The Originals Season 1 Episode 12 Review – Spoilers Episode 13 “Crescent City”

The Originals Season 1 Episode 12 Review – Spoilers Episode 13 “Crescent City”

We have your weekly review of last night THE ORIGINALS episode 12 called, “Dance Back from the Grave.”  Last night’s episode opened with Celeste is in the cemetery with the witches she brought in last weeks ep, apparently they like to go walking after midnight. Celeste goes to,a,headstone and lights a candle. Flashback: New Orleans two women run to see a voodoo ritual taking place. All the witches in the quarter are there to see the great Papa Tunde. He comes walking out dressed in white had from toe with a extremely large snake on his shoulders. Papa Tunde thanks them for inviting him and then claims that he to practices ancestral magic, is that the PC term for bad mojo? Papa Tinde tells them a great darkness is coming and that their city has been overrun by pirates, beast and vampires. He throws his snake in the fire,he then explains he also practices other types of magic, sacrificial magic to be exact which he uses to vanquish his enemies. Papa Tunde tells,them he will destroy their enemies and in exchange they will accept him his family into the coven and make him their leader. Papa Tunde puts his hat back on.

Still in flashback mode we see Elijah Elijah meeting with some mafia types, side note the mafia types happen to be werewolves. As usual Klaus is running on his own time and is late, I take that back he is coming down the stairs like he runs the place…..oh wait. Originals can’t be killed if bitten by a werewolf so therefore they feel the need to negotiate. Elijah says they run the New Orleans ports and with prohibition about to become the law of the land Elijah will help them bring in their liquor. Papa Tunde interrupts, Elijah tries to take the dignified route and explain its a private meeting. Klaus thinks he is either ambitious or mad. Papa Tunde says he is also a King. Elijah ask if he represents the French Quarter witches. Papa Tunde tells him that he does now and he expects future negotiations to go smoothly and as a guarantee he brought a gift. One of his sons come forward and puts a basket on the table, Papa Tunde touches it and walks away. Klaus opens the basket and finds the Mayors head inside. Klaus says he supposes they will need a new one.

Back in the present Marcel comes downstairs liquor bottle in hand. Diego complains about Klaus calling them there but them being a no show, Marcel couldn’t careless of he tried and tells Diego to suck it up its a new regime. Klaus finally graces them with his presence and has even brought a party favor along in the form of Thierry. Marcel is not pleased. Smiles and applause all around for Thierry. Marcel tells Klaus he should go to Mystic Falls more often. Klaus enjoys scandalous sex just as much as Caroline. Klaus tells Marcel he would but he has business there, he then brings up the death of Davina adding more pain to Marcel’s all ready fragile heart and mind. Klaus tells them that they can no longer monitor the witches but since their harvest failed their magic will soon be gone forever bright side to everything. Klaus ask Diego to lead a rousting in the Quarter. Diego loving a good trouble making opportunity is all in. Klaus wants Marcel to join Diego. Marcel says no one has time for that and he’s taking a personal day. Which in Marcel terms I’m pretty sure means I’m going to stay drunk to numb the pain.

Rebekah is walking with Elijah in the Quarter. Elijah brings up the fact that Klaus seems to be showing progress. Rebekah having nine of that nonsense tells Elijah she is the reason why but she explains that she is the reason Thierry is out that she convinced klaus to release him. Way to go with bursting Elijah’s bubble. Rebekah tells him that she thinks since Thierry dated a witch he might be useful in helping her find out who stole the harvest magic. Rebekah wants to know who took so she can make them her ally. Elijah wants to know to what end. Rebekah tells him she is tired of being controlled and threatened by her tyrant brother. Elijah says this type of behavior disappoints him when it comes to Rebekah, he ask her if she can see that Klaus is making a effort. Rebekah agrees that Klaus is in a brilliant mood, but she questions for how long. Elijah ask Rebekah not to provoke Klaus. Rebekah walks away.

Klaus is scolding Marcel for putting all the weight on his shoulders while Marcel sits and pouts. Marcel points out after doing a shot that Klaus is the one who wanted to be king and he looks like he has it covered. Marcel tells him he is not in the mood for vampire hi jinx. Klaus says no that of course he isn’t he would rather sit and wallow in sorrow for his little friend. Marcel gets up and tells him he best not push him. Klaus tells,him he is sorry Davina is gone but Marcel is boring him. Diego walks in and tells them they have a problem.

