The Originals RECAP 4/22/14: Season 1 Episode 19 “An Unblinking Death”

The Originals RECAP 4/22/14: Season 1 Episode 19 “An Unblinking Death”

Tonight on the CW their new fantasy drama, THE ORIGINALS airs again and in the episode called “An Unblinking Death” Kieran gets angry due to Cami trying to do good, Elijah and Klaus argue over how they should deal with the Crescent Wolves. Elijah begins to hate the communities and later Haley learns something surprising.

On last week’s episode Genevieve asked Elijah to allow her coven to publicly celebrate a traditional feast day, where members of the community offered the witches gifts in return for blessings. Meanwhile, Elijah made plans to restore his home to its former glory; and Klaus sent Cary, a werewolf from his own line, whom found a missing piece of family history.  Did you watch last week’s episode?  We did and we have a full and detailed recap, right here for you.

On tonight’s episode Cami’s good intentions lead Kieran to a violent episode. Meanwhile, Elijah and Klaus disagree over how to handle the Crescent Wolves. Elijah travels to the bayou and witnesses a horrific explosion that only adds to the hatred among the communities. Later, Hayley learns a surprising piece of her family history from Marcel.

We hope you stop by for this cool new show! Klaus, Rebekah, and Elijah have been some of our most favorite villains on TV, and we’re excited to see how this season further explores their complexities and character quirks. Make sure to come back here later tonight at 8 PM EST for your LIVE recap. In the meantime hit up our comments section and tell us your thoughts on the first season of THE ORIGINALS!

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A priest prepares the sacrament for Father Kieran who hears a voice and turns to see Bastianna there. She tells him it’s too bad his faith can’t save him. The priest – his nephew Sean – cuts his throat and she holds the cup of blood out and tells him to drink. He slaps it out of her hand. He’s hallucinating about Sean’s death and doesn’t realize it was Cammie offering him a drink.

He calls her a bitch and says he knows who she is. Josh helps Cammie hold him down and Kieran comes out of it briefly and realizes it’s Cammie before he gets nutty again. She tells Josh it’s a good sign that he came out of it for a minute and says he just needs a shock to the system. She says she knows how they might be able to fix him.

Klaus is ransacking the library looking for his mother’s grimoire. Elijah comes in and asks what he’s doing. Klaus says he thought it was the witches that took it, but since he taught them a lesson he now suspects Elijah. He tells Klaus that he hid the grimoire so he couldn’t use it to mess with the Crescent Moon wolves. Klaus insists he’s trying to help the underdog wolves and he’s trying to keep Hayley safe by empowering the tribe she’s with.

Elijah says that there could be an uprising that could put her more at risk. Elijah says he won’t let Klaus turn New Orleans into a war zone. Klaus says war was brewing before they came back and tells Elijah to open up his ears and listen to the drums of war.

Marcel calls Cammie and offers to help her with Kieran. Josh told him what’s going on but she doesn’t want him to risk his life by coming to her. She tells him to stay away. They bring in a doctor to see Kieran and he snaps and growls at the guy like an animal when he tries to take his pulse.

Klaus takes a call from Marcel who tells him that Cammie needs him and is with Kieran. He hangs up. The doctor tells them he has to tell the authorities but then Cammie has Josh compel him to forget it but then Josh screws that up and Cammie asks the doc to sedate Kieran and then asks him about electro shock therapy to treat psychosis. He says in some patients it can reboot the brain but they only do it in extreme cases. She says her uncle’s case is quite extreme and was caused by a witch hex.

Hayley is working on breathing exercises and Eve tells her to chill out and not worry about having the baby out there instead of in a hospital with an epidural. Eve says her instincts will guide her. Hayley says she knows Klaus won’t change diapers and she’ll be doing it all alone. Eve says she doubts that and to underscore her statement, Elijah is at the door.

