The Biggest Loser RECAP 1/7/14: Season 15 Episode 11

The Biggest Loser RECAP 1/7/14: Season 15 Episode 11

THE BIGGEST LOSER returns to NBC tonight after their winter hiatus with a new episode.  On tonight’s show Nascar driver Carl Edwards and fan favorite contestant Abby Rike guest star.  Did you watch the last episode before the hiatus?  We did and we have a full and detailed recap, right here for you.

On last episode the 10 remaining contestants reached a milestone, as the competition went from teams to singles. Wearing their new individual color shirts, the players met host Alison Sweeney for a night-time “ring of fire” endurance challenge that involved holding a percentage of their individual weights. Alison also shared exciting news about an upcoming event that will be a “Biggest Loser” first for contestants, and sobering news that this week’s weigh-in would end with a double elimination. Now that the teams were disbanded, trainers Bob, Jillian and Dolvett were eager to switch it up and work out with new contestants this week. One player struggled with self-sabotaging negative thoughts, and two contestants made it to the coveted “One-derland” at weigh-in and say goodbye to weighing over 200 pounds.

On tonight’s show this week kicks off with all of the eliminated contestants returning to weigh-in, and one lucky player getting the chance to return to the competition. Then it’s off to a grueling kettle bell beach challenge that promises the winning player a hefty prize. Fan favorite and former “Biggest Loser” contestant Abby Rike pays a visit to the ranch and inspires the players with her own “Second Chance” story. Later, the contestants head to the race track for words of encouragement and a fun workout with popular NASCAR driver Carl Edwards. Then one player reaches “One-derland” at the weigh-in and another is sent home before host Alison Sweeney gives the remaining contestants some very exciting news.

The Biggest Loser season 15 episode 11 airs at 8PM on NBC and we will be live blogging it with all the up-to-the-minute details. So make sure to come back to this spot and spend the evening with us!  Make sure to refresh often to get the most current details and updates!

RECAP: The Biggest Loser is finally back, Dolvette, Jillian and Bob talk about how they picked the current 16 contestants for this season; you see the three of them interviewing the contestants seeing why they deserve to go to the Biggest Loser camp. It shows some previous moments that have happened throughout the entire season, it shows everyone struggling and working hard. It’s recapping of what happened during 2013 to catch people up and refresh their memories for 2014 of the Biggest Loser.  Now we’re back at where we left off, Hap and Matt were to be eliminated from the show; but now they’re given the chance to win a spot back in the show, every contestant that was eliminated in this season has a chance to get back into the competition since this season it’s about second chances. Fernanda talks about how she’s not the same compared to when she was here the first two weeks. Matt lost 26.12% of fat, Hap lost 21.96% of fat making him leaving the ranch. Matt is the percentage to beat. Ruben is going up on the scale, from 462 pounds in the beginning of the competition he’s at 377 pounds. He’s lost 85 pounds, but it’s not enough to stay in the competition. Fernanda is on the scale now from 250 pounds she’s currently at 208 pounds, it’s not enough to stay in the competition though. Holly is up on the scale, from 351 pounds she’s at 277 pounds; but it’s not enough to win her a spot in the competition. Craig is up next, from 385 pounds he is now at 307 pounds, but it’s not enough to get himself a spot in the competition. Bobby is up next and last, from 358 pounds he is currently at 261 pounds; Bobby is back into the competition, Matt will be going home.

Matt is grateful for what the Biggest Loser has done for him so far, Bobby finds out about the triathlon; Bob walks in finding Bobby is back, Dolvette and the other trainers congratulate Bobby for winning the weigh in. Bob wants to talk to Bobby alone to know how he’s doing coming back into the competition. Bobby tells Bob that he came out to his dad and that it went very well for him, Bobby is happy and proud that he told his dad and wants to work as hard as possible to stay at the ranch this time. Now the last remaining Biggest Loser contestants are working hard, now there’s a yellow line that’s being introduced in the competition; the two people who go below the yellow line will have a chance to be voted out by the rest of the competitors. The contestants go over why they want to stay in the competition, what motivates them to continue losing weight and try to win the competition. David is working his ass off so damn hard it’s unbelievable, he doesn’t want to back down; all he’s got in his mind is winning and getting better.

Everyone is working hard, Dolvette keeps motivating them by giving talking to them and pumping them up for the work out; Dolvette wants everyone to come out as a winner. Jillian is making Tanya to work hard, she wants Tanya to work hard; because she wants to make sure that Tanya doesn’t give up on herself or make excuses for herself. Tanya was proud of herself because of how well she did with running, and because Jillian is proud of her. Tanya goes back to talking about how she was brought up to feel like a failure and that it hinders her in life. Jillian tells Tanya that she needs to work hard, to become the parent that she never had. Tanya doesn’t need to have people to praise her to know that she’s doing well, she’s got to know for herself she’s doing well. Hap is now at 270 pounds, now he’s got a wife and three kids; sadly he’s got a job that’s on the road a lot. Now Hap brings a portable grill with him when he’s on the road, to help him losing weight at home; Matt and Hap still talk to each other together, they’re good friends to this day. Hap says that you can make excuses or you can get the job done; that you can’t do both.

