The Originals RECAP 5/6/14: Season 1 Episode 21 “The Battle of New Orleans”

The Originals RECAP 5/6/14: Season 1 Episode 21 “The Battle of New Orleans”

Tonight on the CW their new fantasy drama, THE ORIGINALS airs again and in the episode called “The Battle of New Orleans” Klaus and Elijah enact a plan that promises to alter the fates of Hayley and the werewolf community, and lead to the extermination of the French Quarter vampires. Meanwhile, Marcel rallies an army to battle the Mikaelsons and regain control of the city; and Francesca threatens Cami, who deciphers a code that leads to a surprising revelation among the city’s factions.

On last week’s episode Hayley confronted a surprising enemy and fell into peril during a wake to honor a late member of the community. Meanwhile, Klaus suffered from nightmares about his father and was forced to examine his own troubled relationship with his adoptive son; and Marcel learned about Francesca’s quest to find a mysterious key that will unlock a family secret.  Did you watch last week’s episode?  If you missed it we have a full and detailed recap, right here for you.

On tonight’s episode Klaus (Joseph Morgan) and Elijah (Daniel Gillies) enact a plan to collect the sacred stones needed by Genevieve (guest star Elyse Levesque) in order to forever change the fates of Hayley (Phoebe Tonkin) and the werewolf community. Realizing that Klaus’ plan will lead to the extermination of all French Quarter vampires, Marcel (Charles Michael Davis) rallies an army determined to take down the Mikaelsons and regain control of the city. Davina (Danielle Campbell) warns Josh (guest star Steven Krueger) to leave town as she is forced to make a fateful decision that will turn the tide of war. Meanwhile, Francesca (guest star Peta Sargent) threatens Cami (Leah Pipes), who attempts to decipher a code that results in a surprising revelation among the city’s factions.

We hope you stop by for this cool new show! Klaus, Rebekah, and Elijah have been some of our most favorite villains on TV, and we’re excited to see how this season further explores their complexities and character quirks. Make sure to come back here later tonight at 8 PM EST for your LIVE recap. In the meantime hit up our comments section and tell us your thoughts on the first season of THE ORIGINALS!

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Jackson and Ollie speed down the road with a bag of rocks. Ollie says it’s a lot of driving and says that Hayley seems to have Klaus wrapped around her finger. They roll up on a police road block and Jackson tells Ollie to relax. The officers ask them to step out of the car and then pull guns on them. Marcel and Diego are there and have compelled the officers. Marcel says to do as they say before things take a nasty turn.

Josh basks in the sun enjoying his daylight ring made for him by Davina. She tells him now that he has the ring, he needs to leave town. He says she needs him and he’s not going. She sees Mikael’s ghost on the street corner and Josh asks if she’s okay. She says Marcel asked her for a cloaking spell because he’s going to make a big move on Klaus. She gave it to him but is worried Klaus will find out. She says Klaus isn’t the only thing to be afraid of and asks him to leave town if war breaks out.

Genevive looks at the moonlight ring spell and tells Klaus it’s very complicated. She tells him that her new spell will protect from the moon but will also increase strength and speed. She’s got venom in there too to make the wolves lethal to vampires. He tells her he wants 100 of the rings, not just one for Hayley.

Genevive says that’s not the deal she made with Elijah and he tells her the deal has changed. He flirts and she asks if he thinks she’ll do it because they’re sleeping together. He offers her not only protection but a gift of his mother’s grimoire. All she has to do is make the rings and pledge loyalty. She tells him his plan is to build a werewolf army and he tells her that he and the wolves are not her enemy. He says if she does this for him, she will never need to fear anyone again.

At Cammie’s workplace, the customers all hustled out by Francesca and her muscle. She tells Cammie that she’s the new owner and she got it cheap since Sophie kicked the bucket. Cammie tells her she doesn’t want any trouble and Francesca says she wants Kieran’s key. Cammie doesn’t think that Francesca will use it to protect anyone but herself.

