The Originals RECAP 4/29/14: Season 1 Episode 20 “A Closer Walk With Thee”

The Originals RECAP 4/29/14: Season 1 Episode 20 “A Closer Walk With Thee”

Tonight on the CW their new fantasy drama, THE ORIGINALS airs again and in the episode called “A Closer Walk With Thee” Hailey confronts an enemy, Klaus suffers from nightmares about his father. Marcel also learns something about Francesca’s quest.

On last week’s episode Cami’s good intentions led Kieran to a violent episode. Meanwhile, Elijah and Klaus disagreed over how to handle the Crescent Wolves. Elijah traveled to the bayou and witnessed a horrific explosion that only added to the hatred among the communities. Later, Hayley learned a surprising piece of her family history from Marcel.  Did you watch last week’s episode?  If you missed it we have a full and detailed recap, right here for you.

On tonight’s episode Hayley confronts a surprising enemy and falls into peril during a wake to honor a late member of the community. Meanwhile, Klaus suffers from nightmares about his father and is forced to examine his own troubled relationship with his adoptive son; and Marcel learns about Francesca’s quest to find a mysterious key that will unlock a family secret.

We hope you stop by for this cool new show! Klaus, Rebekah, and Elijah have been some of our most favorite villains on TV, and we’re excited to see how this season further explores their complexities and character quirks. Make sure to come back here later tonight at 8 PM EST for your LIVE recap. In the meantime hit up our comments section and tell us your thoughts on the first season of THE ORIGINALS!

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Marcel dresses Kieran for his funeral. He combs his hair, ties his shoes and his tie. Mourners file past his open coffin, Cammie among them. She takes a seat in the front row. Francesca, Genevive, Marcel and others are there. Klaus walks in slowly down the middle aisle. Cammie looks back at him and stands as he approaches. She accepts a kiss on the cheek from him. The coffin is now closed. Klaus looks unsure and then approaches and opens the coffin. There is a baby inside it smiling and cooing. Klaus smiles and says hi and reaches to pick up the baby. But then a stake is stabbed through him and blood gushes out of his mouth. It’s his dad – Mikael – who greets him and calls him boy. Klaus wakes from the nightmare in a sweat.

Genevive takes the younger witches on a walk and tells them New Orleans is full of ghosts and says that witches don’t turn ghost but are consecrated in the earth to replenish power. She tells them she has to go to Kieran’s wake and leaves. Monique says she doesn’t know why she’s going to Kieran’s event and Genevive explains she needs Klaus’ assistance to fulfill their family obligations. She’s annoyed with the girl’s questions and tells her to go home.

At the wake, Irish music is playing when Cammie comes to sit with Klaus. She tells him she’s in a bad mood because her uncle died and people are partying and asks what his excuse is for his crap mood. He tells her he’s having nightmares about his father and he knows it’s about his fears at being a bad father to his soon-to-be-born daughter. Cammie says it’s the first time he’s acknowledged that he will be a dad. He tells her he knows more about fatherhood than she would imagine. Marcel comes in and Cammie tells him it didn’t work out that well the first time.

Flashback to the plantation era when Klaus comes in with a very young Marcel and tells the boy’s owner he will release him to him. He has to get violent but the man agrees and they leave. Outside, Klaus asks if the owner was his father and the boy nods. Klaus tells him he was a disappointment to his father too but says he can choose his own family.

Now, Marcel calls for attention and tells everyone he knows he hasn’t been around lately, but it’s a testament to Kieran that they are all together to share memories and stories. Marcel says back when Kieran first rolled into New Orleans they needed him and still do. They all toast to Kieran’s memory. Cammie heads into the kitchen to have a quiet moment of anguish alone and Francesca follows her.

She asks Cammie about Kieran’s necklace key and says she heard it was missing and that it was supposed to be left for her. Francesca introduces herself and says she needs the key to protect the people of New Orleans. Cammie says it must have fallen off during the circumstances that led to his untimely death. She stomps out.

Hayley comes in and sits with Klaus and Elijah. Elijah tells her that Klaus is in a particularly foul mood. She asks what’s up with the moon rings and says she’s struggling to stall Oliver and the rabble rousers. Klaus tells her she should move back in with them and she declines. He tells her they are working on the moonlight rings, will get revenge on whoever attacked the pack and that she will move back in with them for her safety.

Klaus says for tonight, he’ll focus on drinking another bottle until he forgets the dreams of their father that have been haunting him. Elijah is worried and says he’s been dreaming of Mikael as well and thinks their enemies are attacking them in their sleep. Klaus says killing someone is a perfect way to punctuate a day of peace. They both look at Genevive as they discuss this, sure she’s doing this to them.

