The Night Shift RECAP 6/3/14: Season 1 Episode 2 “Second Chances”

The Night Shift RECAP 6/3/14: Season 1 Episode 2 “Second Chances”

Tonight on NBC their new drama The Night Shift airs with a new episode called “Second Chances.” On tonight’s episode TC desperately tries to save his critically injured friend. Meanwhile, Paul tackles a challenging case involving an elderly woman; Kenny helps an injured groom with a secret; and a 9-year-old boy has suspicious injuries.

On the last episode, every night was a balancing act between the heroic efforts to save lives and the hard truths of running a hospital. After a rough night, TC Callahan (Eoin Macken, “Merlin”), a gifted ex-Army doctor, dealt with a life-threatening situation on his way into work. TC’s current colleague and ex-girlfriend Jordan Alexander (Jill Flint, “Royal Pains,” “The Good Wife,”) angles for the top job to run the night shift but she had to convince their new boss Michael Ragosa (Freddy Rodriguez, “Six Feet Under”) that she had what it takes to bring order to the chaos. TC and Ragosa clashed over hospital business matters – TC would do anything to save a patient while Ragosa had his eye on the bottom line. Later, TC and Topher (Ken Leung, “Lost,” “Person of Interest”) were called to the scene of a nighttime crash and had to deal with a dramatic injury that demanded all of TC’s expertise. Back at the hospital, ER psychiatrist Dr. Landry De La Cruz (Daniella Alonso, “Revolution”) consoled the brother of the wounded teen while TC performed an unusual and extremely risky surgery. TC later counseled Drew (Brendan Fehr, “Roswell”) about a secret he was keeping but unbeknownst to the staff, Ragosa was hiding a secret of his own. Robert Bailey, Jr. (“Criminal Minds”), Jeananne Goossen (“Emily Owens M.D.”) and JR Lemon (“Shadow Love”) also star.  Did you watch last week’s episode?  If you missed it we have a full and detailed recap, right here for you.

On tonight’s episode when a Sheriff’s Deputy is critically injured, TC Callahan (Eoin Macken) faces a personal challenge and struggles to do everything to save him, even calling in a cardiac specialist (Katherine La Nasa, “Deception”) over the objections of his boss Michael Ragosa (Freddy Rodriguez). Topher (Ken Leung) and Krista (Jeananne Goossen) assist in the delicate surgery, while Jordan (Jill Flint) works to keep the peace and keep the ER running. Paul (Robert Bailey, Jr.) must attend to an elderly woman with a very challenging case. Kenny (JR Lemon) deals with an injured groom who has been hiding a secret from his bride. Meanwhile, Drew (Brendan Fehr) and Landry (Daniella Alonso) are faced with a 9-year-old boy who has suspicious injuries. While they initially suspect the mother, the truth is a little more complicated.

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On the roof, the staff gets a five minute warning on night shift starting while TC calls his bookie. Topher says he can’t loan him any more money if he loses. Jordan comes up and asks TC if he lives for opportunities to take his shirt off. She tells him to respect her as boss and he says only when they are on duty. Drew and Kenny spar when Krista comes up and she boxes with him. She takes him down and then Paul throws a water and misses Drew who yells incoming. It almost hits Ragosa. He’s trying to get a woman out of an ambulance who’s busy texting and is in no hurry because she has just a sprained ankle.

His wife calls and a truck speeds up and crashes into the ambulance. Now she has way more than a sprain. The driver of the truck is also brought in – he has a stab wound to the neck which explains his bad driving. Jordan calls Kenny and Paul to her. TC takes the neck trauma with Topher. They have to intubate and then there’s a GSW cop too. TC says he’ll take that one and heads off.

Drew checks a kid’s arm and the mom says he fell off his bike awkwardly but she’s acting weird. He orders an x-ray. Ragosa says the woman was technically not on hospital property since she refused to get out of the ambulance. He’s excited they can’t be sued for that. The stab guy tried to rob a store. Topher’s wife calls and says he needs to bring hemorrhoid medicine.

Drew grabs Landry and tells her something is off with the kid and mom and she says to get a nurse to pull the mom out for paperwork so she can talk to him alone. TC pulls Woods out of the back of the cop car and says he needs to crack his check ASAP. They bring him into ER and he shouts commands for Nick and says to call the Cardiac Institute to get Flannery there now. He cracks his ribs and teaches Krista how to do it.

Krista says his heart is huge and TC says it was a transplant from his brother (TC’s not Woods’) during the way. Topher comes in and sees that it’s Nick. He tells him to help cross clamp the aorta. He talks Krista and Topher through the procedure. He’s sewing up the wound around the heart but can’t get the right angle. He calls for more suction.

