The Mentalist Recap 12/21/14: Season 7 Episode 4 “Black Market”

The Mentalist Recap 12/21/14: Season 7 Episode 4 "Black Market"

Tonight on CBS The Mentalist returns with an all new Sunday December 21, season 7 episode 4 and we have your weekly recap below. On tonight’s episode called, “Black Market,” Jane [Simon Baker] has a head cold, so he stays in the office and instructs his coworkers on a homicide case, which is connected to a counterfeit diamond operation. Meanwhile, Abbott fears a misdeed in his past could prevent his wife from getting a promotion.

On the last episode Jane and Lisbon traveled to Beirut where they must work with Jane’s familiar adversary, Erica Flynn, who agreed to help the FBI apprehend her boyfriend, a courier for terrorist organizations, in exchange for amnesty for her past crimes. Did you watch the last episode? If you missed it, we have a full and detailed recap right here for you.

On tonight’s episode as per the CBS synopsis, “The team investigates a murder linked to a counterfeit diamond operation, but an illness forces Jane to direct his colleagues from the office as he recuperates. Meanwhile, Abbott is concerned that transgressions in his past could harm his wife’s chance to obtain a prestigious job in Washington.”

Tonight’s The Mentalist Season 7 episode 4 is going to be exciting, and you won’t want to miss it. So be sure to tune in for our live coverage of The Mentalist — tonight at 10PM EST! While you wait for our recap, hit the comments and let us know how excited you are about this season of The Mentalist.

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#TheMentalist starts now. Teresa is trying on a pink diamond ring. The jeweler tells her it’s high end and she asks if they should do it. Cho smiles at her and slaps down his credit card. She smiles and hugs her “fiancee” Mr. Cho. In the car, Jane is waiting and coughing. Teresa pops off the ring and hands it to the woman in the back who sits with Cho. She tells Jane he needs to see a doctor and doesn’t want him making her sick. The woman says the diamond is part of the stolen cache of jewels and Cho says they need to get the shady guy.

Teresa tells Jane to go home and go to bed but he won’t. They head back into the jewelry store, she pops open her ID and tells him she’s FBI and that the engagement is off. They show the jeweler photos of two security guards shot dead in a jewel heist. He says he was out of the country and says he purchased the diamond through legitimate sources. They ask him for receipts and Jane says you can always spot illicit couples.

He calls out Joubert for sleeping with his assistant and Teresa asks if he’s hiding assets because of his divorce. He says he loves his wife but Wren protests. Jane tells her that if he cheated on his wife, he’ll cheat on her too. The mistress/assistant is not happy. Vega asks Cho how it went at the jewelry store. He’s very curt with her. She says she knows he’s angry and apologizes for lying to him. She says what she did was inexcusable and asks to make it up.

Jane insists he’s fine but Teresa say she looks pale. Abbott comes in and asks about the receipts from the jeweler. She asks if his wife heard on her promotion. He says no and Abbott tells Jane he looks pale. Wylie tells Abbott they confirmed the alibi and got the receipts. He says Joubert bought the stolen diamond at a jewel show. Abbott tells Cho to go to the gem show and to take Vega. He says Vega apologized and confessed. Cho relents and takes her along. She’s thrilled to be going.

At the gem show, they head inside and look around. He asks if she’s interrogated a suspect. He tells her to follow his lead and to try not to lie to anyone. She follows him meekly. They go poking around and talk to the presenter. A guy, Kirk comes over and says he’s looking for Rosales. He saw their badge. The head of security comes over and asks Kirk to give them some space.

He says he’s concerned if someone is using the market to sell stolen gems. He takes them to talk to Rosales. Lena comes to see her hubby and tells him she is the new Undersecretary for the Department of Commerce. He tells her she’s wonder woman and he knew she’d get it. She says she still has to be confirmed but he wants to celebrate now. He tells her it’s her chance to make a difference.

She says she has to meet tonight to go over the vetting process. He agrees and tells her she’s made it. She tells him she’ll see him tonight and leaves. Rosales says he sells to Joubert every year and gets angry when Cho accuses him of selling stolen goods. Vega takes over in Spanish and speaks to him. He walks away and takes a breath. He says passing stolen gems is impossible and says they are all registered.

He says every gem has a number and Cho asks to see his records. The security guy asks them to come check something out with him. He takes them outside and to a stairwell where they see Kirk’s body. He’s been shot and his body left. Back at the office, Wiley rattles off info about Kirk and says he has a record, none violent and all old. He’s been engaged in money making schemes.

