The Carrie Diaries RECAP 1/3/14: Season 2 Episode 9 “Under Pressure”

The Carrie Diaries RECAP 1/3/14: Season 2 Episode 9 “Under Pressure”

Tonight on the CW the new show THE CARRIE DIARIES returns with a new episode called, “Under Pressure.”   On tonight’s episode Sebastian makes a hasty decision after another fight with his parents.

On the last episode before the winter break Carrie was delighted when she got the chance to interview the CEO of Bongo Jeans – but the pressure was on when Larissa told Carrie that this was her last chance to land a piece in Interview magazine.

On tonight’s episode Larissa (Freema Agyeman) gives Carrie (AnnaSophia Robb) some harsh advice about her relationship with Sebastian (Austin Butler). When Harlan (guest star Scott Cohen) asks Tom (Matt Letscher) to work overnight on a top-secret case, Dorrit (Stefania Owen) decides to throw an impromptu get-together, which quickly spirals out of control. Meanwhile, Mouse (Ellen Wong) and Donna (Chloe Bridges) get surprisingly close and Sebastian makes a hasty decision after another fight with his parents.

Tonight’s episode is going to be great and you won’t want to miss it or AnnaSophia Robb as a young Carrie Bradshaw. So be sure to tune in for our live coverage of the CW’s The Carrie Diaries tonight at 8 PM EST! While you wait for our recap, hit the comments and let us know if you think a prequel to Sex & The City will work?

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It’s the New Year and Carrie is calling Sebastian in sultry California. She and Sebastian play an endless game of phone tag until she finally catches him from a phone at school. She begs him to tell her everything about Cali but then can’t scrape up enough change to keep their call going. Their call is disconnected and both Carrie and Sebastian are bummed.

Mouse confesses to Donna that she feels left down and goal-less now that she got into Harvard and has lost her BF. Donna recommends she spend her time smooching cute boys but says there is a lack of kissable dudes at their school. They’re shocked to find they have something in common. Then Donna sees Dorrit smiling and are shocked because they’ve never ever seen her smile.

She’s chatting up a bad boy who’s telling her about how he blew up a teacher’s mailbox with M80s. He heads off to class and Donna comes over to ask if she has the hots for him. Dorrit tries to play it cool but can’t resist when Donna offers advice on how to snag the bad boy. She tells her to create a scenario to spend time with him outside of school. She suggests a party where he’ll get drunk or stoned and she can make a move.

Carrie checks out Larissa’s giant engagement ring from Harland. Carrie says that she thought it was just sex and Larissa says he loves her and she loves the ring. Carrie tells her that her long distance affair is a challenge but Larissa says that the relationship is doomed and will be over in three months max. Larissa says first it’s missed calls then missed visits and then it’s all over. Larissa says that even if one moves to be closer there’s resentment. This devolves into a story about Larissa sleeping with a past boyfriend’s brother…

Tom calls a family meeting and he tells them he has a big new case and he’s back with the big boys. He tells them that he has to be gone the weekend for work and that it’s a test to see if they can responsibly handle being alone. He promises that the across the street neighbor will check in. Dorrit says she would throw a party but she knows Carrie would rat her out. Carrie says she’ll just see a movie with Mouse. But no sooner than dear old Dad is out of the house Dorrit is on the phone announcing her big party and Carrie calls Sebastian and invites him to stay for the weekend…

Mouse gets a call from Carrie with an invite to the movies because Sebastian already had plans for a boat trip. Carrie says she was hoping he’d make a big romantic gesture since they haven’t been together in a month. The doorbell rings and of course it’s her blonde honey. She hangs up on Mouse and jumps into his arms. Carrie is certain Larissa was completely wrong about long distance love.

Dorrit invites her bad boy and his buddy to her party while her Dad is ushered in to meet the new client. Turns out it’s Larissa and Harland and the meeting is about their big “merger.” Tom turns to leave but Harland begs him to help them mediate their pre-nup. He says he’s not family law but Harland urges him to help. He says without him there he might just give her the keys to the kingdom. Tom negotiates a doubling of his hourly rate and agrees to stay and help.

