The Real Housewives of Atlanta RECAP 3/23/14: Season 6 Episode 19 “Mexi-loco”

The Real Housewives of Atlanta RECAP 3/23/14: Season 6 Episode 19 “Mexi-loco”

There is so much craziness happening right now on The Real Housewive’s of Atlanta that it’s almost tough to keep track of who is fighting and all of the reasons why! The show is back tonight with an episode called  “Mexi-loco” and on tonight’s episode Gregg reveals a grudge he’s been quietly holding against Peter, causing a shocking confrontation.

On last week’s episode while soaking in the beauty of Mexico, Kenya downloaded Lawrence on her thoughts on Porsha and Kordell’s complicated relationship and also revealed lingering issues she had with Apollo. Later that evening, Kenya crashed the guys’ night out and confronted Apollo one-on-one regarding their troubled history, but the conversation was cut short when an unexpected guest showed up.  Did you watch last week’s episode?  We did and we have a handy recap, right here for your enjoyment.

On tonight’s episode as their Mexican vacation continues, Phaedra discovers Apollo having a private post-midnight moment with Kenya and confronts them. Apollo makes a surprising decision on whether to stand by his wife. In her continued quest to clear the air with the group, Kenya decides to “re-do” NeNe’s messy Pillow Talk event, and stunning opinions on cheating come to light. As the men retreat for some quality time alone, Gregg reveals a grudge he’s been quietly holding against Peter — causing a shocking confrontation. Once the women join the fray, NeNe enters into another heated argument with Peter.

Tonight is going to be another great episode of RHOA for sure and you’re not going to want to miss a minute. Tune in at 8Pm EST on Bravo and we’ll be recapping it live right here for you but in the meantime, hit up the comments and let us know your thoughts on all of the drama that has unfolded so far this season!

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Where we last left them – Phaedra had walked into the bar and found her husband speaking to Kenya alone in a corner. She didn’t like the look of it and so she went over there to ask what they were talking about. They told her they were creating a truce, but Phaedra believes that’s crap. And even the other ladies such as Nene and Porsha know something was wrong with that “truce” They later told Apollo that if Kenya really wanted a truce then she would have sat down with both him and his wife because Kenya actually has a problem with the two of them.

Apollo doesn’t see what he did was wrong though. He defended his actions to the rest of the group and he went as far to tell his wife to stop overreacting. His wife left the bar and he still couldn’t grasp how hurt she was by his actions. He followed her and attempted to bring her back to the bar, but she refused. So he left her by their hotel room (alone and locked out because he wanted to keep the key) – he felt that she should wallow alone.

But thankfully by the next day Apollo finally started to realize how much of a mess he made. He put together a surprise birthday party for his wife seeing as her real birthday is literally right around the corner.

Everyone came for the party (even Kenya). And the party for the most party wasn’t awkward or full of tension. Sure, there was the odd slip when Apollo used his birthday speech to tell his wife “let’s move forward” (yes, he is that much of an ass), but other than that everyone had a pretty good time.

The piñata full of condoms was the real hit of the night.

The gang appeared in good spirits afterwards and had gone on to enjoy a day doing things they all thought would be great, but like always these days go south the moment someone say “Couples Night”. Kenya planned a do over of that infamous “fun” event on their last night in Mexico. She thought it would be a nice send off. Yet like Porsha said in her confessional – these couples night are never fun.

There was one fun question and it was soon followed by another just begging to start trouble. The question asked Nene to pick out another couple and state one problem she has with them. Well, Nene called out Porsha and Kandi for what she thought was ignorance. She didn’t like their generalized statements and thought it was uncalled for. While Kandi doesn’t think she was all that ignorant to begin with.

The whole scenario came up a couple of weeks ago; Kandi had asked Nene if she was still getting her period. But Nene felt that she shouldn’t have been in doubt. She is after all a woman in her forties.

Then a second hot topic was cheating came up. Ms. Lawrence said that she felt all men had the capacity to cheat and after dragging Apollo into the conversation – the other man agreed. He said he even thinks that Phaedra is capable of cheating one day.

Now the other husbands and fiancée in Todd’s case feel like that’s going too far. If there’s any doubt on someone’s fidelity then you shouldn’t marry them. And before they could continue to argue Kenya suddenly called an end to the debate or whatever else it’s getting called.

She asked them to men to adjourn to the room inside so that she and the ladies can have a heart to heart.

Although the men were supposed to enjoy themselves away from the drama; things quickly digressed when Peter and Greg started talking. A while back Peter and Nene had gotten into an argument. And since then Gregg has been carrying around a grudge. So he made it clear to Peter that it wasn’t acceptable to get in Nene’s like he did at Kenya’s masquerade ball.

Then out of nowhere their argument went from 0 to 60. Peter tried at first to explain his side of things, but his reasoning was merely rejected out of hand instead of listened to. All Gregg wanted to hear was that Peter wasn’t going to do repeat of fighting with his wife.

Their argument had gotten so loud that it drew all the women inside. They had finished wrapping a truce, if that’s what it could be called, between Kenya and Phaedra. Both women agreed to not enter each other’s space and left it at “I don’t trust you” and “I don’t trust either”.

The real concern was the men. After the women joined them it just got worse. Nene entered the argument and told Peter what her grudges with him were. Such as she didn’t like him getting into women’s business and she told him to stop acting like a bitch!

That, right there, could be the end of their friendship!