The Basketball Wives LA RECAP 4/7/14: Season 3 Episode 8

The Basketball Wives LA RECAP 4/7/14: Season 3 Episode 8

Monday night means that it’s time for VH1’s BASKETBALL WIVES LA! On tonight’s new episode Jackie and Chantel try to put issues involving Draya behind them. Elsewhere, Jackie invites the ladies to a getaway to France.

On last week’s episode Jackie developed a bottle for the cognac brand she hoped to launch. As payback for her experience in Palm Springs, Draya hosted all the ladies at an excruciating Mud Run. And Jackie forced a meeting with Draya to clear her daughter’s name.  Did you watch last week’s episode?  We did and we recapped it right here for you.

On tonight’s episode Jackie and Chantel are over the situation with Draya and her boyfriend Orlando, but Draya and Orlando aren’t done yet– they confront the ladies in an attempt to put the issue to rest. Jackie invites the group on a trip to France to launch her cognac, but things are tense as Malaysia is suspicious of Jackie’s motives.

Tonight’s episode is going to be filled with the usual Basketball Wives of LA drama and you won’t want to miss it, so be sure to tune in for our live coverage of the show tonight at 8 PM EST! While you wait for our recap hit the comments and let us know how excited you are about the new season of  “Basketball Wives of LA.”

Tonight’s episode begins now – Refresh Page for Updates

Tonight’s episode begins where we left off last week. Draya, Chantel, and Jackie are talking over their issues that stem from Draya’s man, Orlando. Chantel feels like her mom does not have her back. They really don’t seem to resolve anything.

Draya meets up with Brandi to discuss their friendship. Draya was still feeling hurt about Brandi’s comments about them being more acquaintances than friends. Brandi opens up to Draya, but Draya feels like Brandi should not have been talking about their relationship to other people, especially Jackie and Sundy. Both ladies talk about the group’s problems and how they cannot seem to all be cool with one another. They leave things on a good note.

Chantel and Jackie meet up and talk about the meeting with Draya. Jackie tries to explain why she set up the meeting. She wanted them to talk things out. Chantel feels like her mom is trying too hard to be friends with these ladies when they keep burning her. Jackie is not happy with how Chantel handles the Draya meeting. Jackie says she will always defend her daughter but Chantel doesn’t feel she did a good job of it.

Jackie and Sundy meet with the executives helping her with her cognac. Jackie shares the names she came up with. She actually shares Gold Showers, still not realizing what it really means. They give her the idea to simply use her name. They explain that they will be inviting Jackie and crew to France in order to taste the cognac so that she can personalize her brand. Sundy and Jackie are so happy about the trip.

Back at home, Doug laid out the rose petals and has the champagne ready for his loving wife as she walks in. It isn’t an anniversary they are celebrating, however, Doug is trying to make what is about to drive Jackie crazy into something a little less stressful. He breaks the news that Malaysia called him. And not the Jackie friend Malaysia. He is asked to participate in a big game in Malaysia. Jackie is pretty stressed out as they normally travel together and are never apart for more than one day. Jackie is concerned about the aggressive women there as well. Jackie shares the news about going to France. Doug is very happy for her.

Jackie meets up with Malaysia and Brandi at the bookstore, but she is not sure how the tone will be since she’s been having problems with Draya. She invites both ladies to join her in France and they happily oblige, She shares that she is not sure if she’ll be inviting Draya. The ladies try to establish some ground rules about their trip. As they leave in a very excited mood about the trip, Brandi takes off one way, while Malaysia and Jackie walk the other. Malaysia, suspecting there is some hidden agenda, cuts to the chase and asks Jackie what she is up to. Malaysia is upset about how Jackie has been treating Draya and wants to know the real deal behind her issues with Draya. Jackie tries to defend Chantel again and shares that she really only wants to make peace. Jackie confirms that she really does care about Draya, but Malaysia is still a little skeptical.

Brittish reminds Lorenzo about being on his best behavior while she is gone. She lays out the rules for while she’s gone. Brittish shares that she is going to try to be on her best behavior while she is in France. We’ll see if she can play nice with the other ladies.

Later, Jackie meets with Chantel and as they are sitting in the restaurant talking about France, Draya walks in with Orlando. Orlando starts the conversation in a pretty aggressive way. He comes right at Chantel because he is sick of lies being told about him while he cannot defend himself. While Orlando begins arguing with Jackie, Chantel starts taking her earrings off. Jackie tells Orlando to kiss her ass after saying that no one even knows who he is. The argument is getting heated. When Orlando tell Jackie that she is not his f’ing mom she goes nuts. Jackie still believes Chantel even though everyone seems to have a different story. Chantel still says she did not get together with Orlando’s friend after he calls her on it. Then when Chantel calls Orlando out on lying about a party they attended, he shakes his head but never admits to anything. Draya and Orlando finally leave feeling like they came out on top with this one. Meanwhile, Jackie and Chantel are still heated and call Sundy to join them. Sundy arrives and hears the story of what happened and cannot believe Orlando handled things that way. Despite everything, Jackie is still considering asking Draya to go to Paris with them. Chantel is still really upset as they leave.

