‘The Fosters’ Jake T. Austin Charged With Hit and Run – Hit 3 Parked Cars!

'The Fosters' Jake T. Austin Charged With Hit and Run - Hit 3 Parked Cars!

Jake T. Austin, of The Fosters fame, was charged with a hit and run, seven months after he was involved in a crash that involved four cars all together.

Apparently Jake went around driving his car at three in the morning, and hit three other cars that were parked. The car in question was registered to Jake, and witnesses say that he fit the description of one of the passengers–so I’m assuming that he is being charged because the car was in his name.

Smooth. I’m going to go out on a limb here and say that he probably has a ton of freeloading friends who think he’s so cool and amazing because he has a ton of money (for anyone, let alone someone who is barely a legal adult) and will pay for stuff. Until they get in trouble. I’m wondering if he was even driving the car, or if it was one of his idiot friends.

And apparently one of the passengers (could’ve been Jake or one of his friends) threw a bottle of vodka out of the car.

Either way–he shouldn’t have been out that late, doing nothing, and he shouldn’t have let his idiot friends drive his car around (if that’s true). Especially since he could go to jail for six months and get a thousand dollar fine. And possible worse since he already has a DUI (good Lord).

He needs to drop his enabling friends and focus on getting himself together. He better do it while he still has a job, and an understanding  judge.

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