The Mysteries of Laura Recap 10/8/14: Season 1 Episode 4 “The Mystery of the Sex Scandal”

The Mysteries of Laura Recap 10/8/14: Season 1 Episode 4 “The Mystery of the Sex Scandal”

Tonight on NBC The Mysteries of Laura continues with an all new Wednesday October 8, season 1 episode 4 called, “The Mystery of the Sex Scandal.” On tonight’s episode a political sex scandal erupts and Laura investigates the alleged mistress involved. However, problems with surveillance emerge, forcing detectives to enter the world of online gaming in order to zero in on a murderer.

On the last episode, the beloved owner of a biker bar was found dead, leading Laura (Debra Messing) and Jake (Josh Lucas) to return to the site of their first date for the investigation. Meanwhile, the twins had met their match with their new ex-con babysitter, but Laura sent Max (Max Jenkins) on a secret mission to check up on them just in case. Did you watch the last episode? If you missed it, we have a full and detailed recap right here for you.

On tonight’s episode when a powerful congressman’s campaign is tainted by a sex scandal, the NYPD brass tasks Laura (Debra Messing) with finding out the truth behind the alleged mistress. But when surveillance goes awry, the 2nd Precinct team has to delve into the online gaming world to shut down a well-connected killer.

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We see a news story about Congressman Jameson having an affair and him denying it while someone loads bullets into a gun while wearing surgical gloves. The person screws on a silencer as the reporter says they have an interview with the mistress – Caitlyn. Jake comes in to pick up the boys who are in scary costumes for school. Laura says she just found out and she’s a failure as a mom who will lose her PTA card. Jake wants her to work the Jameson scandal but she says it’s her day off and she has a spa coupon.

Jake says it may be an extortion set up and the campaign is in their precinct. He wants her to follow the mistress and Laura says no. She says any woman can do this. He tells her he needs her on this and says she’s his best detective. He promises to watch the boys. She asks the boys about a test she signed and they tell her the hamster ate it but she reminds them the hamster is dead.

Laura is watching the mistress. She avoids the press, hops in a cab that takes her to the train and she runs up the stairs. The paps follow and Laura sees the woman pulled off her jacket and ran back down the other stairs. Laura hops out of her car to follow. She is shopping at some sort of aggro mega-sale and Laura gets shoved around.

She peeks out from behind a rack and sees the mistress. She ends up talking with her about clothes. They crack about clothes and tells Caitlyn she appreciates her honesty. The young woman says honesty hasn’t been her strong suit lately. Laura follows her out of the sale and into Times Square. She gets a call from her hubby and he asks what she got and she says a new skirt.

She tells him she doesn’t think the girl is guilty but then says she thinks Caitlyn is there for a meet up. We see her looking at the screens then there’s a crack and Caitlyn goes down. Laura runs to her and yells for people to call an ambulance. She tells her to stay with her but the young woman goes limp in her arms. Cops swarm and Laura tells Billy that she seemed nervous.

The reporter runs up asking for a quote from her. They ask his source since it could have been the killer. He refuses and they tell him to take a hike. Laura says she’s going to talk to the Congressman while Billy goes to Caitlyn’s place. Jameson says he was at a pancake breakfast and says Caitlyn could have cleared his name. He says there is no way – no physical way.

Laura asks if it’s an equipment problem and says they need to verify it. He says he’ll have his doctor send the records but tells them to be discreet. Jameson says Caitlyn was a good person and didn’t have anything to do with this. Billy talks to her roommate who says Caitlyn wasn’t crushing on Jameson. She says she’s working for a guy named Walters at the Justice Defense Fund.

Her roommate says they were besties – plus she has an alibi. Billy goes to see Walters who says he was in a hearing. He really liked Caitlyn and Billy asks if she had any disgruntled clients but he says no. Laura is there too and is impressed that Walters won a debate competition. She tells him she was on varsity debate but lost at state.

Billy calls her a nerd. Walters says he met Caitlyn at moot court. He says he was on the short list for a judge if Jameson was elected. He says the man was delightful and he doesn’t see Caitlyn throwing her career away for an affair. He tells them to take a closer look at Store, the reporter. He has to get to work and leaves them.

Store was the first reporter on the scene so they wonder if she was meeting him. Max pulls up all her information and activity. Billy finds that Store spends $350 at a tea room on Tuesdays. He and Laura head over. She says the sound of silence is the sound of her Groupon for her spa day expiring and says every time a Groupon expires, a kitten dies. A dominatrix comes out and asks if they need a menu.

He asks what they can get for $350 and she says 30 minutes of beginner bondage. She tells them to wait for Mistress Alex. Billy goes to prowl around. He finds a guy tied up being spanked, a man with an apple in his mouth being greased by girls in maid’s costumes. Laura goes into Store’s room where he’s blind folded and he says he needs to be punished.

She says he fabricated a story about Caitlyn and then she died. She says he’s a murder suspect and is going to drag him out in his dog collar and tighty whities. He plays her a voice mail that says it’s Caitlyn, she had an affair with Jameson and wants to tell him the whole story. Laura tells Jake that Store gave up the source and it was Caitlyn.

She plays him the message saying they had sex on April 12th at the El Rey hotel. Laura says the hotel didn’t open until May. She says she has information he needs to see that’s sub rosa and Store says to bring it to the interview. Laura goes to see Big Bill McGuire, Jameson’s opponent. Jake goes along. They have to navigate through a vibrant and loud Indian event.

They find Bill giving a speech to a group of Indians. He makes a bunch of promises, offers platitude and takes in the applause. He chews out his campaign manager for the PA squelching out. She tells Jake to go charm the woman but then he makes her do it. Laura takes a tray of food to the campaign manager.

