The Mentalist RECAP 4/13/14: Season 6 Episode 17 “Silver Wings of Times”

The Mentalist RECAP 4/13/14: Season 6 Episode 17 “Silver Wings of Times”

Tonight on CBS THE MENTALIST returns with a brand new show.  On tonight’s episode called, “Silver Wings of Times.” On it a death-row inmate needs Jane’s help to prove he’s not guilty, and time is of the essence because the prisoner is scheduled to be executed in two days.

On last  episode Jane enlisted his colleagues in a dangerous sting operation to catch a deadly team of art thieves. Meanwhile, sparks flew between Lisbon and an agent from the FBI’s art squad.  Jane planned a dangerous ruse to trap a team of art thieves, and sparks fly between Lisbon and a fellow agent.  Did you watch last week’s episode?  If you missed it, we did and we recapped it right here for you.

On tonight’s episode Jane and the FBI take up the cause of a death row inmate who has two days to prove his innocence before his sentence is carried out.

Guest cast for the episode are: Shannon McClung     (Agent Collins), Jud Tylor     (Mae Feinberg), John De Lancie     (Edward Feinberg), Oscar Torre (Luis Cruz), Richard Fancy (Richard Summers), Angelique Cabral (Gina Petrocelli), Peter Colburn (Pete Koch), Halbert Bernal (David Ronaldo) and Lyn Alicia Henderson (Tech).

Tonight’s The Mentalist Season 6 episode 17 is going to be exciting, and you won’t want to miss. So be sure to tune in for our live coverage of The Mentalist — tonight at 10PM EST! While you wait for our recap, hit the comments and let us know how excited you are about this season of The Mentalist.  Check out a sneak peek of tonight’s episode below!

RECAP: A man is putting on a wig and a hat, he’s packing his bag full of things along with something that seems to be a bomb of some sort. He leaves with the bag in hand, he walks into a bust stop and sits beside pedestrians waiting for the bus. He arms the bomb in his bag, he sees a woman with her child; he then takes a bag that looks identical to his with him. Leaving the other bag there, blowing up the bus stop and killing the man within it. Abbot is at the scene of the crime along with Kim, Patrick is there also looking around, he spots Teresa. He tells her that she’s late and mentions her coming in on a taxi. Patrick asks her about her date with agent Pike, she says it was good. Kim tells them that only one man died, it’s weird how a bomb went off at the kiosk as the bus went off. They’re going to pull security footage of what happened, Patrick believes it isn’t terrorism they wanted to just kill that one man. Abbot still wants the terrorism squad to help them out in case. They found blanketing underneath the bomb, to make sure it would only kill one person and not everyone around them.

Kim hears someone say it’s nine o’ clock, it turns out to be Wiley’s computer he’s trying something new to keep him more productive. Kim found an I.D. of the man who died, he shows the file of the man to Teresa; he’s connected to an old murder. Ronaldo is connected somehow, but they don’t know how. Patrick has left to talk to Cruz before he’s executed in prison in three days, Abbot tells Cruz that Ronaldo died. Cruz’s looks upset by this, he and Ronaldo grew up together because they were technically brothers. Cruz’s first arrest for narcotics at sixteen, it seems that Ronaldo was trying to get Cruz out of prison anyway he could. Abbot asks if he heard from Ronaldo recently, it turns out that he did and had good news for Cruz. Abbot asks if he had any problems, it seems he didn’t mention any. Cruz then say that he didn’t murder that woman, he wants Abbot to just believe him at least one person. Of all the wrong in his life, he killed no one. Cruz get up and go back to his cell. Patrick arrives into the briefing room to speak to Cho and Wiley, to also watch the footage of the bombing. They can’t use a facial recognizer because of the man’s disguise, they find out that the briefcases are identical. Patrick then finds out that the bomber, took Ronaldo’s briefcase because of what is contained in it. They find out the woman with the baby was to distract Ronaldo, they find Petrocelli’s apartment. She’s trying to escape before they bust her door down, before she leaves she ends up getting caught by Teresa outside of her apartment in the back. The girl admits to not knowing about the bomb, she says the bomber is named Pete; he gave her money and she did it. She was paid to distract Ronaldo and nothing more, she had no idea about the bomb. Turns out that Pete is dead, he was found dead in an ally way. They couldn’t find where the briefcase was after his death, it wasn’t in his apartment either. Abbot asks Patrick to come and talk to him, he wants to know what Patrick thinks of Cruz’s case in which he was claimed as the murderer. Patrick says that Ronaldo was probably on to something that could have helped Cruz. It seems that Cruz is an innocent man who could get killed if they do nothing. Patrick says that he’s got it covered.