Genevive comes back to the witch shop and notices a presence. Klaus is there. She sighs and says she saw he disappeared from the party. Elijah is there too and asks why she’s tormenting them with visions of their father. She denies it and Klaus tells her to answer before he tears it out of her. She says she doesn’t know what they’re talking about. She says she can try to get them answers. Klaus grabs her by the neck and tells her to go get answers. She leaves and Klaus says that he doesn’t trust her but he needs a witch to make the rings for the wolves so perhaps they’ll get answers and cooperation.

The younger witches are prepping to hold a séance. Davina has Tim’s violin and wants to call him. She asks what’s the point of magic if you can’t do stuff like this. They chant and Davina slices her hand and drips blood on the violin. The lights go out and she turns and feels the wind. She sees a wind chime and touches it and then feels a hand on her shoulder. She turns and it’s Mikael! All the windows in the greenhouse blow out.

Cammie asks why Marcel is using his 24 hours back in the Quarter to coffin sit with her instead of plotting. He says even bad guys take the night off. She tells him that Francesca asked about the key and Marcel tells her he had Josh take it. He has it around his neck and she’s furious that he took it while Kieran was sick and suffering. He tells he’s trying to protect her and says he’ll tell her about the key. She says she doesn’t want to know any of it. She’s furious and tells him to get out.

Genevive comes back to the compound and tells Elijah that it’s not just Mikael. The dead are being torn away and the barrier between the other side and reality is thin. Klaus comes in and says he talked to Bonnie and she said the same thing. Elijah muses that Mikael decided to spend his last hours before he poofs into final non-existence tormenting them and Klaus says the good news is he’ll soon be gone for good.

Genevive asks Klaus if he can spend some time with her tomorrow after the funeral and he says maybe. She leaves but isn’t pleased with his lukewarm response. Elijah asks Klaus if he has better means to control the witch than playing hard to get and Klaus says he likes the classics.

Francesca and her escort come home and find Hayley waiting for them. Hayley calls her a terrorist and Francesca says that’s a new one. Hayley says a suicide bomber pulled up on them in the bayou. Francesca tries to dismiss her and Hayley kicks her escort’s ass and then tells Francesca she knows he owed her money and that once he did it, his debt was clear.

Francesca says her hands are clean and says she cleared Jeff’s debt as a courtesy. Francesca tells her she’s lucky she’s alive. She says if she wanted to target the wolves, she’d kill Hayley directly and wouldn’t miss. Hayley leaves without the answers she wanted. Monique sees her go and chants something and sticks a pin into some sort of object. Hayley pauses, adjusts her coat, then walks on.

Next day, it’s Kieran’s funeral. The pallbearers load his coffin into the horse drawn hearse as Cammie lights a candle in the sanctuary. Marcel is there and she’s annoyed but says she changes her mind and wants to know about the key since she’s dealing with hexes and vampires. Marcel says Kieran told him the key was to something that would help the humans deal with the supernaturals.

Cammie tells Marcel he could have just asked her for it. He says she wouldn’t have given it to him. She asks what it unlocks and he says he searched all of the Quarter last night and can’t figure it out. She asks if he’s there to see if she knows and he tells her he’s there for her and to lay Kieran to rest no matter what she may think.

Hayley is coughing and seems a little unwell. Elijah tells her she looks nice and she asks Klaus and Elijah if she was the target of the bombings. Klaus says yes and if it had been him, he would have killed her. Elijah says that’s his terrible way of telling her she needs to come back to the compound with them. Klaus says he’s been tormented by his father and it reinforces his desire to be a good father to his child. Hayley says it’s there child.

Hayley walks off and catches up with Cammie. She tells her she liked Kieran and says he helped her family. Cammie asks what she wants and Hayley asks if Kieran said anything about Francesca before he died. Cammie gets snippy but says Francesca is a bitch so she’ll tell her anything she hears. Hayley breaks into a coughing fit that involves blood. Genevive sees and shouts out for Klaus.

Klaus and Elijah rush Hayley into the church. Genevive she tells them she can help – that she knows a spell. Klaus tells Elijah she was a nurse back in the day. Elijah says he can hear the baby’s heartbeat but not Hayley’s and says she’s not breathing. She is lying on a table and sits up in a ghostly room. Mikael walks into the room and she asks who he is. He says – I suppose I’m family.

At the family crypt, the priest reads scripture as the mason piles bricks up in the entrance. Cammie walks away and Marcel follows. She stares at Sean’s gravestone and says her family wouldn’t let him be buried with the family. She says Kieran didn’t push about it and she thinks that maybe Kieran let him be buried in a random area so he could hide something there. She tells him she needs a sledgehammer.

Klaus gives Hayley some of his blood. She’s still not breathing. Mikael asks if she knows about him and she says it’s a nightmare. He tells her it’s real and he grabs her neck. She asks how she can be there since he’s dead and then begins to panic because she thinks she’s dead. She calls out for the baby and he tells her that her bloodline was filthy enough without adding Klaus’ blood to it.

