The Biggest Loser Recap 11/6/14: Season 16 Episode 9 “Yes Coach”

The Biggest Loser Recap 11/6/14: Season 16 Episode 9 “Yes Coach”

Tonight on NBC The Biggest Loser which features over weight contestants competing to lose weight to win money returns with an all new Thursday November 6, season 16 episode 9 called “Yes Coach.” On tonight’s episode NFL stars Michael Irvin, Donald Driver and Willie McGinest visit the ranch, where they participate in a football challenge and offer the contestants training advice.  The contestants are of course thrilled to get to talk to the NFL stars.

On the last episode it’s eight weeks in to the competition, and the remaining contestants had already lost almost 700 lbs. But this week it proved harder to stay on course when a challenge involving giant treadmills over water gave the winning team the opportunity to assign penalties to the two losing teams. One team was tasked with cleaning duties that had to be finished before they could access their trainer and the gym, while the other team was sent without their trainer to a city full of temptations – Las Vegas. Meanwhile, at Comeback Canyon, trainer Bob Harper tried to convince his two contestants to make their health a priority rather than always taking care of others first. Then the player who fell below the red line at the ranch weigh-in and felt unprepared to return home was thrilled to get a second chance at Comeback Canyon, while the weigh-in there sends another contestant home for good. Did you watch the last episode? If you missed it, we have a full and detailed recap right here for you.

On tonight’s episode as per NBC’s synopsis, “it’s the halfway point in the competition and contestants get the exciting news that three NFL legends – Super Bowl champs Michael Irvin, Donald Driver and Willie McGinest – will be joining them this week. First, they’ll be part of a football challenge in which a trainer and contestant from each team must catch footballs from the NFL legends – while tied together. And the stakes are high, because the winning team gets the coveted prize of video chats with loved ones. Later, the NFL players join the trainers in the gym and have fun putting their own spin on coaching the contestants. Then a red line at the weigh-in puts all the players on edge, while the Comeback Canyon weigh-in sends another contestant home for good.”

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Blake is at comeback canyon and she is so ready and happy, she was so sure she’d be heading home that this seems too good to be true. The teams are now meeting each other outside at a type of course, they are half way to the end now; Damien hurts his arm in an intense boxing session with Jessie. Their trainers will be with them, though they are also bringing in three NFL legends. First up is Michael Irvin for the red team, Donald Driver for the white team and the blue team is going to have Willie McGinest who was Damien’s teammate. Donald says he is very proud to be here and to help the teams reach their goals. The NFL stars will launch footballs to a pair of a contestant and trainer tied together.

The winning team gets video chats from home, right now the red team is the only one who got their first ball; yet the blue team is catching up. Though sadly the white team still has not caught one, they are struggling so much. Sonya and Jen finally catch their first ball, yet it’s hard to comeback when the other teams are at 8 balls already.

One more for the blue and red team is needed; the red team have won this challenge. Scott has realized that he still has his football passion in him, he really like catching the ball. Rob decides he’s going to give up his video chat to Lori, he loves his family but knows she needs it more than he does. The NFL stars will be going back to the gym helping the teams train this week, the contestants get back and call their famlies. Scott’s family start crying as they see them, they are very proud of him and Scott tells them that he can’t wait to come home; but he needs to keep pushing himself at the ranch. Jordan talks to his wife and he looks so different to her, she talks about her pregnancy and how it’s all going well. Lori gets to call her family and they miss her so much; they think she looks amazing. She starts to cry, she misses her family so much; her husband tells her she is not allowed to come back right now and must keep fighting on.

Now we see the comeback canyon, Blake and Jackie were both had 3 pounds lost last week; so it’s anyone’s game right now. They are training as hard as they can to keep there place in the competition, they are not ready to give up yet.

The NFL legends are pushing the contestants beyond their limits, they will make sure they do not get a break at all; they are motivating them beyond belief. Willie says he is so proud of Damien right now, he wants to push him to become the best he possibly can be; he wants to make him look better than he ever has. Scott loves having the NFL legends here, he has such a good feeling and that they really make him want to go the extra mile; surpassing all his limits.

Scott was very nervous to having the legends but is really happy to see how much they care about their journeys, though the hardest thing for Scott was not getting signed again and he let himself go; Michael tells him that it happens but giving up is never the answer to these situations. Michael believes victory from here on out means that if the man he is now is better than he who he was before, he needs to get back up and it’s never about who you are but what you did. Scott really appreciated his motivation and he gives Michael his shirt; he really wants him to have a piece of his soul. Michael tells him he will frame it and put it on his wall in his office; it will help him in his own journey as well.

Now we’re back to comeback canyon seeing who is going home this week, Jackie is going up first and she lost 6 pounds this week. Next up is Blake and this week she lost 1 pound this week and she is very embarrassed about her number. Sadly she is going home tonight.

Now back at the weigh in at the ranch, first up is the white team with Rondalee and she lost 7 pounds, next up is JJ and he lost 4 pounds, Next up is Toma and he lost 8 pounds, next up is Woody and he lost 3 pounds and last up is Sonya; she lost 9 pounds.

Next up is the blue team and coming up first is is Lori who lost 6 pounds this week, last up is Damien and he lost only 3 pounds.

Next up is the red team, they need to lose more than 14 pounds. First up is Scott and he lost 6 pounds, next up is Jordan and he lost 5 pounds and last up is Rob; he lost 13 pounds. Sadly going home tonight is Damien, he thanks everybody on the show and says it has been the best experience in his life; though Jessie changed everything and is very glad he has gotten to have met him. Damien gets into the limo and pulls up to comeback canyon; Damien is so happy.

We now see Blake back at home and she currently weighs 160 pounds, she has a new life style that she loves; she threw out all the junk food as she got home. Her mother is so proud of her, they are going to change their lives to support Blake in her journey.