Diego leads them to where two of their own lay dead. Marcel looks down at them and then walks away. Klaus tells Marcel that someone has to account for it. Marcel tells him if he wants revenge to get it himself, that the mark on their dead heads is tied to some bad mojo, shouldn’t Klaus already know that? Marcel says if any of them have any brains they’ll head back to the compound and stay the hell out of this. Marcel out. Klaus naturally being the blood thirsty type says they are going to find who ever did this and Klaus himself will show them what suffering is.

Thierry and Rebekah me at the docks, he tells her he found something he thought she might want to see before Klaus does. Rebekah is impressed, not even a whole day out of the garden and dude is already oodles of usefulness. Thierry shows her the same symbol on the ground. Thierry says he has never seen it, Rebekah has a long time ago, she thinks someone is copying a very dangerous witch. Papa Tunde calls Rebekah’s name and she turns around in shock and says it’s not possible. Papa Tude assures her it is, after all it is magic. Rebekah runs towards him, he grabs her by the throat and chokes her chanting as he does so. Veins appear all over Rebekah’s face, she becomes pale, she screams in pain as he puts her down on her knees. Thierry takes off. Papa Tunde takes out a knife made of a bone and slices across her head.

Klaus and Elijah are looking at a dead vampire with the symbol on the head. Klaus tells him someone will die for this. Elijah tells Klaus it’s dark magic and he hoped never to see that symbol again. Klaus says it’s the signature of a fool that once stood up against them and that clearly some up,start witch is salvaging old tricks and Klaus will do for him what he did for the other. Klaus tells Diego when night falls he wants him to gather every vampire in the quarter and bring him the head of whoever did this on a stick. Diego tells him that will be no easy task the other vampires are scared because a witch hasn’t killed one of them in a very long time. Sure enough Diego was right not a single vampire is willing to help Klaus, he tells them they should no better and that he will handle it himself.

Cami is,trying to get ahold of Sophie but unfortunately all she gets is her answering machine. Marcel walks in and Cami grabs a bottle to keep him at bay, Cami tell him she is on vervain. Marcel tells,her he heard she broke free of Klaus compulsion, he tells her is having problems of the witch variety and wants to wait for Sophie. Marcel grabs the bottle Cami had and ours himself a shot. Cami tells him she thought he would be on too of the world know that he has Davina back. Marcel tells Cami that Davina is gone. Cami assumes Klaus is responsible. Marcel tells Cami it wasn’t Klaus. Marcel tells,her that Davina’s magic was to much for her so they did this crazy ritual so now she is limbo or waiting for her ancestors. Marcel hurls his glass and it shatters on the back of the bar, Marcel starts crying. Cami tells him she’s sorry, Marcel says yeah and he is sorry as well.

Hayley is sitting on Davina’s bed looking over her drawings. Elijah comes in and seems surprised she sis looking at them. Haley tells him she knows it’s morbid. Elijah tells her they will find whoever did this. Haley tells him she isn’t worried she just thinks it’s funny it took a supernatural threat for him to,come into,the same room as her. Elijah tells her he is sorry if she feels neglected. Elijah explains that even the slightest contact they have seems to infuriate Klaus. Haley puts in our speak and says since Klaus is a dick and Elijah wants to be a good brother so they can’t hang with out. Haley says she gets it but seems like a crappy deal.

Marcel is drawing the symbol with a pen on a napkin when Klaus calls. Cami calls Klaus El Presidente. Marcel decides to ignore it. Cami asks Marcel why he is loyal to him. Marcel tells her for someone who isn’t interested in a guy she sure does ask a lot of questions about him. Cami tells Marcel her interest is purely academic. Marcel thinks she’s mad at Klaus for using her and is looking for a way to get back at him, Marcel tells,her it won’t end well. Marcel starts telling her a story about someone who went up against Klaus.

