The Carrie Diaries RECAP 1/10/14: Season 2 Episode 10 “Date Expectations”

The Carrie Diaries RECAP 1/10/14: Season 2 Episode 10 “Date Expectations”

Tonight on the CW the new show THE CARRIE DIARIES returns with a new episode called, “Date Expectations.”   On tonight’s episode Walt and Bennet get some devastating news that forever changes their future.  Did you watch last week’s episode?  We did and we recapped it right here for you.

On tonight’s episode Larissa (Freema Agyeman) gave Carrie (AnnaSophia Robb) some harsh advice about her relationship with Sebastian (Austin Butler). When Harlan (guest star Scott Cohen) asked Tom (Matt Letscher) to work overnight on a top-secret case, Dorrit (Stefania Owen) decided to throw an impromptu get-together, which quickly spiraled out of control. Meanwhile, Mouse (Ellen Wong) and Donna (Chloe Bridges) got surprisingly close and Sebastian made a hasty decision after another fight with his parents.

On tonight’s episode Walt and Bennet (guest star Jake Robinson) will get some devastating news that forever changes their future. Sebastian is going to get an exciting work opportunity, causing him to bail on Carrie on Valentine’s Day, much to her chagrin. When Maggie accidentally enlists in the army, a surprising duo will come to her rescue. Elsewhere, Tom will use some reverse psychology to encourage Dorrit to start dating again. Freema Agyeman, Lindsey Gort, Ellen Wong, and Chloe Bridges will also show up in the episode. Amy Heckerling directed the episode.

Tonight’s episode is going to be great and you won’t want to miss it or AnnaSophia Robb as a young Carrie Bradshaw. So be sure to tune in for our live coverage of the CW’s The Carrie Diaries tonight at 8 PM EST! While you wait for our recap, hit the comments and let us know if you think a prequel to Sex & The City will work?

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Sebastian is unpacking in his new place/Larissa’s old place and Carrie is heartbroken that he’s getting rid of some of her cool stuff. He tells her he made friends with this cool new skateboard prodigy – a young guy named Tony Hawk. Sebastian tells her he has a new business idea – skating gear and skating themed clothing. She seems flummoxed and he changes the subject to Valentine’s Day and tells her he made a reservation at a hot new place. She has high expectations for V Day.

Maggie finds out she got into Central Connecticut State University but got no financial aid offers. Mouse tells her to take out a loan but Maggie doesn’t want to borrow. Donna comes in all dressed up in a hot version of an Army uniform to celebrate the Army being there to recruit. Maggie demands to know why Mouse is chummy with her nemesis Donna and she admits they got chummy at Carrie’s party. Mouse says Donna is kind of funny and she’s asking her to stop calling Maggie names.  Maggie agrees with Donna that the Army recruiters are hot – other than that, can’t stand her.

Larissa is complaining about the models and Samantha volunteers to help out but Larissa shoots her down with a white class insult. Walt shows up to go with his BF to see a Woody Allen movie. Sam has no idea who he is and mistakes him for a porn director. Carrie gushes about Allen and then Walt asks about a restaurant to take Bennett to. Sam tells them she wants them to come see her on V-Day at her new job at Boy – the hottest gay club in town.

Larissa says the Heartbreaking Party is huge and she’ll be there since her fiance is out of town so she can flirt with the hot gay guys. Walt is freaked because it’s a leather scene and Bennett tells him it’s cool and they’re in. Carrie tells them she has romantic plans with Sebastian. Sam tells her they are gross because they’re in love. Sebastian cancels their sweet plans so he can meet with Tony Hawk because he’s only in town for the day. Needless to say, she’s not a happy lovey dovey camper anymore.

Larissa is drowning in flowers from her honey who’s out of town. But then a batch shows up for Carrie with an apology note for cancelling dinner with her and taking Tony Hawk to the nice restaurant he had reserved for them. Larissa tells her the holiday makes no sense and to get over it. She tells Carrie that she thinks Harland made up an out of town meeting just to escape the V-Day pressure.

