The Vampire Diaries LIVE RECAP 1/23/14: Season 5 Episode 11 “500 Years of Solitude”

The Vampire Diaries LIVE RECAP 1/23/14: Season 5 Episode 11 "500 Years of Solitude"

The CW’s much loved supernatural drama, The Vampire Diaries, returns tonight after a long break with an episode called “500 Years of Solitude.”  On tonight’s show Elena is horrified by Dr. Wes’ confessions about the dark history of Whitmore College and his own ultimate goal.   If you missed the last episode don’t fret; you can get all caught up by checking out our full recap RIGHT HERE.

On the last episode before the hiatus Damon realized Elena was in danger and enlisted Stefan’shelp to find her.  The brothers payed a visit to Aaron, and Damon shocked Stefan by revealing his first-hand knowledge of Aaron’s family.  In an attempt to stop Damon, Dr. Wes  unleashed his secret weapon, forcing Damon to deal with a part of his past he thought was gone forever, as well as the consequences of his decades-long plan for revenge.  Meanwhile, Elena was horrified by Dr. Wes’ confessions about the dark history of Whitmore College and his own ultimate goal.  Finally, a frantic Katherine turned to Matt for help, until she realized that Nadia  may be the one who can solve her problem.

On the next episode which is the 100th episode Katherine is in the hospital and she is dying, but she is still alive.  No one knows whether she will even last one more day.  Jeremy, Damon, Caroline, Elena and Stefan are drinking and reminiscing about the worst things that Katherine ever did to them.  Most of them recount how she almost killed them, but Caroline has them beat because Katherine actually killed her.  Other than that not much has been released about the episode yet, but we do know it is going to concentrate around Katherine who is a 500-year-old doppelganger.

The Vampire Diaries Season 5 episode 11 “500 Years of Solitude” airs at 8PM tonight on the CW and we will be live blogging it will all the up-to-the-minutes. So come back to this spot and spend the evening with us enjoying the show! Make sure to refresh often to get the most current update!

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Bulgaria 1490 – Katherine goes into labor. Present day she’s flatlining. The scene switches back and forth between childbirth of her daughter Nadia and her current fight for life. We see her ask to see her daughter but then her father snatches her away as Katherine begs to see her. Nadia shows up at the ER and tells Stefan that Katherine will not die from a heart attack. She insists she’ll fight but Stefan says vampire blood won’t save her and her organs are shutting down. He thinks she won’t live out the day. He plans to take her home to die in peace.

Elena watches the clock tick. Damon is passed out drunk. Caroline and Bonnie drag Elena out of bed. Jeremy and Matt look at Damon with concern. Jeremy tells Matt that Damon dumped Elena and Matt asks why he would do that. Damon says he can hear them and calls Matt a dumb ass.

Caroline reminds Elena that Damon broke up with her because he knows he’s bad for her. Stefan calls his brother and then Caroline. Stefan tells Caroline that Elena needs to hear him out. Damon is pouring shots for the guys while he talks about what a horrible person Katherine was. They each drink a shot and say something bad that Katherine did to them. Matt says she fed him to Silas and killed his sister. Jeremy says she left him for dead.

The girls come in and join in the morbid drinking game. They talk all the people that Katherine has directly or indirectly taken from their lives. She killed Caroline, but C says she’s better off. Upstairs Katherine asks if they’re talking about her and he says they’re reminiscing. She tells him if she starts wrinkling and sagging he has to promise to stab her and he says she’s vain even on her deathbed. She sees something on her hand and says it’s an age spot. Stefan takes her hand an comforts her and she wants to know why. He says he can muster up some compassion since she’s dying.

Matt goes to get more alcohol but is attacked by Nadia. Stefan comes down and tells the naysayers to take it elsewhere. He says it’s disrespectful. He reminds them of her innocent roots and that she did what she’s done to survive and that’s the girl he’s drinking to. Nadia shows up and says she needs their help to save Katherine. Damon tells them that no one better help them.

