The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills Recap – Lisa and Brandi Face Off: Season 5 Episode 7 “Breaking Branches”

The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills Recap - Lisa and Brandi Face Off: Season 5 Episode 7 "Breaking Branches"

The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills returns to Bravo tonight with all new Tuesday December 30, season 5 episode 7 called, “Breaking Branches” and we have your weekly recap below. Tonight, the time has come for Brandi Glanville’s housewarming party, and everyone is shocked when an unexpected party guest shows up. Lisa Rinna guest-hosts Access Hollywood Live, while fellow actress Eileen Davidson tries out a new form of exercising.

On the last episode, Yolanda and Eileen met for lunch and bonded over their love of family, discovering a surprising connection between their children. Lisa Vanderpump returned from Palm Springs to engage in some hanky panky with her pet swans. Lisa Rinna traveled to her hometown of Medford, Oregon to visit her ailing parents and went through her childhood home for the last time. Kyle hosted a casual BBQ, complete with private chef, where Eileen got a chance to meet all the ladies. Brandi tried to get an answer from Lisa Vanderpump about her housewarming party, but quickly learned that Lisa would not be pushed around. Did you watch the last episode? If you missed it we have a full and detailed recap right here for you.

On tonight’s episode as per the Bravo synopsis, “the time has come for Brandi’s housewarming party, and everyone is shocked when an unexpected party guest shows up. Lisa Rinna guest-hosts Access Hollywood Live, while fellow actress Eileen tries out a new form of exercising. Elsewhere, Kyle learns that her daughter still has a lot to learn before she leaves for college. Lisa Vanderpump hosts a charity event at PUMP, where Brandi makes her an unusual offer.”

Tonight’s episode is going to be filled with the usual Housewife drama and you won’t want to miss it, so be sure to tune in for our coverage of the show tonight at 9 PM EST! While you wait for our recap hit the comments and let us know how excited you are about the new season of “The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills!”

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#RHOBH starts now. Juan, Brandi’s florist, is helping her get ready for her housewarming party. She says this is the start of the rest of her life and says she’s starting out with a bang. Her mom Judy is there helping out along with Mark, her hairstylist. Over at Kyle’s, she’s getting ready for the party. Portia asks where she’s going and she says she has to pick up Lisa Rinna and go to a party at Brandi’s new house.

Kyle says she’s really happy for Brandi and hopes Lisa V will be open minded and give her a chance. Kirk, the caterer, is at Brandi’s helping her get ready. Brandi plans to get wasted so she won’t remember if anything bad happens. Guests start arriving. Judy greets Kyle and she introduces her to Lisa Rinna. Judy tells her that Brandi isn’t ready. She says Cinderella was late to the ball too.

Brandi finally comes down and makes an entrance. Eileen is there with Vince and she introduces them to her mom. Yolanda shows up next and then Kim. Lisa Rinna says she relates to Brandi as a woman who’s willing to do what she needs to do to make things happen. Kyle asks Brandi of Lisa Vanderpump is coming and Brandi says she doesn’t think so.

Brandi says she hopes it works out that she can keep this house for her boys and Kyle says the place has a great vibe. Brandi’s dad Guy is there and Yolanda rushes to greet him. She’s apparently very found of him. Yolanda compliments the house and tells her she’s proud of her and asks if her dad is proud of her. Yolanda says it’s a big accomplishment for a single mom to do this well.

Brandi says her dad is a tough guy so it’s nice to hear him say that. Leeza Gibbons shows up and is totally sweet too. And, surprise, Lisa V pulls up outside. She and Ken head inside and ring the bell but everyone is outside. Yolanda and Kyle are shocked to see her. Brandi is thrilled to see her and Yolanda says it means Lisa V is moving on. Lisa wishes her good luck in her new house.

Brandi says she’s confused to see her since Lisa told her twice she wasn’t coming. Brandi greets Ken as well and then introduces Lisa and Ken to her parents. Lisa tells her she wasn’t going to come and Brandi says she loves her but Lisa tells her she doesn’t love her and then struggles to come up with a reason for why she’s there.

Lisa says life is short and she doesn’t want to waste any of it. Brandi tells Lisa she cares about her and wants them to move forward. Lisa says she showed up with champagne to nip the negativity in the bud. Lisa Rinna congratulates Kim on her daughter’s wedding. Lisa says Kim is happy and seems to have come a long way. Eileen hangs with them and listens.