Carrie says that skateboarding is a fad and not a real business. Larissa tells her that she’ll have a good time at Boy getting lots of attention from beautiful men that don’t want to sleep with her.

One of the recruiters chats up Maggie and tells her about the GI Bill to help pay for college. He tells her that the Army can help her figure out what she wants to do with her life. He asks her if she likes travel and tells her she could go to Europe or Hawaii. She’s intrigued…

Tom asks Walt about his V-Day plans and he tells him he doesn’t want to spend it at the club but his BF does so he’s stuck. Tom admits he never thought he would have solitary V-Days until his wife died. He says he has to spend the evening with Dorrit and her new BF Scott watching horror movies. Tom says he thinks Dorrit is lying about him not being her BF. Tom says all he has to do to stop Dorrit dating someone he doesn’t like is to act like he likes them.

Carrie is rocking out and getting ready when Sebastian tells her to turn down the music. She hears him on the phone talking to Tony Hawk and telling him that he can relocate back to Laguna if he needs to. She doesn’t say anything about it but isn’t happy. She asks his opinion on her shoes and he blows her off. He says he has to get ready for his meeting. Carrie steps on a skateboard and goes flying adding injury to insult.
[8:45:12 PM] Rachel Rowan: He helps her up but Carrie thinks she bruised her coccyx. Sebastian gets her ice but then checks his watch and she blows up. In a fit of temper, she insults his business plans as not being real and now he’s offended.

Maggie tells Mouse she joined the Army and says it will give her a chance to travel and structure. Mouse tells her she could be sent somewhere crappy, they’ll cut her hair and that she’ll have to get up at 5. Maggie freaks out and says she needs to get her out of it. They go to Donna for help. Mouse says the plan is to get them on the base and talk the recruiter into tearing up her paperwork. Donna says her ta-tas will get them wherever they need to go.

She tries to talk to Sebastian and he says she doesn’t want to have his own life. She says that not at the expense of their relationship. He thinks this is just about V-Day but then she says she heard him saying he would move. Walt knocks and comes in and Carrie tells Sebastian to just go. He does and then Carrie bitches to Walt about him. She says they need to go to the club and forget about him.

At Boy, Frankie Goes to Hollywood is blaring and the drag queens are in fine form. Carrie and Walt commiserate that neither are getting what they want tonight. Bennett asks Walk what he thinks and he says it’s “coloful.” Larissa and Carrie see Sam come in naked bareback on a horse and Larissa is immediately competitive and slaps Carrie on the butt and she moans in pain. They head to the dance floor and get jiggy with their gays.

Walt downs his drink and Bennett asks what’s up. Walt says he thinks the club is too gay. Bennett says since they’re sleeping together then he’s just as gay as the rest of them. Walt says he wanted something different for their first V-Day. Bennett tells him they have a bond with every guy there since the rest of the world looks down on who they love. Bennett tells him they can’t have marriage, kids and the white picket fence so they may as well enjoy what they can have – fun. Bennett makes him promise to give him one dance of fun and then he’ll leave him alone about it.

Donna and the girls pull up at the base gate and Donna goes to work. She says she’s there to see her cousin Private Watson. She flirts shamelessly but he says her name isn’t on the visitation list. She tells him her cousin forgot to add her to the list and she flirts and then tears up. She says she has tragic news for him – their grandmother just passed away and says she wanted to tell him in person. He begs her not to cry and finally sends them in and says to wait in the recruitment office. Mouse and Maggie are both impressed.

Dorrit and Scott are watching Soylent Green. He mentions Nick and she says she doesn’t want to hear about the dirtbag again. He agrees and offers her Apocalypse Now as a second feature. She gets a call from a crying friend and tells Scott it will take a while. She heads up to take the call and Tom lurks around. He watches Scott unpack his bag and he pulls out a tennis racket – Tom figured it would be drugs.

He offers him a snack and then they start to talk tennis. He says he also runs cross country. They discuss how they prefer to align their strings. Scott asks him to not tell Dorrit that he’s a tennis geek and then she comes in and kicks her dad out and says she wants to watch Scarface and count the curse words.

