The Vampire Diaries Season 5 Episode 12 REVIEW “The Devil Inside”

The Vampire Diaries Season 5 Episode 12 REVIEW “The Devil Inside”

THE VAMPIRE DIARIES season 5 episode 12 “The Devil Inside, ” opened with Katherine posing as Elena and she comes up to Matt siting on a bench and kisses him on the cheek. Matt comments about the great mood she is in, Katherine tells him it’s a good day. Katherine asking if he is still using vervain. Matt tells her no silly that’s why I wear this bracelet…remember? Katherine tells him what she is about to do is going to hurt her more than him. She rips the bracelet off and then tells,him she is Katherine not Elena. Matt tells her Katherine is dead. Katherine tells him not exactly, she ask him of Elena would wear what she has on, he refuses to help until Nadia shows up and slams him back down on the bench. Katherine compels him just a little bit and finds out what she needs to know, yes to the shoes no to the dress, why hr hair has a little red in it, Jeremy’s bday, Elena’s bday, her address, she ask which one she likes more Bonnie or Caroline, then she ask the million dollar question for her own use later how did she break up with him.

The show then picks up earlier in the day. Nadia walks in and tells Katherine that Mia needs her corpse. Katherine looks a little confused. Nadia is taking out chains and attaching them to the bed in the hotel room. Nadia tells,her of she wants full control of her body they need the corpse, she tells her she is handcuffing her to the bed while she goes out to get her corpse, and once they get rid of it she will be in Elena’s body forever.

Damon walks into the house carrying a shovel. Stefan ask him where he has been. Damon tells him Katherine’s rotting corpse was sticking up the house so he got rid of it. Stefan tells him there might be a problem. Nadia comes in and tells Damon she wants the body, Damon tells her to bad she isn’t getting it. Nadia tells him she wanted to be buries in Bulgaria. Damon says nothing gives him more pleasure then denying Katherine her last wish. Nadia gets mad and attacks him, in a blink he has her pinned against the wall reaffirming that she will not be getting her mothers body. Damon fixes the collar of his jacket, smiles at Stefan and walks out.

Matt comes home and is looking for his phone. He finds Tyler crashed on the sofa and music blaring. Matt has to call his name a couple of times to,get his attention, Matt ask if he has seen his phone and that he is late for work. Tyler pours the breakfast of champions, whiskey. Matt wants to know what happened in New Orleans. Matt tells him there were witches and gumbo if you like that sort of thing, Originals. Tyler gets quiet for a minute and then tells Matt all,that’s over and he’s starting a new chapter, one without drama. He should probably leave Mystic Falls then. Matt tells him he is throwing him a party. Matt tells him to clean the house, invite some people,and oh yeah take a shower because you stink. Matt takes off for work.

Caroline is back at the dorm, cleaning the fireplace like crazy. I guess she thinks it will help her with the scandalous Klaus sex guilt she is having. Aaron knock on the door and she tells him to come in. Caroline tells him she is stress cleaning. Aaron tells,her that Wes won’t be a problem he was able to cut off all,the experimenting and that he is really sorry for everything. Caroline tells Aaron she will. Aaron heads back into his dorm room and before he can shut the door Enzo appears.

Stefan calls Caroline arms tells her about him convincing Damon to get Elena back and how Damon is in a mood because he has been calling her and she refuses to answer. Caroline tells,him she is glad they broke up. Stefan ask her if she would want to be judged solely on who she is attracted to. Caroline has a panic attack and ask Stefan if he knows something, Stefan ask if he should know something. Caroline makes light of it. Stefan tells her that Elena is good for Damon she makes him happy and she is happy he isn’t killing people. Caroline and Stefan realize that neither one of them has seen Elena, Caroline wonders where she is.

Back at the hotel room someone is calling Elena’s phone. Katherine’s eyes go black and she opens them Elena is back.