Kenny tells Paul he has to cover some milder cases to free up the attendings. Drew checks on Anthony – the kid – who seems very disoriented. He says he doesn’t remember his mom bringing him in. Landry asks if he fell or got hit and he says he doesn’t know and then asks again where he is. Landry asks if he wants to play a game on her phone and hands it over. She and Drew step out. There are multiple old injuries and they wonder who did it and if he’s in the system. Landry says she needs some more time and can’t hold him with just an arm fracture. Drew says he’ll admit him for concussion confusion.

Paul goes to see an elderly woman and she says she thinks she has an STD – she says it burns. He’s grossed out then asks if this is a joke and calls for Kenny. She asks if her sores look like a joke and lifts her gown. He’s convinced but disgusted.

TC and Topher are trying to revive the deputy but it’s been 20 minutes. They finally get a pulse and he tells Nick he won’t let him die. Krista says they need a real heart surgeon and he says that’s why he called Flannery. Paul goes to the nurse and asks if someone else can take it – she says no. Nick’s wife comes in and he tells her they worked hard on him. Flannery shows up and is introduced around.

Ragosa comes up and says they already have a cardiac surgeon and says she doesn’t have privileges there. TC goes after him and Topher says Nick is more than a friend. He tells him that TC”s dead brother’s heart is in Nick’s chest and Flannery was the one that performed the transplant. Topher says she’s better than any cardiac surgeon they have. He asks Ragosa to go to the board and not let his personal issues with TC interfere.

A guy wanders into the ER and he’s a drug seeker. He says he has a migraine and needs a headache shot. Topher yells at him and says he’s been there twice this week and says no one here is giving him drugs. He tells him to get out and get into a program.

Anthony tells Landry that he’s so tired. She asks about his mom and dad and he says he wants to go to sleep. He nods off and then wakes up and is smiling and chatty and very different. He asks if she has a boyfriend – he’s now a “girl” and says he likes Anthony but doesn’t like him, like him. Landry asks his name and she says she’s Lacey, Anthony’s friend. WOW!

Topher, TC and Flannery talk to Nick. They talk about Rumsfeld and his armored limo when they don’t have enough armor on soldiers. Nick’s wife Debbie comes in and they joke around. He starts coughing and Flannery says she needs them to leave. Nick grabs TC”s arm and says no matter what happens to me, take care of Debbie. TC says he has a strong heart and isn’t going anywhere.

Paul checks out the older lady who tells him she’s part of a group that all sleep around together and has had at least eight sexual partners lately. He says they all need to come in and get examined and she says he would like that and he says he really would not. She tells him not to take any pictures of her lady parts and put them on the internet. He tells her that her vagina is 100% safe with him.

Topher tells Krista how he got to know TC in Afghanistan. Nurses come up and he says they should give her their chairs. She tries to stand and can’t because they glued her pants to the chair. She pulls off her pants and is in snug boxer briefs and says she doesn’t mind because she worked hard to look this good. They are all laughing when the food truck explodes in glass. The druggie jumped from the roof and crashed onto the food truck. Kenny climbs up to check on him and Topher does and recognizes him.

Landry says that the kid has multiple personality disorder and the girl comes out to protect him. Landry says this can develop because of trauma and says it’s likely severe. Landry says she will try to draw out more personalities to see if one will tell her what really happened. They are waiting on a background check on the mom and Jordan tells Landry to see Ragosa and says he can cut through red tape and may be able to hurry it along.

The nurse comes and tells them they had a jumper – Topher’s junkie from before. Krsita, Topher and the others work on this but the guy isn’t doing well. Topher says they have to work hard to keep him alive – he’s feeling guilty.

Flannery tells Jordan that she can’t fix Nick’s heart and says it’s a miracle it’s beating it all. She says she’s not optimistic because he won’t likely get a donor heart since he already had a transplant but they can buy him a month or two with an alternate procedure. Flannery says Jordan should be there when she tells TC and she reminds her they’re not together anymore. TC comes in and asks what’s going on.

The nurses are calling for hearts. Debbie asks TC what’s going on and he says there was just too much trauma. She sobs and says he’s a good man. TC says he knows and she asks what she will do without him and what their kids will do without their father. She begs him to save him and he promises. Ragosa calls and asks who called child services – they think it was a nosy patient. He demands the background check within the next five minutes and tells the guy he will lose his job. They are in a race against child services.
TC is out front when Landry finds him. He asks who the kid is doing and she says she’s not sure yet. She says she talked to Debbie and says she’s still in shock – he says it’s tough on her and Landry says it must be tough on him too. She says she gets that they are pretty casual relationship-wise but says they can still talk if he ever needs to. He says he doesn’t need to. Landry says maybe he just wants to.

TC says Nick got shot in an attack on their base and says it was just before his brother Thad died. He says what’s crazy is that they were getting back at Nick’s shooters and that’s what got his brother killed – going after revenge – and then Nick got Thad’s heart. She says that must feel like part of Thad is still with him and he says until tonight. He thanks her and goes to check on his friend.