Next week will be even more explosive when the Paris trip commences.



8 responses to “The Basketball Wives LA RECAP 4/7/14: Season 3 Episode 8”

  1. Doug's Advisor says:

    My gosh!!! Jackie, Jackie, Jackie, when Doug see’s this show he needs to divorce you! Just to keep his own dignity intact. You’re yelling insults at a twenty something yr old man in front of your daughter, and have you forgotten you have a young son whose friends may watch this show? You are just crass and you are turning your daughter Chantel into a carbon copy of yourself, readying herself to fight a football player and talking about how she’s going to send him to the hospital in an ambulance? GIRL get real!! It this man had punch you once and knocked you out your mama would have been screaming the loudest and then you after you had stopped seeing stars, you both would have yelled assault, after you challenged him. I think both you and your mama’s weaves are too tight and affecting your brains! Jackie find a hobby and stop hanging out with 20 something

  2. FMR says:

    Chantel you as messy as ur mom you talk mad stuff about Draya and Orlando but made cuz he said he text you but passed when ya’ll meet face to face and you smashed the homie. You really made yourself look messy. O n I aint heard none of your so called songs or read any of your books.

  3. Rosalie Bernard says:

    I feel sorry for Chantel because she did tell Jackie that nothing happened between herself and Orlando….but, Jackie being Jackie, in her attempt to hurt Draya told Draya that Orlando was seeing her daughter. Any hurt or humiliation Chantel experiences is solely on her mother. Jackie’s manipulations and lies make her and her daughter seem like two people who really need some therapy. What the hell is wrong with theses people pulling out earrings and taking off shoes in preparation for a fight? What’s wrong with good old communication? Throwing punches will solve nothing. I think it is absolutely disgraceful that Sundy always seem to be promoting physical confrontations. Jackie and Sundy are simply classless, and Jackie seems to want to drag her daughter in the same direction…….sad!!!

  4. Doug advisor2 says:

    I want to commend Draya for not beating Chantel’s ass after she called Draya a bitch 3x! In last week episode. Chantel needs to stop playing with her weave too! She is as delusional as her mother…making stuff up like Draya said”I was a hoe!” She never even said that! Re watch the episode!!
    On the new episode- Jackie needs to shut the fuck up so she couldn’t hear the truth and funny how Chantel barely spoke until he started on her mom otherwise she was quiet…
    Jackie tells Sundy he called her all these names but not that she called Draya and Orlando nobody’s! Doug-you need to fly to Asia and not come back!!!

  5. Jessica Russell says:

    Smh, Jackie and her daughter both need serious help, she claims to be so classy, when the world sees what type of person she really is, a miserable, pathetic excuse of a human!!! The b*tch doesn’t even acknowledge her first born, Jackie Christie is not fit to be anyone’s mother, wife, or friend! She’s a liar, deceiver, manipulater, and hypocrite!!! Her daughter is a nobody, jealous of Draya, she needs to stay in a child’s place and grow the hell up!!! Jackie needs very badly, to get medical attention, the b*tch is clearly mental!!!

    • vickie says:

      I can”,t wait for the reunion. so chantel can see how her mother lied about the situation with draya Draya baby your beautiful and there Jealous of u just too much Shade however, drama makes the show

    • JULYBABY36 says:

      what most phases me is that these women get together and 98.99% of the time they are fighting and arguing. Previous comments made i so agree with Jackie you are a friend to no one, its great that malaysia finally called you out, it was about time. Instead of these women, especially the new ones try to make the show different, its no better than the previous seasons. A bunch of new ones doing the same shit always falling for Jackie’s Bull! Brandi, Draya, malaysia stop letting jackie take over bcz she aint about nothing. Jackie appears to have an extremely low self esteem and this is so evident – keep watching and you’ll see more! Its just sad @ times to see grown ass women fight – verbally or physically all the time. Have anyone heard of “agree to disagree”, or just let things slide or just stay cordial choose to separate one’s self. I love when black woman are uplifting – this is just beyond at times.

  6. […] On last week’s episode Jackie and Chantel were over the situation with Draya and her boyfriend Orlando, but Draya and Orlando were not done yet– they confronted the ladies in an attempt to put the issue to rest. Jackie invited the group on a trip to France to launch her cognac, but things were tense as Malaysia was suspicious of Jackie’s motives.  Did you watch last week’s episode?  We did and we recapped it right here for you. […]