Cho says Kirk had no stolen gems on him and Kirk says he probably had a partner that took the gems, killed him and ran. Abbott tells Cho and Vega to talk to everyone that Kirk knew and tells Wylie to look at footage. He tells Jane to go home – he’s sacked out on the couch. Teresa goes to talk to Kirk’s ex. She says he had a new scheme every month and she had to end it.

She says he was in a motorcycle accident last year and says their son has special needs. She says they have a lot of expenses and that he got into the gem business to try and generate some big money. She says Kirk hung with some bad guys when he was younger but was just trying to make money. She mentions the name Walker Pond. Cho and Vega talk to Pond at the show.

He says Kirk was a sweet kid that people liked. He says he tried to help him but he was always amped up and in a hurry. He says he told him to slow down and build his business. Pond says it takes time to learn the trade but Kirk was always looking for a short cut. He says he got there late and didn’t speak to Kirk himself but saw him arguing with Greta Fortensky – the gem show appraiser whose been there for years.

Jane asks Wylie what he’s looking at – it’s security cam footage. He staggers over to look at it. Cho and Vega talk to Greta. She says she keeps the vendors honest on their prices. Her daughter Bibby is there and she introduces them. She says her mom taught her to appraise gems and she hopes Bibby will take it over. Greta says Kirk thought he was being under-appraised and Bibby says it’s younger vendors that get annoyed.

They ask if Kirk was angry but Bibby says he’s always sad. Jane calls Cho and tells him his fly is open. He looks up at the camera and asks who Vega is talking to. Cho tells him and Jane says Greta looks up to being a killer. Abbott comes up and asks for the phone. Jane wipes it off and hands it over. He tells Wylie to put it on speaker.

Wylie says Kirk left his booth after talking to Cho and Vega then talked to Pond. Cho says Pond says they didn’t speak. They end the call and Jane is getting the spins. Abbott tells him to go home and Jane says that may not be a bad idea. He hangs onto the wall. They don’t see Pond but find security chief Bell who tells them Pond packed up in a hurry and left.

Cho tells Vega to get a BOLO out on Pond. Wylie chases down Abbott and tells him they got a hit off Pond’s credit card in Galveston, Texas where he was checking out flights that leave the country. He tells Wylie to send Cho and Vega to the airport. He goes down to greet is wife and they leave arm in arm. They meet with Bob about her confirmation.

He tells her the other sides wants to block the administration from accomplishing anything. He says Lena’s resume is impeccable then asks about their personal lives. They tell him they’re happily married, met in college. Then he asks Abbott about himself and asks about Rio Bravo Station. He says it was about taking down the cartels. He says he did good work and was on the task force about a year.

Bob says the drug war is hard and asks if there’s anything to talk about there. Abbott says they’re all good there. Bob seems satisfied and they order dinner. But Abbott’s wife gives him a look. Vega yawns as she and Cho watch planes. She thanks Cho for letting him work the case but he says Abbott made him do it. She reminds him that she apologized and he says it’s about trust and he has to be able to trust him with his life and says it’s earned.

They see Pond and get out of the car and head inside the hangar behind him. He says he thought he was the other guy and then there’s a gunshot. He says it’s Losa. The guy takes another shot. Cho tells Vega to call the local PD and Cho runs after the guy. Vega sneaks around and tells Pond to get down and stop. He goes to reach for a wrench. He throws it at her and runs. She tackles him violently.

Losa is climbing up onto a car when Cho drags him down. Vega cuffs Pond as Cho drags Losa back in.

Cho and Vega are back at the office reporting to Abbott. He tells him that Losa is muscle for a loan shark and says Losa thought they were collecting on other Pond debt. Abbott tells them job well done – Vega has a sprained wrist. Cho stomps out and Vega looks annoyed. Pond tells Teresa it’s his fault that Kirk is dead. He says his business was off so he borrowed from Losa’s boss and was struggling to pay it back.

He says the guy wanted gems but he says he wasn’t going to hand him his career. He says the guy killed Kirk instead. He says Kirk borrowed his hoodie and they are the same size and coloring. Teresa asks why Kirk went out the fire exit and he says it was a secret smoker’s area and he was out there at least six times a day. Teresa says Losa was nowhere near there and tells him – nice try.

Jane is in his trailer looking bad when Teresa calls him with an update. He tells her to look at the smoking angle and says he knows how to get a confession but says he’s too sick to do it. He tells her she can do it since she’s watched him many times. She says no. He tells her to come to the trailer and that he’ll tell her how to do it. He asks her to bring him soup too. She agrees.