Carrie and Sebastian are lolling in her bed with her just in a nightgown. They reassure each other about how much they’ve missed each other in between passionate kisses. She asks how long he can stay and he says he’s coming back for good. She looks stricken and says she just wasn’t expecting that. Now she’s distracted by Larissa’s warning. Then they hear noises and Carrie wonders if her sister is home. She tells him to hang tight and goes to investigate. She sees the house full of teens and the guy just coming in with the booze. She yells for her sister who looks panicked.

Carrie tells Sebastian about the rager and says she has to go take care of it. She confronts Dorrit about her lie and then Dorrit turns it around on her. Carrie tells her she has Sebastian waiting upstairs and that he wanted alone time. Dorrit says to bring him down because he loves a party. Carrie says the party is over but then the keg comes in and the keg stands commence. Mouse comes in and tells her there’s more kegs on the way.

Then Sebastian is there and tells Mouse he’s back to stay. He says there was nothing holding him in Cali and he’d rather be with Carrie. She tells them she has to get the people out of the house and Sebastian tells her there’s no slowing it and parties like this only grow. He tells her they should leave and go to a hotel and she says she has to stay and protect the house as she sees someone peeing into a vase.

Harland and Larissa sit with Tom and are hacking away at the pre-nup. It’s all good until they get to the sex schedule. They have a very specific schedule in mind. Then there is the infidelity clause where she wants a baby tiger if he ever cheats. Then they get to the money in case of a divorce. He wants to keep his race cars and she wants her orchids. He wants his porn collection and she says she would miss it. He says he gets the bachelor pad and then that starts a debate over where they will live.

Turns out Larissa isn’t expecting them to live together at all. She says she won’t live with him even after they’re married. Harland is floored (so is Tom).

Nick (the bad boy) doesn’t show but his friend Scott shows and says that his buddy will be there later. He tells her that he and Nick met playing sports but that his friend stopped when he started partying. Scott tries to flirt and Dorrit tries to dismiss him. Then Nick shows up with the “party favors” aka pot brownies. Scott tries to stop her from taking one, but she’s trying to play cool and gobbles one up.

Carrie is taking out bottles and trash when Sebastian finds her. She apologizes for the way the night is going and tells him there’s no rush since he’s back for good. He asks if something is bothering her but then Dorrit interrupts to tell her the neighbor – Mrs Mead – is there to check in on them!

Mrs Mead chews the girls out and says she’ll be letting their Dad know what they’re up to. Mouse is kicking butt at beer pong and tells Donna it’s all about geometry. She asks why Donna is so happy and she says that she’s just having fun at the party even without a guy by her side. She says she’s been watching girls cat fight and just hanging out. Mouse challenges her to a beer pong face off.

The girls try to talk Mrs Mead down and she’s trying to call Tom but can’t reach him. Harland tells Tom to focus on the pre-nup. The two aren’t talking to each other and are making Tom speak for them. He tells them they are acting like children and asks to speak to Larissa alone.

Scott comes up and Dorrit tells him that the neighbor is about to crush them. He tells Mrs Mead that only a couple of people were invited over but that they spread the word and it got out of control. Dorrit tells her that they invited a couple of people over to watch Star Search (which Mrs Mead loves) and that they can’t make them go home. She says it’s peer pressure and Mrs Mead instantly sympathizes. She offers to call the cops and they tell her if they kick everyone out that they’ll be bullied at school. She feels for them and then tells them about her high school traumas and how she never married.

Mrs Mead offers to help them by playing the heavy and says she’ll kick them out one at a time so the girls won’t be blamed. Mead noshes on a pot brownie and then goes off to subtly end the party. Dorrit is grateful to him and they laugh about how the neighbor will be passed out in minutes. Donna pulls Dorrit away and asks her why she’s flirting with the bad boy’s nice friend instead of the troublemaker. Donna tells her to make her move on Nick now before the cops bust it up.

