The Young and the Restless Recap and Review: Week of April 28 – May 2, 2014

The Young and the Restless Recap and Review: Week of April 28 - May 2, 2014

Last week, April 28 – May 2, on The Young and the Restless there were shocking revelations that indicate that this week will bring more even more drama. We’ve recapped the entire week for you in detail – enjoy.

Monday – Nick brings Sharon back home. Sharon starts discussing Victor’s plot which caused her to have to undergo electroshock. Sharon wants to know about the girl who looks like Cassie. Nick is furious that Victor is trying to make it look like Sharon is the one with the secret. Sharon informs nick that Dr. Meade told her she does in fact have a secret. The girl who looks like Cassie opens her hotel room door and Victor is standing there. Victor gets onto her for getting caught and then reminds her the name of the game is the secret Sharon has that can hurt Nick. Not Cassie wants another chance . Victor makes it clear she is to stay away from his family. Victor leaves and Not Cassie makes a call, she tells them that Victor got onto her. Not Cassie receives another knock at her door, this time it’s Sharon. You would think she would have passed Victor in the hall but whatever. Sharon wants to know if Not Cassie knows what the secret is. Not Cassie tells her she she doesn’t. Sharon offers to keep Victor away from her. Not Cassie wants Sharon to go.

Nikki and Dylan are at the ranch. Dylan tells Nikki that Ian left everything to him in his will. Dylan thinks it’s Ian’s way to keep him from killing him. Nikki and Dylan chat a bit more and then Dylan leaves. Dylan isn’t gone to long before nick comes barging in looking for Victor. Nick tells Nikki all about how Victor tortured Sharon while she was sick. When Victor arrives Nikki demands to know how he could do such a terrible thing. Nick and Victor start arguing over and about Sharon. Nick informs Victor that he is no longer his son and stalks out. Nikki tells him he is no better than Ian Ward and has managed to finally do something completely unforgivable. Victor could careless what Nikki or anyone else thinks. Nikki tells him she well aware that he doesn’t care.

Summer is with Avery at Crimson Lights. Avery lets her know the cooking show was picked up and he wants her to create buzz via social media, you know the twitter and the facebook. Ian pops in to be arrogant and tell summer he could have helped her rech her full potential. Avery tells Ian that Summer never wants to see his face again thank you very much. Summer tells Ian he will get what is coming to him. Avery tells Ian she is going to get a restraining order if he keeps acting all stalker ish.

Neil a with Hilary in her suite. Devon is outside the door and hears her and Neil so he walks away. Meanwhile inside the suite Hilary and Neil are about I get it on. Devon is chilling at the bar when Esmeralda walks up. Devon tells her he would like to take her to the Velvet Bar. Hilary is basking in the afterglow. Hilary tells Neil they can’t let it happen again because of Jack and Lily. Neil agrees. Later when Hilary comes downstairs Devon informs her that he has a date with Esmeralda later that night.

Not Cassie is annoyed with the person who decided to call her back. They are outside her door and when she opens it we see that it is Ian. Nick goes to Sharon’s and tells her that he let Victor know he wants nothing to do with ever again. Sharon tells Nick that a few things have come back to her. Nick doesn’t care he is sure nothing will make him stop loving her.

Tuesday – Jack tells Billy how pleased he is with the work he has been doing at Jabot. Jack tells Billy that he would like to spend more time with Kelly. Jack then tells him he told Kelly that Billy would not have a problem with that. Jack thinks it will do Victoria some good to see that Kelly is moving on. Billy lets Jack know that Kelly isn’t the issue.

Speaking of Kelly she is eight kinds of snoopy and hears Stitch make a date with Victoria. Kelly decides it’s her business and she ask stitch about it. Kelly tells Stitch that Victoria will forever only have eyes for Billy. Kelly then brings up what Stitch “did.” Stitch tells Kelly to not be a Debbie downer and destroy his second chance at being happy. Billy who also likes to be snoopy walks over and ask what Stitch did. Kelly conveniently slithers away to talk to Jack. Billy informs Stitch that no matter who or what he and Victoria always end up back together. Lauren and Chloe talk about the fashion show. Chloe thinks it’s all about her and the fact she went “Edward Scissorhands.” I really don’t see a problem we all channel Johnny Depp every now and then. Lauren talks about the fact that Chloe is married to Kevin. Chloe tells Lauren she is over it and him. Lauren thinks Chloe will find someone else to love and maybe have some more kids. Chloe tells her she only wants Delia because she is the best parts of Billy and her.