Elena breaks free of the bed and tries to answer the phone, Nadia comes in and says a word and Katherine is back, she ask Nadia if she has her body.

Stefan and Damon are playing pool and talking about Elena. Caroline shows up and Damon tells her to shoo. Stefan explains to Damon that Caroline is going to help,him get Elena back. Damon tells Caroline that she once told him that calling him Satan was an insult to Satan. Damon ask if Stefan and Caroline are babysitting him. Stefan says they are just hanging out. Damon tells them he doesn’t need their help and leaves. Stefan tells her they need to try Elena again.

Elena’s phone is at it again and Katherine is telling Nadia how she has never met a group of people as needy as they are, as she reads the text Nadia realizes they are getting suspicious and they need to find Katherine’s body. Katherine decides she should go to Tyler’s party so they all will see that Elena is ok and while she is at it she can ask Stefan where her body is at.

Matt and Tyler are pulling stuff out of the truck to get things ready for the party. Tyler heads in and Matts phone rings it’s Katherine and we cut to the first part of the show.

Damon comes home and Enzo is sitting on his,couch holding a drink. Enzo tells him they have some business to attend to, there is a big bag in the floor. Damon points to his face and tells him he missed a spot.

Damon tells Enzo they have already done this, Enzo made him feel guilty, he saved his life and now they are even. Damon ask what’s in the bag. Enzo tells him he did some research and discovered what Damon has been doing over the years killing the Whitmore family. Enzo says perhaps he wrote Damon off to soon. Enzo opens the bag and Aaron is in it, alive. Enzo ask if Damon wants to kill him or should he.

Katherine arrives at the party and has to wait to be invited in by Matt, once she is she compels him to go find a blonde to hit on. She zooms in on Stefan and chats him up, at first they talk about her and Damon. Then Katherine brings up her dying and ask Stefan how he is. Stefan says he is ok. Katherine ask where she is buried. Stefan says he doesn’t know that Damon said he put her where she always belonged.

Enzo wants Damon to kill Aaron. Caroline calls Damon and tells him to get his ass to Tyler’s that Elena is there. Damon hangs up the phone. Aaron is awake and standing up, Enzo tells him it’s decision time is Damon going to kill him or should he. Damon zooms over and snaps Enzo’s neck. Damon states how much he hates deadlines. Aaron tells him he didn’t see that one coming, Damon tells him he can’t kill him it’s a long story. Aaron knows it’s because of Elena. Damon rips Aaron’s watch off and then compels him to go back to college and pack up his entire life, there is one highway that leads out of town he needs to get on it and take it north till he hits ice and never come back.

Katherine is ever so carefully carrying the trash out to the garbage can, Nadia makes fun of her and tells her that it’s very domestic of her. Katherine tells her that apparently Elena does that sort of stuff, and she is starting to feel sorry for her. Nadia ask if she knows where her body is at. Katherine tells her that her body was put in the tomb under the old church. Nadia tells her to say her goodbyes she doesn’t want anyone following them.

Caroline is inside dumping chips in a bowl when she spots Katherine and tells her she has been calling her and calling her. Katherine ask her what she wanted, Caroline tells her she did a bad thing. Katherine tells her it couldn’t have been that bad. Caroline tells her she had sex with Klaus. Katherine is shocked. Caroline tells her to tell her she is awful. Instead she see Tyler coming down the stairs and ask Caroline if Klaus was better than Tyler. Tyler over hears it all.

Katherine meets up with Nadia and Mia so they can finish the ritual. They need some blood to seal Elena’s fate and her inside of Katherine’s body. Mia cuts Katherine’s hand with the knife. Mia stabs the body and starts to chant. Katherine’s eyes go black and when they open it’s Elena standing there. She looks around and then turns away. Nadia ask her if she is ok. Elena pretends to be Katherine and says she is fine.