Nadia tells them she found the save Stefan drowned in all summer and buried Matt in it without his resurrection ring. Now she has their attention. Stefan and Elena join Nadia and she tells them she needs a traveler to teach Katherine how to hop into someone else’s body as a passenger. Elena gets snotty when Stefan defends Katherine because she found out he’s been back in her bed.

Nadia reveals she’s going to sacrifice herself so Katherine can be a passenger in her body. Carolina rails at the others about Stefan and Katherine sexing and then she ferrets out that Bonnie and Jeremy have been shagging and acts incredulous.

Katherine sleeps and dreams of 1492 when she found her family slaughtered by Klaus. Damon is in her dream and says he misses Klaus and his ability to torture her. He reminds her that her family was massacred because she tried to evade Klaus’ blood sacrifice back in the day. Liz fins Damon holding a pillow ready to kill K but she stops him and says she would have to arrest him. He says every bad thing he’s ever done has been linked to him. Liz tells him to prove Katherine wrong by not giving in to the hate.

Caroline and crew look for Matt’s buried body when she runs into Klaus in the woods.

Nadia, Stefan and Elena come into an old rundown house. She says that the services of a traveler can be bought – she found Mia and other travelers who wanted doppelgangers in exchange for helping her with Katherine. Suddenly Stefan and Elena’s daylight rings are gone and they are trapped in the hovel with a gang of chanting travelers.

[8:47:27 PM] Rachel Rowan: Caroline tells him she has no time to chat since she has to dig up Matt. He tells her he’s there because of Katherine’s impending death. She doesn’t want to hear it. Then he offers to talk to her about Tyler and she’s worried but he says that he didn’t hurt him and let him go. She tells Klaus to let Katherine die in peace but he won’t let her go.

Liz has sedatives for Katherine’s pain, but she turns them down because she says if her mind is weak Damon can get in it. Katherine tells Liz that Damon’s mad because he dumped Elena and is blaming her.

Flashback to Katherine and her servant entering Mystic Falls in the Civil War era. There is a carriage stalled on the road and she sees Stefan for the first time. She tells her girl how handsome he is. She asks Emily if the handsome man’s family would take in a poor orphan girl from Atlanta. Damon sees this in her head and asks what it is. She says it’s the truth and it reinforces the legend of the doppelgangers and fate bringing it together. She says she can’t describe what she felt when she first saw him.

Elena and Stefan are still trapped and don’t know what to do. He agrees it was a bad day for them to be in an argument and she apologizes for being judgy. She asks if he picks Czech but he doesn’t. One comes and cuts Elena’s wrist and then Stefan’s to take their blood. They debate killing the guy who took their blood and then notice that neither are healing.

Klaus asks Caroline if she would give him the same choice. He asks if he gives up on vengeance will she make him the same offer. He tells her he heard Matt’s cries for help and is taking care of it. He says Matt will be pleased with his rescuer – who is, naturally, Rebekah. She tells him she’s only been gone three months and this is what he’s gotten himself into…

Katherine tells Damon to go away. Jenna’s ghost is there and stabs Katherine. Then John Gilbert is there and cuts off her fingers. She screams no but then Elijah is there and tells Damon that it’s enough and to stop. He comes to sit on her bed and she touches his face to see that he’s real. But then it’s Damon in his place and he tells her that no one is coming to say goodbye because no one cares. But then Nadia snaps his neck and says she does.

Stefan and Elena are crammed in a small space and he says he’s glad he’s not claustrophobic anymore and she asks about K helping him with that. He tells her that he just can’t hate Katherine and that she shouldn’t give up on Damon because of how much self loathing he’s experiencing. The travelers have gathered a bucket of blood from them and then let him go.

