The Voice LIVE RECAP 4/7/14: Season 6 “The Battles, Round 2 Continues”

The Voice LIVE RECAP 4/7/14: Season 6 “The Battles, Round 2 Continues”

Tonight on NBC the Emmy award winning music competition The Voice is back with yet another round of completion. Tonight “The Battles Round 2 Continues.”  The battles round two continue – the coaches enlist Coldplay frontman Chris Martin to prepare their artists for the final round of battles.

On last week’s episode the second round of battles saw the artists face their toughest showdowns yet.  Once again, the artists were paired in elimination duets, with the winner moving to the play-offs.  Chris Martin advised the artists before they compete head to head in their second round of elimination duets.  Did you watch last week’s episode?  We did and we recapped it right here for you.

On tonight’s episode the Emmy award winning music competition The Voice is back with yet another round of completion. Tonight “The Battles Round 2 Continues.”  The battles round two continue – the coaches enlist Coldplay frontman Chris Martin to prepare their artists for the final round of battles.

Tonight’s Battles are going to be just as exciting as last week’s were. It will give viewers a good idea of who may actually be in serious contention to win THE VOICE this season so you’re not going to want to miss even a minute of the fun. We’ll be blogging it right here for you. In the meantime hit up the comments section and tell us your thoughts the first round of the Battles!

Tonight’s episode begins now – Refresh Page for Updates

 First up is team Shakira with Dani and Clarissa because they are both powerhouses; Shakira lets them watch and study one another with their last performances. Dani and Clarrisa decide that they will be singing “Perfect” by PINK; Shakira feels like it’s a great choice for their voices. Shakira feels like they both are projecting a little too much anxiety; Chris says they need to move around more to bring the performance alive. Shakira feels like both girls improved quite a lot and is interested to see which will come out on top.

Adam says that in the beginning both of them sounded nervous and shaky; but it was incredible by the end. They have to surpress the nerves much more and make the audience believe they are not. Blake says that Clarissa has a good presence, yet Dani has a soft but powerful voice wanting to give the battle to her. Usher says they both have amazing talent and when they play off each other they took it to different heights; he feels like Dani is a true star. Shakira says it’s so tough and they both did an amazing job; they really brought it on. She feels like Clarissa looks so in command yet Dani has great control of her voice though; Shakira decides the winner of the battle is Dani. Clarissa thanks Shakira for everything and has learnt a lot; she is really happy she got this experience.

Next up is team Adam with Kat against Dawn & Hawke; Adam loves both of them and feels like it’s going to be a really hard choice. He shows them their previous performances to each other, wanting them to get a sense of what they both sound like. They all decide that they want to sing the song “Suddenly I See” by KT Tunstall; Chris feels like Kat is so comfortable singing, but Adam feels like she has to not over do it. Adam wants Dawn & Hawke have to really show their chemistry more to knock it out of the park; he thinks they really do set each other well as a pair to battle.

Blake says that it felt like Dawn & Hawke were more like background singers for Kat; he gives the battle to Kat. Usher says there were very few moments where Kat was off but agrees with Blake. Shakira says that Dawn & Hawke really sounded great but Kat took control of the stage. Adam feels like Dawn & Hawke did great but not as great as they were in the blind audition; he also feels like Kat stood up to the challenge really well. Adam decides the winner is Kat; Dawn & Hawke’s say that his words were very inspiring and will take all they learned.

Next is team Usher with Music Box and Melissa; Usher shows them their performances last week to give them an idea of who they are as performers. They choose the song “This Girl Is On Fire” by Alicia Keys; Usher believes that Melissa has personality but Music Box has an amazing tone and tons of power.

Shakira says that this battle had great moments and some weak points; she felt that it should go for Music Box more. Adam felt like it was great  and weak at points as well; though Melissa did better to him. Blake says he would go with Music Box, he really likes her voice and senses her potential. Usher says that they made it their own and it felt like it’s hard to decide who won; Usher chooses Melissa as the winner of the battle.

Music Box says that Usher really got her and thanks Shakira for all she gave him as well; she gives Usher a hug and goes home.

Next up is Blake’s final pair Kayleigh and Bryan, Blake feels like they are perfect together since he knows they sing well but they need to find out which kind of artist they want to be; the two of them decide they want to sing “Easy” by Rascal Flatts. Blake loves knowing they want to do a country song, he feels like it works perfectly for them. Chris feels like they have to make the performance as if they broke up and it’s hard.

Usher says he loves that song and asked why they chose it; Kayleigh answered that they wanted to do something different. Usher felt that Kayleigh was nervous and pulled back a bit, though Ryan did really well. Shakira says that they both did great, though it looked more effortless with Ryan. Adam says they don’t have to be flawless in the battles, having seen improvements with Kayleigh the whole time yet Ryan is just perfect. Blake says he has no clue and loves both of their powerful voices; he respects their song choice a lot. Blake decides the winner of the battle is Ryan. Kayleigh says she learnt so much from Blake and that he has been the best coach to her.

Next up is team Adam with Britanny and Jake; Adam shows off both of their videos and tells them their mistakes in their previous performances. He then lets them go off and pick their own song, they choose the song “Climax” by Usher. Chris tells them they don’t have to be so nervous and need to really make the performance believable; he wants them to be more together on this song.

Blake says that it was a low blow to sing one of Usher’s song after both leaving his team, though says Jake’s falceto really impressed him. Usher says that he feels bad having analyzing the performance being his song and having them both on his team. He believes they both did well and have promising futures. Shakira says what Jake did in all of his falsettos really shocked her. Adam says that Britany’s voice just cuts perfectly, though Jake really impressed him and believes they both got what it takes. Adam decides the winner of the battle is Jake. Britany thanks Adam for the time she had with him, she has learned so much about herself and believes this moment was priceless.

The final artist of tonight is team Usher with Bria and Madaline; Usher shows them both of their previous performances and tells them exactly what they need to work on to improve themselves. They both decide to sing “I Stand By You”, Usher wants them to shake loose and take a deep breath. He wants them to relax and get ready. Chris talks to Madeline about her being a little shy and wants her to be more confident on stage; Usher talks to Bria about her needing to try and hold back her voice a little more.

Shakira says it was great, she liked how Bria worked her dynamics and saw Madeline be so in command. Adam says that Madeline is so much stronger every time and saw Bria do something different but felt like he wanted more. Blake says that the performance never really stood out for him, it wasn’t that great to him. Usher says that it may not have been the best; he knew Bria had lost control a couple of times. Usher decides the winner of the battle is Bria. Blake goes right ahead and steals Madeline, Blake says that her confidence is coming out more and believes in her; wanting to make a performer out of her.