Sebastian’s mom shows up and tells him he has to go back to California. She says that he can’t live with her just because he and his Dad had a falling out. He says he would never live with her and her boyfriend. She reminds him that he’s her husband. She asks where he will live and asks if he thinks he’ll live with his GF. He says that’s none of her business and he’s 18 and can do what he wants. She says he’s just like his father and he stalks off. His mom turns to Carrie and wishes her luck. Meanwhile a keg mishap soaks the ceiling and the party goers which just amps up the crowd even more.

Sebastian tells Carrie that his Dad’s GF hit on him and then when he told his father lied and said that he hit on her and his Dad took the girl’s side. Carrie says she wants to kill his Dad and Sebastian says Garret will never change. Carrie says she’s relieved to know he didn’t move back just because of her – she says it’s too much pressure. He tells her that was obvious and Sebastian tells her to always tell him what she’s thinking. She says that she feels like when things go wrong in his life that she’s the person he leans on and that she likes it but that it can be a lot to deal with and that she won’t always be able to put stuff aside to help. She says – like tonight with the party. Sebastian tells her he can help her for a change.

Tom tells Larissa that he respects and admires her and asks why she doesn’t want to move in with Harland. She says if she moves in she’ll lose herself and that scares her. He says that living with Harland won’t make her less herself. She says it does because it’s the first step in compromising who you are and then turning into an appendage of her husband. She says she needs a space of her own so she won’t disappear.

Tom says he has a solution and calls Harland in. He explains her concerns to her fiancé. Harland immediately gets it and says he wants her to have everything that’s her. Tom tells him to buy Larissa her an apartment of her own in his building. He says he has a neighbor he hates that he could buy out and they can each have a place with an adjoining door. They’re both thrilled. They start getting physical and Tom retreats to his own suite across the hall.

Nick finds Dorrit and kisses her. Scott comes in to bring her a drink and sees it and is stricken. Awww. Sebastian comes in and yells that the cops are coming. He tells everyone to run while they can. Nick says he should go but Dorrit takes him upstairs. Carrie freaks until Sebastian tells her it was a lie to get everyone to go. He shuts the door behind the last straggler and asks what they should do. She says they can clean up later and he says that gives him some ideas. They head upstairs.

Dorrit wakes up with Nick who tells her he has to go before his GF finds out he’s there and dumps him. She tells him he’s a jerk and to get the hell out. He goes. Mouse wakes up spooning with Donna on the couch and neither are pleased. Donna says it never happened and Mouse agrees although they both admit the other is a good snuggler. Carrie finds her honey cleaning up the party mess and she thanks him. He says he talked it out with his Dad and they agreed that their relationship was best long distance but he’s getting an allowance to get a place in Manhattan.

Dorrit comes to tell her that their Dad will be home in an hour and they go into a cleaning panic. Mouse helps but Donna bails on them. Sebastian finds a goat… We get an homage of them cleaning to the tune of Rebel Yell (love me some Billy Idol). Mouse tells Carrie that she accidentally slept with Donna but it was only spooning. Sebastian says he dumped the trash at a local dumpster and is returning the kegs. He asks to see her later and takes off just as Tom comes in the front door.

He asks how their night was and Carrie says it was pretty boring. He admits he was worried he would come home to a wrecked house. They say that’s insulting and he opens the coat closet where a still stoned Mrs Mead falls onto the floor. Carrie and Sebastian tell her the tale and that Mead lied because she was embarrassed and said she was sleep walking.

Sebastian agrees to sublet Larissa’s pad – she wants to hang onto it as a security blanket in case her marriage flops and invites him to stay and give it a turn. Larissa heads out and so does Carrie. Sebastian looks around uncertainly.

Carrie is relieved that her relationship is no longer long distance and says for once she feels pressure-free.