Nadia tries to bully Katherine into saying the traveler spell and coming into her body. She tells Nadia that letting her dad take her was the biggest mistake she ever made. She says she should have fought harder and that’s why she spent the last 500 years fighting so hard. She tells Nadia not to waste another minute on her and to focus on living. K tells Nadia to let her go and make an unselfish decision for once.

Nadia cries and tells her to go and leave her alone but she won’t stay and watch her die. Katherine injects herself with a syringe and conks out.
[9:04:37 PM] Rachel Rowan: Klaus and Caroline walk and he asks what’s next since Matt is safe. She asks why he isn’t gloating over Katherine’s death and he says he won’t if she asked him to. He asks instead for her confession about him. He tells her that he’s never coming back after today. He says that after today she’ll never have to loathe the darkest part of herself that cares about him. He asks her to be honest. She tells him she’s in college and building a life for herself and has plans and none of them involve him. Caroline says if he promises to walk away she will be honest. He agrees and she steps closer and kisses him. He smiles and presses her against a tree. They disrobe each other rapidly…

Damon wakes with an achy neck as Stefan comes in asking what’s up. He says that Nadia is a psycho and calls it a “shocking” twist. He tells him he can have Katherine to himself that he’s done torturing her. He says he had a rough couple of days and needed an outlet. He goes. Stefan comes to sit beside her and she says the drugs are hard core. He says he came to say goodbye. He takes her hand and she’s back crying over her family and he’s there. She says that it was the worst day of her life and Damon made it worse by saying it was her fault and that she deserved every bad thing that’s ever happened to her and that he was right. She says she doesn’t deserve to be loved. She cries.

Stefan touches her face and tells her to open her mind. In the memory, he takes away her family’s bodies and their blood stains. He tells her she was only 17 and none of it was her fault. She hears newborn baby Nadia crying and goes to look at her daughter. A light comes out of the cradle and Katherine is lit up in the glow. He whispers goodbye and kisses her brow. Elena comes in and he tells her that K won’t wake up again because of the drugs.

Damon and Stefan sit outside drinking and chatting. Stefan tells Damon he needs to fix the problems between he and Elena. Damon says he can’t live without her but he’s no better than Katherine and Elena will be happier without him. He tells Stefan he’s being selfless. Damon says if he gets Elena back and the universe falls apart because there’s no doppelganger happy ending, he’ll remind Stefan it was his idea.

Caroline comes in picking leaves out of her hair and the others tell her they’re waiting on Katherine to pass. Matt asks Bonnie if she’ll feel Katherine pass and she says she thinks so. Matt asks who she sees on the other side. She tells him she sees Vicki. Vicki is there and tells her to tell Matt that she loves him. She says that she watches over him and that he needs to quit hanging around with the blonde original. Tyler is there and says that he’s supposed to tell them that he’s Rebekah’s parting gift. Matt goes to hug him but Caroline won’t even look at him. Alaric is there too and Damon asks if he’s talking about him and Jeremy says he called him a dick. Then Katherine is there but says it’s too soon.

She pops away and then awake and sees Elena at her bedside. She tells K she literally heard her heart stop. K says she still has unfinished business. Elena says she had a whole speech prepared and K asks if it’s all hate and anger and Elena says yes but then tells her that she forgives her. She says she understands why she made the choices she made. K tells her to save it. Elena says she just wanted to tell her that she forgives her. K asks her to help her. She asks for one more syringe of the pain killers.

Elena pops the lid off the syringe and as she does Katherine says her name and then thanks her for her forgiveness. Elena tells her she’s welcome and then gives her the shot. Katherine grabs Elena’s head and says the traveler curse as her body slips into death. Elena opens her eyes to the ringing of the phone. It’s the traveler Mia who says a word and Elena’s eyes go black. Then Nadia is on the phone and she asks if it worked and Katherine says of course and promises to see her soon. She looks in the mirror at her new body and practices introducing herself as Elena.
Hmm… I wonder what Jeremy and Bonnie will see. Will they be suspicious?

The End!

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