She attacks him and says she’s not dead. She says if she was, he wouldn’t try to kill her. Genevive says they can’t move her or the spell will break. Klaus says he can’t lose his daughter and says he will rip it out of her himself to save his child. Elijah stops him and says they will save them both. G chants and sees what Monique did.

She tells them she knows what to do and tells them to get her gris gris bag. Hayley fights with Mikael who tells her it’s better the baby dies now before Klaus can ruin her child. She stabs him and says her daughter has an advantage that Klaus didn’t – she’ll never know you. Hayley gasps back to life and tells Elijah and Klaus that she saw Mikael and he tried to kill her.

Hayley is at the compound and sits in a bedroom when Klaus comes in. He tells her she and their daughter are both resilient and fighters. She tells him she’ll move back in, but no bossing her around and no bodyguards. He says he just wants their child safe. She asks what happens after the child is born. She doesn’t want him to take her away.

Klaus tells her to come along and says he has something to show her. He brings her into a nursery he’s had made up. He says he wants Hayley there and says their daughter should be raised by their parents in the family home. She says she, Klaus, Elijah and the miracle baby all under one roof seems like a bad reality show. He asks her what Mikael said to her. Hayley says it was nothing true.

Klaus is a little teary and walks out. Hayley looks around the nursery and at a painting Klaus has painted and hung there of the city. Genevive finds Elijah and says Hayley and the baby are fine but he should take her to a doctor later. He doesn’t speak and she says she’ll show herself out but then he calls to her. He thanks her for her help.

He tells her she tore Rebekah from their family and he can’t forgive it, but he can show more kindness if she can help with an issue. She says anything. He tells her once Hayley has the baby, she’ll once more be subject to the curse and will transform. He says he wants to make a gift to her of a ring that will prevent that. He tells her he has a spell from his mother’s grimoire and says he knows she’s been interested in the book. She offers a small smile.

At the cemetery, Marcel and Cammie find a box in Sean’s crypt. It’s empty and Marcel says someone must have gotten to it. Cammie picks it up and says she doesn’t think so. There are symbols on it in a code that she says her brother taught her long ago. He asks what it says. She says she won’t tell him. She says finding it there is a clear indication that Kieran was going to bring Sean into all of this which means the responsibility now falls to her.

Genevive finds Monique and demands to know what she did to Hayley and she says only what the ancestors asked. Genevive tells her the baby is part witch and has to be born before she can die so she can be consecrated into the earth. She tells Monique to get out of her sight. She goes.

Genevive works a cell and chants. She begs the ancestors not to make her kill a child, not to make her a monster. She sees blood dripping and realizes she’s crying tears. She’s thrown backward and shouts no. Blood streams out of her mouth, nose and eyes and she cries out that she’s sorry and says – I’ll do whatever you want.

Klaus and Elijah watch the festivities in the Quarter and Klaus says Hayley has agreed to move home to them. He sees Marcel across the way. Klaus asks his brother if he thinks he’ll truly find peace once Mikael is gone for good. Elijah tells him he also needs to make peace with the living.

Flashback to Marcel demanding to the slave owner to know why he hasn’t freed the other slaves since the authorities have demanded it. The owner asks if they’ve made him one yet and says he doesn’t think so. They whip a woman and Marcel runs to help her. The man shoots Marcel. Klaus tends his wound and asks to heal him.

Marcel tells him to either turn him or let him die. Klaus says he doesn’t know what he’s asking. He says becoming like him would rob him of all that’s good. Marcel says he knows all of who Klaus is and it’s what he wants. He says please. Klaus bites his wrist and lets Marcel drink while he holds him close. Now, he stares across the street at Marcel who walks away.

Marcel walks down the street and Klaus says his time up as soon as the clock strikes 12. Marcel says he knows that Klaus is plotting something with the wolves. He says he wonders if they’re plotting to bite all the vamps to get them to vow allegiance to him again so he will cure them. Marcel says it’s not going to happen and Klaus says that’s his choice just as he chose to bring Mikael to town back in the day.

He yells at Marcel and says he spent decades trying to make up to Marcel what his own father did to him and yet Marcel unleashed his nightmare dad on him. He asks how he failed Marcel who tells him he didn’t fail him, he raised him and taught him how to be strong. He says he will fight for his city until he’s dead. Klaus says he would expect nothing less and walks away from him.

Elijah comes to Hayley and she says if she died and someone threw a party, she’d be pissed. He draws closer and says – you almost did. He says he can’t recall a time he felt so frightened. She looks down and he walks away but she calls his name and walks to him. She pulls him into a passionate embrace and kiss. Then he’s gone.

Davina is in the greenhouse when her hands starts bleeding through the bandage. The wind chimes tinkle. She asks if it’s Tim. But not, it’s Mikael. She asks who he is and he tells her that her friend Tim has moved on and she’s sorry for what his son did to him. She says he’s Klaus’ father and he says he’s the only one who can rid her of Klaus forever. He says he needs her to do something for him and she asks what she can do. He tells her she needs to bring him back to life!!!