The Vampire Diaries RECAP 3/20/14: Season 5 Episode 16 “While You Were Sleeping”

The Vampire Diaries RECAP 3/20/14: Season 5 Episode 16 "While You Were Sleeping"

THE VAMPIRE DIARIES returns to the CW at 8PM EST tonight for a brand new episode! In “While You Were Sleeping” Damon tries to find the right way to make a disturbing confession to Elena; Caroline discovers a scary secret in Dr. Wes’ files; Enzo claims to have a solution everyone is searching for; Sloan reveals new information on the importance of doppelgangers.

On the last episode Nadia remembered her centuries-long search for her mother, Stefan, Caroline and Matt came up with a desperate new plan to save Elena’s life. For the second time, Bonnie and Jeremy had to turn to Liv for help. Damon baited Tyler into a nasty confrontation, then took off to seek revenge on Dr. Wes. Caroline and Tyler came to a new understanding. Finally, Bonnie learned of a terrifying secret that threatened the lives of all her friends.   Did you watch the last episode? If not we have a full detailed recap of it for you right over here.

After a two week hiatus tonight’s new episode of THE VAMPIRE DIARIES is going to be great. We know we will be meeting some new characters firstly a new gay vampire called Luke who will be played by Chris Brochu is going to air on the episode. He is going to be a bit shady and has info on the witches and travellers. Secondly, from the photos we see (check below) new character Sloan is doing something that doesn’t look fun to Stefan while Caroline looks on. Odd photo, because Caroline doesn’t seem concerned at all. We also know Elena is back in her body and she is going to have a mess on her hands to fix up. She will have to undo all the damage that Katherine caused. Hence the title, “While you were sleeping.”

You’re not going to want to miss any of the action so tune in at 8PM EST to the CW to catch the latest. We’ll be live recapping it for you right here too and in the meantime hit up our comments section and tell us your thoughts on the current season!

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Caroline, Matt and Bonnie watch as Elena dances on the bar. Matt yells – take it off – and she peels off one of her shirt layers. They all toast to friendship. Then Elena asks them if she’s that easy to impersonate or if they just don’t know her at all. She asks them when she would ever dance half naked on a bar with her underaged brother in tow. She tells them Katherine has taken her over and that it’s not her. But then she wakes in her dorm room. Was it just a bad dream?

She steps out into the hall and calls out hello. No answer. She walks down the hall and sees all the rooms are empty. Then Stefan is there and she asks why he’s there and where everyone is. He says it’s spring break and that everyone is gone and she’s been in and out since she woke up. But then she hits a wall of magic and they explain they had to seal her in the building. He tells her they have some catching up to do.

The last thing she remembers was running through the woods and then hugging Damon and then nothing. He tells it’s been three weeks. She’s stunned. She knows she’s been infected with the ripper virus but tell her that she feels fine. She asks who made the magic wall and he tells her Liv is a new witch they met. He says they’re going to ration vamp blood for her and she says she needs to talk to Damon.

Meanwhile, he’s still locked up in the cell at the Salvatore’s. He grabs up the cup of blood Jeremy brought and gulps it then throws it at Jer. He tells Damon to screw off and reminds him he told his bestie to strangle him. Damon tells Matt and Jeremy not to tell Elena that he killed Aaron. He says he’ll tell her himself. She calls then and they begrudgingly hand over the phone and leave him to chat with her.

He asks if she’s eaten anyone yet and she says no symptoms yet but they’re still keeping her locked up. They make flirty small talk and she tells him that Katherine put a lock code on her cell phone and she’s calling him on a payphone. She laments the loss of three weeks of memories and she asks Damon how Katherine dumped him acting as Elena. He claims he doesn’t remember and she tells him she’s so sorry and that the last thing she remembers is being safe in his arms. He tells her it was all down hill from there.

Elena says she did and still wants to fight for him. He tells her as soon as they’re cured he’s going to hunt her down and give her the most mind-blowing night of her life. She asks him how do they get cured. Caroline listens to notes from Maxfield’s when Enzo comes into the lab and introduces himself. He overheard the recording and is surprised to learn that werewolves are an actual real thing. He flirts with her and she tells him to take a hike but he tells he’s there for the same reason – to cure the Ripper virus.

She asks if he wants his killing partner back so he can slaughter more innocent with Damon and he tells her that Damon said she was both judgy and turned on by accents. She tells him to stay out of the way and not cause any more problems. He tells her he has the antidote and that stops her cold.

Damon tells her that Katherine was going to her classes and Elena worries that she’s failing now. He tells her she should be okay and then she brings up Aaron. He tells her she won’t be able to find him but he won’t tell her why. Stefan comes in and Elena hangs up and says she’ll call him back on the new cell phone Stefan is bringing her. She stumbles and says she doesn’t feel good. He hands over a bottle of his blood and she pops the top, sniffs it and guzzles it down. She thanks him. She tells him she needs more and he refuses.

