The Last Ship Recap 8/17/14: Season 1 Episode 9 “Trials”

The Last Ship Recap 8/17/14: Season 1 Episode 9 “Trials”

The Last Ship airs tonight on TNT with a new episode at 9PM EST called “Trials”. On tonight’s episode, volunteers are asked to participate in human trials of Rachel’s vaccine, but the effects could be nightmarish. Meanwhile, in the States, Chandler’s wife and father struggle to keep their family alive.

On the last episode with Chandler and Tex caught in a dangerous situation, Slattery had to step into the role as commanding officer. Torn between a mission with the fate of the world at stake and a Captain (and friend) in danger, Slattery had to find a way to get his people back without losing the most important asset: the vaccine prototype.

On tonight’s episode Rachel and Chandler ask for six volunteers to participate in human trials of her vaccine, but the tests could be a living hell as the virus and the vaccine do battle inside their bodies. Meanwhile back in the States, Chandler’s wife and father are doing everything they can to keep their family alive.

Tonight’s episode of The Last Ship is going to be great. You’re not going to want to miss a minute of the action and we’ll be recapping it live for you as well. While you’re waiting for the episode to begin hit up the comments and tell us your thoughts about the show.

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Jed drags a deer up to a trailer but the guy inside says not to come closer because Jenny got the red flu. He says he’ll leave the deer so they won’t starve but sprays a red x on their trailer. Back at his place, he tells Darien that game was scarce. She scored but Jed says she shouldn’t be going that far alone. She says they need the part for the radio so they can try and contact Tom and he tells her what to get but tells her to be sure and take a gun. She tells him yes sir.

Jeter tells Chandler about the funeral for Cosetti. Chandler says he sacrificed himself to save him and redeem himself but Jeter says it was for the mission. In the lab, things are going fat. Tex and some others help Rachel get ready for human trials. Tex asks how it will go and she says they will take six different types of people and give them the vaccine then the virus. Tex says he doesn’t think people will line up for it and she says that recruiting isn’t her department.

In the radio room, Bertrise listens to a message from Dominic. She cries. Miller asks if she should be there for the trial and she says since her blood is involved she has to be there to see if it will work. At the funeral, they do a 21 gun salute and everyone watches as Cosetti’s body slides into the water. Chandler and Slattery wonder how they’ll get volunteers and Chandler says he’ll volunteer.

Jeter says he’s right and someone in leadership should volunteer and that’s why he already volunteered and qualified for the study. He says that he checks off several boxes she needs – black, over 40, healthy. Chandler isn’t happy but agrees and tells Slattery to spread the word but not to pressure anyone. Jeter reminds him that he thinks God left him alive for a reason and maybe this is it.

Chandler tells Quincy that Slattery said he was helpful while he was gone and Quincy thanks him for rescuing his family. Quincy and Rachel screen volunteers who all says they want to do their part. Slattery and Chandler are stunned by the turnout. Rachel turns Danny down because he just had dengue fever. Tex shows up joking to volunteer.

Danny teases Kara as she looks through her personal things for a memento to take in with her – she qualified for the test. She has a photo of her mom and Danny says she’ll be around to introduce them one day. She thanks him for not trying to talk her out of it. The volunteers are there and Rachel starts administering shots with Tex. She tells them they all got the prototype decoy that will train the body to develop antibodies.

She warns them of side effects like headaches and fever. Tex cracks a joke and Chandler tells them he’s their entertainment for the next three days. Rachel tears up telling them they are remarkable and it’s an honor to have them. She tells them she’ll see them in there. They grab their bed rolls and head into the plastic lined quarantine area. Chandler and Slattery watch them file in. Jeter looks around.

They all take a seat on their bunks. Rachel prepares the virus syringes. She wheels them in and she and the other assistants are in full hazmat gear as they dispense the deadly stuff. They start with Jeter. Miller watches nervously – he’s one of the volunteers along with Kara and the chief.

Darien is in an electronics shop poking around for the part they need for the radio. She sees it and grabs it up then grabs some other parts as well. She hears noise and sees a man outside and a woman. The woman keeps saying she needs Olympia. The guy tells her to stop but she doesn’t and he shoots her. Darien knocks something over and the guy hears the noise.

He aims his gun at the window and says to show themselves. The leader of the group yells and says he thought the area was clear. The other guy says he doesn’t know how she (the dead woman) got through. The leader marks the building with an x. Darien runs out the back past a dead, disease-ridden body.

Bertrise watches the test subjects. Rachel checks on Tex who flirts. He shows her a necklace and he says it’s a conversation for another day over martinis. She says shaken, not stirred and he does a Bond thing for her. She walks away and Kara teases him and says it doesn’t look good for him.

Chandler says watching them in there reminds him of watching his son Sam when he was a preemie in Nicu. Rachel talks to another volunteer who laments that her daughter would have been 11 but is gone now. Alisha tells Danny and the others that so far, so good. They wonder where they would take the vaccine if it’s good. They talk about the CDC being a no go.

Danny tells them to shut up talking so they don’t jinx it. Kara is getting feverish but they tell her that’s normal. The other woman tells her that her daugher always ran a fever after a vaccination. Miller complains that his throat is sore. Jeter is doing okay but says Andrea is looking bad. Tex grabs a tray of drinks from Rachel and serves it to the others joking and playing waiter.

Slattery tells Chandler it was a nice eulogy for Cosetti and his boss says he doesn’t want any more funerals. Slattery says he was right about Rachel and thinks everything is in hand. Tex checks on Kara and tells her he sees a future with Rachel even if it is just carrying her water. Kara slumps to the side and looks bad. He scream for Rachel who comes running.

