The Basketball Wives LA RECAP 3/31/14: Season 3 Episode 7

The Basketball Wives LA RECAP 3/31/14: Season 3 Episode 7

Monday night means that it’s time for VH1’s BASKETBALL WIVES LA! On tonight’s new episode Jackie works on her cognac brand. Meanwhile, Draya hosts a brutal mud run, and Jackie initiates a meeting with Draya.

On last week’s episode the Palm Springs getaway was anything but relaxing as tensions between Draya and Sunday erupted into full-blown mayhem. And in a tearful confession, Draya told Jackie her daughter might not be as innocent as she thinks. Back home, Lorenzo surprised Brittish with news about his career.  Did you watch last week’s episode?  We did and we recapped it right here for you.

On tonight’s episode Jackie develops a bottle for the cognac brand she hopes to launch. As payback for her experience in Palm Springs, Draya hosts all the ladies at an excruciating Mud Run. And Jackie forces a meeting with Draya to clear her daughter’s name.

Tonight’s episode is going to be filled with the usual Basketball Wives of LA drama and you won’t want to miss it, so be sure to tune in for our live coverage of the show tonight at 8 PM EST! While you wait for our recap hit the comments and let us know how excited you are about the new season of  “Basketball Wives of LA.”

Tonight’s episode begins now – Refresh Page for Updates

Tonight’s episode starts with Jackie and Sundy visiting Brittish. They wanted to tell her about what happened in Palm Springs and why she wasn’t invited.

Malaysia and Draya go work out their aggression from Palm Springs. Draya shares that she wants nothing to do with Sundy. Draya tells Malaysia about her private conversation with Jackie and Malaysia is shocked to hear how honest Draya was with Jackie. Draya apparently gave lots of private details to Jackie, including that Chantel is not a virgin like she thought.

Sundy arrives at Jackie’s and walks in on Jackie and Doug in very few clothes posing as they are being sculpted by an artist. Sundy is so uncomfortable and the scene is hilarious. Jackie is very calm and shares more details about her signature cognac. As they toss around names for the brand, “Adam and Eve,” “Naked Cognac,” etc. Jackie comes up with “golden showers,” obviously forgetting the true meaning of the term and Sundy just shakes her head and heads right out the door!

Draya and Jackie meet up to clear the air. Jackie is not sure if Draya has a vendetta now and that is why she is saying what she is saying about Chantel, or if this is legitimate. Draya comes up with an idea to get the girls together without alcohol involved. Jackie agrees as long as there is no water involved. The conversation turns to Brandi and Draya mentions that she is her friend and she’s glad Jackie likes her. Jackie asks her how she feels about Brandi’s comment that she and Draya are friendly, but not necessarily friends. Draya is shocked because she doesn’t remember or didn’t hear Brandi, but she is visibly hurt when she hears this. Draya will not share her plan with Jackie-she wants it to be a surprise.

Meanwhile, Brittish and Lorenzo get matching tattoos. Jackie and Sundy are back meeting with the partners for her signature cognac and Jackie is excited to share her sculpture as her idea for her design. The moment she unveils it, the look on their faces tells that they are not impressed at all. Sundy watches their faces and says they look pretty horrified.

Draya invites Brittish out for shopping because she wants to get an idea of whose side she’s on. She asks Brittish how she feels about everything. Brittish starts going off about all the women she does not like. Malaysia and Brandi are first on her hit list. Draya tells her that she has an idea for the ladies to get together and she invites her.

Jackie, Sundy, and Chantel meet up and Jackie shares what happened in Palm Springs as well as the details of their private conversation. Jackie tries sharing Draya’s side and how upset and sad she is. Chantel feels Draya is playing the victim and is mad at Jackie for defending her. Chantel reminds Jackie that Draya has let her down many times and she knew what she was getting into when she started dating an athlete. Jackie wants to get Chantel and Draya together.

Today is the day of Draya’s event. The ladies are in their workout gear and arrive in the hot, dusty area where Draya invites them to. As they arrive, Draya comes out looking half-dead as a zombie. The girls have no idea what is going on. She shares they are participating in a mud run and it is everyone for themselves since they can never seem to get along as a group. The women are very skeptical and look pretty nervous. The crazy part of the mud run is that everyone is being chased by zombies as they run the course. Draya pulls Sundy and Malaysia in the mud and splashes Jackie with mud despite her pleas not to. They begin going after each other and laughing and having fun. Brittish and Brandi take a step aside and talk out their issues. They end it in a hug. Malaysia comes up to the group. Her and Brittish sort of clear the air. Then the Brandi comments about Draya come up. Draya opens up about how that hurt her, but Brandi shares that it is not easy for her to use the term friend because she’s been burned so many times. She tells Draya that she likes her but they only met five weeks ago. Draya believes they were friends. Brandi tells her she sees them becoming friends and that she didn’t mean to hurt her feelings.

The next evening, Draya and Jackie meet up to have another heart to heart. They share their feelings and start opening up when all of a sudden, Chantel shows up. Draya says…”this is betrayal.” Draya is not happy. Chantel tells Draya to tell her face-to-face what she’s been saying about her. Draya tells her the conversation she shared with Jackie that was what she heard from Orlando. Chantel is being very aggressive and Draya is about to blow. Chantel tells Draya that she shouldn’t be talking about her and that if she has anything to say about her, she needs to say it to her face. The two continue to go back and forth with Jackie trying to calm everything down. Doesn’t work though because both ladies are very heated. I don’t think they’ll be sitting around the campfire singing kumbaya together anytime soon, Jackie. You should cut your losses and let this one go.

Meet us back here next week as we get closer to the season finale and see some fireworks about to go off!

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  1. […] On last week’s episode Jackie developed a bottle for the cognac brand she hoped to launch. As payback for her experience in Palm Springs, Draya hosted all the ladies at an excruciating Mud Run. And Jackie forced a meeting with Draya to clear her daughter’s name.  Did you watch last week’s episode?  We did and we recapped it right here for you. […]