Cruz were accused of murdering a woman, the husband of the woman found the body of his wife after he got home. Cruz and Fines burg had an argument, which led to him killing his wife Sara. It seems that Ronaldo was killed because he had information on how Cruz is an innocent man. Kim asks if there’s any evidence if the cops made a mistake, she wants to know why they’re taking on the case if the system was used and finished the job. Patrick says it wasn’t done right and they need to do this case. Abbot wants Kim and Cho to go to Ronaldo’s home, Patrick and Teresa need to go and talk to Mr. Fineburg. On their way to the house Teresa gets a call from Agent Pike asking for date, but she can’t go due to the case. Mr. Fineburg lets them into his house, she tells him that Cruz friend Ronaldo has died. Teresa says she can’t say more because it’s confidential, Patrick asks about his house and how his wife died in his office. Mr. Fineburg, Edward is now with his current wife and they are together for now eleven years. Patrick asks if he ever considered suicide, it seems he didn’t. May is asked if she went to her graduation ceremony, which she didn’t. Patrick asks to go to the washroom, instead he goes to the kitchen and look around the house taking the opportunity he has. Patrick makes it to Edward’s office upstairs, he then comes back and asks when the affair started after his wife’s death. They didn’t have an affair, though it seems that Patrick doesn’t believe it due to the size of his house. Patrick then says that Cruz didn’t kill his wife, he believes that Edward ended up killing his own wife. Patrick and Teresa are asked to leave, which they do. Kim finds out that Ronaldo didn’t have a life outside of the Cruz’s case. Kim talks to Cho about how Teresa and Pike are dating, how it’s weird. She then asks if he ever asked Cho if he ever asked Patrick. Cho says he hasn’t because his mind would explode. They find a diving suit in Ronaldo’s home, Patrick says that Ronaldo planned to dive in the water where the gun he thought was thrown into. They have twenty hours left, Patrick needs help with Wiley to set up a security section in the lobby, if they confine Edward they need to keep him here. Cho goes to Edward’s house to  arrest him, May follows along behind him. Patrick says to let the games begin.

Cho is now making sure that Edward is getting rid of his items on him, May is told to give her purse and cellphone also. Cho brings them into HQ and asks them to wait; they are both looking around until they are interrupted by Wiley’s alarm. Kim tells Edward to go the interrogation room, May wants to go to, but she can’t and has to go to the waiting room. May sit in the waiting room. Edward is waiting in the interogation room, Patrick arrives in the room. Edward says it must be hard for Patrick, not being able to accept being wrong. Edward says he didn’t murder his wife, Patrick says that he did and dropped the gun into a lake; it was a great spot until Ronaldo figured it out. Edward says that even if he finds the gun, there won’t be any evidence on it. Richard Summers, the attorney of Edward arrives. Richard says that nothing will be spoken about to Patrick, nothing about the murder or prescriptions for drugs. Patrick tells Cho that he’s up now, Cho goes into the room to ask them questions. Everyone tries taking turns asking Edward different questions, to see if he will break. Abbot is the last, he asks Edward where he was during the time of the crime. The attorney is impatient, Kim brings a blanket and pillow for Edward; Richard leaves knowing that he can’t stay. Edward is left alone in the interrogation room, Patrick brings May a pillow and blanket to the waiting room. Patrick says it’ll finally be over in a bit more hours, he tells her to take the pillow and that she doesn’t need to be a martyr. Night passes and a new day rises, Wiley’s alarm goes off throughout the entire building waking up Edward. Abbot walks into the room, it seems that they didn’t find the gun. Edward wants his attorney, Abbot tells him he wants the truth. May ask Kim how long they’ll be staying here, she tells her that she can leave at any moment she wants. Abbot gets more aggressive with Edward, saying that Cruz an innocent man will die because of him. Edward says he looks forward to Cruz’s death, because he believes that he killed his wife Sara. When Cruz dies the case will close and they won’t want to hear anything else about it. Everyone comes out and watches the T.V. where he will be killed, May comes out and watches as well. It turns out that Cruz has been executed, Patrick tells Teresa they did what they could; but knowing Patrick it’s not finished yet.

Patrick walks into the interrogation room with Edward, he tells him that Cruz has died. Edward thanks Patrick for telling him, it seems that Edward doesn’t feel avenged or happy; he still feels sad. Edward says that he shouldn’t talk to Patrick, he then tells Edward that he doesn’t think he killed Cruz. Patrick says that his wife May is the killer, Patrick shows him a video of his wife seeing the execution; she sighs with relief. Patrick says that it’s obvious that May killed his wife, Edward can’t believe it; it turns out that May was obsessed with him and had to kill his wife to get with him. May comes in and hugs Edward, he doesn’t seem too happy though. Edward leaves HQ and asks for the keys; they both get out of their quickly. Edward asks May a question, he asks if she killed Sara. Edward says he needs to know if it was her, he doesn’t believe May. Edward stops the car and says that she shouldn’t lie to him, it turns out that May admits to killing his wife to be together. May says it was the only way to be together, Edward tells her not to touch him. Abbot, Patrick and the rest arrest May; turns out that Cruz wasn’t executed at all they tricked May. Patrick planted a bug in Edward’s pocket , recording everything that was said in the car. Abbot tells Cruz that they found out who the actual killer is and where the gun was. Abbot says lawyers are doing their thing, he’ll be walking out of prison soon. Cruz looks happy yet sad, knowing his brother died for him. Patrick asks Abbot how it went, he says it was emotional. Teresa arrives grabbing her keys all dressed up for a date, Patrick says she looks beautiful and to have a great time. She says goodnight to him and he says good night to her. Patrick is left alone once again on the sofa, looking somewhat lonely and deep in thought.

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  1. […] On tonight’s episode a death-row inmate needed Jane’s help to prove he was not guilty, and time was of the essence because the prisoner was scheduled to be executed in two days.  More happened!  Did you watch tonight’s show?  We did and we recapped it right here for you. […]

  2. C P says:

    Jane needs to remove his wedding ring if he wants to let Lisbon know he is ready for a relationship with her. Ofcourse I am not sure he knows yet. Hopefully he will wake up and realize what he has and make a move. They clearly missed each other when they were apart for those two years. He wrote to her and she seemed to cherish his letter. They were glad to see each other when he returned to the states.
    CBS PLEASE RENEW The Mentalist for a season 7 and more!!! Move it to a better time slot and watch it soar.

  3. […] On last week’s episode a death-row inmate needs Jane’s help to prove he’s not guilty, and time was of the essence because the prisoner was scheduled to be executed in two days.  Did you watch last week’s episode?  We did and we have a full and detailed recap right here, for you. […]