The Walking Dead Season 5 Spoilers – Five Reasons Beth’s Death Made Sense

The Walking Dead Season 5 Spoilers - Five Reasons Beth's Death Made Sense

In The Walking Dead season 5 mid-season finale, Beth was killed off with a gunshot blast to the head by the evil Dawn. The Walking Dead spoilers made sure that most followers of the show kind of figured it was coming, but it still hurt to see it come about. Beth was one of the most loved and trusted characters on TWD. She was one of the few that still kept a bit of humanity. Ultimately, she was the right choice, however. Here are five reasons why Beth’s death made sense for The Walking Dead mid-season finale:

Beth had a huge impact

For a much anticipated finale episode, you have to have something of note take place. Most viewers knew that someone was going to die and Beth was on the short list. So was Carol and a few others. Beth passing away sent reverberations throughout The Walking Dead universe both on screen and in viewership.

Beth’s death affects all characters

Because of relationships and the nature of her character, her dying will have wide reaching effects for all the characters still alive. Maggie, Glenn, Rick, Carol and Daryl will all be struggling with this for a very long time. Because of the complicated relationships with Beth, the story can go in many directions from here.

Beth dying makes sense

If you were living in The Walking Dead world and were friends with all the characters and in the group, who would you be most surprised is still alive? Beth just was not built to survive this horrible world.

Beth’s character had run her course

If Beth had survived and gotten away from the hospital, would you really buy her suddenly becoming a bad ass like Carol? Probably not. Her character had gone through so much it seemed fitting to have her move on and join her father in Heaven.

Beth dying will make viewers show up for the premiere in February

When the show starts up in February again, fans will want to see how the group responds to the death. While we saw a brief view of the anguish, we have only scratched the surface. It should be a huge premiere of The Walking Dead season 5B when February rolls around. Come back tomorrow to CDL for more The Walking Dead season 5 spoilers.