The Taste RECAP 2/6/14: Season 2 Episode 6 “The Sweetest Thing”

The Taste RECAP 2/6/14: Season 2 Episode 6 “The Sweetest Thing”

On ABC tonight THE TASTE returns another new episode called, “The Sweetest Thing.”  On tonight’s show dessert is on the menu this week as Chef Christina Tosi guest judges a deliciously sweet competition.  Did you watch last week’s premiere episode?  We did and we recapped it for you right here for you.

On last week’s episode the heat in the kitchen was definitely on as the remaining nine competitors continue to fought to stay in “The Taste” kitchen one more week. But in a shocking and unexpected turn of events, one cook decided to mysteriously leave the competition, leaving everyone wondering what happened.

On tonight’s episode who doesn’t love dessert? Bring your sweet tooth this week as the eight remaining competitors are given the challenge to create mouthwatering desserts highlighting ingredients like fruit and sweet & savory combinations. Chef Christina Tosi guest judges a delicious battle in which two competitors will be sent home, and the remaining six will head to the semi-finals.

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The mentors sit down to talk about today’s challenge, this time it’s going to be desserts; Anthony doesn’t look pleased having desserts as the challenge, because he had so much difficulty with the vegetarian challenge last episode. Christina Tosi arrives with sweets; she’s a well-known person in the world of desserts. The contestants meet with their mentor to talk about the upcoming challenge, Anthony apologizes with his lack of leadership in the vegetable challenge and isn’t so confident with this challenge. The contestants all look a little worried about this challenge, none of them seem like their confident this time.

The contestants stand in front of the mentors, eight remain at the end of the night there will only be six. Anthony announces that tonight’s challenge is the sweetest thing; the guest mentor Christina Tosi will taste the group challenges dish tonight. Anthony shows them how to make strawberries taste amazing, a simple dish to aid them because he wants their dish to contain fruit. Brad isn’t worried about this challenge because he used to making great cakes for his kids. Marcus shows his team how to make a beet cupcake, to show them something savory and sweet. Ludo is going to show his team how to make a French cake, Jeff is very confident in his baking abilities. Ludo wants them to have crust, cream and fruit in their dessert. Marcus tells his team that if they need help they can ask Nigella to taste their food and etc. The cooking begins, they have one hour to make a dessert; this being the group challenge, only one dish from the mentors team will be chosen to represent the team as a whole. Louise is doing Grapes in Port Wine peanut butter sandwich, Marina is doing a banana dumpling, and Jeff is making a spicy chocolate mousse with strawberries and crumble. Sarah is making a Ginger Cake; Shehu is making a classic fudge brownie.

Nigella knows that Anthony isn’t a big fan of Sweets; she goes over to see what his kitchen is cooking. Lee looks like he’s going to have a hard time with this challenge, he’s got know knowledge on desserts and hates making it. Brad is making a Chiffon Cake, it’s something he’s made before and he’s confident in it. Shellie is going to be making cheddar apple cannoli. Nigella finds that Shellie’s dish has the most potential to wow the guest judge. Marcus is going to completely look pass the failures his cooks have had on the show up to now, he believes in them and that they’ll do their best. Ludo says that Louise should use a little curry, Ludo tells Marina to add some Ginger powder into the sauce because it’s something Christina likes it. Ludo walks in to see how Anthony’s kitchen is doing, he can see that Anthony is having difficulty and then he goes to Marcus’s kitchen. Ludo yells in his kitchen to taste everyone’s desserts, Ludo is shouting and having a great time in the kitchen he doesn’t want to lose this challenge at all. Anthony comes over to see Ludo’s kitchen, Ludo is confident in winning this team challenge.

The hour is drawing to a close, now the chefs need to make their finishing touches on their dishes and to also taste each other’s dishes to see who’s going to represent the team. Anthony thought that he was going to be choosing Jeff’s dish again for this challenge, because Ludo made it seem that he was going to, but he won’t be doing that. Anthony decides to have Shellie’s dish to represent his kitchen, Brad got upset with that decision and Lee also got upset. Ludo decides to take Louise’s dish, Shellie is trying to finish her dish on time, they don’t have much time left and it’s really down to the last second. Every kitchen makes it on time and has their dishes. Ludo really wants to win this team challenge, Marcus also wants to win too.

Ludo’s plan worked, because Anthony thought he was going to use Jeff’s dish. Now Christina Tosi will come out and taste each dish, to choose which dish is her favorite and least favorite. Christina now tastes Sarah’s dish first, she’s anti-cupcake usually and hasn’t found a cupcake she’s liked, but she likes it. Louise’s dish is up now; Christina says that the taste is kind of creepy, because it’s exactly what she likes to snack on. Christina really likes Louise’s dish, up next is Shellie’s dish. Christina really likes the dish, because it’s really good, but she wishes there was a sharper flavour to cut through the cinnamon and apple. Christina’s most favorite dish is:

Marcus’s kitchen, Sarah’s dish was the best for her. Christina’s least favorite dish is Anthony’s kitchen, looks like Anthony is going to be needing to send someone from his kitchen home tonight, Shellie, Lee or Brad will be going right now. Anthony asks his kitchen that should go home tonight; Brad says Lee should go home because he’s the competition. Shellie says that Brad should go home. Lee isn’t going home tonight because he has five stars; he says that Brad should be going home tonight. It looks like Brad is going to be eliminated now, he’s an upset by it, but what has to be done has to be done. Now Marcus’s kitchen gets to have a lesson taught to them by Christina Tosi, Ludo and Anthony’s team go to the break room. Their surprised that Marcus’s kitchen won with a cupcake. Marcus won’t be having a bad night with Christina helping his team; Christina was very impressed with Sarah’s cupcake. Christina brought her favorite dessert with her, to show them how to make something delicious. Lee isn’t feeling confident that he’ll be staying in the competition, if it’s down to either him or Shellie.