Flashback- Marcel says he had just returned from World War 1. Marcel is in uniform walking into a party. Marcel says he had been trying to get out of New Orleans for awhile but something kept drawing him back. Marcel,walks over to Rebekah who is mad at him for leaving her in a box for 52 years. Marcel ask how long she is going to be mad at him. Rebekah says twice that seems like a good start, she gets up and leaves. Klaus Klaus greets him with a hug and calls him a war hero. Elijah is nice and looks pleased to,see he is back. Klaus then tells Marcel about Papa Tunde and how,he wants a piece of the city they built. Klaus tells,him that Elijah feels they should come to a agreement with him peacefully. Klaus not so much. Elijah feels that Marcel has seen enough horrors and therefore should be inclined to side with discretion. Klaus tells Marcel that Papa Tunde is a charlatan. Speak of the devil in walks Papa Tunde , Elijah is certain Marcel will be able to make up his own mind. Marcel tells Klaus he invited him there , Klaus says of course they aren’t savages. Klaus plays the good host and greets him and thanks himmfor accepting his invitation. Klaus tells him if he needs anything anything at all to let him know. . Marcel tells Cammie that he didn’t get it at first he didn’t why he invited him into their home when he was going to have to kill him. Marcel see thats the thing it was part of Klaus’s plan. he says it was all about sussing out his strengths and weaknesses, getting him to let his guard down. Marcel says that’s when he goes in for the kill. Cami calls Klaus a two faced sociopath. Cami calls Klaus a monster. Marcel tells her that they all are monsters but since Klaus is powerful,he doesn’t hide it. Cami tells Marcel Davina was powerful without being a monster. Marcel nods his head in agreement.

Papa Tunde is standing over Rebekah and slices his snake open and covers Rebekah in it. Rebekah looks like she is in a trance of some kind. Celeste walks in and Papa Tunde tells her it’s done that all of Rebekah’s power is now running through him. Celeste if that will be enough to hurt Klaus. Papa Tunde tells Celeste he is going to hurt Klaus just the way he hurt him. When he does with him he will wish he could die. Celeste smiles.

Marcel wants to know if iCami is going to open the bar. Cami jokingly says and let you eat the clientele. Klaus calls and wants Marcel to meet him at the Cauldron. Marcel,says thanks but no thanks I’m perfectly ok with sitting in Sophie’s bar getting drunk till she shows. When Klaus persist Marcel,hangs up on him. Sophie comes up behind Klaus and calls him by name, Klaus rushes to her puts his hand around her throat and says just the witch I was looking to brutalize, perhaps you can explain the attacks on my men.

Elijah is siting at home calling Rebekah who isn’t answering. Elijah tells Haley his fears. Elijah notices Thierry and ask him a few questions, when he refuses, Elijah slams him against the wall and Thierry tells him what happened with Papa Tunde. Haley ask where it happened at. Thierry tells him at the docks, warehouse 57 and he can’t tell Klaus about any of it. Elijah flings him into the wall and says he will take that into consideration. Haley wants to go with him. Elijah tells her to stay. Haley refuses, Elijah tells her she is not to leave his side.

Marcel tells Cami that he really did like her but the reason he kept her at bay was because of all the things that go on in his life. Cami calls him Romeo and tells him thanks but she is up to her eyeballs in it. Cami then ask about Papa Tunde. Marcel tells her a touching story about how Klaus thought that his sons were the channel for all his magic and therefore decided to gift Papa Tunde their heads in a box. Papa Tunde tell Klaus he is going to kill him. Klaus reminds him he can’t be killed and then adds insult to injury by ripping Papa Tundes eyes out. Cami is horrified. Marcel tells,her it was just business. Speaking of which, Papa Tunde has some with Marcel. Papa Tunde tells him he always remains in the shadow of his father and to climb out from underneath it so he can die like a man.

Marcel tells Cami to run and not to look back. Papa Tunde thinks she should stay he prefers a audience and he is about to put on quite the show. Papa Tunde whips out a bone with snake rattles on it and shakes it. Marcel lunges at him and snaps his neck for all the good it does, his neck goes right back. Cami calls Marcel, he repeats,she needs to get out of there. Papa Tunde grabs Marcel and tells him he is channeling the power of a Original, soon he will have all three but right now it is Marcel’s turn. He grabs his neck and starts saying the same chant he did with Rebekah. Cami hits him with a bottle. He shakes it off and then throws her across the room, which kind of but not really gives Marcel a fighting chance.

Sophie tells Klaus she thinks that his guys were given as a offering to gain more power. Cami calls Klaus bloody nose and all and tells him that he needs to get to the bar now some lunatic witch doctor is killing Marcel. Klaus tells Cami to as far away from there as she can.

Elijah and Haley find Rebekah but can’t go near her. Elijah explains someone is channeling her power and because she is a Original it won’t kill her. Haley ants to know what they are supposed to do. Elijah tells her they have to get Rebekah out of there.