He asks to speak to Hayley as the conspirator of a supposed wolf uprising. He goes to the barn to talk to her, Ollie and Jackson. He tells them that an alliance with Klaus is a mistake. Jackson says he knows about Klaus’ reputation but if the rings could help them control their curse, he doesn’t care what else Klaus is after. Elijah says that many in the Quarter will consider this a provocation.

Elijah reminds Hayley she signed a pledge to peace and she says she just wants a better life for the pack. He tells her that an alliance with Klaus will not offer that. They hear a motorcycle and head out to investigate. A guy pulls up on a dirt bike and asks who’s in charge. Elijah watches with interest and then does his speedy vamp thing and grabs Jackson out of the way just as the bike and its rider explode. He and Jackson barely clear the blast zone.

Elijah is smokey and charred but alive. The other wolves were all knocked down by the blast. Ollie checks to see if Hayley is okay but she’s looking around and picks up a crying wolf child. She calls for Jackson and hands the boy off to him. Hayley calls Elijah over. One of the wolves is seriously injured. The wolf has a blistering sore and Elijah says there was wolfs bane in the bomb. She asks him to help them and then she goes to do triage on other wounded wolves.

Eve asks where she learned to do the first aid she’s working and Hayley tells her that as a teenage runaway, you learn a lot. Ollie is enraged. Ollie rants about vampires compelling people to do their dirty work. She tells him to take over while she goes and confronts who she thinks did this. She says she’s going to see Marcel and leaves.

Kieran is hooked up to an ECT machine and he tells the doctor there’s a special place in hell for him. Klaus comes in and says it’s a gruesome scene and that he’s there to do what her cowardly boyfriend (aka Marcel) will not. He says he got a call to come to her rescue. He says she needs to stop the madness. The doctor begs her not to make him do it and Cammie says she’ll do it herself. She charges up the machine and Klaus tells her not to make her uncle suffer but she says it’s his only chance and puts the shocky parts to his head. He screams in pain.

Hayley calls Elijah and she says she’ll be back as soon as she can but won’t tell him what she’s doing. She says she’s fine and asks him to take care of the pack while she’s gone and hangs up. He tells Jackson she’s okay and Elijah says that the bomb could have been worse but then he spots an incendiary device under one of the trailers. He tells Jackson to get everyone out of there but it’s too late – bombs go off left and right. Some wolves run and some are injured and others are obviously dead.

Kieran comes out of it and asks Cammie what she did to him. She says they need to do it again since he’s semi-coherent. Klaus tells the doctor to check him and the doc says Kieran’s heartbeat is irregular and he can’t take any more. Klaus pulls her outside for a private word and tells Cammie this story doesn’t have a happy ending. He tells her the treatments will kill Kieran and he doesn’t want her to have to live with that. She tells him she can’t surrender but he says it’s time to let go. She says it’s not his decision.

Out at the wolf camp, Elijah walks through the smoking ruins and injured wolves. Jackson kneels by one dead wolf and then Ollie screams for help and tries to lift a trailer off a wolf. Elijah comes to help and easily lifts the mobile home off the woman. Hayley walks into Diego’s lair and attacks him. She tells him someone attacked her pack. She tells him to tell her where Marcel is while she has his heart underneath her hand as a death threat. She tells him families died. He gives her the address and says if Marcel is still in town, that’s where he’ll be.

Josh tells the doctor to stay back from Kieran since he’s murdery. The doc wants to talk to the witches who did this and Josh says that’s a bad idea. Then Kieran has a fit and bites his own hand bloody like he wants to eat it. Josh calls out for some help.

At the river, Hayley calls Klaus and asks where he is. She tells him about the suicide bomber at the camp and says she thinks it’s Marcel that set them up. Klaus is trying to talk to her and help Cammie get Kieran sedated at the same time. He tells Hayley that as soon as he is done there, she will have his undivided attention. He tells Josh to compel the doctor to forget this. He asks Hayley to please stay out of trouble and she tells him not to worry and says Elijah is with her (LIE!). She walks into a decrepit warehouse by the river alone.

