The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills Recap – Lisa Gives Brandi the Cold Shoulder: Season 5 Episode 6 “Medford, 90210”

The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills Recap - Lisa Gives Brandi the Cold Shoulder: Season 5 Episode 6 "Medford, 90210"

The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills returns to Bravo tonight with all new Tuesday December 23, season 5 episode 6 called, “Medford, 90210” and we have your weekly recap below. Tonight, Yolanda H. Foster and Eileen Davidson meet for lunch and bond over their love of family, discovering a surprising connection between their children. Lisa Vanderpump returns from Palm Springs to engage in some hanky panky with her pet swans.

On the last episode, Kyle returned home early from Spain to attend Kim’s daughter’s wedding, and Eileen returned to work after a long break to reprise her role of Ashley Abbott on The Young and the Restless. Meanwhile, Lisa Vanderpump, with pal Lisa Rinna in tow, received a star on the Palm Springs Walk of Stars. Back at home, Yolanda dealt with the fallout from her daughter’s DUI. Did you watch the last episode? If you missed it we have a full and detailed recap right here for you.

On tonight’s episode as per the Bravo synopsis, “Yolanda and Eileen meet for lunch and bond over their love of family, discovering a surprising connection between their children. Lisa Vanderpump returns from Palm Springs to engage in some hanky panky with her pet swans. Lisa Rinna travels to her hometown of Medford, Oregon to visit her ailing parents and goes through her childhood home for the last time. Kyle hosts a casual BBQ, complete with private chef, where Eileen gets a chance to meet all the ladies. Brandi tries to get an answer from Lisa Vanderpump about her housewarming party, but quickly learns that Lisa will not be pushed around.”

Tonight’s episode is going to be filled with the usual Housewife drama and you won’t want to miss it, so be sure to tune in for our coverage of the show tonight at 9 PM EST! While you wait for our recap hit the comments and let us know how excited you are about the new season of “The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills!”

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#RHOBH starts now with Lisa Rinna cleaning dog poop out of her yard. Amelia, her daughter, says her jeans are uncomfortable – she stole a pair of her mom’s. Lisa tells her she needs to ask before she takes her clothes. Lisa talks about how her mom told her to wait until she had teens to see how crazy she drove her. She tells Amelia that she has to go to Oregon to clean out the house now that it’s sold.

It’s her parent’s house that she grew up in. Lisa says this is sad and difficult. Lisa wants the girls to come up with her. Amelia says she doesn’t want to pack up boxes but Lisa says it’s just her stuff left there from childhood. Delilah calls her a hoarder and asks why she wants all the old stuff. She doesn’t want to go because she has her driving test.

Over at Lisa Vanderpump’s house, she and Ken come home from Palm Springs and she feeds her gay swans – Hanky and Panky. She hand reared them and they are very affectionate with her. Ken says he can’t believe they let her touch them that way. Usually swans are pretty aggressive. Rocio makes tea for them when they get inside. Ken hands over Giggy as Rocio brings in the tea tray.

She tells Ken she got a text from Kyle inviting her to a barbecue. She asks Ken if he wants to go and he says yes. She says Brandi’s having a housewarming party too. Lisa says she doesn’t want to go to Brandi’s and thinks Kyle is getting in too deep with her. Ken says he definitely won’t go to that and he wonders if Brandi wants to apologize to her but Lisa doubts it.

One of the swans wanders into the house and Giggy freaks out and they get into it. The dogs chase the swan back outside. Eileen meets Lisa R and Yolanda for lunch. She introduces Eileen to Yolanda. Eileen says she’s still wearing a lot of makeup and Yolanda asks if they know each other from the soaps. Eileen says GiGi was at her house because she knows her stepson.

Eileen says she has two stepsons and then an 11 year old son. Eileen says there are a lot of balls flying around her house. She says they’re starting to bring home GFs. Lisa wonders if she should put her girls on the pill and Eileen says she always reminds her older boys to carry condoms. Eileen says she was tired of a big house and wanted to downsize. Yolanda agrees and says even if you have help, it’s work.

