The Bachelorette 2014 Spoilers: Winner Josh Murray Cheating With Brittany McCord – Andi Dorfman Should Have Picked Nick Viall

The Bachelorette 2014 Spoilers: Winner Josh Murray Cheating With Brittany McCord – Andi Dorfman Should Have Picked Nick Viall

Season 10 of The Bachelorette 2014 is winding down and after the Monday July 7th episode and hometown dates, Andi Dorfman will have narrowed her search for love down to the final three guys. If you are one of the 1% of Bachelorette fans who have managed to last almost the entire season without reading any Bachelorette spoilers, then this is not the post for you.

Reality Steve revealed months ago that the winner of Season 10 of The Bachelorette would be Josh Murray, and that he and Andi Dorfman were currently engaged. It’s ironic though, because Andi has spent the last three episode of The Bachelorette talking about how she doesn’t trust Josh Murray and she thinks he isn’t being honest about his feelings for her. According to Bachelorette spoilers for hometown dates, Andi has even more doubts about Josh after she spends time with his family.

It still is a little perplexing how Andi Dorfman decided at the last minute to choose Josh Murray over obvious frontrunner Nick Viall. Rumors emerged a few weeks ago that Josh Murray was still carrying out a relationship with his ex Brittany McCord, despite the fact that he was engaged to Andi Dorfman. It looks like Andi probably should have trusted her gut instinct about Josh. It’s interesting because during the last few weeks Andi has stated multiple times on the Bachelorette that she thinks Josh is holding back from her and has acted shady ever since the lie detector test. And, it turns out Josh is just as shady as she thought he was.

It will be interesting to see during the After The Final Rose show if Andi and Josh are still engaged. Are you surprised that Andi chooses Josh Murray over Nick Viall at the last minute? And, what about Josh cheating on Andi with his ex Brittany McCord, did you think he was the cheating type? Let us know what you think in the comments below and don’t forget to check CDL tomorrow for more Bachelorette spoilers.


24 responses to “The Bachelorette 2014 Spoilers: Winner Josh Murray Cheating With Brittany McCord – Andi Dorfman Should Have Picked Nick Viall”

  1. Gannie says:

    I think Nick is a sleeze bucket. Like a slimey snake. It was all a game to him to beat the aother guys. Chris was the best man and apparently a good business man. She would have had a wonderful life with him. Next bachelor I hope!

    • Shannon Moats says:

      Why is Nick a sleaze??? Really? Just because he liked her and showed it? He is smart, good looking, honest, family orientated, husband and father material. Whatever don’t really get you people that keep bashing Nick. Jj and Josh were the two creeps on this season!

  2. Miss Bain says:

    At the beggining i really thouhgt Nick was a nice guy but as the show goes on, you get to see his true colors. Chris is the all around defination of a GENTLEMAN. I cannot believe that Andi fell for Josh charms and good looks, typical of what she has always done in her last relationships, which never worked.

    • Shannon Moats says:

      Omg what did Nick do???? I seen every episode and loved Nick, Josh and JJ they were idiots!

    • TheSenator1 says:

      Nick’s “true colors” showed a deep love and caring. You just fell for rogue comments sent to diminish Nick.

  3. Marissa says:

    I don’t believe that Josh is cheating on Andi. The photo shown above was obviously taken before he went on the Bachelorette. If Andi slept with boht men, then she doesn’t deserve either one because that makes her a slut!! Shame on her if it’s true.

  4. LydiaMay says:

    I cannot watch it anymore. She picked that sleazy creep Nick over Marcus? He makes my flesh crawl when he comes on. She is NOT smart. Yuk, I can’t watch it when it comes to him, I have to fast forward it. Josh is just like the guys she said in all her other relationships that failed. So why does she not get that he would be a poor choice? It should have been between Marcus and Chris. She is an idiot and does not deserve a great guy. I hope they have Marcus as the next bachelor. In fact I was hoping he would be the runner up so we could have a whole season of watching Marcus! He has everything, the whole package.

  5. LydiaMay says:

    Nick was creepy!

  6. Joanie Yan says:

    I don’t care for Josh but where’s the proof he’s cheating?

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  8. janet says:

    I thought andy was going to pick marcus he really loved her he shared everything with andy they looked so happy and he is so darn hot and cute she even said it so many times I really was in shock when she sent him home he really woulda make her happy. I hope he’s the next bachelor I will sign up for him ..he’s so hot

  9. Mavis Haglund says:

    I wish she would change her mind about her choices. Chris deserves a nice girl. Andi is 27 so she wants to play the field. Can you imagine heartbreak if she loses out on having an awesome wedding, She doesn’t need to cry about the ones she let go.

  10. Jasmine Smith says:

    you assume ….you don’t know for a fact – you were not there. Everyone is different and there is no way you can say who is better for someone else.

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  12. nola nodnic says:

    Well, uh.. you are commenting on it, so ……’ve answered your own question.

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  14. liz says:

    she is high mainenance — what would she do on a farm with no one looking at her all the time == can’t stand this fake bi*ch!!!!

  15. Shannon Moats says:

    I knew it hated Josh from the start and everyone was sitting there bashing Nick!! I like Nick and sorry but he deserves better than Andi she led the poor guy on this whole time and ended up picking the liar pretty boy instead of Nick that was dumb…. I hope Nick finds happiness please make him the NEWEST bachelor!! I feel he was bashed by the public for nothing it was wrong and it really ticks me off. Everything bad people said about Nick should have been directed towards Josh!

  16. Jan says:

    except he was arrested 13 times…

  17. Jan says:

    arrested 13 times isn’t “honest.” Chris is a drunken slob!

  18. TheSenator1 says:

    Andi Dorfman is chilling. Chris was a good choice, but she wasn’t going to move to Iowa, shallow as she is. Nick was a great choice, but I think she’s all into advancing “Andi”. Josh was the model type, good for the image. This girl is a self-centered narcissist. And I agree with others who say she plastered on that “throw the head back, South Park cartoon smile”, while preening her hair. It was icky.

  19. TheSenator1 says:

    In narcissist Andi’s eyes, career advancement trumps love & mariage.

  20. TheSenator1 says:

    Nick is way too good for Andi, who’s a self-centered drama queen. I’m glad he didn’t get stuck with her…he will be, too. Not right now, but soon.