The Fosters RECAP 3/3/14: Season 1 Episode 18 “Escape & Reversals”

The Fosters RECAP 3/3/14: Season 1 Episode 18 “Escape & Reversals”

Tonight on the ABC Families their new drama, THE FOSTERS returns tonight with a new episode called, “Escape & Reversals.” On tonight’s show the pressure mounts on Jesus and Callie to make difficult decisions that will affect people they love.   Did you watch last week’s episode? We did and we recapped it here for you.

On last week’s episode a good deed puts Callie in an awkward situation with a friend.  Callie found a way to use her photography skills for a good cause, but it unintentionally led to trouble for someone she cares about. In an effort to clear his own conscience, Brandon made a deal with an unscrupulous classmate and found himself in over his head. Mariana dealt with the unwelcome consequences of her stunt to earn Chase’s affection, and tension came to a head between Jesus and Emma during a wrestling match. Meanwhile, Stef and Lena contemplated another big step for their family.

On tonight’s episode Jesus feels the pressure to make a difficult choice and his inability to focus poses a challenge during an important wrestling match. Callie suspects Brandon has gotten himself into a bad situation and struggles with the decision to protect him at the cost of another friend’s reputation. Stef and Lena reveal a caveat to Callie and Jude’s adoption and the siblings must decide whether they want to face their past or move on with their new lives. Mariana gets an unsettling glimpse into her friend Zac’s home life when his mom (guest star Romy Rosemont) shows up. The episode was directed by Melanie Mayron and written by “The Fosters” Executive Producer Joanna Johnson with the teleplay by Thomas Higgins.

Tonight’s season 1 episode 18 is going to be an exciting one that you won’t want to miss, so be sure to tune in for our live coverage of ABC Family’s The Fosters tonight at 9 PM EST! While you wait for our recap hit the comments and let us know what you think of The Fosters season 1 this year. Check out the sneak peek video of tonight’s show below, while you wait for the recap!

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Guilt is a powerful thing. Jesus thought it would be easier to send his girlfriend, Lexi, an email rather than break up with her face to face. But he hadn’t known that Lexi was planning to surprise him in person literally minutes after he sent out that email. The whole family kept Lexi’s visit a secret thinking Jesus would be happy to have his long distance girl suddenly within distance.

And it’s not their fault that they didn’t know about Emma. To them Emma has only ever been Jesus’s friend and teammate – nothing more. She was actually on her way to becoming more than just his friend though. So Lexi’s visit turned out to be a surprise for her as well.  Jesus only had seconds to warn her that his girlfriend had returned before Lexi introduced herself to Emma at school.

Emma was caught off guard and accidently inured her finger with the simplest task of trying to close her locker. Now not only does he have to deal with the pressure of his soon to be ex’s visit but he has to take Emma’s place in their upcoming match.

As for Mariana, she’s glad her best friend is back. Although she could do without Lexi’s evidence. Mariana thought she and Zach were just fine being friends. Then Lexi comes along and tells Mariana to open her eyes. If she could see how much Mariana is in love with Zach then why can’t her friend come out and admit it.

Then there’s Callie and the secret she’s been sitting on.  She knows that Brandon lied to her about being at the school during the e-readers heist and she’s mad at him. Callie risked a friendship over him and he shook it off like it didn’t even matter. So Callie started to look into why Brandon was a part of the theft.

She saw his interactions with Vico which was unusual enough. Vico isn’t really the type of Brandon would normally be friends with but she later spied Vico making one of his transactions and decided to act. She pretended like she wanted to buy a fake ID and Vico obliged her by taking her picture.

When Brandon had heard about it through Vico, he confronted Callie. She tried to tell her to stay away from that scene and she called him out on hypocrisy. She did all of this as a test to draw him out which he obviously failed. Callie knows that he’s helping Vico sell fake IDs and that they were the ones that stole the e-readers.

She tried to get the reason behind why he would do something like that and he refused to tell her the truth.

