The Biggest Loser RECAP 1/14/14: Season 15 Episode 12

The Biggest Loser RECAP 1/14/14: Season 15 Episode 12

THE BIGGEST LOSER returns to NBC tonight after their winter hiatus with a new episode.  On tonight’s show contestants train like athletes at Utah Olympic Park and meet Olympians Apolo Ohno, Lolo Jones and more.  Did you watch the last episode before the hiatus?  We did and we have a full and detailed recap, right here for you.

On last episode the show kicked off with all of the eliminated contestants returning to weigh-in, and one lucky player got the chance to return to the competition. Then it was off to a grueling kettle bell beach challenge that promised the winning player a hefty prize. Fan favorite and former “Biggest Loser” contestant Abby Rike payed a visit to the ranch and inspired the players with her own “Second Chance” story. Later, the contestants headed to the race track for words of encouragement and a fun workout with popular NASCAR driver Carl Edwards. Then one player reached “One-derland” at the weigh-in and another was sent home before host Alison Sweeney gave the remaining contestants some very exciting news.

On tonight’s show The contestants are off on the adventure of a lifetime, headed to Utah Olympic Park in Park City, Utah, where they’ll train like champions and get to meet some incredible Olympic athletes. Dolvett introduces the players to Olympic gold medalist Apolo Ohno, who talks about his own “Second Chance” – this season’s theme – and works out with the contestants inside the spectacular Olympic Oval arena. Then the contestants get to compete in the sport of curling, after an introduction to USA Curling team members Jessica Schultz, Debbie McCormick and Anne Swisshelm. The fun continues at the base of the bobsled track, where words of motivation from USA Bobsled Team members Lolo Jones and Jazmine Fenlator get the remaining seven players fired up about the fast-paced sport. But for this week’s challenge, they won’t be racing down the track. Instead, they will be running more than a mile up the bobsled track, a challenge made far more difficult by the elevation of over 7,000 feet. Also this week, Bob designs an Olympic-inspired workout that puts all the players to the test, and Jillian tries to help a contestant still struggling to embrace her self-worth. Travelling and being away from the ranch environment leaves many contestants worried about their weight loss this week. Those fears intensify at the weigh-in, where surprising results push two players below the yellow line and the other contestants must decide which player is going home.

The Biggest Loser season 15 episode 12 airs at 8PM on NBC and we will be live blogging it with all the up-to-the-minute details. So make sure to come back to this spot and spend the evening with us!  Make sure to refresh often to get the most current details and updates!

RECAP: Dolvette, Jillian and Bob are now taking the remainder of the Biggest Loser contestants to train at the same place Olympic athletes train at, they are no heading to Utah; they’re going to the airport. It shows the Biggest Loser contestants are now in the place, they’re using a handheld camera to record what they’re doing on their way to Utah. The contestants arrive at the Utah Olympic Oval to train their asses off; Rachel is amazed that they are given the opportunity to train here. Dolvette introduces the contestants to Apollo Ono; Chelsea admits that she finds Apollo as cute. Apollo talks about the Olympic champions that have won medals here, Apollo talks about his personal life and how his father pushed him on the path he’s on now. Jay says that there aren’t Cinderella stories when it comes to the Olympian athletes there as human as they are; he’s also excited to see the training Apollo does. The Biggest Loser contestants are now training where champions train, Dolvette wants to work them hard.  Apollo tells them that they need to have the right mind set to get the results they want from their workouts. Tanya is talking about how hard she’s training; she doesn’t want to fall below the yellow lines. Dolvette wants them to do a hundred burpees, at first they didn’t believe him; but it turns out he’s not joking and they need to do a hundred burpees. Rachel does the hundred and Apollo is impressed and tells her that she can do anything if she has her mind set on it. The contenders are now racing against each other, David feels like he’s becoming stronger as the weeks go by. Jay talks about how they’re training for their own triathlon and that working with an Olympic athlete is something remarkable. Dolvette tells the contestants to think about the people they were when they arrived at the ranch and to remember the pain and agony they went through to become who they are now; it begins to show flashbacks of them working hard and losing weight.

They find it weird to be away from the ranch, David says it’s going to be hard this week because they’re in a new location and will have to make their own decisions with eating; Bobby mentions how this is a test for them to use what they’ve learned during their time in the Biggest Loser ranch. Rachel prepared herself ahead of time; she’s brought her own prepared food for herself while in Utah. Bobby talks about how he’s stressing out a bit, because they’re not at the Biggest Loser ranch; he’s worried about his eating habits because he’s been eating far more carbs at Utah. The contestants are back at the Utah Olympic Oval, for their first challenge their going to need to play curling. The team with a stone closest to the middle of the circle will win. The contestants will need to push a hundred pound curling stone, they’ll need to have the stone to go in the middle for each round to win; whoever wins the challenge will win $5,000. The challenge begins and the contestants are fighting for the $5,000 except for Jay; he doesn’t want to win the challenge because he won the last challenge and doesn’t want the other contestants to hate him if he wins and vote him out. Jay is being very smart with how he plays the game. Chelsea, David, Bobby and Rachel are in the last round of the challenge and will fight for the $5,000. Rachel ends up winning the challenge, she has won the $5,000; other women mention how she’s now got a target on her back. Jay says that Rachel is in the position he didn’t want to be in, and he can see that some changes will be brought to the house.

