The Blacklist RECAP 3/24/14: Season 1 Episode 17 “Ivan”

The Blacklist RECAP 3/24/14: Season 1 Episode 17 “Ivan”

Tonight on NBC their new criminal drama, THE BLACKLIST starring James Spader continues with a new episode called, “Ivan.”  On tonight’s episode A high-tech cyber defense asset is stolen, with clues pointing to a Russian terrorist as the guilty party. Meanwhile, Jolene’s vanishing sheds light on mysteries involving Tom.

On last week’s episode the next target on the Blacklist is one of Red’s (James Spader) past associates, crime lord Mako Tanida (guest star Hoon Lee). After Tanida escaped from prison he was out for revenge. Elsewhere, Tom (Ryan Eggold) confronted Jolene (guest star Rachel Brosnahan) after interfering with his mission. Diego Klattenhoff, Megan Boone, Parminder Nagra, and Harry Lennix also star.  Did you watch the last’s episode? We did and we recapped it right here for you!

On tonight’s episode When a new cyber defense asset gets stolen all roads lead to a Russian cyber terrorist known only as “Ivan” (guest star Mark Ivanir). With Red’s (James Spader) assistance, Liz (Megan Boone) discovers a huge cover-up. Meanwhile, new evidence surrounding the disappearance of Jolene (guest star Rachel Brosnahan) helps unravel some of the mystery behind Tom (Ryan Eggold). Diego Klattenhoff, Harry Lennix and Parminder Nagra also star.

Tonight’s episode of The Blacklist is going to be great and you won’t want to miss it. So pop some popcorn, grab a snuggle buddy, and definitely tune into this hot new series! While you wait for our recap, hit the comments and let us know if you are excited about this new series.

RECAP: A man is working on his computer; he has a noise from behind him and thinks it’s someone named Wilson. Turns out no one is there and the printers are printing tons of paper that say smile all over it, the computers and lights start to go crazy. He runs and shuts off the power and leaves the building, he calls David and tells him that the network was breached and is headed to the prototype now; after finishing his call he throws the cell in the garbage. Someone on a laptop ends up causing that man to get into a car accident, they run into the car and steal something of his and runs away. Red is in the forest, he’s checking out a dead body; which turns out to be bodies of a male and female. Red has already solved the case; he calls 911 and reports a missing person while walking away. Liz gives Tom a Hippo toy, they hear a knock at the door it turns out it’s a man who wants to talk about Jolyn Parker. Tom is asked about when he’s last seen Jolyn and he says he’s last spoken to her three days ago. They’ve got no lead for the detective, so he ends up leaving. Liz meets up with Red, she asks what he’s working on. Red is trying to restore something that’s broken; he takes a break and shows Liz a newspaper about an accident that wasn’t an accident. It was engineered by a serial cyber killer; he tells her that Ivan is behind the “accident”. Red explains how Ivan has been working for ten years; he’s able to do whatever he wants with technology. Red tells her that this is only the beginning. Liz brings the case to HQ, briefing her team on the case. Liz asks Aram if he can pull the phone records for Jolyn Parker. Liz, Aram and Ressler go to the car which is evidence, Liz asks why Ressler is here and that he can take a break off work if needed. Aram tells them that the airbag deployed before the crash, that it was triggered. The binary code is Ivan’s digital signature. They found evidence and are bringing it to the computer forensics lab, though they are interrupted by other agents.

Harold arrives at the scene of the crime; the other team of FBI were trying to stop his team in getting the evidence. Harold, Ressler, Aram and Liz are talking to the other FBI team; he shows them project Skeleton Key. It’s to deliver a knockout blow to cyber and digital attackers, Ivan the cyber terrorist has been stolen the Skeleton Key and with this in his possession he’s going to cause a ton of chaos. Red says that he’s known about this for a while; you can’t swoop in and arrest Ivan because he won’t say anything or admit to it. Red wants to create a problem for Ivan, for him to solve it; revealing himself in the long wrong. Red is out eating dinner with Ivan at a restaurant, he wants to collect money from Ivan. Ivan doesn’t want to listen or do what he wants, Red tells him not to leave and that there’s an arrest warrant on him. Red then makes a comment on his meal; he then says that he’ll help Ivan if he accepts his deal. The cops arrive outside, making Ivan take the deal. Red wants eight million transferred to his account, he tells Ivan he wants it now and that he should do it fast before he’s caught. Ivan gets it done and they both leave. Ressler comes running towards them and Red shoots him, Malik comes up from behind Ressler. Red escaped with Ivan, turns out that Red didn’t shoot him with a real gun. Liz tells Tom that they found more info on Jolyn, her name is actually Lucy and that she is a criminal. Liz apologizes for having a criminal in their house, she’s just glad nothing happened to Tom. Tom comforts her and tells her that she could never have known about Lucy. Liz wants to find Lucy and find out who she works for.

Aram says he found Lucy’s last call, turns out it was to Liz. Red asks what Ivan’s intentions are, he feels that the Skeleton Key could be for an idea he’s got or for a buyer. Red is trying to get Ivan to admit what he’s doing; Ivan admits that he doesn’t have the Skeleton Key; someone is using his signature and that this person is good at covering their tracks. Red says that he’ll be of assistance. Aram says that the man has hacked into several other sites, Malik and Ressler go to a woman whose payments have been increased. She says she knows when she has been accused of something; it turns out that a hacker could have something to do with her. She mentions of having a grandson, this grandson is now considered a suspect. It then cuts to the woman’s grandson in school, who’s writing a test and keeps looking back at the clock on the wall. Tom gets a call from Liz; Liz founds a building that Lucy was at. Tom is in that building as we speak, he begins to burn all the photos of Liz and everything else there that could be used as evidence. Liz ends up opening the door to the place and checking inside; she sees a room with a blank wall and sees that there are cameras at every exit and entrance. Tom burns the pictures and runs away right before Liz could catch him, Liz finds the burning pictures and continues looking around knowing someone is there. Tom makes a quick escape and gets away, Liz hears someone behind the door. She goes back, but Tom punches her in the face making her not see him and runs away from the building without her finding out it was him.

