The Biggest Loser RECAP 11/5/13: Season 15 Episode 4

The Biggest Loser RECAP 11/5/13: Season 15 Episode 4

THE BIGGEST LOSER returns to NBC tonight with a new episode.  On tonight’s show contestants race through a pumpkin patch looking for one of the biggest prizes ever awarded in a challenge.  Did you watch last week’s premiere episode?  We did and we have a full and detailed recap, right here for you.

On last week’s show the contestants were surprised to find that the gym was empty – and the only equipment they’ll be able to use is equipment they’ve successfully bid on with “Biggest Loser” bucks in the show’s first ever auction, run by host Alison Sweeney. Trainers Bob, Jillian and Dolvett and the players had to get creative to make the most of their limited equipment. Later, one player opened up to her trainer about her difficult childhood, and all of the contestants re-charge their spirits with a very special treat – getting to skype with their loved ones back home in emotional, heartwarming family visits. Then it was time to head to the gym for a very emotional weigh-in. Also this week, the show caught up with season 12 fan favorite Vinny Hickerson.

On tonight’s show It’s Halloween at the ranch, and that means a pumpkin challenge and the contestants’ first temptation of the season. Off the players go into a field of 100 pumpkins filled with candy treats, cash prizes and a winning ticket giving one lucky player one of the biggest prizes ever awarded in a challenge – immunity for their whole team. Later, one trainer brings a special group of people to work out with his team, while another trainer has a heart-to-heart talk with a contestant about their challenging childhood. “The Biggest Loser” catches up with last season’s child ambassador, Biingo, to see how his life – and the lives of his family members – have changed since he was on the show. And later, the players get a motivational boost with coveted letters from home before heading to the weigh-in, where another player is eliminated.

The Biggest Loser season 15 season premiere airs at 8PM on NBC and we will be live blogging it with all the up-to-the-minute details. So make sure to come back to this spot and spend the evening with us!  Make sure to refresh often to get the most current details and updates!