Bob says that last night at the weigh he was thinking of David, mainly for the trauma that was given to him from his past wife; Bob wants to know about his current wife, it’s his best friend named Melissa. It was a blind date, they went out, had some dates then got married. Bob believes that meeting Melissa did happen for a reason, David talks about how he still loves his last wife to this day; she’s not an ex-wife of any sort. David is thankful for his wife and he’s looking forward to spending the rest of his life with her, he wants to talk to his wife about the things he hasn’t dealt with yet. Bob says that when he sees David he looks like a man who was torn up by life, but he’s trying to become a better man even with the hardships of life. The contestants make it to their first challenge at the beach, the winner of the challenge will win $25,000 worth of equipment to help them lose weight. Jay really wants to win this equipment, their standing on a hill full of kettle bells, they need to take 10 kettle bells to the post. There’s a gold kettle bell that can be found and it’ll count as 5 kettle bells, it’s a short cut to winning. Whoever loses the challenge will have a one pound disadvantage at the weigh in. Everyone is climbing the sand hill, looking at the kettle bells; trying to find the golden one. Jay is so far in the lead with two, Rachel is behind him by one kettle bell. David is having a hard time with the challenge, he thinks that there’s no way he’ll be able to finish this race. Jay and Rachel are fighting head to head. Marie found the golden kettle bell, it helps he out a whole lot because now she only needs two kettle bells to win. Jay is now one away from winning this challenge. Jay wins the workout equipment for home, he can’t believe he won the challenge he’s so happy winning. Rachel is in second place along with Marie in third place. Chelsea is finished in fourth place. Tanya is so far in last place, though she refuses to give up. Jen is done and David is done; Tumi finishes as well. Now it’s down to Bobby and Tanya, Bobby doesn’t want to be last at all. This one pound disadvantage could be what sends them home this week.

Bobby is aware how much of a one pound difference can make in this competition, Tanya says that this is a battle for her to not come in last; she can’t afford the one pound difference. Bobby ends up making it, Tanya has lost the challenge and has the one pound disadvantage, but at least she finished the challenge. The conversation David had with Bob made him realize how he wanted to talk to Melissa, they talk to each other through Skype. David talks to her how he’s gotten so far physically and emotionally, he realizes many things throughout the Biggest Loser competition. David says that the years he’s had with Melissa aren’t his best, because he never had the chance to grieve properly. David says that he appreciates everything Melissa has done throughout the years they’ve been together; Melissa tells David that she loves him so much. David says that with this freedom when has with himself, he will be able to love Melissa in a whole new way. It cuts to Bob who invited a past contestant named Abby who was from season 8; Jen loves Abby a whole lot. Abby is approaching the 7 year anniversary of her defining moment in life; she lost her children and husband due to a car accident. She realized that she couldn’t live life being depressed every day, while being on the Biggest Loser ranch it made her realize how much she wanted to live life. Abby talks about how she’s reaching her two year anniversary of being married to a man she loves, she tells them that everything after the Biggest Loser has been great.

They’re 11 weeks in now, Dolvette wants to show the contestants what moving forward really means; he takes them to a race track to introduce them to Nascar’s Carl Edwards; the driver of the 99 Subway car. He’s here today to have some fun and to be inspired by the contestants of the Biggest Loser; he talks about how much hard work he puts into his fitness to drive a car. Dolvette want them to work out at the track, their running and climbing the steps. Jay talks about how he looks back at how far he’s gone so far, Tumi talks about how she never wants to go back to her old life style. Marie talks about how she was insecure and self-conscious. Carl comes out and brings the contestants some subway chopped salads, Rachel got mail from her mother, in the mail is her old jeans; it turns out that they actually fit and she’s shocked because she’s never fit in those jeans in 6 years.

Marie talks to Jillian she wants to make sure where her place is, it then shows past moments that happened with Marie in the competition. Marie says that there’s two decisions, there’s plan A to win the competition or Plan B to lose weight and go home to start a family. Marie tells Jillian that she thinks she could win the competition; Jillian says that she will only help Marie win the competition if she really proves that she wants it. The contestants are working hard in the gym, they need to push themselves to their full potential because there’s now a yellow line introduced into the game. All the contestants don’t want to go home this week; they want to do whatever it takes to stay in the competition. Matt is now at 240 pounds, months later he’s now got a new wedding date and is looking better than ever. Matt is on his way to the wedding venue with his wife; they’re now planning their wedding. Matt says that life is now going to be fantastic. All the contestants are getting ready to weigh in. David talks about how the yellow line changes the dynamics of the game now. Tanya is going to be weighed first, from 201 pounds she is now currently at 198 pounds. Though she has a one pound disadvantage and it makes it harder for her. Bobby is now up on the scale from 261 pounds, he is now currently at 254 pounds. Bobby is happy after losing a hundred pounds so far. David is up next, from 282 pounds he is now currently at 270 pounds. Chelsea is up next, from 177 pounds she is currently at 171 pounds. Rachel is on the scale from 167 she is 161 pounds. Jennifer is on the scale from 195 she is 189 pounds. Jay is getting up on the scale now from 196 pounds, he is now 192 pounds. It’s becoming harder and harder for Jay to lose weight, because he doesn’t have much to lose anymore. Marie is up next, from 187 pounds she is now currently at 183 pounds. Tumi is up last on the scale, from 225 pounds she is now currently at 221 pounds. Tanya and Tumi are below the yellow line, they will now be up for elimination tonight. Now the contestants need to vote either Tumi or Tanya out of the competition. The contestants who voted tell their decisions, Bobby voted for Tumi to go out, David voted for Tumi to go home tonight, Jay decided to vote out Tumi. Marie voted for Tumi to leave the competition; it turns out that Tumi is going home tonight. Tumi is looking forward to continue losing weight at home and getting back to her life. Tumi says her good byes and leaves the competition. Next week their going to be heading to the Olympic training grounds at Park City Utah.