The Carrie Diaries RECAP 1/24/14: Season 2 Episode 12 “This is the Time”

The Carrie Diaries RECAP 1/24/14: Season 2 Episode 12 “This is the Time”

Tonight on the CW the new show THE CARRIE DIARIES returns with a new episode called, “This is the Time.”   On tonight’s episode Carrie, Mouse, Maggie, and Walt decide to go to their senior prom.  Did you watch last week’s episode?  We did and we recapped it right here for you.

On last week’s episode when Bennet started slacking at work, Carrie tried to cover for him. However, when Larisa found out, things backfired big time for them both. Samantha made an uncharacteristic decision about her latest fling. Sebastian’s father asked him for a favor that could change Sebastian’s future forever. Meanwhile, Tom was hoodwinked by another – beautiful – lawyer when negotiating a deal, and was advised by the person he least expected. Ellen Wong, Katie Findlay, Stefania Owen, and Chloe Bridges also star. Sarah Price directed the episode written by Henry Alonso Myers.

On tonight’s show Carrie (AnnaSophia Robb), Mouse (Ellen Wong), Maggie (Katie Findlay), and Walt (Brendan Dooling) decide to go to their senior prom – at The Waldorf Astoria – together for a final hurrah. Larissa (Freema Agyeman) offers Carrie an opportunity that makes her rethink her plans for the next year. Mouse learns a secret about Donna LaDonna (Chloe Bridges) that could threaten her reign as queen bee. Meanwhile, Sebastian (Austin Butler) hides a big decision from Carrie. Matt Letscher and Stefania Owen also star. Jason Reilly directed the episode written by Sascha Rothchild

Tonight’s episode is going to be great and you won’t want to miss it or AnnaSophia Robb as a young Carrie Bradshaw. So be sure to tune in for our live coverage of the CW’s The Carrie Diaries tonight at 8 PM EST! While you wait for our recap, hit the comments and let us know if you think a prequel to Sex & The City will work?

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Carrie tries on a dress for prom while her Dad looks on amazed. She can’t decide on her dress choice and he’s clueless. She says she thought she would be prom shopping with her mom but says things dont’ always work out. Mouse and Donna are looking at a pile of cash. They raised a ton of extra money for the prom committee. She asks Donna how she raised so much money and we get an image of the leggy babe washing cars all soapy and sexy. Mouse asks what they should do with the extra money.

They discuss hiring a skywriter but Donna shoots it down. Mouse notices a college catalog from Columbia in Donna’s bag and asks if she’s smart. Donna tells her to hush and it’s revealed that she wants to keep it a secret so no one thinks she’s a geek. She swears Mouse to secrecy and she agrees.

Maggie has a prom date with Pete, but none of the others have a date. Sebastian is banned from school so Carrie’s out of luck too. Maggie teases them but Carrie insists it will be fun and a last hurrah before they all head off for college. Donna plops down and tells them she’s got the prom moved to the Waldorf. She says she used the extra cash to get the awesome venue. They’re all headed to NYC for senior prom!

Scott wants some PDA from Dorrit but she tells him to cool it at school. He asks why and she says she only lets him hold her hand at her house to piss off her Dad. She admits that he’s a good kisser but still won’t let him smooch her at school. He asks her to the prom and she says that’s way too traditional and not her thing. He says he wants to go ironically and promises to wear a hideous tux and they can spike the punch. She decides to wear a pouffy pink dress and asks him for a giant corsage and stretch limo. He agrees.

Sebastian’s mom shows up with a golden retriever puppy and gives it to him as a gift. He asks why and she says she wanted to give him something special. He says it’s not a gift it’s a burden and then realizes she bought the dog and then decided it was too much work. She says she’s too busy to have a dog and he tells her he can’t take the dog. She asks if he would abandon it and he says that’s what she’s doing. She says it would be good for him to not be alone. She says he and the dog match and brings in all the dog’s stuff.

Larissa tells Carrie she has fab news and and got her a permanent job at Interview. It’s a full time job and Carrie reminds her she’s going to NYU in the fall. Larissa tells her she doesn’t need a degree. She shows her a stack of resumes and says she turned down all these people with journo degrees to give Carrie the job and says she doesn’t need to go to school to get a degree to get a job she already has. She tells Carrie to say thank you and she does.

The dog stares at Carrie and Sebastian and she asks if he’ll be staying. Sebastian has named him Ollie and wants to keep him. She tells him it’s too much work and he says taking him out all the time and it’s showing him a whole different side of New York that mostly involves poop. He tells her work is going well and he thinks he’s found his “thing.”

