The Young and the Restless Spoilers: Adam Newman Is Alive and Held Captive – Chelsea Lawson Gets Victor In On The Search

The Young and the Restless Spoilers: Adam Newman Is Alive and Held Captive – Chelsea Lawson Gets Victor In On The Search

The Young and the Restless has been teasing fans for weeks about Adam Newman, leaving viewers guessing about whether or not he survived the fiery car crash that he and Billy Abbott were in back in January. After Billy and Adam’s car crashed, it exploded and burst into flames before anyone could pull his body out of the blaze. Although his body was never recovered, Adam Newman’s friends and family assumed he was dead. It appears that was not the case though.

After Billy and Adam’s car crash Y&R teased fans with a shot of a bloody hand covered in ash lying in the snow. Did it mean Adam Newman was alive? If he was alive, then where is he? Adam was obviously badly hurt, so who saved him and why didn’t they tell the Newman family that he was actually alive?

Today some of our Adam Newman questions were finally answered on The Young and the Restless. Yes, Adam Newman did manage to escape from the car accident, and he is indeed alive. Another clip of Adam’s infamous bloody hand was shown today on the CBS soap opera, and he appeared to by lying on bed, and he’s not alone. Whoever saved him appears to be playing doctor or has taken him to a doctor, because someone was standing over him with blue surgical gloves on in a dimly lit room.

It is official, Adam Newman will definitely be back to Genoa City, and probably sooner than later.  Chelsea Lawson is sure is is alive and tomorrow she is going to call Victor Newman and enlist his help in trying to find Adam.Y&R fans are curious where he has been this entire time, who has been helping him, and why his family hasn’t been notified that he is alive. But, all of those questions don’t hold a candle to the real question on every one’s mind, who is going to play the role of Adam Newman?

Michael Muhney played the role of Adam Newman since 2009. In late 2013 he found himself at the center of a sexual harassment scandal, and The Young and the Restless producers fired the popular actor. The last episode Muhney appeared in was the last episode that Adam Newman was seen alive. When Newman returns to Genoa City, the character will be played by a new actor. Sources have confirmed that Y&R producer Jill Farren Phelps was holding secret interviews and casting calls for the role of Adam Newman a few weeks ago, but she is keeping the identity of the new actor under wraps.

Young and the Restless fans are still in an uproar over the role of Billy Abbott being recast after Billy Miller was let go and the position was given to David Tom. Throwing Michael Muhney’s replacement into the mix could cause complete and utter upheaval among devoted Y&R fans.

Who do you think Jill Farren Phelps chose to play the role of Adam Newman when he returns to Genoa City? Leave your predictions in the comment section below.

20 responses to “The Young and the Restless Spoilers: Adam Newman Is Alive and Held Captive – Chelsea Lawson Gets Victor In On The Search”

  1. janie says:

    I wonder if Victor is keeping him prisoner? He knows Adam’s alive & now Chelsea feels it too.

    • Terri says:

      I have felt that Victor is involved with Adam from the start. My theory is that he (Victor) or one of his cronies found Adam, took him to a specialist for plastic surgery (required because of the burns) and then bring him home.

  2. Trish gilmore says:

    I can’t imagine anyone else playing this role but Michael. This is going to be utter devastation to all the viewers. There is not just anyone that can pull off the part of Adam Newman. This may very well be something that Y&R regret for sometime to come. This Billy they have already replaced is a joke. It’s a joke to watch his acting. It is just that acting with him. I’ve watched this show since it first came on television and watched so many come and go but this has been a big disaster. I feel Y&R will feel this when it comes up for an award. I would bring the real Billy back and pay him whatever I had to cause we all know it will pay off in the end. I would make the same decision with Michael AKA ( Adam) also.

  3. belinda says:

    Don’t let Michael Muhney go . You have already axed Billy Miller! He is irreplaceable as Adam Newman. Our show will be unrecognizable soon-with all of our favorites getting the boot. Leave it go.

  4. RoxAnne Holliday says:

    Jill Farren Phelps needs to be let go…the new Billy is a disgrace hope the new Adam is the old Adam Michael Muhney

    • Debby says:

      I agree Jill Farren Phelps needs to be let go. Bring back Michael Muhney and Billy Miller, they were the main reason I watched Y & R. Its not worth watching anymore since they left. Jill Farren Phelps made a hugh mistake.

      • Aggie Pride says:

        Absolutely!!!! Because you felt their acting!!! Heck…we’re the ones that keeps them #1! Well, now I don’t know. It’s a mess….

  5. lauriec says:

    I agree that the new Billy is a bust. He makes me want him and Victoria to break up. He’s not worthy of her. Please bring the old Billy back. I would say bring back Michael as Adam but if he was found guilty of sexual harassment he got what he deserved

  6. Marlene says:

    Please please put some clothes on Lilly. She is a wife and a mom not a hooker! I think it is terrible the way she dresses especially around her kids!

  7. don says:

    He is NOT the new billy he played the role before like 12 years ago as for his performance no comments until they go further in storylines.

  8. Kea Thickemz says:

    I hate the fact that Michael AKA Adam was let go. He was the best Adam. I hate the new/old billy. I h honestly have not watched the site since finding out Michael was let go… I now just read the spoilers. They need to bring Phyllis back and fire Jill Phelps. Since she came to Y & R … she seems like she is here to destroy the show…smdh…

  9. Brian Taylor says:

    Get rid of Phelps, not the actors!

  10. Irene Leo says:

    Why not cast Cameron Mathison (formerly Ryan Lavery on All My Children) asa the new Adam?? No problem with Michael Muhney being replaced under the circumstances. Also, how about Cassie DePavia (formerly Blair from One Life to Live) in the role of Phyllis!

  11. Michelle Renwick Wilson says:

    You’re dead on about the cheap sets. So far they havent destroyed the beautiful Chancellor mansion, but the Newman ranch and penthouse are as ugly as sin! Plain, cheap, boring and lacking in style. I’d rather live at the Athletic Club! But Cane and Lily want to renovate it. I can only image what a mess that would be. And on the subject of Lily: she annoys the hell out of me! Why didn’t they write HER off the show? And if I hear her refer to her kids as ‘the twins’ once more, I’ll puke! And talk about terrible casting:the actor playing Cane and Lily’s son looks nothing like either of them. How could there be so many dumb decisions made regarding this show?

  12. Aggie Pride says:

    He just can’t act. It’s painful to watch. He’s not like his sisters.

  13. Erin McConnell says:

    The old/new Billy has no personality at all..he is boring and can not act

  14. jaxson pitt says:

    i like the old adam and old billy i just dont see the point of replacing them both like really -.-

  15. jaxson pitt says:


  16. John says:

    It seems to me that Billy and Adam both died in that crash and the Y&R will never be the same without Billy Miller and Michael Muhney.