Shehu is happy to have Christina help them out, because they’ve never have had this treatment in the kitchen before because this was their first team challenge they’ve won. Marcus believes that this is the toughest challenge, because not everyone knows how to make desserts well. The contestants enter their kitchens, there time begins and they must cook a dessert in one hour. Louise is going to be making a red wine poached pear, Jeff is going to make a lime tart with meringue and Marina is going to try and egg yolk threads and candied grapes. Sarah is going to be making a banana foster, Shehu is going to be making an orange couscous cake. Lee is making a fried cheesecake; Shellie is making a caramelized banana. Jeff is feeling a lot of pressure today because of how he was in the bottom in the last challenge, Marina wants to use a whole lot of eggs, and she ended up using a whole lot of egg yolks. Shehu’s mom was a pastry chef and it’s given him skills in baking. Lee is worried for Shellie, because she’s a little off today and doesn’t seem focused. Jeff is very nervous with this dish; he decides to go over to Lee’s kitchen to use one of his ingredients for a backup plan. Lee isn’t worried about anyone, because he knows that he’s the best cook here. Jeff is trying to get his tart shells made on time, but he’s having some difficulties.

Sarah is nervous, thinking that her dish won’t go the way she wants it to. Marina goes to ask if Jeff needs any help, he asks her to get the tart shells in the blast chiller for her. Marina couldn’t find it at first, but with Louise’s help she was able to find it and get Jeff his tart shells. Four minutes are left, now the contestants need to get their dishes ready to taste. Time is up and now their dishes are up for tasting, the mentors will taste every dish blind, not knowing who cooked it at all. Jeff’s dish is up first, the mentors taste it and they seem to really like the flavor. Shellie’s dish is up now, the mentors taste it and the caramel was burnt; they don’t seem to like it that much because there was no balance in the dish. Shehu’s dish is up now, the mentors finds that it was a little too doughy for them, but it has great flavor; Nigella doesn’t like it too much. Lee’s dish is up now, the judges feel like the dish needed more taste, at the end was far too doughy for them. Lee has a feeling he’s getting a red star tonight and it’s coming from Anthony.

Louise’s dish is up now, the mentors taste her dish and they seem to like the dish a lot. Sarah’s dish is up now, the mentors find that it was very tasty; it felt like it felt unfinished. Marina’s dish is up now, the mentors find that this dish is very risky, but at the end of the day the dish makes them think. Now the mentors must choose their best and worst dish of the night, the contestants go into the break room. Sarah didn’t feel comfortable with her dish tonight, Nigella hated Shehu’s dish. Lee feels like he’s going to get a red star tonight. Jeff says that Lee is pouting a lot; Jeff says that it would piss him off if Marina’s dish gets a gold star because of its creativity, because the show is mainly about the taste.

The contestants step out in front of the mentors to find out what they loved and hated. Anthony’s favorite dish of the night was made by Marina, Marcus’s gold star goes to Jeff, Nigella’s favorite dish was cooked by Marina, and Ludo’s favorite dish of the night was made by Louise. Team Ludo is tonight’s best cooks, now the dishes are taken out to go more detail into it. Marina tells them about how she made their dish; all the chefs were extremely impressed with what she made. Jeff explains his lime tart, and how he made it. Jeff said that he needed to bring it, and that he’s back and willing to win this competition. Ludo loved Louise’s dish a lot, he said that it was very well balanced and exactly what he was looking for. Nigella really liked how it was elegant. Now it’s time for the worst dishes of the night. Anthony’s worst dish of the night was made by Shellie, Marcus’s red star tonight goes to Shellie as well, Nigella’s least favorite dish was made by Shellie, Ludo’s red star goes to Sarah. Shellie has earned three red stars and Sarah has gotten one red star. Marcus and Anthony are going to have the fight of their night.

Shellie explains to what her dish was supposed to be, Anthony thought the textures had problem the caramel had a lot of problems also. Marcus found that this dish just didn’t work; Ludo thought that her dish wasn’t executed properly. Sarah explains to the judges what her dish was, Anthony felt like the dish was unfinished, they could taste that the dish wasn’t completed and missing a lot. Shellie is asked why she should stay in the competition, she mentions how baking isn’t her forte and that baking is her kryptonite. Sarah says that she’s a strong chef and that today was only a bad day for her, she wasn’t comfortable with what she was making and won’t make that mistake again. The mentors must decide on who’ll be eliminated tonight, the contestants go to the waiting room until the mentors have made their decision. Everyone is putting on their stars; Jeff is surprised that Anthony gave Marina a gold star. Marina doesn’t really care, because she only wants to win. Shehu is feeling pretty mad about the outcome of the challenge; Shellie is upset and has regrets about today. Marcus says that Sarah has been cooking very well lately; she’s solid and not edgy. Marcus wants Shellie to stay in the competition, because of how much of a genius Shellie is. Anthony is really fighting hard for Shellie; he doesn’t want to see her going home. Ludo wants Sarah to go home, he wants to keep Shellie, because he really didn’t like Sarah’s dish.

Ludo is being honest that he wants to keep Shellie, Marcus doesn’t want to see Sarah leave. Ludo doesn’t care about how many gold stars Sarah has, he wants to have Shellie because of the genius aspect that Anthony mentioned. The contestants are called out now, neither are ready to go home and want to redeem themselves. Anthony goes on talking about how Shellie is his favorite, then he says he’s going to be sending Shellie home, he wants her to know that he thinks that she’s extraordinary.