Elijah and Jackson tend to Eve and Elijah asks Ollie why she’s not healing. He says she never activated the wolf gene so she can’t heal. Elijah offers his blood to heal her and Ollie says she would rather die than that. Ollie says they can’t let the vamps get away with it and Jackson says they don’t even know who did it. Ollie says – the hell we don’t – and takes off angry and ready to fight back.

Hayley finds Marcel drinking alone and he says he would offer her one but points to her bump. He offers her a seat instead. She tells him it’s a sweet pad and he says it’s temporary and a friend hooked him up. He says he still has some friends that warn him of things – especially people coming to accuse him of things he didn’t do. He tells her she didn’t have to work Diego over like that and tells her they’re long overdue for a chat.

He tells her she’s a tough girl and a lot like her Dad. He tells her he knew her whole family and if she knew them like he did, she would know how many enemies they had. He tells her the Crescent Moon pack was bloodthirsty back in the day and always killing to gain power. He had the curse done to put an end to the violence without killing them all. He says he has a thing about kids and she says she’s heard. He calls her Andrea la Bonniere and says she’s living proof of his policy.

Kieran is in cardiac arrest and Klaus tells Cammie to look away. He plunges his hands into his chest to massage his heart. She asks Klaus to give him his blood. Klaus thinks the hex will die with Kieran’s body. She begs him to do it and Klaus bites his wrist and feeds Kieran. She watches him flatline and cries. Klaus looks at her thoughtfully as she cries.

Hayley asks how long Marcel has known who she is. He says he figured it out after the wolves came out to the plantation house. She asks if he killed her parents. He says the wolves were in-fighting and he doesn’t know who killed them. He says he got there afterward and found her in her crib. He says she was the last la Bonniere and he took her to Father Kieran so she wouldn’t be a pawn in a power game.

He offers her money to go away and start over. He says he’s not the guy who attacked the pack but says that he might be one day if things don’t calm down. Hayley asks if his plan is to get her out of town so Elijah and Klaus will follow her. He says that would be a positive side effect. She asks why he doesn’t leave instead and he says he was born there and she reminds him she was too. Marcel tells her the suicide bomber was a compulsive gambler who owed debts to the human casinos. He tells her that when things go bad again he wants her to remember that he tried to get her clear of it again.

Cammie lights a candle for Kieran and Klaus tells her he has to go. She asks what happens next and he says Kieran will wake craving blood but that he will be back before then. She says Kieran will be furious with her and he says the goal of turning him was to give her a chance to say goodbye. She asks him to stay a bit longer and he agrees.

Elijah walks through the camp of dead wolves and into the big barn where the injured are treated. Jackson asks if this is the peace he promised and then tells Elijah that Klaus’ offer would save them from contempt of others. Jackson says he wants to make this place safe for Hayley and the baby. Elijah looks at him like he’s seeing him anew.

Kieran wakes up and asks Cammie what happened. He says he could feel the hex like a living thing inside of him. He says it’s gone and she hugs him but then Klaus says they have news to break to him. Klaus says the hex was broken by his death. Kieran asks how long he was dead and Klaus says a few hours and Cammie tells him she made Klaus do it. Kieran says the devil has a deal for him after all.

Klaus tells him the hunger will get stronger and Kieran says he knows how it works. Klaus says he has to feed or die and Kieran says then he’s dead already. He asks to be alone with Cammie for a private moment. She thanks Klaus for being kind and helping her today. He walks out and leaves them alone.

Ollie watches over Eve as she starts to wake. She asks him how she looks and he says she looks fine. She tells him he’s a terrible liar. He says if she triggers the curse, she’ll heal. He tells her it’s who she is and she needs to accept it. He tells her they live like animals, scared to stand up for themselves. He asks who will lead them and says Jackson wants them to bow down to the hybrid and that Hayley isn’t one of them.