She tells Cammie the key is hers as leader of the human faction. Cammie tells her she doesn’t have the key and Francesca tells her that New Orleans is a hard city to get by in without friends. She gives Cammie a day to turn up with the key before things get ugly.

Diego beats on Ollie and Jackson tells him to stop. Marcel wants to know why they are meeting with Klaus and why they have a bag of black cyanine stones. Marcel says he knows enough to know they are witch spell ingredients. Neither of the wolves are talking. Diego says the problem with two werewolf hostages is that you only need one.

He pulls out a welding torch and threatens Ollie. Jackson says if they let Ollie go, he’ll tell them anything they want to know. Marcel says that’s a deal. Marcel tells Diego to drop Ollie off way out in the bayou since he’ll be going wolf in about eight hours anyway. Diego asks if he’ll get to kill Jackson but Marcel says he has a better idea.

Klaus takes a call from Elijah telling him the wolves have gone lost. Klaus says their car was abandoned on a back road and says they’ve been shanghaied. Klaus says it can only be Marcel who had the nerve to take them. He tells Elijah Davina gave Marcel a cloaking spell and he needs some leverage before he goes to see her. He tells Elijah he’s taking care of it. He sees Josh and pounces on him and gives him a potentially lethal hybrid bite.

Davina sits in the greenhouse and Mikael is there too. He calls to her but she can’t see him. She walks toward his voice and looks around. Josh is thrown at her feet and he tells her he’s sorry. Klaus comes in and tells her that Josh has a werwolf bite that will kill him. She asks why he did it and he says because she sided with Marcel again.

He says he can cure him if she tells him where Marcel is. She asks if he’ll kill Marcel too and he says that Marcel chose his path. Davina says that he’s in Thierry’s old place – a warehouse by the river. He starts to leave and tells her that Josh has 24 hours to live and he’ll cure him after he makes sure he has no further use for Davina. He tells her next time to answer quicker.

Cammie comes to an apartment of Kieran’s that he owned. The superintendent lets her in and tells her they all miss Kieran and that he was a good man. She asks to see the place alone and he lets her. She looks at the old symbols that were on the box in her brother’s crypt and then looks around the apartment. The symbols translated to the address of the apartment and she’s not sure where to begin.

She grabs a beer from the fridge and says here’s to buried treasure. She opens the closet and sees a false back. She knocks on it and tries to figure out how to open it. She slides it out of the way and sees another room. It’s a storage room of old photos, apparatus, files, documents and more. She picks up an antiquated syringe then sees a box that says for Cammie on it.

Hayley is pacing and worried because Elijah isn’t back yet. Genevive tells her to sit down and relax. She tells her high blood pressure is bad for her and the baby. Hayley says she feels useless but G tells her she’s the point of all this drama and she’s a bit envious. G asks if she can get her anything and Hayley says – a moonlight ring. She tells her she can’t work the spell yet and needs the stones. She tells Hayley to have a little faith.

Klaus shows up and finds Jackson tied up and an explosive device triggered to Jackson’s chair. Elijah works on dismantling the IED while Klaus asks where Marcel is. Elijah says the explosives are like the ones from the attack on the bayou and asks why he thinks Marcel is innocent. Klaus finds more and more explosives including dynamite and C4. One detonator goes green as Hayley is on the phone with Elijah stressing out.

In the last box, Klaus finds a note that says – this is for Thierry. They run for Jackson as the building explodes in a fireball. Hayley hears the explosion as the shock of the explosion rocks the Quarter. Elijah brings Jackson in and she says – thank God you’re alive. Klaus tells her he’s alive too if she cares. She asks about the stones and Elijah says they are all in the Mississippi.

Jackson says it’s his fault but Hayley says no one is blaming him. Klaus says he’s blaming him, but has a backup plan to get more stones. Klaus invites Francesca over. She brings her brothers along to negotiate. She introduces him to them. She says if he and Marcel are going to go to war, she wants to be on the winning side. She offers Klaus a handful of the needed rocks and says she can get more.

