The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills LIVE Recap “Star Sighting”: Season 5 Episode 5

The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills LIVE Recap "Star Sighting": Season 5 Episode 5

The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills returns to Bravo tonight with all new Tuesday December 16, season 5 episode 5 called, “Star Sighting” and we have your weekly recap below. Tonight, Kyle Richards returns home early from Spain to attend Kim Richards’s daughter’s wedding, and Eileen Davidson returns to work after a long break to reprise her role of Ashley Abbott on The Young and the Restless.

On the last episode, the two Lisas bond as Vanderpump invited Rinna to watch her receive a plaque on the Palm Springs Walk of Stars. Before jetting off for a family trip to Spain, Kyle feared that her coughing sister Kim would make her ill. But all was heavenly when Kyle arrived in Mallorca and settled into her 100-foot-long private yacht. Yolanda joined Kyle for fun in the water and sightseeing in the gorgeous town. But the perfect vacation was ruined when Yolanda got a phone call with horrible news about her daughter Bella. Did you watch the last episode? If you missed it we have a full and detailed recap right here for you

On tonight’s episode as per the Bravo synopsis, “Kyle returns home early from Spain to attend Kim’s daughter’s wedding, and Eileen returns to work after a long break to reprise her role of Ashley Abbott on The Young and the Restless. Meanwhile, Lisa Vanderpump, with pal Lisa Rinna in tow, receives a star on the Palm Springs Walk of Stars. Back at home, Yolanda deals with the fallout from her daughter’s DUI.”

Tonight’s episode is going to be filled with the usual Housewife drama and you won’t want to miss it, so be sure to tune in for our coverage of the show tonight at 9 PM EST! While you wait for our recap hit the comments and let us know how excited you are about the new season of “The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills!”

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It’s time for #RHOBH. In Spain, Kyle and Portia watch her dad sky and she says she knows something is up with Yolanda. She says David called about Bella being arrested for a DUI. Yolanda says she needs to get home as fast as she can but there’s no flight til tomorrow. She says Bella was at a party and had a glass of wine and then got stopped. She says Bella can be very immature and she just made a mistake. Yolanda cries and says she lost her dad in a car accident so this is a big fear she has to deal with.

Back in BH, Eileen is making anti-oxidant tea for Annamarie. She says she’s the daughter she never had and asks her to help her run her Young and the Restless lines. Eileen says she and Vince have fought more when she decided to retire and says he thinks it’s a great idea that she’s gone back to work. Annamarie holds Eileen’s Emmy while they run lines. Eileen says being nominated is nice but winning is even better. She explains the scene to Annamarie so she can rehearse with her.

They practice their soap opera stares. Eileen says she has 30-80 pages of dialog to memorize every day and says it’s taking up all the room in her brain. Back on the yacht, Kyle is talking to Mauricio and then Alexia and Sophia come to sit with them. He asks Yolanda if she’s ready to head home. They’re trying to distract her until she can leave and get back home. Yolanda says she’s trying to keep it together and not have a total meltdown.

Kyle says it makes her worry about her kids and says she’s tried to be the best example but you can’t be with them all the time. Over at Lisa V’s, she calls for Magdalena and asks why Giggy is in a towel. She says she meant to wash his suit not him. She takes Giggy and says she better never tell her to wash Ken’s clothes or she might find him naked in a towel. She talks about the star she’s getting on the walk in Palm Springs. Lisa says she was voted in unanimously so that shows she deserves it.

Ken complains about all her heavy luggage. They take Giggy and go but Ken has to chastise the swan not to by him. Lisa says it’s a love nibble. At Eileen’s, Jesse comes in when Vince comes in. She turns on the blender to make Jesse a shake while he’s talking and he complains about the noise. He kisses her goodbye and runs out. Eileen says it’s great that working on a soap, you can bring your kid to work with you. She says Jesse learned to crawl in her dressing room.

She takes him to the studio and reminds how much fun he had growing up in the hallways of CBS. She says he got to turn the Price is Right wheel and doing all kinds of stuff. We see an old photo of her nursing with him on set. Annamarie shows up to pick up Jesse from her and Eileen says he’s worn out from playing Minecraft in the car. They take off and leave her at work.

Yolanda shows up with a picnic lunch for her hubby at work. She tells him that jet lag is so strange. She tells him he’s a great step-dad and she appreciates him holding the fort. She says she knows that David can take care of whatever needs done and protect her children. She says he and Mohammed make the perfect dad together. He says they didn’t want her to come home that day it happened since it was frantic. She says this throws her all off.

David says it was a bad mistake but says he talked to Dr Phil about the middle child thing and there’s something to it. Yolanda says the three of them don’t always agree on parenting styles but they always respect each other. Vivca meets up with Brandi to appear on Brandi’s podcast. She calls her ghetto Barbie and Vivica laughs. Brandi compliments how she looks. Brandi talks about how she’s made it family friendly to make it easier to get advertisers.

Vivica says she’s been blessed in her career and knows when to move on to a new character. Vivica drops the f- bomb a few times and Brandi cringes. They talk about her new movie Chocolate City. It’s a stripper movie. Brandi says she can go without talking about naught bits but really likes to curse. Brandi says this is definitely her filtered. She thanks Vivica for coming and they wrap up the interview. Melissa Ordway, one of Eileen’s costars hugs her and she talks about playing Ashely Abbott.

She says she’s also got a character on Days of Our Lives that raped a priest. Melissa asks if she’s killed anyone on Days and she says – not yet. Eileen is on set and says she loves getting paid to pretend but admits making out with a guy in the shower is sometimes uncomfortable but is also part of the job. Eileen says she thinks they have a love triangle in store for her and she’s excited about that.