Liz is wants a copy on the evidence report after the FBI finds any; Tom calls someone on a payphone to ask for a change in his payment account. The hacker is eating lunch in the cafeteria eating and creepily staring at the girl he’s got somewhat of an interest in. Outside cops arrive at the school; the hacker can see this and looks a bit worried. The cops enter the school and ask for Harrison Lee, who left the cafeteria quickly. Harrison opens his locker and starts using the Skeleton Key he stole, Liz find him and start chasing him. Harrison made the fire alarm go off, to aid him in escaping the FBI. Red asks how a seventeen year old kid escaped them; Red tells them that once they catch him they should offer him a job. Liz asks if Red has ever seen the woman in the picture she shows him, it’s Lucy. Liz wants to know who she is and why she inserted herself into Liz’s life. Red says he can’t tell her why, Liz mentions how she wants to hear the whole truth from Red. Red says he wishes he knew the whole truth; Liz tells him not to worry about it and doesn’t need evidence to connect it to him. She gets angry at Red and leaves. Aram explains how he’s gotten terabytes of Harrison’s computer, it turns out that he’s using the Skeleton Key to stalk the girl he’s got a crush on. Liz calls Fisher the man who’s the father of the girl Harrison fancies. Right before she could ask all the power shuts off, Harrison has activated the Skelton Key.

Abby the girl who Harrison likes gets a text, it tells her to meet up and that all the lights aren’t out. The cops arrive at Abby’s place and she’s not there, Abby is outside and she’s following the lights that Harrison is turning on using the Skeleton Key. It turns out that the Skeleton Key can be tracked while in use, though it turns out that all the city towers are off. They find out where the Skeleton Key and Harrison are and head out to him. Abby is following the lights calling out for Jacky, turns out it isn’t Jacky, but Harrison. Abby says that she was texting her friend Jacky and that it are weird that Harrison is here. Abby says she knows nothing about him and that it’s a bit weird, Harrison then gives away that he’s a stalker. It turns out that Harrison’s stalker antics have gone too far, he stole the Skeleton Key to make sure she wouldn’t need to move. Abby tries to run away, but trips and hits her head on the stairs. The cops arrive and Harrison ends up running in to a metro and turns on the power to make it move, Liz follows behind and gets into the metro by shooting the window and jumping into it before it picks up to much speed.

Liz finds Harrison; she knows that the entire thing was a romantic gesture. Liz sits down in the metro near Harrison and talks to him, saying that they can end this together. Harrison ends up raising the speed of the metro to a hazardous speed to make it crash, Liz is trying to talk Harrison out of them being killed. Liz understands that the car accident was indeed an accident because he didn’t want to kill the man in the car when he did it. Harrison activates the emergency brakes, but the train doesn’t stop it continues to go. Liz tries to protect Harrison before the train crashes. The train ends up stopping right in time before anything bad could happen, Liz and Harrison are okay. Abby hugs her father seeing him; Ressler sees this and tells Liz good work. Liz asks if Ressler wants to come to her place and eat dinner with her and Tom. Ressler says that she has someone waiting at home for her and that she doesn’t need to worry about her. Liz arrives home and sees Tom cooking; she wants a bottle of wine. Tom asks about Liz going to Jolyn’s apartment turns out there’s no evidence and there are no suspects. Liz says that a man was there, but she didn’t get to have a good look at him. Tom tries to fake concern to not give him away. Liz opens up the laptop and finds images of evidence at the site, she sees the Hippo that she gave Tom in the photos. Liz starts remembering the past and about Red warning her about Tom, she plays it cool to make sure he doesn’t notice anything. Liz goes to Red and says that he was right, he lets her in. Red opens up music box and turns it on, it’s a song that is familiar to Liz; she begins to remember the past something about fire and smoke. Liz then remembers how her dad would lay in bed with her and would hum that song to her and say she was safe, that everything will be okay. Liz then realizes that Red knew she would learn the truth about her undercover agent husband Tom and would need comfort; she mentions how Red knew she would find out the truth one day. Red holds her in his arms and says everything is going to be okay.

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  1. Kate says:

    “Liz then realizes that her father is Red; she mentions how Red knew she would find out the truth one day.”

    Um… What she meant by the whole “finding out the truth” thing was that Red knew that she would find out the truth about Tom and would need comfort.

    Red is not her father…he said in this episode that he has never lied to Liz…most definitely not a throwaway line and meant to assure the viewer that he was not lying in the Midseason finale when he said he wasn’t her father.

    **Also…please please edit these pieces…grammatical errors galore…

  2. […] On last week’s episode when a new cyber defense asset got stolen all roads led to a Russian cyber terrorist known only as “Ivan” (guest star Mark Ivanir). With Red’s (James Spader) assistance, Liz (Megan Boone) discovered a huge cover-up. Meanwhile, new evidence surrounding the disappearance of Jolene (guest star Rachel Brosnahan) helped unravel some of the mystery behind Tom (Ryan Eggold). Diego Klattenhoff, Harry Lennix and Parminder Nagra also star.  Did you watch the last’s episode? We did and we recapped it right here for you! […]