Wylie talks to Vega about her injury and she says it wasn’t enough. Cho stalks off and Wylie tells her that Cho will come around. Bob comes to see Abbott and they go to talk in private. Abbott tells him about Rio Bravo and says there may be a problem. Bob says it will be a problem for Lena. Bob says they need squeaky clean optics. Abbott asks what he can do and says he wants her to have this. Bob says if he’s in the picture, he’s an issue. He says if there is distance, it could help.

He says if they put out the word that they are separated, it could help. He says Lena wouldn’t have to say a word and it could convince the other side to leave her alone. Abbott says he can’t do it but Bob says that’s the only way to fix it and tells him to let him know what he decides. He leaves. Abbott gets a call from Teresa.

Jane is in his office bundled in a blanket and they tell Abbott that he’s going to talk Teresa through pulling a Jane. He says he just needs to be in her ear and Wylie monitoring security cameras for him. Some agents move Jane’s sofa to a better location and Teresa tucks an ear bud into her ear. Jane curls up on the sofa in his blanket with a microphone in front of screens.

She says she can’t believe he talked her into this and says she wants to throw up. He says him too and encourages her. She takes the stage at the gem show and he tells her to speak loudly. She introduces herself and says she’s a psychic medium that works as a special consultant with the FBI. She says she’s working the jewel heist case and Kirk’s murder. She says the murderer is in the room and her gifts will reveal them.

Jane tells her she’s off to a good start. She says she will unmask Kirk’s killer. Jane has Wylie work the cameras around on different people and Jane tells her to stall. She asks if there are any questions before she begins. One says there is no such thing as psychic powers. She says she disagrees then says his negative energy is interfering with the spirits.

Wylie finds the woman and Jane tells her to speak to Mary Kate Barrows. She asks for someone named Mary with a middle name that starts with K. The woman steps forward. Jane tells her about her dog that just died. The woman is floored. She tells her that her dog Roger wants to say hi and that she’s okay. She says all God’s creatures can talk in the afterlife. Jane tells her to move on and lay the gaffe.

Teresa says she’s hearing Kirk’s voice. She says she will speak on his behalf. She says he was working with his killer selling stolen diamonds in the gem show. She asks him to tell her who did this. She says Kirk wants to speak directly to this killer and says he thought they were friends. She brings up smoking and says he hopes there’s a lot of nicotine gum in prison.

She asks Kirk for just one name. She says he wants the killer’s mother to see the shame in her eyes. Jane tells her she got them and to close the door. Bibby’s mother sees it’s her daughter. Teresa says if the killer will confess, she’ll get a deal from the FBI. Bibby flakes out and tells her mother she’s smart and can do what she wants with her life.

Cho approaches her. Jane falls asleep on the sofa. Bibby explains she met Kirk at a bar after work and they talked and realized they both needed money – him for his kid and her to get away from her mom. She says Bell was a friend of Kirk’s from childhood. He stole the diamonds and killed the guards. She says Kirk freaked out but it was too late.

She says she switched registered gems for the stolen and sold the others on the black market. She says she wanted to come clean but Kirk wouldn’t hear it. We see them arguing and Bibby hitting him with an object. She says there was no discussing it. She says all her rage she had been holding just came out and she couldn’t stop it. She cries as she describes how she killed him.

She asks if the woman didn’t talk to Kirk and Cho says of course not. She asks how they knew she was chewing nicotine gum and he says a mother like hers wouldn’t let her chew bubble gum. Cho sees that Vega has brought Bell in and shoves him in a chair in interrogation. Lena tells Abbott she’s been house hunting in Georgetown. He tells her he doesn’t want to go to DC and says they can be a two city couple.

She asks if this is about Rio Bravo and says she can’t do this anymore. She tells him he can tell her anything but he says she has to be able to say she knows nothing about it. He tells her she needs this and it’s the only way. He tells her they can see each other on weekends and holidays and says she’ll be working seven days a week anyway and it’s better if he’s there. She turns her back on him and he steps up to try and comfort her.

Vega and Cho are working late and she comes to the desk. She asks him to stand up. She says she’s going to fall and he can catch her then she’ll do the same for him. She says it’s a trust exercise and he says it won’t work here. She says she has to do something and he tells her to do her job. She goes back to her desk. He invites her to go to the firing range with him after work tomorrow. She agrees.

At the trailer, Teresa tells Jane he needs sleep. He tells her she was good and she says he was good. She says it was fun talking to all those people with him whispering in her ear. He asks what if they just left and took off. She asks if he means a vacation but he says no – to move on someplace different. He asks if they’re going to work for the FBI for the rest of their lives. She says it’s who she is.

He says he knows but was just thinking. She tells him goodnight and says she’ll come check on him tomorrow. She sneezes and he tells her – sorry – he’s gotten her sick!