Lisa V talks to Brandi’s parents and says she decided to come and wish her well. Judy tells Lisa that Brandi has always been mouthy and will hurt your feelings but doesn’t really mean it. Lisa laughs and says she blames it on her parents. Judy says Brandi isn’t perfect but she loves her anyway. Adrienne shows up and Kyle wonders if Eddie and LeAnn will show up next. Adrienne introduces her boytoy Jake.

Brandi says she gets that and says she’s been dick-notyzed by young guys herself. Adrienne hugs Kim and tells her she looks fantastic. Brandi says she’s proud that she and Adrienne could work things out and be friends again. We see a flashback to Eileen’s debate with Brandi and the bet about Lisa Rinna being Billie. Lisa Rinna confirms she was the first one and Eileen gloats a little about being right.

Lisa V comes over and greets them all. Someone cracks a joke about Lisa Rinna’s lips but she just laughs. Lisa V asks Eileen and Yolanda if they’re free to come to an event for foster care girls and to bring something from their closet to donate. Lisa says it’s close to her hearts since she adopted Max from foster care. She says it’s a tea and you bring some clothing.

We see her last event when Brandi blew up crazy. Lisa V is willing to overlook it as long as Brandi wants to show up and bring some clothes for the foster kids. Kim toasts Brandi and tells her that her home is beautiful and says she and her boys really deserve it. Yolanda talks next and says she’s been a single mom going through divorce and she knows what Brandi has accomplished.

Everyone applauds her. Lisa V is not ready to make a toast. She says showing up with champagne is as good as it’s going to get. She’s leaving and Brandi hugs her and thanks her for coming but Lisa V still pulls back. Lisa V says she likes people in her world to get on and says emotional detachment is the only way she can get on with Brandi.

Later, Kyle asks Brandi about Lisa and Brandi says she’s glad she came but says Ken still won’t make eye contact with her. Brandi says she loves her life now and is working on getting to the next level with Lisa. Kim comes over and joins the convo. Kim asks if she was friendly to Brandi. Brandi says she and Lisa still haven’t had a one-on-one about their issues and she wants to do this for resolution. Brandi says if she, Kim and Kyle can move forward and be friends, then anything is possible.

Lisa Rinna is at Access Hollywood at the crack of dawn for an appearance. Lisa says in this business you have to always have something going on to stay relevant and keep working. Lisa meets Chris, the stylist, for hair and makeup. Lisa says she’s co-hosted as a guest on AH for years now. She says live TV is great because it’s spontaneous and no one can control you.

They talk to Lisa about the ice bucket challenge for ALS and tell her they want her to do it today. Lisa says this business means you have to look like a 20 year old forever. She wraps hair and makeup and looks great. Eileen heads over to her friend Lynn’s to work out. They’re going to try paddle boarding. Eileen says she’d really rather eat a donut than work out but has actually done both at the same time.

Eileen finally gets up to standing on her board and she also talks about staying relevant in Hollywood. She says she doesn’t like publicity but knows it works for a lot of people. She says she prefers to focus on her craft. Back over at Access Hollywood, the show starts and Lisa talks about the ALS challenge. Lisa Rinna says she likes being famous and enjoys her celebrity.

She says that frustrates her when she worked hard to become known and then she loses a part because they say she’s “too famous.” We see her dump the bucket of icy water on herself and scream at the chill. Portia is making her own sandwich for the first time ever and everyone watches impressed. Mauricio says the good thing is they can tell her to make her own food from now on.

Kyle tells Alexia she has to teach her how to do her own laundry before she leaves for college. Mauricio says he’s surprised she doesn’t know but then Kyle reminds him that he has no clue either. Kyle says he doesn’t know how to do anything around the house. Kyle says he plays dumb to get her to do stuff for him like make his sandwiches.

Alexia heads out for a barbecue at a friend’s house. Kyle tells Mauricio soon it will only be them and Portia. Kyle says she was only a year older than Alexia when she had Farah. Kyle asks Portia if she wants to go out to dinner with them after her sandwich. Over at PUMP, Lisa is prepping for the foster care event. She arranges things and tells the staff how she wants things done.

She talks English tea to the guys and they’re pretty clueless. Shiva, Mohamed’s fiancee, shows up then Shay and then Lisa Rinna. Lisa R says she tries to go to as many charity functions as she can. Eileen shows up next. They’re all bringing clothes and the Lisas look at the clothes that are being donated. Lisa V greets Eileen warmly and Eileen admires the look of PUMP.

