The Basketball Wives LA RECAP 4/14/14: Season 3 Episode 9

The Basketball Wives LA RECAP 4/14/14: Season 3 Episode 9

Monday night means that it’s time for VH1’s BASKETBALL WIVES LA! On tonight’s new episode the women journey to France to launch Jackie’s product, yet rising tensions jeopardize the getaway and sorely test Jackie and Malaysia’s friendship.

On last week’s episode Jackie and Chantel were over the situation with Draya and her boyfriend Orlando, but Draya and Orlando were not done yet– they confronted the ladies in an attempt to put the issue to rest. Jackie invited the group on a trip to France to launch her cognac, but things were tense as Malaysia was suspicious of Jackie’s motives.  Did you watch last week’s episode?  We did and we recapped it right here for you.

On tonight’s episode the ladies head to France to launch Jackie’s cognac, but divisions in the group threaten to spoil the trip and may be the end of Jackie and Malaysia’s friendship.  Sundy takes the ladies to a drawing lesson in Paris. But Jackie finds it too long and personal.

Tonight’s episode is going to be filled with the usual Basketball Wives of LA drama and you won’t want to miss it, so be sure to tune in for our live coverage of the show tonight at 8 PM EST! While you wait for our recap hit the comments and let us know how excited you are about the new season of  “Basketball Wives of LA.”

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Tonight’s episode begins at a restaurant with Draya and Malaysia talking about Jackie’s role in all the recent drama. Draya feels like Malaysia is the only one she can talk to about the Orlando/Chantel/Jackie issue. Draya fills Malaysia in on what happened the other day at the restaurant with Jackie, Chantel, and Orlando. Despite it all, Malaysia tries to persuade Draya to go to Paris with her and the ladies. Draya is pretty adamant that she doesn’t want to go anywhere where Jackie will be. Malaysia shares that when she is with Jackie she is a completely different person but both ladies don’t like the women Jackie is bringing around them.

It is the day of the trip and the ladies are so excited to be in Paris. The ladies are taking in everything and so excited to begin seeing everything Paris has to offer. Jackie is still stuck on Draya coming to Paris.  She decides to text her and tell her that she hopes she is coming to meet them. Sundy talks about how Draya is never around when they have something special going on. Funny coming from Sundy, the one who kept picking fights with Draya…I mean no wonder she doesn’t want to come!

Malaysia shows that she is a true friend and stands up for Draya when Jackie says she is surprised Draya didn’t come. Sundy starts on Malaysia saying that she should have told Jackie upfront if she knew Draya wasn’t coming. Malaysia said she didn’t say it on the plane but is telling them now, not to plan on Draya coming and for Jackie to stop acting like she doesn’t know the reason why. Jackie still acts baffled by it and explains that she and Draya are still friends and she still likes Draya despite everything going on with her daughter and Orlando/Draya.  Jackie starts taking her stress out on Brandi and snaps when Brandi suggests she calm down. After a few heated minutes, Brandi and Malaysia leave to their rooms.

The next day Jackie, Sundy, and Brittish are taking a beautiful boat ride. They are taking pictures and enjoying every minute. Malaysia and Brandi deicde to spend the day on their own doing some sightseeing. Brandi and Malaysia have some fun pretending to take vows for their friendship. As they are on a bridge overlooking the water, they are spotted by Brittish, Jackie, and Sundy on their boat ride. Jackie, in what looks like a school-girl uniform, had her skirt flying up and around and Malaysia notices and cannot believe Jackie is wearing something so short and too young. Sundy actually thought Malaysia and Brandi were stalking them. Doubt that.

The lines are clearly divided as the group continues to stay apart during the trip. Brittish, Jackie, and Sundy go to an art lesson where they are surprised that their model is a naked man….who is extremely well-endowed. Jackie is super uncomfortable and is trying to sketch from memory because she cannot bring herself to look at the naked man.  Jackie is relieved when they finally leave. She is ready for a nice dinner.

The ladies all meet up for dinner and are starting to have a nice time and are discussing what they’ll eat. When Jackie starts sharing how she loves how quiet it is, Brandi mentions how it is only their first night at dinner together, so it may not stay quiet for too long. Then, Jackie talks about wanting to find a place there because she loves it so much. Brandi tells her to slow down a bit. When Sundy asks why, she says because she’s only been there one day, she shouldn’t already be planning to have a home there.  A short while later, Jackie goes there….yes she does. She asks Malaysia her thoughts on Draya and where she thinks her relationship with her stands. Then she goes in even more and starts talking about Malaysia’s friendship with Draya, and whose closer to who, and who is possibly jealous of whose friendships.  Malaysia is clear that Brandi is her closest friends.

She asks Malaysia to label their friendship and asks who she is closer to…her or Brandi. Then, she asks Malaysia if she is intimidated by her as a woman. Malaysia replies with a laugh. Brandi then asks her why she instigates so much. Jackie claims that she is not an instigator. Jackie claims that she wants to get closer to Malaysia but Malaysia is not feeling it and sees Jackie as a fake liar. Jackie starts up calling Brandi fake. She tries to remain cool. As Jackie continues to swear that she is not an instigator, as she continues to start argument after argument. Brandi tells Jackie how different she acts around Sundy. When Jackie takes it too far with her comments, Brandi goes nuts. Malaysia has to hold her back. She gets Brandi to walk out and starts packing up. Malaysia comes back in and lays it all out for Jackie. She is tired of the back and forth, tired of Jackie starting trouble, tired of Sundy and Brittish pretending to know all of them when they don’t. She goes on to Brittish and tells her that she talks too much, she calls Sundy a drunk, and tells them both that they’ll be in the same position soon when Jackie turns on them. She tells Jackie that she is not her friend to which Jackie replies with a goodbye and good riddance.