Tyler is drinking in the study when Caroline comes in. Tyler tells her to get out. Caroline ask to be allowed to explain, he goes off on her and tells her how wrong she was to sleep with Klaus. Caroline goes towards him and he turns wolf on her. Stefan comes in and slams him against the wall. Tyler tells Stefan that Caroline screwed Klaus. Stefan just turns and looks at her for a brief moment, Caroline leaves the room ashamed. Stefan punches Tyler and tells him drunk or not Caroline didn’t deserve that. Stefan walks out leaving Tyler with a bloody mouth.

Nadia is asking Elena where she wants to go once they complete the spell. Mia tells them to be quiet it will just be a few more seconds. Elena knocks Mia out. Nadia realizes what’s happened but before she can stop her Elena rams a torch in her gut. Nadia falls over and Elena zooms out.

Damon shows up at the party and has to be invited in, when he sees that isn’t going to happen he decides he will just walk around outside.

Nadia is awake and she pulls the torch out of her gut. She gets Mia up and tells her to finish the spell.

Elena stops running and pulls out the phone she snagged from Nadia. Which is impressive considering I didn’t see her get close enough to do it. Unfortunately for Elena a PIN number is required and she doesn’t know it. She zooms off. She comes to a stop when she starts seeing Katherine’s memories running through her head. Mia sprinkles something on the body while she chants, she sets it on fire. Elena is flooded with more memories and screams no and takes of running seeing memories all the way.

Elena runs into Damon’s arms but before she can tell him anything Katherine is back, Elena is gone for good so it would seem. Damon tells her how much he loves her and that he was afraid he would ruin her. Damon tells her he needs her. Katherine tells him that she doesn’t want to be the only thing he loves for, she brings up how he tortured Katherine while she was dying. She tells him that she is sorry but it’s over. She walks away with a smile on her face. Stefan saw it all. Damon tells him deep down he has to be enjoying it a little bit.

Matt walks in and Tyler tells him he realized he lives in a mansion, his parents are dead, his girlfriend slept with his nemesis and he has a long life that will last forever but hey he has a big ass house. Matt suggest they get out of it for awhile. Tyler tells him just when he thought Klaus couldn’t take anything else from him or do anything he worse…Tyler trails off and puts his head down, Matt pats him in the back.

Mia tells Nadia she wants her payment. Katherine obliges by ripping her heart out. Katherine hates loose ends. Nadia tells her they need to get on the road. Katherine tells her she is staying there that for the first time in 500 years no one is coming after her, and that most of the people in Mystic Falls would cut their own throat to protect her. Nadia ask what about her. Katherine tells her to stay. Nadia tells her she isn’t leaving, but they both no she wants more than that. Katherine tells her she is right she wants it all she wants her daughter, immortality and Stefan Salvatore. Nadia tells her she would hate to stand in her way.

Stefan tells her he has been looking all over for her. Caroline tells him she couldn’t find a rock,big enough to crawl under. Caroline tells Stefan that he is her friend and to give it to her straight is she a horrible person. Stefan ask her what he thought when she first found out about him and Katherine. Caroline says ewwww. Stefan tells her if she had held that against him she wouldn’t be siting there with him right now. Caroline says maybe she is there because he sees the best in people. Stefan tells her she is a horrible person jokingly, she smiles and eventually laughs.
Aaron sees a body in the road so he pulls over and gets out. Aaron ask if he is okay. Enzo sits up and says never better. Enzo tells them they have been waiting for him. Aaron looks back to see Damon leaning on his car. Aaron tells him he thought he was going to let him go. Damon tells him I did, I tried. Aaron ask if Elena knows he is there. Damon tells him she is the reason he is there, no scratch that Damon himself is the reason he is there. Aaron ask him what he wants, Damon tells,him the same thing you do to go back in the past, to get someone he lost. They talk a bit more and then Damon grabs Aaron and rips his throat open killing him. Enzo says now that’s the Damon Salvatore I remember. They look down at Aaron’s dead body.


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