Larissa is fuming over all the gays surrounding naked Sam and Carrie tries to talk her down and then says Sebastian would only appreciate her if she was in a skater outfit. Carrie says it’s not fair because Sam is on a horse. Larissa agrees and goes to demand a turn on the horse. They get into a catfight and Larissa yanks off her Godiva wig. Several of the gays tell her that she’s so hot that she’s turning them straight. Then Larissa gets ejected by the bouncer.

He girls wait in the recruiting office and Maggie and Donna bicker while Mouse fumes. Mouse gets impatient and starts rifling the files. Then the guy comes in and catches her at it and says they’re all in big trouble.

Walt tells Bennett that he’s changed his mind after talking with some of the more flamboyant guys and has discovered they’re normal guys like accountants. Martin dances over and Bennett introduces him to Walt as his boyfriend. Martin tells him that his old boyfriend Eric is dying of AIDS. He tells Bennett there’s a test to check for it and that he should get it. Uh-oh – Walt just started sleeping with him!

Walt freaks out and Bennett tells him to calm down and not be scared. Walt says AIDS is a death sentence and Bennett may have given it to him. Bennett says he’s in the same boat and just found out his ex is dying. Walt explodes and says this is not him and he doesn’t like these people. He storms away and Carrie chases after him.

Tom tells Dorrit that he’s proud of her and she asks why. He tells her that she is smart for not getting involved romantically with Scott – he says he’s trouble waiting to happen. She seems confused and her Dad says he’s a bad influence. She blows up and says he can’t tell her who to date. Tom tells her “over my dead body” and when she stomps off he smiles.

Mouse tells the recruiter that she’s going to Harvard and has never been in trouble. He tells the girls to save the tears and good girl routines since he’s got two sisters. She says she has a bunch of brothers and then they get involved in a debate about sports. Maggie says they were just trying to help her because she joined the Army without thinking it through and they were just trying to help her.

The guy says that technically they didn’t break in since they let the girls in and then he tears up her papers. He tells her all she had to do was write a letter saying she’d changed her mind. Maggie thanks her and he says it’s okay because everyone makes mistakes. He asks for her name and number so they can go out and she agrees.

Carrie is in tears at home when Sebastian comes in. He asks what’s up and she says she was expecting Walt. He tells her that he’s not moving back to California but she keeps crying. She tells him about Bennett’s ex having AIDS and that Walt could have it and now she can’t find him. She erupts into tears and says she’s scared to call her house because she doesn’t want to tell her Dad about it.

She cries and says she needs him and wants him. He holds her and then says they should go find Walt and offers to drive. Walt is at Carrie’s house sitting alone and looking sad. He collapses into her arms and cries while she holds him.

Walt and Bennett meet for breakfast a week later. Bennett tells him that he’s HIV negative and Walt says it was the same for him. Bennett tells him they were lucky and says he saw his ex at the hospital and that it’s brutal. He says he has pneumonia and the virus is in Eric’s brain and he doesn’t know what’s going on and is waiting to die.

Walt freaks and says he can’t think about dying when he’s only 18 and whose life is just starting. Bennett says it’s a community issue and Walt says he’s not part of a community. Walt says he knew coming out would be hard but he’s not prepared to give up on the idea of getting married and having kids. He says the stuff he wants he can’t have if he’s gay. Bennett asks what he’s saying and Walt says he just can’t do “this.” He tells Bennett he loves him but says it’s not enough. He apologizes and leaves.

Sebastian is working on his business plan and Carrie says she’s been researching the skateboard stuff and that she’s excited for him and his new opportunity. He tells her that he can launch his business from New York and that he’s here for her. They hug and then she asks about his business plans.

Maggie and Mouse are chatting and turns out Maggie is enamored of Pete the Army guy. She’s over the moon.

Scott comes to pick up Dorrit for a date and her Dad tells her that she’s in trouble when she gets home and he secretly cheers when she leaves.

At Boy, Larissa and Sam share a horse ride and the boys love them together. Bennett sits at the bar staring bleakly into the crowd. Walt calls his mom and asks if he can come home.

Carrie and Sebastian cuddle him working and her writing in her journal.