The Fosters LIVE Recap: Season 2 Episode 3 “Play”

The Fosters LIVE Recap: Season 2 Episode 3 “Play”

Tonight on ABC Family their hit drama The Fosters returns with a new episode called “Play.” On tonight’s episode Stef and Lena go on vacation before the baby is born, but Stef struggles to unwind. Meanwhile, the kids decide to throw a party, which quickly gets out of control, despite Callie’s best efforts to act responsibly; and Jude plays spin the bottle.

On the last episode Brandon contemplated a big decision that could have either restored or destroyed his dream of playing piano, but Stef and Lena found themselves on opposite ends of the debate. The Foster siblings plotted to cheer Brandon up by taking him out to see a band and he butted heads with the sexy lead singer Lou (guest star Ashley Argota). Meanwhile, Stef confronted Mike about his whereabouts the night Ana disappeared. A mysterious stranger kept tabs on Callie, and Callie was faced with a choice that could further complicate her life. An encounter with Connor’s dad created a rift in Jude and Connor’s friendship. And Jesus began to feel threatened by Emma’s independent spirit. Did you watch the last episode? If you missed it we have a full and detailed recap, right here for you.

On tonight’s episode Stef and Lena go on a babymoon, leaving Brandon and Callie in charge of the house. Brandon’s bandmates pressure him into having a few friends over to hear their new sound, but when Mariana and Jesus find out, the night turns into an all-out rager. Determined to follow Stef and Lena’s rules, Callie tries to police the party but fails miserably. Jude finds himself in an awkward game of spin the bottle. Meanwhile, Lena tries to reconnect with Stef, who is finding it hard to relax on their weekend getaway. The episode was written by Thomas Higgins and directed by Martha Mitchell.

We will be live blogging tonight’s episode at 9pm that airs on ABC Family. In the meantime, hit up our comments and tell us how excited you are for the second season of The Fosters and enjoy a sneak peek of tonight’s episode below.


In tonight’s episode of the Fosters, Mariana is insecure about fitting in with the other girls on the dance team. She feels excluded from the girls’ social events. Meanwhile, Lena and Stef reminisce about their partying days while discussing their babymoon plans. Lena convinces Stef to leave Brandon and Callie in charge so they can have their romantic vacation away.
Brandon practices with the band. He is very forward with his opinions about the music but the lead singer, Lou, has trouble letting go of control. Lou eventually gives in and convinces Brandon to let the band play at the house while Stef and Lena are out of town.
Mariana finds out about the band playing at their house. In an attempt to fit in, she invites the girls from the dance team to the house for a party. Callie overhears about the party and tries to manage the situation but is unsuccessful. She decides to stay out of it and invites Wyatt to help her keep the partiers out of the house.
Lena and Stef start their babymoon but Stef is already finding reasons to complain. Stef’s concerns about their finances bring Lena right down with her. During their couple’s massage, Stef seems to be more interested in conversing with the masseuse (who turns out to be a little judgmental) than Lena. Later, Lena puts in her best efforts to set the mood for Stef but Stef continues to be unamused. To make a bad situation worse, the couple try to talk about their communication issues but don’t find any resolutions. That night, the two talk about how far they’ve come since they’re wedding night. They both vow to do better in their relationship.
At the party, Mariana is informed of the dance team’s “code of excellence.” According to the code, the girls can’t have more than one drink, dress like sluts, hook up with random guys, or use their patent moves when dancing. The girls end up breaking all of the rules by the end of the night.
In the house, Jesus runs into one of Mariana’s dance teammates crying in the garage. They both confide in one another about their recent breakups which leads to a makeout session and a hookup. Upstairs, Jude and Connor play spin the bottle with two girls. Connor’s dad comes by to look for his son. Connor confesses to Jude that he snuck out to go to the party and Jude covers up for him. One of Mariana’s drunk friends finds her way to the bathroom. She then stumbles off and falls asleep in Lena and Stef’s room and vomits on their bed. Callie, once again, fails at mediating the situation.
Lou shows up late to the party and finds an upset Brandon. The two get into it and Lou storms off. Callie finds Lou in Brandon’s room and talks to her about Brandon’s past. Lou learns more about Brandon’s talent and how his life was turned upside down after his hand injury. Outside, the band is pressured to play without their lead singer. Brandon begins to wing it and is joined by Lou minutes later. The two connect on stage.
As the night comes to an end, Jesus accidentally butt-dials Lena’s phone. The gang bands together to lie through the situation. Just as they think they’re about to get away with the impossible, the swing flies through the window and smashes the glass. Wyatt tries his best to replace the window but his poor job becomes evident as the glass comes crashing in right as Lena and Stef arrive home.