She asks if he thinks she should take the job and he is for it. She’s worried about missing out on the college experience and that her dad would freak out. Carrie says she wishes her dad would be more laid back by her parents and he doesn’t think that’s a good comparison.

Walt tells Maggie he’s not going to the prom and she figures out he doesn’t want to got because it’s in NYC. He wants to put NYC and his breakup with Bennett behind her. Maggie says if he’s not going, she’s not going then reminds him of their freshman year senior prom pact. She says she really wants to go to prom with him and tells him she’ll cancel her prom plans with Pete. He’s shocked she would pick him over Pete. Walt grudgingly agrees to go with her and she tells him they’re just going as friends and not to try anything. Ha!

Carrie comes down all dressed for prom and then Dorrit comes down in her pink cupcake dress and is all sarcastic. She even hugs Carrie and smiles all smarmy like. In the limo, the gang is doing shots and talking about Carrie and college. Walt tells her if her job doesn’t work out at Interview she’ll be hosed without her degree. Maggie opens the roof of the limo and stands up to yell. She asks a guy at a restaurant if he has any Grey Poupon (excellent 80s commercial reference!)
[8:47:49 PM] Rachel Rowan: At prom, the gang walks in looking adorbs. Carrie says prom is when you are at the top of your high school game. She and Walt head out for a dance. Dorrit is dancing with Scott. Rock me Amadeus is playing (so awesome). Everyone looks great and seems to be having fun. Then a slow Cyndi Lauper song comes on and Dorrit and Scott figure out how to look dorkiest while they dance. Walt and Carrie sway together and she says she’s glad they’re all there together. She’s a little bummed Sebastian couldn’t be there but says it’s okay. She asks if he’s okay and wishes he was there with Bennet.

He says that part of his life is over and Carrie says that Bennet was fired. She says it’s his job that Larissa offered her and Walt says that he’s not his problem. She admits Bennet was out partying and that’s why he got fired. He asks if he was out with other guys but then tells her he doesn’t want to know.

She tells him she understands and he says she really doesn’t. He gets a little upset and tells her that her issues are nothing compared to his. He tells her no matter what she’ll be living in the suburbs with kids in five years and he’ll still be living a lie because no one will accept who he is. He walks away and leaves her on the dance floor.

Sebastian meets with his partner on the business and he says that he needs to come out to California and that they need some office space. Sebastian says surfing was the one thing he really missed. Tony asks him to come out just for the summer and Sebastian agrees that they would get more done face to face. Sebastian is worried about Carrie but Tony tells him to bring her.

Donna sees Mouse in the bathroom and tells her she needs more lip gloss before they announce that she’s prom queen. Mouse says she doesn’t look happy and Donna says she’s just got a lame date and has dated everyone good at the school. Mouse says she’ll have a new crop of guys at Columbia and Donna shushes her. Mouse tells her she’s an evil genius. Donna says she only hangs out with dummies so no one knows she’s smart. She calls the “Jenns” (two girls) ding dongs and they come out of the stall after Donna and Mouse leave and are angry.

Carrie finds Walt and apologizes. There’s a wedding in another room and he says he always a big traditional wedding at the Waldorf. She says he may not get the big wedding but he can have love. She tells him he shouldn’t have to choose between that and his parents. He says he doesn’t know if he can handle the life of being gay. Carrie tells him it’s not fair but that it won’t be easier to deny who he is and hide from his feelings. He tells her he’ll be right back – that he’s going to go be authentic.

Carrie watches the couples stream in and then sees her ex Weaver! She goes to walk away from him and he tells her he has something to tell her. He asks why she’s there all pretty and she says she’s there for prom. He asks who she’s there with and she says she’s with friends only but does have a boyfriend on tap. He tells her that he never wrote the play he said he would write about her and says he never was but only said it  to lash out because he was so hurt by her.

Carrie says it’s a good apology and he says he’s been practicing it. She says he does have a way with words. He asks where she’s going to college and she says NYC maybe and tells him about the job offer. She says she doesn’t think she’s going to take it because she needs school and he tells her she should take it and just relish life experiences.

Walt goes to meet Bennet who tells him he’s happy he called. They swap how are you’s and Walt admits it’s been hard. Bennet apologizes and so does Walt. He asks about the partying and job loss and tells him Carrie feels bad about him losing her job. Bennet says it was a good thing because he wasn’t enjoying it anymore and says he found his calling. He says he’s volunteering at an AIDS crisis center. Walt tells him that’s great and that he’s missed him. Bennet says he’s missed him more and they hodl each other close.

Carrie tells Weaver she needs to get back to the prom and he says he needs to get back to his friends. He tells her to take the job and that she was born to write. She thanks him and he says it was good to see her. He kisses her on the cheek and heads off downstairs.