Elijah is suspicious of her but she says she just wants her family protected. She tells Elijah her price for doing business was full disclosure and she says she wants to solidify her allegiance to the ruling class and says she’s worried about Marcel coming after her and hers. She asks to consolidate their efforts and Klaus agrees. He says they should get started.

Hayley treats Jackson’s wounds and he thanks her. She says to thank Elijah for saving you. She tells him this is the last time he’ll have to change against his will and he tells her that Elijah is doing all this for her and that she’s changing things for the wolves. Elijah comes in and Jackson thanks him and leaves.

Elijah tells her that Jackson risked his life to save Ollie. He says he’s a good man and Hayley agrees. She tells him that her family betrothed her to Jackson. She says she didn’t know how to tell him and he says he understands sacrifices for family. She tells him not to be noble and to tell her that it’s stupid and she has a choice. He kisses her. He tells her she will always have a choice.

Genevive tells Klaus she needs one last ingredient. She says she needs the blood of a werewolf that doesn’t turn on the full moon and he says she can’t have Hayley’s. He offers his instead. He grabs her and tells her that if she fails to uphold her end of the deal, the consequences will be apocalyptic. She tells him he says the most romantic things. She cuts his hand and he drips his blood onto the rocks.

Marcel welcomes a group of vamps and tells them that Klaus found a way to make the wolves lethal to them 24/7. He says if Klaus does this, the vamps will go from hunters to prey in one night. He says the explosion at the docks was him trying to stop Klaus but it didn’t work. Marcel says they didn’t fail against Klaus before – it was just that he called off the attack because he thought it would save them.

Marcel tells them that if you know yourself and your enemy, you can triumph in battle. Marcel says they will go tonight, hit them hard, kill the witch and the spellbook and destroy it all at once. He says he knows all the nooks and crannies of the compound. He says he will draw Klaus away and they just have to get around Elijah to take out the witch. He asks who’s with him and the vamps all cheer.

Genevive works the spell as Klaus and Hayley watch. She chants. Francesca comes in and says Marcel is on the way with friends. Hayley refuses to leave and says she’ll guard Genevive while she finishes. Francesca offers to stay with them as well. Hayley tells Elija to go and not hold back. They lock eyes for a moment and then he and Klaus leave.

In the courtyard of the compound, vampires stream in to face off with Klaus and Elijah. He tells his brother he thought they had learned their lesson. Marcel shows up and tells Klaus has one last chance to pack his stuff and get out of town. Marcel says they won’t stop until they kill them all. Elijah tells Klaus to kill him or he will. Klaus says he will and takes off after Marcel.

Elijah tells the other vamps to come at him. Klaus beats Marcel in the street and calls him pathetic for using explosives. Klaus says the explosives were like the ones in the bayou. Marcel says he got those from Francesca. He says he wouldn’t go after a pregnant woman because he’s not a monster like Klaus.

Cammie is looking at a family tree that’s in the file she was left. There’s a note that says the Guerrera werewolves may still be in the Quarter. She thinks about when Francesca told her that her family has been in New Orleans a long time. She makes a hurried call.

Elijah is kicking ass taking out one vamp after another. Diego orders them to flank him and take him down. Elijah is a whirlwind of death. One of Francesca’s guards tells her they need to go but she says not yet and watches Genevive. Cammie tries to call Hayley who ignores the call. G tells her the stones are finished and Hayley says she’ll get them to the bayou but then Francesca says she’s taking them.

G hands them over and they tell Hayley it was a side deal. Hayley asks if she’s crazy thinking humans can go up against Klaus. Francesca says she doesn’t think that and then she starts to shift. Her eyes yellow and she tells Hayley she’s like her and is going to take back her town. Hayley says – like hell – and goes for her, but G knocks her out with magic. Francesca tells G not to look so dour – she says we both got what we wanted as the witch looks down at Hayley’s unconscious body.