Eileen likes her and says it’s great to talk to women since they guys in her life just don’t get it. The ladies talk about cleaning toilets and Eileen says she used to clean toilets before she was an actress. Over at Kyle’s, Justin the sitter chats with her. She asks for his help with flowers. She says she grew up in a house with her mom entertaining a lot and she likes to do that.

She says she’s calling her party a barbecue to lower expectations, but is planning something more extravagant. She runs over the guest list with Justin. She says when her friends are not getting along, she invites them anyway and then they can choose to come along or not. Justin offers to make ghetto sangria and he asks if they never do anything regular and always luxe instead.

In Oregon, Lisa Rinna, Amelia and Delilah are driving around. The girls talk about how everyone there is fat because of all the fast food. Lisa says she was a fish out of water there and says she was never comfortable in Medford, Oregon. The girls ask why there are so many McDonalds and she says one of them is the one she went to after church every Sunday. They are shocked she did church and fast food.

Over at Eileen’s, she and Vince complain about the dog poop. She says the kids should be picking it up. Eileen says it’s an hour from Malibu into town and it makes them more of homebodies. She loves it. They are in their garden plucking vegetables. She tells him about meeting Yolanda. He says he used to play tennis with David, Yolanda’s hubby. The phone rings and it’s Yolanda.

Yolanda invites her to come along to the barbecue at Kyle’s and says they can drive up together. Vince gets grumpy but she says they’re going to get out of the house for a change. Lisa Rinna takes the girls to see her parents. She says she tries to get back at least once a year and now more often since her dad is 92 and not in good health. She says he keeps fighting through his health crises.

He tells Lisa that her mom is his rock and is so good to him. Her mom comes and tells Lisa to come see her dad’s paintings. Lisa says her mom had a stroke and it took a lot of her memories. She says it’s hard to see since her mom always had it so together. Lisa raves over her dad’s paintings. She loves the one with roses in particular. Lisa says it’s hard to watch people get old.

Lisa says her dad can’t paint anymore and she says it was something that was fun for him. Her dad says he feels like he doesn’t belong there anymore. Lisa says she regrets not being there for her parents more often. He tells Lisa he’s not feeling good.

Lisa meets up with Nancy, her half-sister, who she’s known since she was six. She says she and Nancy are now more friends. Lisa thanks her for helping take care of her parents. Lisa says she didn’t think she could handle it and Nancy stepped up and helped. Lisa says she’s been carrying way more than her share. She says she got the idea from her dad today that it’s not going to be much longer.

Nancy says it breaks her heart. Her parents show up then with Delilah and Amelia. The girls tell Nancy that Lisa can’t cook at all. Lisa says she’s sending the girls home by 5:30 am and Nancy says she’s going to go tonight to say goodbye to the house. Lisa says she needs closure. Over at Kyle’s, they’re getting ready for the barbecue/extravagant yard party. Aine, the chef, comes in and asks about wine.

She says she’s stilled jet lagged from Spain and brought in extra hands to help her. Portia asks if she can light candles and Kyle says no. Eileen and Vince show up to pick up Yolanda and she shows off some new boots she bought that she’s never been able to wear. Eileen says Yolanda looks like she just stepped out of a magazine. She says Kyle was excited she’s bringing her.

Vince worked with Kim when they were little and then Kyle did a gig on Days last year. Yolanda says it’s such a small world. Lisa Vanderpump shows Ken her new pair of shoes and he calls them hooker shoes. She says they cost $1,400 and says she doesn’t want to look like a hooker. She jokes and says if anyone would know they’re hooker shoes, it’s Ken.

Kyle calls Mauricio and says they need ice. She says he’s left her hanging when he was supposed to be there helping. He offers to pick up ice and she tells him to hurry home. Lisa V offers to drive on the way to the barbecue since she says she’ll be too drunk to drive home. She says she won’t shy away from going just because Brandi is going to be there.

