The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills RECAP 3/17/14: Season 4 Episode 20 “Reunion Part 1”

The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills RECAP 3/17/14: Season 4 Episode 20 "Reunion Part 1"

The Real Housewives of Beverly Hill‘s returns to Bravo tonight for what is always one of the best parts of each season- the reunion! Tonight is part 1 of 3 and the 90201 ladies reunite to discuss Season 4’s dramatic twists and turns. Included: Tension rises between Joyce and Brandi, and the “dream team” of Yolanda, Lisa and Brandi is explored.

On the last episode the ladies had not seen each other since the dramatic fireworks in Puerto Rico. They were drawn together by a glamorous party for the Beverly Hills 100th anniversary at the world famous Beverly Hilton hotel and as usual the cat fighting was epic.  Did you watch last week’s season finale? If not we we blogged it and you can read the full detailed recap right here.

On tonight’s episode the gripping, three-part Beverly Hills reunion begins as Andy Cohen questions the women about the dramatic twists and turns of Season 4. Joyce and Brandi prove that there is no love lost between them, and the women explore what happened when the “dream team” ofYolanda, Lisa, and Brandi started to show its cracks. There are light moments as well, as Kimdiscusses her favorite season yet.

I’m sure there will be major fire works for the first part of the reunion and it’ll be interesting to see which ladies are now friends. Most of the season seemed to focus on everyone turning against Lisa. Tune in tonight at 9PM EST on Bravo to see if she has any friends left! We’ll be recapping it live for you right here as well.

Did you feel bad for Lisa this season or do you think that it’s about time people have turned against her. Tell us your thoughts in the comments below!

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The ladies are all back and this time Andy Cohen is going to make sure that all questions are answered. And what’s the first concern that has been on the audience’s mind – Puerto Rico. Looking back at their time there a lot of people like Kyle and Lisa are sad to be reminded of that trip. Kyle said it sadden her how much so many people were upset during that trip. While Lisa feels like that whole trip was a hardship.

The fighting between Lisa and Brandi kind of blew up this season. And usually these two and Yolanda were a tight trio. Yet even Yolanda was mad at Lisa this season. Yolanda is someone that feels like she has to talk her problems though and she never got that chance with Lisa until now.

That’s one of her biggest gripes. Yolanda wasn’t just upset that Lisa would cancel on her or that she pulled that weird stunt with Yolanda’s ex-husband. No, Yolanda wanted to know what happened to Lisa’s friendship while she was sick and she hated that her question was constantly pushed to the side.

Yolanda was confined to her house for months and her supposedly good friend only visited her once. So she wanted answers to why Lisa didn’t show. And Lisa tells everyone that it was a really busy time in her life, but at the same time that doesn’t actually excuse not calling to at least explain why you couldn’t come for a visit.

Yolanda was very overly sensitive during that time (she freely admits that) and that’s why she was even upset with Kim for a while there. It was during their group trip to the gym and she felt that Kim had gotten an attitude with her. However after she got upset on the show and managed to write a blog post about it; she and Kim were able to settle things. How? Well, they both took fault for that one moment of miscommunication.

Kim has come a long way from falling down drunk. Now when you find her near the floor it’s because she kneeling in prayer. Although Lisa was slightly judgmental when she spotted Kim praying and Andy called her out for it. Lisa explained how she wasn’t expecting it and that’s why she said the what she did.

But as Kim pointed out, Lisa has seen her passed out and that hadn’t frayed her so why did praying earn a comment from her?

Andy moved the conversation along when he asked Joyce about being the first Hispanic housewife on Beverly Hills and Joyce said she was proud to be that. Her culture has always been a big part of her. Yet her biggest problem with Brandi is that Brandi finds her to always be “on”.

She said Joyce is an actress and she’s never turned it off. But none of that explains why Brandi targeted Joyce’s marriage. Brandi had written on her blog that unlike Joyce she would never settle with a short man that wasn’t even attractive. It was low blow and quite childish. Though Joyce is probably getting used to that type of behavior by now.

Both Brandi and Carlton found fault with Joyce this season. Brandi said Joyce was an opportunist while Carlton found Joyce to grating on her senses.

Though Brandi ended up making a public apology over her racial charged “Your black” comment. It seems that a lot of people besides Joyce also found it to be insulting and Brandi was harassed for months afterwards. People made vile threats and her home was egged. So naturally Brandi realized she shouldn’t have said her comment and that there are certain things she can’t say despite having friends of mixed races.

As for Carlton, she knows that she offended Joyce by saying she wanted to throw up when the other woman was talking about her husband’s privates, but she’s unapologetic. She felt it was inappropriate to talk about in front of new acquaintances then and she’s still of that opinion. So no friendship bracelets for these two!

All throughout this season it has been the “Dream Team” against everyone else but all that changed in Puerto Rico and even though Lisa was willing to say sorry to Yolanda it’s too little too late. Mainly because it takes a lot to get Lisa to accept responsibility.

Kyle had pointed out that infamous dinner where Yolanda put a star next to all of her friends’ names and she talk about how it was nothing new. Kyle already knew they were a set but unlike her Joyce made said something about it. In her blog, she called that dinner classless and Yolanda a bad host.

Yolanda clarified that whole dinner right up. She claimed she didn’t realize she put stars against some of the names until was too late and so she threw out “Dream Team” because she was embarrassed. And yet she still apologized for it.

Most of the women have all fessed up to something they did and said sorry for it, but Lisa still has the problem of being able to dish it and unable to take it. Whether she can take criticism or not has become a hot button issue.

While she was with her friends she made certain accusations about Kyle and like always she tries to say it was a joke. Nevertheless her little “digs” did hurt people so can Lisa change or is it too late for more than a few of her friendships?