They have a multiple casualty car accident. They split the patients up. It’s a wedding party. One has a lacerated spleen. Others aren’t so bad. Ragosa tells Landry that he’s working on more info on the boy’s mother. He asks her about TC’s state of mind and if there is any PTSD. He says he’s into fighting, drinking, gambling and anger. Landry asks what is with him and TC. Ragosa says she’s doing a shrink thing and she says she’s just generally curious.

Jordan talks to the parents of the bride and groom and tell them that the others are all okay. Drew sits at his computer looking at a photo of him and a prior boyfriend looking sad. Paul is mad at Kenny about the STD on the old lady. Drew says STDs are more common at senior homes. Paul is grossed out and leaves. He has to go check an old guy who asks if that whore Wendy Franklin gave him the clap.

The groomsmen are shaving the unconscious groom. Drew and Kenny agree to ignore the prank. The guys take pics while they do it. Kenny asks if he’s going to break up with his GF over the phone but then they notice that the guy has a swastika on his face that the beard had covered. Kenny us not happy.

Jordan and Landry meet with Anthony’s mom who denies she has done anything. She tries to leave and Landry grabs her arm – the mom says ouch – and Landry spots a bruise and asks who is doing this to them. She tries to leave and they threaten her with arrest.

TC wants Topher to let the guy die so Nick can have his heart and says there’s no reason to keep the junkie alive because he is brain dead from the fall. Topher says he’s trying to keep him alive until his parents arrive. He tells TC this is not the battlefield and you don’t have to make these rushed decisions. They are at a very emotional standoff.

They have the junkie and say the family can decide to make a direct donation straight to Nick to circumvent the process. The groom wakes up to Kenny saying “Heil Hitler” and says he just wants him to see the people that saved his life – the black guy, the Asian woman, the Latino woman. He panics and asks why they shaved him and says he’s going to sue them. The one girls says to hire a Jew because she hears they’re really smart. They wheel his wife in who screams – she had no idea about it either.

Jordan tells TC that he can’t keep prepping this guy for surgery. TC says he knows there can be roadblocks but wants to be ready. He says he’s going to go talk to the guy’s family because he has been in their shoes himself. He tells Jordan this is what he has to do. She says she owes Nick too for saving TC. Jordan says he has already saved Nick’s life once with his brother’s heart. TC says he feels like he is reliving it all again and doesn’t like how it’s making him feel. Jordan says you can’t just bury this.

The junkie’s parents are there and Jordan says to let her talk to them first. She says it has to be done in steps and says he can also tell them his story.

Landry brings Anthony’s mom in and says they are arresting her for hurting him. The kid goes nuts and assaults them and says he’s not Anthony, that Anthony is a sissy. He curses and calls them names. The mom cries and Landry says she’s sorry but she had to force the personality shift before child services got there. She says now they can help him.

Debbie hugs the junkie’s parents and Ragosa sees and asks Jordan if she was in on this back door transfer. She says it was her shift and she knew. She says she will have TC under control soon but tells Ragosa if it was his family he would want the back track.

Paul checks another elderly woman and says she doesn’t have an STD. She says she came in for a stomach problem and he’s appalled that he checked her hoo-ha when he didn’t need to.

Ragosa tells Drew and Landry that he took care of child services and explained it all to them. Drew heads off and Landry tells Ragosa she is always available to talk to him anytime. She says she knows Latina men traditionally don’t like therapy and he says there’s nothing wrong with him and she says he just seems like he’s in pain.

There’s a noise – the junkie came back to life when they pulled the ventilator off of him – it’s a miracle. TC apologizes and tells Topher that he thought the kid was gone. Topher says he understands. The neurosurgeon isn’t there and the kid needs an emergency craniotomoy to survive. TC says he can do it and promises that he won’t let Topher or the kid down. In surgery, Topher and TC work after Jordan checks with them. TC says he has done a lot of these in Afghanistan from Humvee and IED accidents.

The wedding party argues about the Nazi groom and Krista reminds them they are in a hospital. Krista goes in to check on the shouting couple and sees his face – she’s horrified. He says he got them in high school when he was young and dumb and didn’t want to scar his face by removing them so he grew the beard. The bride screams at him and asks if he’s in the Taliban. He says that doesn’t even make sense and she shouts – like I’d even believe a Nazi. Krista goes out and the party asks how it’s going and she says they’re working it out.

It’s almost 7 am and Nick is still in surgery. Landry comes to see Ragosa at his request. She sits down in his office and he says his wife left him three months ago and took his kids too. He says they have to sneak calls to him behind his wife’s back. He says he doesn’t know what he’s going to do without them.

Topher comes to tell the junkie’s family that he’s okay. TC has to tell Debbie bad news. Flannery sits beside her as she cries. TC and Topher share a look across the waiting room. Kenny and Drew talk about taking the new guys out. They say that Paul has to buy as the newest. TC walks out the door in silence into the bright morning sun. He goes to his brother’s grave. Topher shows up there and tells him to come watch the game with him. Jordan is there too and comes over. TC walks up to her and she pats him on the back.