Rachel checks her stats and then tries to revive her. Kara starts into a seizure and they make room to treat her. Jeter lowers his head to his hands in worry. They give her some valium and work to get an IV in her because the valium isn’t helping. Her oxygen is dropping and Rachel calls for ice. Bertrise runs to grab some and comes into the zone without a suit on.

She waters the ice at Rachel’s command and brings it over. Rachel pushes it into her. The others watch terrified. She pulls the tub back out of the young woman’s throat after shunting the ice water in. Her fever drops and she pulls out of the seizure. She tells the others it was just the fever and thanks Bertrise. She tells her to decontaminate on the way out.

Quincy says the fever shouldn’t be this high and they wonder if the decoys aren’t strong enough. Rachel orders more tests and Chandler says Quincy doesn’t see convinced. Slattery asks if there’s something to give the others and she orders an extra med to help boost their immune systems. Danny is up playing cards – he tells his buddy he doesn’t know what he’ll do if he loses Kara.

Andrea tries to grab the engineering reports Quincy brings her but she drops it. Her fingers aren’t working right. Rachel checks Tex for sores. He pulls up his shirt and she sees a rash. He isn’t sure when it started but says it doesn’t itch. She tells him to let her know if it changes. Quincy tells Rachel he thinks the decoys may not be working and Rachel says they’ve never seen the virus act this way. He thinks it’s evolving.

Alisha is up top star gazing and worried. Danny is in the gym working out obsessively. Andrea is comforting Kara and calls her Lily, lost in delusion. Rachel goes to check on her. Tex is looking bad. Chandler says they’re delirious. Rachel picks up the necklace that Tex dropped and sees it’s a locket with a woman’s photo inside. She puts it in his hand and he grabs her hand and tells her she makes him want to love again.

Jeter sits up and starts talking to his dead wife. He rips out his IV and tries to break loose. Rachel calls for a sedative. Chandler and Slattery try to talk him down while the medical workers tackle him and sedate him. Miller calls for help when he sees Maya slumped over with vlood coming out her nose. She looks dead. He says – no!

Jed tries to get the radio working. They listen to a message on repeat about Olympia and inviting people to come there for treatment. Darien asks if he really thinks they have a treatment. He is skeptical but she says someone has to be making progress somewhere. Miller tells Maya he’ll miss her as the zip up the body bag. Slattery says he’ll make arrangements for the service and Chandler says he wants her to get the Navy cross.

Rachel is in the bathroom crying and trying to pull it together. Quincy tells Chandler that she died from the virus but Rachel argues and says it was a heart attack. He wants to inject Bertrise’s blood directly into the patients but Rachel says it would take too much blood. She doesn’t think it’s the virus but Quincy argues for it and Bertrise says she wants to do it.

They start drawing her blood and Bertrise says she’s a little tired. She has her drink from a cup. Quincy brings her in some test results to look at. Rachel is stunned, whatever they say. Danny paces the bridge as Chandler comes out. He tells him Kara’s pregnant and says he’s telling him because he’d want to know if it was him.

Danny suits up and goes in to see her. Those were the results that stunned Rachel. She says him being there can’t be good news. He tells her not to dare leave him. She nods but doesn’t look good. He cries. There’s blood coming out her nose in a trickle. Rachel watches horrified and Chandler tells Slattery to brief the crew and offer deathbed visits.

Quincy finds Rachel slumped on the floor crying. She says she needed to clear her head. He tells her she was right. He says the IVIG didn’t work and the symptoms are getting worse. She asks about Bertrise and he says she’ll be all right. She asks who she thinks she is to think she could solve this. Quincy says she’s the best there is and she says – yet, I failed.

Quincy tells her to come work with him to find another way. He walks away. She sees the monkey, still alive, in the storage area and asks the creature why it worked on him. Chandler says they never should have done this. Alisha shows up to visit Kara. Two guys go to see Miller and tell him they still need him. They do a fist bump through the plastic. Andrea also has visitors – Chung tells her he can’t be chief engineer. He’s crying.

Slattery sits near Bertrise while we see Jeter has a nosebleed too. Chandler suits up and heads in to see his people. Miller looks near death, Danny holds Kara’s hand and she is unmoving as well. Tex sighs and looks at Chandler. He goes to stand near Jeter and kneels down to talk to the chief. He says when they tell the story about the great plague of the 20th century, they’ll talk about them – The Six.

Rachel runs into the lab and says she’s got it. She says it’s an autoimmune response. She says the body is attacking itself. She says the virus has changed. She says she has to hide Neil’s gene and Quincy says it won’t work. She says they can use the Arctic strain as a Trojan horse. She gets to work on it, preparing five doses for the surviving few test subjects.

They administer the Hail Mary treatment. Alisha watches in tears. Chung is stressed, Slattery too. They are all on edge. Chandler tells Jeter he’ll be okay. The man lies like in a coma. All five have had the treatment, now it’s wait and see time. Bertrise comes to and asks if it worked. They show her the people in the quarantine room sitting up, reading, talking, some laughing.

Rachel is quietly pleased. Tex says it’s time for the Samba and she tells him back to bed and he says – I thought she’d never ask. The others laugh. Chandler tells Andrea to put down the report and she says no she’s ready to work. Danny asks about the baby and Rachel tells him it will be born immune. He goes to sit with Kara and tell her the news.

Chandler finds Rachel and asks if they have it. She says they don’t just have a vaccine, they have the cure. She says they can save people who are already sick. He grabs her up in a hug and they’re both crying. The ship steams on at top speed and we see Darien fixing water for the kids. She hands everyone a glass of water – her fingers are in them – and she’s looking pale and icky.

The radio comes to life and they all smile. Darien licks her finger and wipes a smear off Sam’s chin. She goes to stand at the sink and feels her head. She looks worried. Jed tries to contact the ship.