Papa Tunde knows Marcel is one of the only people Klaus cares about and he will enjoy telling Klaus how he killed him. No need Klaus is there and grabs him and tells him he remembers killing him and relishing it and how fun it is to relieve fond memories. Papa Tunde throws him off his back.

Elijah is on the phone with Sophie, she tells him he can break the confinement spell by using anything up to and including the eye of newt. Elijah tells Haley he needs a favor. Haley knows what it is and offers her wrist. They put her blood on the symbol. It works and the symbol begins to dissolve.

Papa Tunde picks up Klaus and is about to knife him when Elijah jumps in and grabs Rebekah. Papa Tunde loses his power and Klaus nails him with a chair, he takes off. Klaus is checking on Marcel when Cami comes back in. Klaus tells her to get out. Cami ask if that guy finished Marcel off. Klaus tells her no but says he needs blood. Cami says she will do it. Klaus doesn’t want her involved in this. Cami says to bad, she goes over to Marcel and lets him bite,her neck and drink, Klaus looks on upset.

Rebekah finds Thierry slams him against a wall and threatens to rip out his coward heart. Thierry tells her at the end of the day it’s every man for himself. Rebekah tells him she is sick of that broken record. Elijah comes up behind him and snaps his neck. Elijah then tells Rebekah he asked to stop with the petty moves. Rebekah isn’t having any of that either. Rebekah tells Elijah his love for Haley will do more harm than anything she could ever do, and that he is a hypocrite that he would choose love over family and then condemn her for doing the same. Rebekah walks off and leaves Elijah standing there.

Rebekah is looking at one of the symbols on the wall in Sophie’s shop when Marcel walks in. Marcel tells her that symbol is everywhere, Rebekah takes that to mean Papa Tunde is marking his territory. Marcel tells her he has a lot of memories. Rebekah tells him memories are best left buried. Rebekah flashes back and to the party and Marcel being sauced while she sits down next to him. She wants to know if he is celebrating Papa Tunde’s death. Marcel says he is drowning his sorrows. That he is the one who brought Papa Tunde to town. Rebekah ask him why on earth he would do that. Marcel tElls,her he did it for her, he figures if he brought the biggest, baddest witch to town than maybe Klaus would get chased off. Rebekah tells Marcel the only man Klaus truly fears is her father Michael who apparently is a vampire who hunts vampires. Rebekah tells him all they need is a witch to help them find him. They look at the witch across the room.

Haley is back looking at Davina’s pictures when she hears a commotion downstairs. Elijah sees her and goes to say something but doesn’t, he walks away. Klaus is giving a speech because he never gets tired of hearing himself. Klaus is trying to get the vampires to wither fight with him or leave. Thierry walks out several others follow. Diego and several others stay.

Sophie is there to tell Klaus and Marcel what is going on. Sophie says it’s the harvest and whoever jacked the power brought four other witches back instead of the four that were supposed to be. Sophie tells Klaus he needs to stop him from killing night walkers. Klaus and Marcel go down to the tombs and find all of the vampires dead.

Celeste finds Papa Tunde and ask if it’s done. Papa Tunde tells her that his bone knife has enough power now to harm a Original. However there is one last sacrifice to be made. Papa Tunde gets down in his knees in front of Celeste and tells her it is his honor. Celeste thanks him and then slits his throat. Papa Tundes power transfers into the blade.


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At the re-opening of St. Anne’s Church, Father Kieran (guest star Todd Stashwick) finds himself in a great deal of trouble after a run-in with a witch from his past. Marcel (Charles Michael Davis) and Rebekah (Claire Holt) grow concerned when the reemergence of someone they once knew threatens to expose secrets they’ve kept buried for nearly a century. Elsewhere, Sophie (Daniella Pineda) is shocked when a discovery is made at the cemetery, but she soon realizes things may not be as they seem. With the full moon looming, Hayley (Phoebe Tonkin) lets Rebekah in on her plan to throw a party for her werewolf clan, but things take a dangerous turn when uninvited guests arrive. Meanwhile, Cami (Leah Pipes) is conflicted when she makes a difficult decision involving the safety of Father Kieran, and Elijah (Daniel Gillies) finds himself facing his own dilemma when he has to choose between Hayley and his siblings. Finally, when one of his plans fails, Klaus (Joseph Morgan) takes drastic measures in the Cauldron, resulting in dangerous repercussions that affect everyone involved. Chris Grismer directed the episode written by Michael Narducci and Julie Plec (#113).