Eileen says Lisa V has great style and is Beverly Hills with a twist. Yolanda shows up and complains that Lisa hasn’t invited her to PUMP before. We see a flashback to the opening and Yolanda is again offended that Lisa hasn’t invited her to that event or her star event. Brandi and Kyle show up next with their donations and Lisa greets them nicely.

Brandi apologizes for not bringing more things – she brought three dresses – and Lisa V tells her that it’s lovely. Lisa V tells Brandi that her parents are very sweet and Brandi asks how they ever had her and Lisa says she was going to ask that. Brandi says Lisa V makes her nervous and she doesn’t even know why. They have a bit of a stare off then head inside.

Kim shows up and turns down booze in favor of coffee. She also mentions that Lisa V didn’t invite her to the PUMP opening either. Brandi hands her a branch and says it’s an olive branch but Brandi says she would need to chop down a whole tree and give it to her. Kyle is horrified that Brandi ripped a branch off of the live tree in Lisa V’s restaurant.

Lisa V says it’s not funny and says she mauled her beautiful tree. Lisa V takes the branch and smacks her with it. Eileen says she doesn’t want to get in the middle of whatever is going on with Lisa and Brandi. Lisa tells the girls about the ALS challenge she did. Yolanda tells them her best friend has ALS. Lisa V agrees to do it right now and they tell her she has to be nominated.

Yolanda says she’ll do it and Lisa V dumps an elegant bucket of ice over her head. Kyle says Lisa would probably like to dump ice over all of their heads if she could. Yolanda talks about how much she loves being in her 50s and says she’s more confident than ever. Eileen says it’s called not giving a f- and Lisa Rinna agrees. She says getting older hasn’t messed with her career too much.

Lisa Rinna says she hasn’t ever played anything different from the normal. Brandi asks Lisa V to go out to lunch with her and she asks why she’d want to do that. Brandi says please then pretty please and says it will be good. Lisa asks if she’s going to be mean and she says she won’t. Lisa asks to think about it and says she’s not sure. Brandi says that’s better than a no and Lisa tells her not to pull any more branches off her tree. Brandi asks if she wants her to eat her p&ssy to make it up.

Lisa V says she’ll call her tomorrow and says she has servicing of her lady parts covered thank you. Lisa tells the others that Brandi asked her to lunch and then offered to eat her p&ssy. Lisa V says it was a very generous offer and Kyle wonders if she should be offended that she never made that offer. Kyle wonders what she was thinking saying that and then Lisa Rinna uses the term cunnilingus.

Yolanda hasn’t ever heard that word and she can’t even pronounce it. She says it sounds like a Chinese vegetable and asks what it is. Eileen speaks up and asks why they’re talking about this in this beautiful setting and Brandi says that is the best flower of all time. Eileen is appalled they are talking about this out loud in public. Lisa V finally sits down with them and Yolanda says they should leave and go for a drink.

Lisa V says it was a successful event since she got to pour a bucket of water on Yolanda and got the personal service offer from Brandi. Later, Brandi says she thinks Lisa V really misses her and wants to be her friend but her own psyche won’t let her. Yolanda and the others head to a nearby place for drinks. Eileen says she needs a cocktail and Lisa Rinna agrees she needs one to.

Eileen asks Kyle and Lisa Rinna what’s going on between Brandi and Lisa V. Kyle says they had a falling out and says they’ve all had issues with Lisa V before but last year it all came to a head and then Brandi called her out and it turned into a big fight. Brandi says her ex-husband’s mistress is one of Lisa V’s best friends and she says she got tired of her bringing her around and in her face.

Brandi says she had a moment and said she wasn’t doing it anymore. Eileen asks if there were any apologies and Kyle says it was more of a denial. Eileen says she mentioned that she sensed something between them and Yolanda says her feelings were hurt that they only invited Lisa Rinna to her star event in Palm Springs. Lisa Rinna says everyone’s feelings are valid.

She says she can’t confirm what Lisa V has done that she hasn’t seen. Brandi says Lisa V has an issue moving forward. Eileen says Lisa seemed like she was better today and Lisa Rinna says they are all strong empathetic women that should be able to work things out. Eileen says she can see that she’s missing a lot of the whole story about Lisa V but isn’t ready to judge her unless it happens to her.

Kyle says they’ve all had issues with Lisa V but love her. Yolanda breaks in and says love is a strong word. Brandi says love is a four letter work like c*ck. Trust Brandi to go there!