The contestants are outside now, they meet up with Bob; he mentions how weight loss is rough when you travel, he believes someone is going to gain weight. Bob wants to make his workout competitive to make sure the contestants go after each other; Bob put together a workout that was inspired by the Olympians. The contestants have become a whole lot more competitive now; they’re starting to think about the end of the competition and who’s going to be standing in their way. Bob says that Bobby’s biggest enemy is himself; Bob decides to talk to Bobby alone. Bob understands that Bobby has been stressful lately due to the competition getting more serious now and traveling. Bobby admits that he’s had a binge one day during the week; Bob says it’s going to be hard for him to win with that in his back pocket. Bob then mentions that Bobby isn’t ready to go home, he needs to find the mentality to move on from his binging.

Bob is concerned about what the contestants have been eating, he decides to get ingredients to make breakfast with the contestants; to show them what they can cook for themselves for food, and he wants them to be on the same page. They’ll be making turkey frittatas, one with turkey bacon and another with ground turkey. They’re low calories and are easy to make at home. Dolvette wants to talk to Rachel, he wants to know about her dad and he wants to know about her relationship with him. Rachel talks about how swimming was her and her father’s bond, when she stopped they lost that connection and her parents ended up getting divorced after. Rachel then got so angry, she ended up eating; she told her dad that she was going to try for the Biggest Loser, her dad ended up talking to her more through letters. Rachel has realized that her father believes in her, she’s happy that she can have that connection with her dad. Tumi was 319 pounds, today she is now at a 180 pounds now; she’s lost a ton of weight it’s amazing. When Tumi got back home she got to see many family and friends, Tumi is trying on wedding dresses with her sister. Tumi says whether she wins the prize at the end or not, she’s gotten all the prizes she’s needed after coming back from the Biggest Loser ranch.

The contestants meet up with Alison at the end of a bobsleigh track; they meet the ladies who are on the American Olympian Bobsleigh team; Marie talks about how good they both look. The bobsled team talk about their hardships they went through to become a part of the Olympics, that you can achieve something great if you work hard to. With this challenge they can win a one pound advantage, everyone wants this one pound advantage; now they need to race on this bobsleigh track, instead of racing down the track, they have to run up the track. The Utah Olympic Bobsled track is a mile long, so they’ve got quite a ways to go to reach the finish line. The challenge begins and the contestants start racing up the track, Jay and Rachel are still running up the track; but the other contestants begin to walk due to the change of the altitude. David knew that Jay and Rachel would be the ones who’ll be the true competitors in this challenge; he needs to just make sure he can at least finish the race the fastest before them. Now that they’re about halfway Rachel decides to pass Jay. The other contestants are having a hard time with climbing the bobsled track. Jay just couldn’t catch his breath, as he saw Rachel running up there he knew he wouldn’t be getting that one pound advantage. Rachel ends up winning the challenge and getting herself a one pound advantage. Rachel gets her Biggest Loser gold medal, with her one pound advantage; now with winning these two challenges Rachel has got a bigger target on her back. Rachel has now won the right to ride a bobsled down the track, she’s extremely excited. Bobby knows he’s at risk this week, he’s trying to adopt the same lifestyle he had at the ranch; the contestants talk about how it’s testing their will power being in Utah and not being at the ranch. Rachel talks about how exciting this week has been, winning the challenges have made the target on her back a whole lot bigger.  This is the first weigh in that Jay has ever felt nervous for, now it’s time for the last chance workout; now they get to train in the center of excellence a gym that is exclusive to the snow board team, ski team and more. Jillian wants to keep Marie and Jen together to train; Dolvette is training Jay and Rachel. All the trainers are training the contestants, and all the contestants are working hard to try and win this competition. Jennifer is still having a hard time to do the square box jumps, Jillian wants Jen to do it; she tells Jen that she believes that she can do the square box jumps. Jen has a huge amount of fear with these square box jumps, Jillian ends up dragging her out of the gym to talk to her alone; she tells Jen that if she can let go all of the negative thoughts she won’t be able to progress, Jen talks about how she’s never been good enough for everyone in her life. Jillian tells Jen the only person she needs to be good enough is for herself, there’s no one else. Jillian talks about a person’s story can always become a crutch for someone or an excuse to why they can’t do things, Jillian wants to Jen to make herself feel like she’s not second place. Jen is ready to try once again, she’s trying to lose all the fear she’s had. Jen end up doing a proper box jump and she’s impressed with herself now.

The contestants come out with their trainers to prepare themselves for their weigh in. Alice talks about how Bob doesn’t like traveling because of the struggles come with it, Bob then goes on how it throws them off track and can cause them to backfire on the scale. Rachel is going on the scale first, from 161 pounds she is now currently at 155 pounds. Jennifer is up now, from 189 pounds she is currently at the same amount of weight; she lost no weight this week. David is up on the scale now, from 270 pounds he is currently at 266 pounds. Marie is up on the scale now, from 183 pounds she is now currently at 178 pounds. Chelsea is up on the scale from 171 pounds she is currently at 168 pounds. Tanya is up now, from 198 pounds she is now currently at 196 pounds. Jay is up on the scale next and he’s extremely nervous, from 192 pounds he is currently at 193 pounds; he’s gained one pound. Bobby is up on the scale last, from 254 pounds he is now currently at 256 pounds. Bobby and Jay are below the yellow line, the contestants will now have to vote for either Bobby or Jay to be eliminated from the Biggest Loser. Jillian, Dolvette and Bob head back. Jay and Bobby give their might be last words to the contestants to see if they can persuade their decision for the night.

Tanya decides to vote for Jay to be eliminated, Jennifer votes for Jay, Rachel decides to vote for Jay also to be eliminated. Three votes for Jay so far, one more and he’s gone; Marie decided to vote for Bobby, David decided to vote for Jay. Jay is going home tonight, he’s done so much in the Biggest Loser ranch it’s unbelievable, Jay gives his final words before leaving; he’s got 8 more pounds to reach his goal and will be leaving with a smile wishing them good luck.

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