From the scenes for next,,,it is obvious there will be even more explosions as Brandi seems to turn on bestie Malaysia. What is in that Paris water?

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  1. Sashafierce says:

    Why does Jackie not her age and as a mother discuss her daughter being not only disrespectful about the whole Draya and Orlando relationship and hating on Draya unless she mad about him choosing Draya, or the fact she lost control in the meeting and using profanity in front of her (Jackie).

  2. Preacher says:

    I’m so glad Malaysia finally called Jackie out as the malicious manipulator that she is and also called her on that fake friendship bull crap that Jackie pretends to be to these girls. She never was anything other then a hater of Draya’s, and only used her and Malaysia when she had no one else, when Laura was planning her well deserved revenge on Jackie. Now about Jackie’s high school girl outfits- atrocious! Someone of Jackie’s age to be standing with a short jacket out of the 80’s, two pigtails, and a little plaid mini skirt blowing up to reveal her saggy cellulite @ss deserve’s to be thrown overboard! She couldn’t look at a naked man to draw for art, but made the audience look at her near naked @ss, ugh! I’d rather see the guy and keep my eyesight. The nicest thing I can say about Jackie Christie is……… hmm, hmmm, NOTHING! I still don’t understand why Sundy is on this show? there’s no man in sight, her children except for being show briefly are now invisible, does she exist solely to be Jackie’s rabid smirking sidekick chick?

  3. Ms Carlyle says:

    im tryna figure HOW Jackkays’ (as SHE pronouncedit in soclld “FRENCH”) IGNANT (minded) azz is gon’ WRITE a “BOOK”! (IN ANY LANGUAGE!!), when she CAN’T even “REINERATE” her own broken “ENGLISH”??!!! [NOR lookat a NAKED male MODEL’s ” “PENIS”!! BUT (can) LOOKAT her husbands naked “PENIS” (quote) “PENETRATE a(nother) WOMAN!!! #JUSTPLAIN”IGNANT”ISWHATSHEIS!!!!

  4. Veronica says:

    Omg just was the episode! !!! W wow Jackie is a wierdo! But they all do that to each other! Every single one of them has said something about the other intentionally or not they have! Can’t wait for the next episode! !!

  5. Veronica says:

    She didn’t respond hmm i wonder which she pikd! And I’m pretty sure it was not one but both! Lmao sorry that happend to you girl it sucks when ppl say dumb shit! I was at home depot returning a door knob i bought well the white cashier looked around me but acknowledges the white ppl behind me i was pissd! I calmly asked the phone number to the store (keep in mind this dumb hoe didn’t say not one word the whole time she was helping another white person before me) she didn’t have it! Uh huh so googled it got it asked her name by then she talking to dam much! I told her stupid ass that to! I said now you talking to much bitch yes i did call her that i wanted to say a lot more but anyways she kept saying What did i do i broke it down for her and every one else in that dam store! ! And ended it like this! …LOOK LADY YOU AND EVERY SINGLE CLOSET RACIST ARE THE MOST IGNORANT, ASS BACKWARDS PUSSY ASS COWARDLY PEOPLE IN THIS WORLD BCUZ I’LL TELL U THIS IF UR WHITE ASS WAS GETTING HURT OR IN A DESPERATE SITUATION AND ONLY A BLACK OR A MEXICAN LIKE ME WAS THERE TO HELP YOUR DUMB ASSES YOU’D KISS OUR ASSES ALL THE WAY TO THE DAM HOSPITAL OR WHERE EVER YOU HAD TO BE! SO IF U DON’T LIKE SOME ONE DON’T HATE THEM FOR THEIR RACE HAVE THAT PERSON FOR WHAT THEY DID TO U DON’T BLAME ALL OF US CUZ EVERY SINGLE RACE HAS BAD AND GOOD WE ALL DO THINGS THAT EVEN US DON’T LIKE BUT WHEN U START ACTING LIKE YOUR SHIT DON’T STINK THAT’S WHEN IT SMELLS THE MOST DISGUSTING!!! YEE HAWWW you don’t see anyone saying shit like that do u! And ONE LAST THING WHY THE FUK IS IT OK TO OPENLY TALK SHIT ABOUT THE PRESIDENT OF THE MTHA FKIN UNITED STATES OF AMERICA! !! Since when has that been ok! ! It eats me alive when ppl think they can openly talk about him! As if he didn’t matter! Understand that Mr. OBAMA HAS AND ALWAYS WILL HAVE THE MOST HARDEST JOB OUT OF ALL THE LAST PRESIDENTS HAVING TO DEAL WITH IGNORANT PEOPLE LIKE WE HAVE! ASK HIM FOR HIS PROOF OF CITIZENSHIP! REALLY! WTF IS WRONG WITH PEOPLE NO FUKIN COMMON SENSE! !!!!!!! Dam i feel so much better! !

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