The Young and the Restless Spoilers February 24-28: Will Victoria Newman Forgive Billy Abbott?

The Young and the Restless Spoilers February 24-28: Will Victoria Newman Forgive Billy Abbott?

This week on The Young and the Restless the hostage situation at the benefit dinner was finally resolved. But, that doesn’t mean the drama is over in Genoa City. The drama will never be over in Genoa City, but here’s what fans can expect to see on Y&R next week, February 24th-28th.

Chloe should be featured on the next episode of “Dumbest Criminals,” her kidnapping plan definitely had a few holes in it. If she didn’t want to be found, why would she use Chelsea’s credit card and stay at her house in Paris? Even if Chelsea didn’t think to check her credit card purchases, wouldn’t the house in Paris be the first place she would check when she realized her and Connor’s passports were missing, and the paper with the French address was missing along with them. We’ll give Chloe the benefit of the doubt, and assume that she is not thinking clearly, and has been traumatized by her daughter’s death. Next week on The Young and the Restless Chelsea and Victor will learn that Chloe isn’t mentally stable when she refuses to give back Connor and insists that he “belongs with her.”

Back in Genoa City Victor’s son Nick has his own drama to deal with, after agreeing to help Dylan “stop Ian Ward.” Nick will pay the life guru a visit, in hopes of protecting Summer. However when Ian mentions Nick’s mother Nikki, Nick loses his cool and attacks Ian, punching him in the face.

Also on The Young and the Restless next week soap fans can expect to see Victoria Newman and Billy Abbott’s marriage in jeopardy and a new found trust and understanding developing between Chelsea and Victor. Check back on CDL throughout the week for more Y&R spoilers.

  • Annie

    With this new Billy I personally don’t care if Vicky and him stay together

  • Racquel Garnette

    I agree too. The writers got what they wanted. Billy and Victoria was the last couple left on that show to be together. This show has a lot of holes and the writers just wanted to ruin the character happiness. That slut Kelly ruined Billy and Victoria marriage. It seems like after Victoria forgave Billy for his gambling at the club he didn’t seem to care about Victoria and Johnny. The writers destroyed Sharon and Nicholas characters. They are making Nicholas to become more angrier like how he was before. I like the kind Nicholas when he was so kind to Phyllis. Bring back the old Nicholas that we used to love. After he dated Avery he became some kind of monster. Poor Sharon she got haunted by Cassie photos. Her ghost became real. Victor is doing the right thing of breaking up Nick and Sharon. Sharon needs a new man. The writers need to think with there heads and get rid of that bad madness you guys created. Courtney and Noah relationship won’t last. Who cares about Abby and Tyler. This Abby needs to go and be recasted. Billy and Victoria relationship was only couple i was rooting for and now you guys ruin there marriage. Bring back the old writers and fix up the storylines.

  • Racquel Garnette

    I agree too. David Tom looks like a kid and his acting is very bad. Billy J Miller wanted to pursue other projects so i don’t blame him for leaving. What the writers needs to do is hire someone good to be play Billy Abbott. This Abby character needs to be recasted. She is trying to hard at her lines. She overacts. Fix up the stalker thingy you guys created and make us see the real Mariah face at once.

    • Soap watcher

      I agree. I don’t like the new Billy. He over acts and doesn’t seem very talented. Abby is awful. And what’s up with the Mariah thing. Some of the story lines are so boring they are painful to watch. Jill and Canes dad, Noah and that hard to believe undercover cop, Nikis baby daddy drama and Devon’s billionaire windfall. None of it is riveting.

  • Ashley

    Who cares weather Billy and Victoria stay together since Adam and the real Billy left y&r is over for me I look at days of our lives now

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  • Stacy Sherrill-Ellis

    What happen to Philips is she ever coming back??

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