Dylan and Leslie are having a chit chat about Ian at Crimson Lights. Leslie says she will continue to be his lawyer and Dylan promises he will keep him from harming anyone else.

Not Cassie is thanking Ian for coming over. Ian tells her that he is always there for her is she needs him. Ian is proud of her for sticking to her guns with Victor Newman. Not Cassie tells Ian that Sharon wants her to stay. Not Cassie admits she is scared of Victor but wants to stay. Not Cassie wants to know why Ian is back in town. Ian tells her he is just there to tie up some loose ends. When Not Cassie leaves her room Tyler is standing across the hall and ask “Mariah what she is doing here?” Looks like Not Cassie just got busted.

Dylan goes by Victoria’s. They have a conversation about Ian Ward and Nikki. Dylan lets Victoria know that he will be looking at for her and her family. Victoria expects nothing less, he is part of the family. Victoria ask Dylan about Ben (Stitch). Dylan tells Victoria that Ben is a good guy as is Billy. When Dylan has left Victoria is seen holding a pregnancy test.

Jack is with Kelly at the park. They are having a discussion about moving forward. Jack assures Kelly that Billy has no problem with them dating. Kelly brings up Phyllis. Jack calls Phyllis his redhead but reassures Kelly that he and Phyllis can’t be together

Billy and Chloe are at Jabot. They both remember Delia. Billy tells Chloe they will never be able to do something that amazing again. Chloe disagrees she thinks they should have another baby together.

Dylan goes to tell Stitch that Victoria is still unsure about Billy and that Stitch needs to let it go. Stitch says he can’t and claims that he really cares about Victoria.

Wednesday – Chloe is going over all the reasons that her and Billy should have another baby together. Billy tells her they can’t have another baby together because he is in love with Victoria. Chloe tells him she needs a baby. Billy tells her she should talk to Kevin. Chloe isn’t interested in having Kevin’s baby. Billy lets Ch,one down easy by telling her if he has another baby it is going to be with Victoria.

Mariah also known as Not Cassie assumes that Abby kicked Tyler to the curb. Tyler knows that she knows he is there with Abby. Tyler complains about how Not Cassie changes on him and Abby is everything she isn’t. Not Cassie reminds him she knows all his secrets and then wonders if Abby does. Tyler gets back to the room and Abby is leaving because nick called her. Not Cassie comes in and kisses him. Tyler tells her to leave. Not Cassie obliges but not before dropping a bracelet for Abby to find.

Noah informs Summer that he got a parking ticket but will get out of it. Summer then gets a call from Victor telling her to come to the ranch. Summer leaves to se Victor. Nick shows up with Abby and they tell Noah all about the Not Cassie. Chloe is alone looking at pictures of Delia.

When Summer gets to the ranch Victor and Summer talk about Ian. Victor then ask about Phyllis. Summer wants Phyllis to wake up, so does Victor. Nikki comes in as Summer is leaving. Nikki informs Victor she is only there to pack a suitcase.

Victoria heads upstairs when she comes back down she looks and sees she missed a call from Billy. Victoria calls a doctor to make a appointment to make sure she is in fact pregnant.

When Abby gets back to the hotel room she and Tyler kiss with Not Cassie’s bracelet just a few feet away.

Sharon , Nick, and Noah celebrate Faith’s first goal in soccer. Nick tells Noah and Faith that he and Sharon are getting back together.

Thursday – Sharon comes to the ranch insisting that she see Victor. Sharon wants them to put their hate and differences aside long enough to figure out what her secret is. Victor tells her that even though neither one of them know what it is Phyllis does. Victor tells her that she need to do the right thing and get out of Nick’s life now before it all comes out.