But Callie can’t doesn’t have the time to grill him about it. She got called in for a family meeting with Stef, Lena, and Jude. Her foster parents wanted to inform that they were filing the adoption forms but first they had to get the kids’ father’s to sign off on his rights. Callie was upset to learn he still had any.

Stef informed them that technically going to prison doesn’t terminate parental rights. That’s why they need his signature. Jude didn’t mind that they were going to contact his dad. That’s because he thought his father was still in jail. He’s not and Callie admitted as much. She told them how she tried to contact him after she ran away only to find out that he’s been out for over a year now.

Jude is angry that she kept such a secret from him. And he’s starting to get tired of her excuse about how she wanted to protect him.

While Stef feels like this yet another reason they should go with anonymous donor. That way they don’t have to deal with fathers and their rights. But Lena broke down and told he wife about Timothy’s offer. He had overheard their talk at the dinner and volunteered to donate his sperm.  Well, Stef didn’t like that. She feels like Lena has been making a lot of choices by herself and then telling Stef after the fact.

They come to work through their problems but Stef was still worried. On paper and in person Timothy is a great guy. Though is he ready to help create a baby.

At Jesus’s first game, his whole family plus Zach showed up to support him. This made him even more nervous. Once he started to get nervous he thought began to lose focus. So much so that he went back to his reliable medication without talking it over with his parents.

Jesus had nearly gotten himself worked up into an anxiety attack. He was wigging out when it was his turn. Thankfully his coach stepped in and talked to him. That got him to focus more than the medication did.

Jesus won the match for his team but he realized what was important to him too little too late. He came off of the mat surer than ever that he only likes Emma and loves Lexi. Emma saw when his light bulb went off and didn’t need him to tell her even though he did say sorry.

When Jesus had won the match, Lexi was so proud that she wanted to take a picture of him and send it but she couldn’t. Her inbox was too full. She checked to see what she could delete and found Jesus’s message waiting for her. He though he had deleted off her phone when in fact he didn’t. So she read his breakup email.

Lexi couldn’t pretend that everything was fine though. She ended up lying to him to protect her feelings. She told Jesus that she had kissed someone else and that she needed time for herself. Instead of him breaking up with her; Lexi broke up with him.

At least she did one good thing before she left the Fosters. Lexi had given Mariana the courage to pursue Zach. And once he became clear of the situation he was all for it. Then he spent some time with his weirdo mom and now suddenly he merely wants to be friends again. Mariana doesn’t know why the shift but it doubtable she’ll want to go back to being friends without some answers first.

Brandon hates letting Callie down. So he bought all the fake IDs he helped Vico make. Not that it will help Callie much seeing as their parents have forbidden from seeing her friends but it did prove to Callie that Brandon wasn’t as much of a bad guy as she thought. He helped get the e-readers back and he stopped himself from partaking in a felony. Vico just doesn’t see it that way.

Brandon got the IDs back by saying they were a bad batch. This ruined Vico’s reputation and he wasn’t ready to let the gravy train stop running. That’s why he’s getting revenge and who better to go through than Callie. He knows how much Brandon is in love with her.

Later Brandon wanted to tell his dad everything but his father’s new girlfriend stopped him. She didn’t want him to get into trouble or so she claims. Dani gave him the money to pay back his father. This way Brandon admitted to what to steal and couldn’t. Which much less than what he did with the money. Like bribing witnesses.

Mike was upset but Dani talked it over with him. She told him that it was natural for Brandon to act out seeing as his family life back home had gotten so complicated. The she said maybe it was a good thing she was moving in.  Brandon wouldn’t be in such an empty house and he would get a break from the drama.

Funnily enough Mike had original viewed her as a friend with benefits. Now they’re going to live together.

Jude talked to Stef and Lena. He told them that he wanted to see his dad. Jude understands if Callie doesn’t want to but he feels like he has to. Prior to the meeting though Callie felt she should suss out the other man. So she visited her father behind the adults’ backs.