She tells him she just needs a little more but he won’t relent. She pleads with him to trust her and he bites his wrist and holds it out and she goes feral and lunges at him. Point made, he tells her she’s not okay.

Elena is appalled and says Katherine has turned her into a monster. He tells her if she’s loose, she will feed until she kills. Elena says it’s her own fault for sitting at Katherine’s bedside when she died. Caroline calls and tells him the virus is even worse than they thought because it has werewolf blood in it and says it could likely be fatal. She tells Stefan there’s a cure and that he has to go get it in person and says she’ll text him the address. Caroline will only tell him there are Travelers involved. He says he’s on the way.

Elena asks Stefan why Katherine didn’t run away with her body and he tells her that she wanted it all and Elena assumes that means him too. She asks if they ever got busy and he tells her they only kissed. She’s relieved and he tells her that he stopped the kiss and then began piecing together that it wasn’t Elena trying to get with him. He heads out.

Liv is telling Bonnie how cool it is that she could make the magic wall that locked Elena in and Bonnie finally tells her she’s proud of her. She pours out some salt and tells Liv to set it on fire. Liv gives it a try. It doesn’t work. She repeats the spell over and over but still nothing. Bonnie teases her about the lack of results.

Elena tries to call Aaron and, of course, gets his voice mail. She leaves a message assuming he’s on Spring Break. She asks him to call her back and rings off. She sees her diary and opens it up and notices that Katherine was posting in it. She’s horrified. She flips through the pages and reads about how she tried to seduce Stefan at the hotel.

Elena visualizes it as she thinks hard about it and sees Stefan trying not to check her out. She tells him he’s a gentleman but that nothing is stopping them since they’re single and alone. She sees herself kissing Stefan and him finally kissing back and throwing her against the wall. But then she says that it’s not her, that it’s Katherine and she tells Stefan it’s not her and asks if he can’t tell it’s her after all they’ve been through.

She says she would never lead him on like that. She opens the door and Damon is there. He mocks Damon for falling for K’s tactics. Elena begs them not to fight and says that even dead, K is ruining their lives. Stefan tells her she has no idea but won’t tell her more. She snaps out of it to find that her nose is bleeding and wonders what the hell is happening to her.

Caroline and Stefan argue about telling Elena that Aaron was killed by Damon and Enzo volunteers to do it. They are in a rail yard and the cars open and Sloane and a ton of other Travelers pour out of the cars. Enzo tells them he let Maxfield experiment on him to find a cure and the Travelers tell them that Elena is valuable to them so they are hard at work on the strain of the virus she has – different from what Damon has, it seems. They tell Stefan they need to find something and tell him they need another one of them – doppelgangers, I assume.

Elena explains to Damon that her virus strain has werewolf venom in it so she’s deteriorating. He wants to come see her but she reminds him they would rip each other apart and says she looks gross. She asks him to distract her and tells her to catch him up. He tells her that Caroline got it on with Klaus, Tyler threw a lame party and Jeremy bought a bunch of new games. She asks if Tyler knows about Klaus and Damon tells her that K ratted Caroline out to Tyler. Elena calls her a bitch but then explodes into a coughing fit that brings up blood.

She asks why Stefan isn’t just forcing Maxfield to make a cure and Damon admits that he killed Wes. She tells him that’s not fair since it lives Aaron with no family. Matt shows up with blood for Damon and he gets off the phone.

Enzo tells them he heard from the Travelers that the last remaining pair of doppelgangers are special. Marcos – leader of the gypsies – wants some of their blood. He says that they need to kill the third living doppelganger so he and Elena are the last two and then they’ll have the cure.

Elena is staggering around sick and then texts Stefan for an update. She slides down the wall in pain. She sees Aaron and he greets her. She tells him she thought he was on Spring Break and tells him she’s sick. She says she wants to talk to him and tells him she’s been possessed. He says that would explain a lot and then she notices that his dorm room is cleared out. She asks why and he tells her that he’s not really there. She asks if he’s a hallucination and then she looks at him again and sees his throat ripped out. She asks if he’s dead and then asks if she killed him. She pleads for him to tell her that she didn’t kill him.

Suddenly there’s a guy in front of her and picks her up and calls her a lush. He tells her he’s Luke but she doesn’t remember him. He thinks she’s drunk and then offers to make her a drunk. He asks her if she and Stefan hooked up and she stares at the vein in his neck. She compels him not to move and then bites his neck and then starts to break his neck but then notices two puncture wounds in his neck. She realizes K had been feeding on him and compels him to find Caroline and get her to send Bonnie to her ASAP. She says she has to get out of there.