She says he’s better than Calvin Gold – a crazy campaign who punched an elderly volunteer and is now in an anger management rehab. They have a 3D of Times Square and they show the line of sight from cameras. She was in a dead zone but Jake says the guy had to get there and tells Meredith which camera feeds to pull.

He says they can fill in Laura when she gets back from Serenity Gardens. Max walks back and asks if Laura went to rehab and says she gets to do everything fun. Meredith says they won’t let anyone in and Jake asks if she’s met Laura. We see Laura walk up to the front desk with a suitcase. She says she needs to check in and needs a room with a view.

She tells her she has mom burnout but the woman says she needs a clinical diagnosis. She tells her about her school exhaustion, both legs aren’t shaved and says she had Gummi Bears for dinner. The woman hands her a form to fill out. In her robe, Laura goes to sit by Calvin. He says it’s the quiet garden. She says his candidate is up 13 points.

He asks why and she says affair and murder and fills him in. He mentions the blind spot. He says the Secret Service found it last year but it was highly classified. He says he didn’t puppet master an assassination from rehab. He says McGuire was busted for ethics violations so he hasn’t been able to run a dirty campaign. He tells her how he would have set up the sex scandal and says the timing was sloppy – the work of an amateur.

Calvin says whoever did this wanted to make sure McGuire wins. Meredith has the security footage. He plays it for them. The camera goes dark and doesn’t come back on until five minutes after the shooting. Jake sends she and Billy to investigate. They walk by the game store and the nerds school at Meredith. They ask who controls the security cameras and one guy takes off so they give chase. The guy runs into Lady Liberty and Billy tackles him. He tells him liberty, meet justice.

They bring the guy back and he says it wasn’t his fault. He says he had no idea. He says the Overlord told him to do it. He says he was at work and it was slow so he was playing a role playing game. He says the guy had God mode and she says that’s impossible because of the encryption. Billy asks if she’s a secret nerd and she tries to cover. He says the guy IM’d him and knew all about him.

He says the guy said he would rat out his porn addiction to his boss if he didn’t turn the camera off. Meredith says Overlord is a world class hacker. Jake says maybe he dug up stuff on Caitlyn. Jake tells Billy and Meredith to track the Overlord online. Billy plays online and is struggling and tells Meredith she wouldn’t understand.

He fights a wolf guy and Meredith says he’s playing badly. She tells him to use the wall of fire and shows him how to do it. She starts giving him step by step instructions on how to find Easter eggs. Billy says she’s got secret ninja gamer skill and tells her to let her freak flag fly. She takes over the controls and he asks why she’s keeping secret.

She says it’s hard enough to be taken seriously as a young female detective much less if they find out she’s a hard core gamer. She is rocking it and Billy promises to keep her secret. At Caitlyn’s apartment, Jake and Laura search. They wonder how she did well in law school when she flunked her LSATs so badly.

Laura notices a dead plant and pulls it up. She finds an ID there – it’s an ID with Heather’s photo and Caitlyn’s name. They go to talk to her BFF again. Unfortunately, when they show up, Heather is dead on the sidewalk! Laura is going through Heather’s stuff and she says she did the crossword in sharpie. They realize Heather likely took the bar exam for Caitlyn.

Max confirm handwriting ID on the test. Laura says Heather likely knew about the blackmail. Billy says they are zeroing in on the Overlord – he’s getting Meredith a smoothie. They figure out Overlord has a fast ping time which means he’s close to the server in Queens. She says he has a massive firewall and says they could do it if he breaks into them.

She says they have to lure him in. She logs in as herself – Foxy99 – a level 40 Paladin. Billy gives up and falls asleep. She says she got him. He asks her to turn on her camera and Billy starts rearranging things so it doesn’t look like a police station. She tells him to turn it on for her. Billy steals Max’s One Direction poster. The guy says she’s hot and tells him 1D is her thing.

She tells him let’s play – follow me – while Billy traces the guy’s location. Police cars zoom in and Jake is outside the guy’s door. They come inside and find the guy at his game station. He tells him to put his hands in the air and turn around. The guy turns and attacks Jake. They brawl and the guy tries to run but Laura has her gun on him and says – game over.

Paul Scott is Overlord – a hacker – and he’s arguing with someone on his free call. Seems like his lawyer doesn’t want to come down. He asks for a public defender and they take him to the cage. Laura redials the number and it goes to the Justice Defense Fund. Jake heads over to talk to Jameson. He asks if he knows Caitlyn’s boss Walters or talked to him about being a judge. He says he doesn’t know the guy.

Jake calls Laura and says she’s two for two. Laura shows up to arrest Walters and says she’s glad so many lawyers are there so she can make sure it’s by the books. She says she knows McGuire offered to make him a judge. She recalls them from the debate clipping in his office. She says Caitlyn trusted him enough to tell him about cheating on the bar and he used that to blackmail her to say she had an affair.

She says when she was going to come clean, he decided to kill her. She sits and says Caitlyn’s roommate Heather knew too much and also had to be killed. He says she has no evidence. She tells him he lied and says he was at immigration court but it’s closed for fumigation. She says his hacker client also told them that he had him blackmail the game store clerk.

Walters rails and says he worked hard and says all he wanted was a place on the bench. He says Jameson blocked him and she says the guy has no idea who he is. Walters pulls a gun and Billy is there and shoots him in the shoulder. She says he stole her thunder and Laura promises to let him shoot the next one. Jake tells Billy he did a good job and says he had no idea he was such a hard core gamer then calls Billy a nerd.

Meredith says she has something for him as a reward. She has a list of all the Easter eggs in the game courtesy of Overlord. She asks where the red haired menace is and Billy says spa day. We see her in a robe with cucumbers on her eyes. She’s in a holding cell trying to be all Zen. It’s the only quiet place the poor woman can get!