The Bachelor than you no doubt are tuning in to watch Juan Pablo Galavis slowly weed through a roster of women that claim to be there looking for love. Of course with this show there are always some serious question marks. Lots of these girls are simply seeking 15 minutes of fame and hoping that the visibility will somehow lead to another 15 minutes down the road. Rather than allowing the shows staff to clue him in about the intentions of the ladies, Juan Pablo opted to figure it out for himself. The problem with that is that a conniving woman can seem pretty convincing while keeping her eyes on the perceived prize.

According to the Feb. 3rd print edition of In Touch magazine, Juan Pablo is as serious as a heart attack about finding a woman who is ready to be a step mother to his 4-year old daughter Camila. The problem is that he is surrounded by chicks paying him lip service while not necessarily wanting to come in second in line behind a child. Juan Pablo has threatened to leave rather than stick around in a sea of sharks. The problem is that sources say he may not have the best radar.

Apparently two women will eventually be introduced to Camila as friends, but that doesn’t mean that they should be near Juan Pablo’s daughter at all. The big question here is whether or not his radar will kick in before he attaches himself to the wrong woman. Do you think that he will end up giving the final rose to someone undeserving or will there maybe be no proposal at all? Tell us how you think Juan Pablo’s search for love will ultimately shake out on The Bachelor in the comments below!


    This is tv finding love takes time and you have a child so you have to be careful who you introduce them to. Children are very smart and you don’t want to have her hurt by someone that will just use her father for tv ratings.” let faith be your guide”