The Young and the Restless’ Eileen Davidson Defends Hunter King in Michael Muhney Breast Groping Firing Scandal

The Young and the Restless' Eileen Davidson Defends Hunter King in Breast Groping Michael Muhney Firing Scandal

Eileen Davidson of The Young and the Restless is defending Hunter King, who recently came out with news alleging Michael Muhney groped her. While Michael has come out to deny these allegations, Hunter stands by her story, and it seems as if she’s garnered some support from her fellow co-star. Eileen took to Twitter recently to rally support for Hunter — and to come out against those supporting Michael and hating on the actress — in the wake of this scandal. Faithful supporters of the show, and those particularly attached to Michael, have said they’d boycott the soap if his firing was made permanent. Many want him back — and they don’t really care what he did or didn’t do.

Eileen said, “2 u who r bashing @HunterHaleyKing. Shes amazing, brave & courageous. She deserves 2 b applauded & respected. THE END.” The actress later added, “I have so much respect for you Hunter. My thoughts are with you. Xoxoxox.”

What do you think about this scandal, which continues to heat up by the day? King went to Y&R showrunners alleging that Munhey had fondled her breasts on two occasions and, as we’re all aware, this kind of thing is not tolerated — by any stretch of the imagination — and he was promptly fired. Perhaps showrunners thought that they could fire him quietly and shove this little scandal under the rug without so much as a peep from fans (or anything more from Hunter). Well, if they did go into this situation with that mindset, I suppose they thought wrong.

Some are completely buying Hunter’s story while others aren’t so quick to believe her claims. What do you make of this scandal, and who do you think is the truth teller in this situation?

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  • Sharae Myers

    I don’t think she is telling truth and a pawn in a ego war from veteran cast the cast choosing sides inflames the loyal fans and they are choosing to end show and all their careers by loosing fans for flaming fire that should have been dealt with by management I am done with them all and deleted record on my dvr. Good luck finding work once you all kill the show with this war that is out of hand. Sad cast should not choose sides as the saying goes that they all are digging their own grave and will be burying the show with them.

  • D. Rowley

    There are two sides to the story, and I would like to hear Michael’s side. To automatically take the woman’s side is ludicrous. Have proof. If you don’t have any, let him stay on the show. He is the backbone of your series. Everyone else–even though good–you can predict with certainty. It sort of gets boring. Michael portrays his character with finesse and makes the show exciting. I hope you choose to keep him.

  • John Jackson

    He should have been suspended instead of fired. He is valuable to the show. She probably be gone before the year is out.Her job requires touching and kissing and fondling. If i was an actor and had to do any kind of a romantic scene with her I wouldn’t do it now. She is a cry baby just like on the show. She gonna ruin the ratings because her lil breast got touched, [wow] Mike made a bad decision messing with a youngin who wants to get where he was. I’m surprised they fired him. Normally when people have money they get away with murder.

  • step

    If he did it of course they needed to take action but I love the character Adam Newman and in my mind the only person that can bring that to life is Michael Muhney soooo even if he is a rotten bastard I want him back on the show .. and if that means no Hunter King so be it..