Abby discusses with Tyler what her father did to Sharon. Abby brings up Not Cassie. Tyler tells her he needs to leave for work. Abby sees the bracelet and ask Tyler about it. Tyler has nod noise but to tell her that Mariah is staying there as well. Abby is upset he didn’t tell her sooner. When Abby sees her later she accuses her of being the Not Cassie that is on Victor’s payroll. Tyler tells Abby that she is Mariah. Abby tells him she is the one who was hired to torment Sharon. Tyler tells her that it was awful thing for her to do to Sharon. Not Cassie tells him to get Abby to back off. Tyler tries to,convince Abby to let it go.

Cane and Lily are talking to Neil about the twins getting to meet Colin. Hilary shows up. Cane lets Neil know that he told Hilary he will always be on his wife’s side. Devon walks over to Hilary and tells her that he knows she is seeing someone and has a boyfriend Hilary informs Devon that she may or may not. Cane is with Devon at the bar. Devon tells him all about the little rendezvous of Hilary’s heard. Neil leaves and heads up,to Hilary’s where they hit the sheets. Neil want to tell,everyone they are seeing each other. Hilary does not. They make out.

Avery and Dylan are discussing nick shows up and tells them how he thinks he is going to have to turn Victor into the Feds. Avery is sure it will be difficult to press charges. Avery feels the worst possible scenario for Victor is for his family to turn against him. Dylan ask about Nikki and then takes his leave. Nick tells Avery he can’t help but like Dylan. Nick then tells her he is back with Sharon. Avery is happy for Nick. After nick leaves Avery gets a delivery of roses.

Dylan shows up at the ranch. Victor tells him that Nikki isn’t there. Victor tells Dylan he doesn’t know where Nikki is. Dylan is worries that Ian will get to her. Victor tells Dylan to give Nikki a call. Dylan then recovers a call,from Avery thanking him for the flowers. Dylan tells her he didn’t send them.

Sharon tells Nick them getting back together was a huge mistake. Nick won’t listen to her and tells her they are strong enough to handle anything. Nick kisses her.

Friday – Avery and Dylan are trying to figure out who sent her the roses. Dylan thinks it is Ian. Avery doesn’t and tells Dylan he promised he wouldn’t allow Ian to get to him. Just then Avery’s crew arrives. Dylan tells Austin about the roses. Austin doesn’t think it’s anything to worry about. Dylan kisses Avery and leaves. Austin puts the roses in the shot as he talks to Avery about her french toast.

Ian goes to Paul’s office and tells,him he was followed. Ian thinks it’s his son that did it. Paul is just interested in the facts. Christine walks in and Ian leaves. Christine and Paul’s talk about having a baby and then decide they will start trying that very night. Michael finds Kevin and ask him if he has given up on his marriage. Kevin tells him he knows Chloe doesn’t love him. Michael tells,him he is sorry and offers to get him out of his marriage. Kevin isn’t interested in that as a option.

Jack wants some numbers Billy was supposed to have for him. Billy in turn tells jack that he saw Stitch and Kelly fighting about something. Billy knows Stitch is hiding something and he wants Jack to get Kelly to spill Jack tells Billy he will see what Kelly says but he isn’t going to spy for him. Later Kelly comes to see Jack at work and they decide to see a movie together.

Victoria is on the phone telling someone she took a pregnancy test and it came back positive. Billy shows up to get Johnny. Victoria had completely forgotten and tells Billy she sent him out with Hanna. Billy ask her what’s up. Victoria assures him it was a honest mistake and that he can wait for Johnny to come back home.

Chelsea and Chloe finally agree on a design for the club. Chloe tells Chelsea she is going to have a baby. Chelsea thinks he means Kevin’s baby. Chloe tells her no that she will be having the baby on her own but that she isn’t pregnant yet. Chelsea is curious who the father of the baby will be. Then Chelsea suggest Chloe speak with her therapist first. Chloe pish poshes that idea and tells Chelsea she has already found a donor.

Victoria finds out from her doctor that she is indeed pregnant. Everything is good with the baby. Victoria states she isn’t sure if her husband is the father of the baby. On her way out she runs into Stitch.

Jack and Kelly are kissing in the park.

Dylan is found by Ian waiting for him in his hotel room.