RECAP: Tanya is talking about how she’s better than a zero, that she won’t let obesity beat her; she’s happy that Dolvette saved her and believed that she can lose the weight and deserves to stay. Tanya wants to work hard, Ruben even mentions how hard Tanya worked this week; Ruben believes that they have had a bad week, but after this weigh in it’ll make the red team push harder to reach their goal. Now the contestants are walking up to their Halloween challenge, they’re greeted by Allie; she mentions how kids usually Trick-or-Treat and obtain 7,000 calories. Whoever wins this challenge will win immunity for the entire team; David knows that the red team needs it. Though it’s going to be hard to find immunity, there are 100 pumpkins in the field, inside the pumpkins are treats, there’s cash prizes, immunity its self and candy within them. Rachel doesn’t want the blue team to win immunity because both red and white team have already lost. Chelsea takes out a big wad of cash, $500 in fact. Craig opens up his pumpkin and it turns out that its chocolate candies, David got chocolate candy as well. Holly got chocolate, Jay got chocolate, and Ruben takes out pumpkin pie. David found $100 and Jay gets another chocolate bar. Round after round is going by, many people keep getting candy and no one has found immunity yet. Hap finds $500 in his pumpkin. Tumi believes that she’s going to get the pumpkin, Hap finds a chocolate bar and the immunity is inside of it. The pumpkin that Tumi wanted contained the immunity; the white team and red team look very worried with the upcoming weigh in because they have lost and blue team has been safe every week so far. Now it looks like it’s down to the red team and the white team to have a show down. Dolvette tells the red team that they have consumed a lot of calories during the pumpkin challenge; he gives them protein bars and tells them that it’s a better alternative to have instead of chocolate bars. Craig is terrified to tell Jillian what they ate at the challenge, Jillian says that they need to get to work and stay focused on working out hard. The white team begin their workout, Marie isn’t sure if they’re going to be making it this week, but they’ll work their asses off to stay. Dolvette is training his red team hard, he wants to know if they’re going to beat Jillian’s white team in the upcoming weigh in. The White team and Red team are working hard, Craig mentions how the white team has already lost a team member and that the red team hasn’t yet. Jay feels that this week he could be at risk, that every time he works out he gets this pain in his hip. Ruben isn’t afraid of some friendly competition he likes competition, he also mentions that it’s time for him to step up. Ruben could tell that everyone is ready to pass out soon, Ruben experienced intense fatigue and it’s a scary feeling for himself. Dolvette is worried that Ruben could have hit a wall at this point. Tanya’s falls onto the ground because she’s too exhausted and feeling dizzy, Dolvette knows that their tired; but he wants them to work their asses off to win this weigh in. Tanya needs Dolvette to push her beyond her limits, she wants to win this. Bob knows his team is immune and wants to give them a surprise, he brings them all to a bunch of girls lifting weights. Bob mentions how he’s inspired having Holly on the show, Bob wants to get Holly to reprogram her mind that losing weight won’t make her weaker. Holly wants a second time to compete for a medal, she believes the if she loses weight it’ll ruin her weight lifting. Holly steps up to the barbell, there are tons of weight on it and she lifts the entire thing; everyone begins to lift weight and learn something new. Holly saw it and now she believes it, Bob has accomplished what he wanted to do for her. Jillian is working the white team hard, Tumi is having a hard time though she has no fire in her. Jillian feels that Tumi doesn’t want to be aggressive or use her anger. Jillian decides to have a one on one conversation with Tumi to see what the problem is, to heal her emotionally and help her. Tumi talks about her past, that her father left her and her mother ended up dying at the age of 14. Her mother met a new man and married him, though when her mother died; her step dad didn’t want to take Tumi with him and left her behind. Jillian knows that Tumi needs emotional healing, to stop feeling guilty and what not; she needs to feel angry. Tumi looks like she’s ready, she wants to graduate and lose all the weight and never be fat again. We’re now seeing Bingo who was one of the kid ambassadors last year. Bingo’s family has lost a lot of weight after Bingo went on the show, the family is happy that Bingo is busy most of the time with tons of activities; it looks like he’s doing better now. Everyone walks into the Biggest Loser house and see a mountain of mail, a bunch of letters from their family. Craig reads a letter from his wife, about how his child is using a little cell phone talking to her daddy on it apparently. Craig feels very motivated to work hard for his daughter, there’s no reason to go home anytime soon for him. Ruben received a bunch of letters from the kids at his music camp, he knows that many kids went to the camp to see him this year and he’s upset about it; but he wants to become a new Ruben. Tanya got a letter from her friend; everyone is feeling more motivated after receiving the letters from their friends and family. Ruben has put more laps in the pool to work hard and lose weight, Jay has put more time on the treadmill alone to lose the weight, everyone on the red team and white team have been working hard to win the weigh in this week. David doesn’t believe that going home is an option for him and that’s why he uses the treadmill at night. Blue team has immunity, now who ever falls below the red line tonight for either the red or white team will be going home. Holly gets on the scale first representing the blue team, from 319 she is now 315. Matt gets on from 319 he’s now 315. Bobby loses 4 pounds, Chelsea loses 5 and Hap also does. White team is up first, Marie steps onto the scale; from 229 she is now currently at 225.

Craig from 357 he is now at 350. Tumi gets on the scale, from 287 she is now currently at 280 pounds. Jay gets up on the scale now, he’s scared to death about this weigh in though. From 253 he is now at 244 pounds. Now the red team needs to lose more than 35 pounds to win the weigh in, Rachel is first from 224 she is now 216 pounds. David steps up on the scale now, from 354 he is now 347 pounds. Jennifer is up next from 242 pounds she is now at 236. Tanya is up next, she gets up on the scale from 242 pounds she is now currently at 239 pounds. Tanya is extremely disappointed with how much she didn’t lose. Ruben is the last to weigh in from 428 pounds he is currently now at 423, Ruben worked so damn hard this week; but he surprisingly didn’t lose what he expected to lose. Tonight someone will be eliminated from the show, tonight Ruben will be eliminated from the Biggest Loser; this isn’t fair at all. To see that Tanya is staying while Ruben is going home, it’s a sad thing to see a man who works so hard leaving. If only Dolvette didn’t use his save card last week, things could have been better for him.