Eve asks what he’s done and says she knows he wouldn’t hurt his own people. He says it wasn’t supposed to happen like this. He says he just wanted to make a little noise, but “they” stabbed him in the back. Eve asks who. She asks who put him up to it. She calls him stupid and asks if he knows what the pack will do to him when they find out. Ollie closes the door and tells her they’re not going to find out. He says if they did, all those people would have died in vain. He says he had to do what it took to make them strong. She begs him no as he approaches. He smothers her and tells her sorry.

[9:23:48 PM] Rachel Rowan: Cammie tells Kieran she found everything except the key he asked for. He says it’s an important part of their family legacy and she has to find it. She promises to. He tells her he’s sorry and never wanted her involved in any of this. She says this can’t be how it ends and he says it was the only way and he made peace with it a long time ago.

He hugs her and tells her he doesn’t know how bad it’s going to get and he doesn’t want her to see it. He says he’s going to let go and she’s going to walk out without looking back. He makes her promise to go without looking back. She does. He lets her go and she walks out sobbing.

Ollie riles up the wolves. Elijah watches as Hayley joins him and asks what he’s doing and what’s going on. He says Ollie is making a move for power in the wake of tragedy and tells her there was another attack after she left. He tells her Jackson will need her help and says the wolves will want vengeance and blood for blood. She goes to Eve’s deathbed and cries. He tells her in troubled times, people look to the loudest, not the best, to lead.

Kieran kneels and prays in the attic of the church. Klaus confronts Genevive about the attack on the wolves and his child. She says the wolves have many enemies and he says he has seen the depths of her cruelty. She says she didn’t attack them. She says she must seem so ugly by the glow of his pure, precious Camille and that she heard about her recent loss.

He tells her Kieran is free from the hex and is a vampire now. Genevive say the hex is too powerful and will return if it hasn’t already. Kieran’s hand is shaking as he draws a knife to take his life. Bastianna is there and tells him not yet – she says his work is not done and that he must make a penance with those he holds dear. Genevive tells Klaus that the boundary spell won’t work now that Kieran is dead and, sure enough, he walks out the door with an evil look on his face.

Cammie is praying in the church when Kieran comes into the sanctuary. She looks up in shock and asks if he’s changed his mind. He says he has and pulls a knife on her and attacks. She’s forced to jump down over a bannister and crawls for the doors. He tells her not to fight. He leaps down and says – in death we are whole again. He drags her back toward the altar. Sean is there and tells him to kill her. Bastianna is there ordering him to do it as well. But then Klaus is behind him and snaps Kieran’s neck. He says – you deserved far better than this – and stakes Kieran.

Marcel gets a call from Klaus who tells him he never thought he had anything to do with the attack on the wolves. He says the priest is dead and his exile is suspended for 24 hours so he can come bury his friend. Marcel asks why he’s doing this and Klaus says Cammie woke in the dark, alone and scared and called Marcel’s name. Klaus says if he can offer her comfort, he should. Marcel comes to Cammie and kisses and holds her while she cries.

Hayley says a silent goodbye to Eve and then goes out to see the wolves. Ollie is still riling them up.

Marcel comes to Diego’s lair and tells him Kieran’s dead. He asks Josh if he got it and he hands over the key and says it was around Kieran’s neck like he said. Josh says he doesn’t feel good about taking it, but Marcel says people will be coming after it and them having it will protect Cammie. Marcel tells them the city is at a breaking point and every faction will be up in arms. He says they need to be ready.

Klaus asks Elijah if he’s ready to give up on the peace accord now that all hell is breaking loose. Elijah hands Klaus the grimoire and says he needs it if he’s going to make the treaty with the wolves work. Klaus asks if Hayley is responsible for his change of heart. Elijah says if he has to choose a side in the coming war, he chooses them and toasts Klaus to “their victory.”