Klaus beats Marcel down to the ground. He stops when the other vamp is subdued. Klaus tells him his name fits him so well because it means little warrior. Marcel struggles to his feet and Klaus smacks him into a car and asks if there is no end to his defiance. Klaus says he must put him out of his misery and bites Marcel.

Cammie leaves Hayley a message saying Francesca is a werewolf descendent. Francesca tells her brothers their time has come. She tells them they know what to do and gives them each a stone. They are able to stop the change and go on the attack. Klaus stumbles to his knees as his hand comes open where Genevive sliced him.

He looks at Marcel and speeds off. The fountain in the courtyard runs blood and Elijah asks the vamps if they’re done. Francesca comes in and asks if they’re done. Her brothers attack Elijah and bite them. Diego yells out to the other vamps to run and Francesca tells them to kill as many of them as they can. They go to it. Diego runs but is caught.

Klaus comes in and bites a guy sweeping up at the restaurant. His hand still isn’t healing. Genevive comes in and tells him that he looks awful. He asks what she’s done and she says she linked the power to his blood. Each of the werewolves that doesn’t turn will draw from his strength, weaken him and cause him terrible pain.

He asks how she can do this and she asks him if he ever intended to give her his mother’s grimoire. She asks if he ever cared about her and he says she’ll never know. G tells him Francesca kept her end of the deal. She says the great irony is in wanting to take the city, he’s lost everything – Rebekah, Marcel and his child. She says Hayley will suffer because of his greed and he says he’ll kill her. She says he’s too weak and knocks him down screaming with some magic.

Davina tends to Josh in the greenhouse. He’s struggling. She tries to get him to drink some water. He’s all sweaty and sick. He coughs and she begs him to hang on. She flings the glass. Mikael is there and tells her she shouldn’t be surprised that Klaus left Josh to die. He tells her that Josh doesn’t have much time and he says as long as Klaus is in New Orleans, he can do it to Josh again even if she stops it.

Mikael tells her that he can spill some of Klaus’ blood to save Josh. She asks if he’ll pledge to help Josh and he says he’d like nothing more to help her. She just has to raise him from the dead and he says it’s a small price to pay. He says there is one weapon that can kill Klaus and he’s the only one with the strength to use it.

Josh coughs and she goes to him. He asks who she’s talking to. She says it doesn’t matter and she tells him she’s going to fix him. Ollie comes into the barn and Francesca is there. She tells him it’s done and a deal is a deal. She as a rock for him. He’s not happy about the extent of the explosion and the damage it did to his pack.

Francesca tells him it was going to be Hayley’s pack but they have something that will inspire loyalty from the Crescents and Guerreras. She holds up the rock. She says the only thing she had to trade away was the one person that could have challenged them. She says every revolution requires sacrifice and that the witches drove a hard bargain.

She says the city can belong to the wolves again and all they have to do is take it. She holds out the black rock and he takes it. In the compound, vampires are dying from wolf bites. Marcel comes in and goes to each of them. He says no, no, no. Diego staggers in and tells Marcel that he’s sorry. Marcel grabs him as he collapses.

Cammie comes in and freaks. He tells her that she has to go because the wolf bitten vamps will go blood crazy. She tells him to find Klaus because they need his blood. Elijah comes to and goes for Marcel but Cammie tells him he doesn’t have Hayley. She says someone else does. Elijah asks where Klaus is and he says he left him in the street. He says he got jacked up by a witch spell and Elijah says – Genevive.

Hayley is dragged into the church and Genevive says the baby is coming now. She tells Monique they can’t bring her to the city of the dead now. Hayley asks why she’s doing this to her and Monique says the ancestors demand an offering for power and her child will be that offering.

Hayley says she will kill all of them. Monique says she won’t and neither will Klaus or Elijah. Genevive tells her she’s sorry but this is the way it has to be. Hayley screams in pain as her labor progresses. Klaus hears this and screams out in rage as he staggers weakly down the street.

The End!