Scott and Dorrit spike the punch. Carrie comes back in to see Bennet there and they swap sorries and hugs. Maggie comes up to and tells them that Dorrit gave her spiked punch. Walt introduces her to Bennet and they hug it out. They really hit it off.

The announcement for prom queen is happening and sure enough Donna gets the nod but then the Jenns run up and snatch her tiara and tell everyone that she’s smart and got into Columbia. They tell the crowd that she’s been studying and laughing at them behind their backs. Mouse rushes the stage and takes the mic. She says it’s a sad day when smart women have to feel ashamed when they should be celebrated.

Someone shouts “sit down nerd” and then Bennet goes to rescue her. He says he’s going butch and rushes the stage and says he’s her boyfriend – a senior at UNLV. Then her real date goes up to defend her and snatches the tiara from the bitches and says he doesn’t care if she’s smart or studied or got into a great college, she still has the sweetest rack in the whole school and that’s what really matters. He gives her the tiara and she says that’s the sweetest thing anyone has ever said. Donna quotes Billy Joel – this is the time to remember – and heads offstage.

Carrie says this was the prom they were meant to have as non-traditional as it was. Carrie leaves and finds Sebastian waiting outside in a tux with a rose. He says she looks beautiful and he’s sorry he couldn’t be there. She compliments his outfit and he says – this old thing? He asks about how her night went and she says she decided to take the job at Interview. He tells her that’s good news but she’s worried about telling her dad. He tells her to worry about it later and to enjoy the night. They head out for a walk.

[9:01:00 PM] Rachel Rowan: Next day, Carrie hangs up her prom dress as her dad comes in. He asks how prom was and she says it was a great night. He asks if everything is okay and she says they need to talk. She’s ready to tell him about the job offer.

Sebastian is walking Ollie in the park and he watches his puppy gallop around and then someone crabby chews him out for having Ollie off leash.

Walt comes down for breakfast and tells his parents that being true to oneself is important. He asks them to stop reading their newspapers and listen. He tells them he’s been living the way they want and it’s killing him. His mother tells him to stop being dramatic and he tells her he’s just being himself and he’s done pretending. He says “i’m gay” and he understands if they can’t accept it and want him to move out. He tells them they can go back to their newspapers and leaves.

Tom tells Carrie she’s throwing away her future for the job at Interview. She says her future is writing and she’s just getting their sooner. She tells him it’s a big deal. He asks what she’ll tell the next job when they ask where she went to college. He tells her she’s just a kid and he asks if her job has benefits and what her salary is and she says she doesn’t know anything.

He asks if she has a contract and will she get severance if she’s fired. She says she doesn’t know and he raises his voice and asks what she does know. She says she knows she’s taking the job. He tells her he’s given her so much latitude and asks why she’s doing this to him. She tells him she’s sorry he feels that way. He tells her she’s cut off financially and says he won’t subsidize her life unless she’s going to college and says she’ll be on her own. He storms out angry.

Carrie tells Larissa she’s taking the job. She asks about her salary and benefits and Larissa says HR takes care of all that. She tells her they need champagne to celebrate. Carrie says that champagne seems to be the answer to all her questions.

Donna walks in with her prom date as Scott shows Dorrit their prom photo and says he hopes it makes it into the yearbook. He admits that the prom was serious to him and he was tired of her jerking her around so he had to trick her. He tells her that he knows she had fun and she accuses him of being manipulative and devious and he tells her he really likes her. She says maybe he’s not too nice for her after all. She holds his hand and he laughs at her PDA and she tells him to shut up and be her boyfriend.

Walt is packing when his Dad comes in and tells him he doesn’t have to leave. He says he just always thought that he would be traditional and go to Dartmouth like he did. He gives Walt his Dartmouth ring and says that he’s his legacy and he’s proud of him no matter what he decides to do. Walt thanks him and accepts the ring. His dad helps him unpack. Aww…..

Tony asks what changed Sebastian’s mind and he says it was Carrie going for her Interview job that inspired him. He says he’s going to tell Carrie today so she can make plans to come visit him in California. He meets her in the park with Ollie and she tells him it was intense with her dad. She asks if he’s sure about the dog and he says he is. She says that she needs him so much and hopes it doesn’t scare him. She tells him she feels like he’s all she has. He says that’s crazy and she has friends and family. She says all her friends are headed off to school and her dad has cut her out of his life. He says Tom will come around and she says she’s not so sure. She tells him if he wasn’t there, she doesn’t know what she would do. He hugs her and says – of course – but he’s obvi not happy.