Brandi shows up with wine and says she has 18 people helping her. Brandi jokes about it not being a casual barbecue. Portia lets the dogs run out and Kyle has to go chasing them as Kim shows up. Then Yolanda and the others show up. Kyle tells Vince she hasn’t seen him in 30 years. Brandi meets Eileen and says Days was her favorite after-school show.

Kim is happy to see Vince but says she doesn’t remember working with him. Mauricio finally comes home and hugs his wife then Yolanda. She introduces him to Vince and Eileen. Lisa and Ken show up and Yolanda introduces them to Eileen. She congratulates Lisa on her star and says she wishes she could have been there.

Lisa gives Brandi a bit of a welcome but not overly warm. Lisa Rinna was the one that had told Yolanda about the star of fame. Yolanda expected they should have invited she and David since she invited her to the event when David got his star. Yolanda says this is a clear sign she’s not moving on from past issues. They talk about Calabassas.

Eileen says she likes to observe when she gets to know new people. Michelle brings up Brandi’s vagina rejuvenation. Eileen is shocked she just talked about her vagina news. Then Lisa starts asking Kim about her sex life and cracks a sex joke at Ken. Eileen is shocked by all the candid sex chat going on around them.

Brandi asks Lisa V about coming to her housewarming party and says she was nervous to call her. Brandi says Lisa is very stubborn and she likes the challenge. Kim wonders why Lisa is being such a hold out on her. Lisa says they have a little ways to go before she’s ready to warm her house for her. Brandi says to just RSVP and let her know. Lisa says she wanted to see how the barbecue goes.

Lisa asks to talk about it later when Brandi tells her she hopes she’ll come. Back in Oregon, Lisa Rinna pulls up with Nancy to their parents’ house. She says they have to go see what’s left after the estate sale and what they want to keep. Lisa says it smells the same and they look at old modeling photos of Lisa’s from back in the day and a bunch of knick knacks.

Lisa looks at old school papers of hers. Even her old Playboys are there. Lisa looks at her old bedroom. She says she didn’t feel comfortable in Medford, but did at home. She hugs Nancy and talks about how weird it feels to say goodbye. She says the house is filled with memories and it makes her sad. Nancy says it’s hard to imagine not seeing the place again. They hug once more and are ready to move on.

Lisa says she’s now realizing she’s the adult and needs to take care of her parents. She says you’re never ready for this. They leave for the last time. Back in BH, Brandi tells Eileen she was obsessed with Days for a long time. Then she talks about Lisa Rinna playing Billie and another actress. They debate about it and Eileen sees Brandi as a superfan. Eileen makes a $100 bet with Brandi over the Billie thing.

Dinner is served and they all sit to eat. Yolanda says David is in studio but might come back. Mauricio tells Brandi about how great Spain was and how relaxing it was. Yolanda talks about Turkey and says the Amalfi Coast becomes a boring job. Eileen doesn’t get it. Kim talks about lying and saying she could play tennis when she was on Magnum PI.

She says she was asked and lied and then read the script and it said she was supposed to be a tennis pro. She says she came on set and told Tom Selleck she didn’t know how to play. She says Vince’s brother Nels was there and helped her look like a pro. Eileen says all actors lie to get jobs. Eileen says she lied about being able to ride a motorcycle. She talks about a bike turning over on her.

Kyle says her mom sent her in grandpa’s glasses to an audition where she was supposed to play a nerd. She says she didn’t get the part. The party is winding down and everyone is saying their goodbyes. Brandi tries to hug Ken who’s trying to get away from her. She says it makes her sad but knows it will take time.

Lisa comes to say bye to Mauricio then relents and kisses Brandi goodbye as well then Ken does too. Brandi follows Lisa over and says she really wants her to come to her party. Lisa blows her off but Ken says they’ll try. Brandi says her parents are coming and want to see her. She goes and tells Kyle she can’t kiss he ass forever.

Kyle says the only thing Lisa holds onto more than Giggy is a grudge. Brandi tells her Lisa gave her a maybe on the party but isn’t going to let her life revolve around Lisa Vanderpump.