Kim has her ex Monty out with her and is taking him to get his nails done at a nail salon for me. She says there were married when she was really young for two and a half years. She says they married Brooke and that he was her best friend at the time and says they’ll love each other for the rest of their lives. She says they’ve never had a pedicure together. She’s known him since she was just 19.

Monty says they laugh and bitch with each other like they’re still married. She asks if he’s excited about Brooke getting married. She says he’s lived on and off with her for years. She says he has to make a speech and he says she’s usually the one doing all the talking. He’s been diagnosed with cancer and so Kim has said she wants him to stay close by so she can take care of him all the time.

In Palm Springs, Lisa and Ken get to the estate. Aaron the butler welcomes them and has an iced vodka for her. She heads up to the bedroom to lie down. She says the place is like a home away from home and says they have spent a lot of good times there. Lisa Rinna shows up next and Lisa says she’s the only of the women she invited because she didn’t want them to ruin it.

Mark and Dan show up next – some of Lisa’s gay friends. Lisa Rinna is introduced and calls them all gorgeous. Kyle is back in LA and with her family and Sophia and Alexia complain about how tired they are. They get into their limo to head home. Mauricio wonders if he can get up to play golf tomorrow and Kyle wonders how they’ll all get up and perform for the wedding.

They get home and find the dogs all excited to see them. Kyle brought them some treats since she couldn’t take the dogs along. She brought her littlest doggie a Chanel dog bowl. It’s cute but still. River hops up onto the bed with them to hog the bed. Lisa sits Rosia down to eat with them – she’s her housekeeper and says she’s part of the family.

Ken says Max called to say he’s coming and he asked to bring his 36 year old GF – he’s only 22. Lisa Rinna says if they love each other, that’s what matters. Lisa says you can’t judge and must wait it out because your kids are always more loyal to whoever they’re sleeping with. Lisa admits she hasn’t gotten close to Max’s girlfriend because of the age thing.

Mark and Dan tell Lisa that she changes lives with her vocal acceptance of gay lifestyle and encouraging acceptance. They all toast to Lisa and she says they’re going to make her cry. She tells Lisa Rinna to say something about her sex life to break up the sadness and she says she doesn’t get the Brazilian thing. Lisa V says she has it down to her knees.

Lisa asks why your hair is there in the first place and Lisa V says you can get bugs in your bush. Ken says he doesn’t mind as long as he can have a look occasionally.

Yolanda shows up to see David at work with another picnic. She says he works a lot because he loves his work and aspires to an EGOT. He plays her a song he’s working on with Brenna. Yolanda listens and sways along. Yolanda says it gave her goosebumps. In Palm Springs, Lisa wakes and greets Ken and Max is there too. He says he’s tired and she thanks him for not bringing his girlfriend and her mother.

Lisa Rinna is up and Lisa says she’s impressive for looking so good this early. Jason and Pandora come in and then Lisa says she’s the love of her life and Ken asks what about him. She says he’s second. Lisa Rinna asks Lisa to show her what she sleeps in – a lovely gown – and says she sleeps in a ratty t shirt. Lisa V says it’s too much work to get out of trousers if your husband wants some loving.

Kyle and the family are getting ready for the wedding. She says she doesn’t know what to wear. He can’t find a bowl and she has to show him where the dishes are. She says she’s on Spain time and it’s like three am for all of them. She takes Portia upstairs to wash her hair and choose a dress. She tells Mauricio that he needs to wear a suit and he asks her to double check with Kim on if he needs a tie.

Kim is getting her makeup and hair done when Kyle calls. She asks what she’s doing and says she doesn’t know what to wear. She asks what Mauricio needs to wear. They are both in shock that Brooke is getting married today. Kyle tells her to call if she needs anything and tells Kim not to cry and ruin her makeup. Kyle says it’s Kim’s time to shine since she’s sober and happy.

Alexia compliments a diamond necklace her mom is wearing and asks if she can have it when she dies. Monty is there and all ready for the wedding. She tells him he looks really happen and he says Brooke is really excited. Kim says she knows their moms are watching from heaven. Kim says seeing Monty in his tux reminds her of when they were kids and getting married themselves.

Portia talks to her mom about her hairstyle and she asks for it in a bun. Sophia offers to put it up. They’re running late for the wedding and Kyle says it’s hard to be on time with four daughters. Back in Palm Springs, Lisa Rinna is on the pink carpet for Lisa’s event and says she’s much more in her element at the Palm Springs Walk of Fame but says she’s in her element everywhere.

Lisa V shows up and is thrilled to see the pink carpet and so many people are there in pink. She has Giggy with her and Ken is peacocking. The star ceremony starts. They call up Lance Bass to present it. Lance says he’s proud to honor her and calls her America’s sweetheart. He says she always actively supports the LGBT community and congratulates her and calls her love.

Lisa says the star is like the icing on the cake and says Palm Springs has embraced her. She says she never thought she’d get to lie next to Sonny Bono. They unveil her star and everyone applauds. She’s all teared up. Kyle and her family loads into their limo for the ride to the wedding. They pull up to Kathy Hilton’s house for the event. Kim comes out and Kyle tells her she looks gorgeous.

Kathy comes out then and the three sisters are there together. Kathy tells Kim she was perfect at the rehearsal dinner and is filling in for their mom who is gone. Kim is teary and reminiscing. They head inside. The backyard is all ready for the ceremony and looks amazing. Kim says she’s having flashbacks to all the milestones she had with Brooke.

We see Brooke walking down the aisle with her fiance Thayer. Both bride and groom are grinning ear to ear. Kim says having Brooke was the first time she cried when she was happy and understood what tears of joy meant. The ceremony is done and Thayer dips her down for a big kiss.