Elena calls Damon in a panic and tells him she can’t tell what’s real. She asks him if she killed Aaron and says that’s what he’s afraid to tell him. Damon promises to tell her everything later and she tells him now is the time because she almost turned someone vampire so she could eat him. Damon says he can help her and Elena tells him she’s lying. She asks why everyone is lying to her. She smashes her phone in a rage.

Damon calls for Matt and rattles his chains. Matt comes in and he asks Matt to charge his phone. Matt tells him it’s too much sexting with Elena. He grabs the phone and Damon grabs him and yanks off Matt’s death ring. Jeremy comes in and Damon demands that he unchain him but Jer refuses. He tells them he has to get to Elena and that she needs him. He promises he won’t hurt her.

Caroline tells Stefan the three vamps can take all the Travelers. She doesn’t want them to link him to another doppelganger because he may loses his memory again. He tells her that he is doing it for Elena and would do it for her too. He wants the cures first and they won’t hand them over but then Enzo says he will take them and administer them. He invites Caroline to go with him but she says she’ll stay with Stefan. He sits and Sloane slices his palm to start the spell. He says Tessa didn’t need it but she insists they do. She touches his head and the Travelers all chant the spell. Stefan screams in pain.

Elena is burning her diary, books, clothes and everything that Katherine has touched. Bonnie and Liv come in and she says she’s purging herself. She’s furious that no one noticed it was K and not her with them. Elena tells Liv to drop the spell or she will kill them. Bonnie tells her to fight it because what she’s doing is letting Katherine win. She backs off and then stabs Liv and tells her to drop the seal so she can heal her with her blood or stand there and die.

Stefan is in pain. The Travelers chant and Caroline demands to know why it’s taking so long. Sloane says – just a little deeper – and then she’s in. Stefan’s doppelganger is an EMT in a city somewhere. Sloane digs deeper and Stefan says he’s in Atlanta. She tells Stefan to push harder. Sloane says the link is strong enough and they can get more information. Sloane says the doppelganger must be killed. They chant and then Caroline holds a blade to her neck. Sloane says if she hurts her, the Travelers will kill them and Caroline proposes a compromise.

Elena staggers across campus, sick, hacking and dying. She looks at a rotting spot on her hand. Then Aaron is there again and she asks if he’s alive. She smiles at him and he says she doesn’t look good. She tells him she thought he was dead and that she killed him. Her vision clears and it’s Damon. He gives her a bottle of Stefan’s blood and she gulps it down. She tells him that Katherine won. He tells her not to true and she tells him that K is turning her into a monster.

She cries and tells him she almost killed the witch and doesn’t want to kill her friends. He hugs her and she breaks loose and tells him she killed Aaron. Damon admits that he killed Aaron. She asks why and he says he did it before he was infected with the virus. He tells her it was after she broke up with him and he did it to convince himself that he was the person she (i.e. Katherine) said he was when she dumped him.
She asks why Enzo is there and he tells them he has the antidote but then he tells them it looks like both of them would rather be dead.

Caroline sits with Stefan as he comes to. He calls her Rebekah and she freaks. He tells her he’s kidding then calls her Lexie. She punches him but then Enzo is there and tells her she’s ready to go. She admits she had to agree to kill the doppelganger and she’s going with Enzo. She tells him it’s Stefan or the other guy. Stefan says he’ ll go and Enzo says they need him there to keep track of the other guy so they can locate him. Caroline reminds Stefan he would do the same for her. He tells her he doesn’t trust Enzo and she tells him she doesn’t either and promises to be safe.

Bonnie apologizes to Liv but she’s thrilled that she survived her first vampire attack. Liv tells her she’s all in and wants her to continue teaching her. Liv heads into her room and lights all the candles with a flick of her hands – a ha! – she’s been holding back on Bonnie! She’s annoyed to see Luke there but he tells her he’s her brother and has the right. He tells her she’s showing off with her fire skills. He says he hated to drag her into it but he had to let Elena think she compelled him. He asks her how the anchor is and she tells him she’s letting Bonnie think that she’s teaching her magic. She says it’s cute and Luke says it will only be cute until Bonnie realizes the danger her friends are in.

At the house, Damon offers Elena a drink and she tells him he should have noticed that it was Katherine, not her. She tells him he should have been the one to see it and he tells her he knows that. She reminds him all the things that wouldn’t have happened if he had noticed. He tells her that they are in a toxic relationship because they each have the ability to destroy each other. She says she has to bend her morals and go against all her beliefs because she loves him. He tells her to stop loving her and she says she can’t. Damon says they don’t work and that they agree it has to end. Elena agrees and says it’s over. Then he kisses her and she responds in kind. She rips his shirt and he takes her to bed and rips her clothes off.

The End.