The Young and the Restless Spoilers: Adam Newman On His Way Home or Is Chelsea Losing Her Mind – Who Replaces Michael Muhney?

The Young and the Restless Spoilers: Adam Newman On His Way Home or Is Chelsea Losing Her Mind - Who Replaces Michael Muhney?

With all of the drama in Genoa City, some of the characters seem to have accepted that Adam Newman is gone and moved on, not Chelsea though. Now that she has safely retrieved her and Adam’s son Connor from Chloe, it seems to be hitting her even harder that Adam is missing, she even asked Victor to look for his son.

In a recent The Young and the Restless promo video, Chelsea’s Mom Anita appeared worried about her. Anita thinks Chelsea is losing her mind because Chelsea thought Adam was at the door. Everyone believes Adam died in a car crash, the car exploded and burst into flames before they were able to retrieve his body from the car, Chelsea must be nuts if she thinks Adam is knocking on the door.

Generally soap opera characters get approximately nine lives before they really die. It’s a general rule, if there is no body nor funeral, then the character will return. Y&R fans and CDL predicted Adam Newman would be back, and it appears they are right, all the tell-tale signs are there. The body was never recovered, then we saw a flash of a bloody hand in the snow, and now his ex-wife is convinced he is not dead.

The real question in is, who will play the character of Adam Newman? Michael Muhney played the role of Adam Newman for a little over four years. After a controversial sexual abuse accusation, The Young and the Restless fired Muhney, and his last episode aired on January 30th. When Adam Newman returns on The Young and the Restless, he won’t be played by Michael Muhney. Several sources reported that Y&R producer Jill Farren Phelps was holding closed sneaky auditions last autumn and interviewing potential actors to take on the role, but Y&R has been tight-lipped about the identity of the actor taking on the role of Adam Newman.

Do you think Chelsea really is losing her mind, or the Y&R writers are just setting the stage for Adam Newman’s return? What actors would you like to see take over the role for Michael Muhney? Share your thoughts in the comment section below, and don’t forget to check CDL tomorrow for more The Young and the Restless spoilers.

44 responses to “The Young and the Restless Spoilers: Adam Newman On His Way Home or Is Chelsea Losing Her Mind – Who Replaces Michael Muhney?”

  1. lynzy says:

    If they were really smart, they would work out the problems with Michael and surprise everyone by having him reappear. It would make history..and a lot of happy fans. The new Billy is a total disaster. He sounds like a 12yr old and just does not have the same cool factor. It’s hard to watch now…makes you want Victoria to give up on him. Bring Michael back and be a hero. He will come back a more humble guy and life will go on. Everyone deserves a second chance.

  2. […] has been teasing fans for weeks about Adam Newman, leaving viewers guessing about whether or not he survived the fiery car crash that he and Billy Abbott were in back in January. After Billy and Adam’s car crashed, it exploded and burst into flames […]

  3. Rhonda Bosby says:

    Please Please Please, bring Michael Muhney back I Will Apologize for him IF he did wrong, Seriously he is Irreplaceable!!!! PLEASE!!

  4. Rhonda Bosby says:


    • Fred says:

      Muhneys behavior can be explain by his OCD being out of control. OCD is an afliction of the gifted. Elton John and Katy Perry have it. George Harrison also had it. It’s a handicap. Tptb should understand this and give him a break. Bring back the true Adam MM who loved his job.

    • Kami says:

      I agree I hate David Tom with Victoria bring back the old Billy and for everyone’s sake please bring back the old Adam.

  5. Tracey says:

    Please bring Michael back!!!!!! The old/new billy is not right for Victoria. I can see why he couldn’t be with the old Victoria since they are siblings. I want Michael back or I will give up on Y&R…. I love him with Chelsea…

  6. Mackenzie Frejlich says:

    THERE IS ONLY ONE PERSON TO PLAY THAT PART AND THAT WOULD BE Michael Muhney You should have never let him go!!!!! wonderful actor he really made the show it will not be the same without him on it we have lost too many of them in a short time

  7. mary thomas says:

    Yes please please bring micheal m back as adam newman

  8. Rosalea Moore says:

    I quit watching y&r Jan 30th. they really should work it out with MM.

  9. Jennifer says:

    Yes please put the old Adam Newman back on and please get rid of the teenager Billy and put the old Billy back on

    • caro says:

      Please bring the old adam Newman back,i mean Michael muhney,the show is worthless without him,i am thinking about quit watching the show if we have a new person airing as Adam Newman.And the new billy is making me sick, he is too arrogant,his voice is irritative ,he isn’t natural and more, importantly there isn’t chemistry between him and Victoria,he is too young for her

    • sher says:

      Yes…bring back Michael MUhney back! No one can replace him!!! I am about to stop watching.

    • Chloe says:

      Unbelievable how sooooo many Y&R fans feel the same way!!! Ditto to everything already said. When you replaced the old Victoria it worked. Love this one now. But NO chemistry at all with the new Billy. And I’m sorry but I AGREE Adam is not replaceable I’ve been a fan for 38 yrs. Y&R Staff, pay attention to your FANS!!!

  10. Rory says:

    Y and Y got rid of the two sexiest men on daytime. David Tom seems like a whiny kid – I can barely watch him. No chemistry with Victoria at all!

  11. Liza says:

    Listen up Y&R your fans are speaking! Please spare the poor cat in the hit tin roof(new Billy) it is misery just hearing him act!

  12. Cheryl says:

    Wow thrills me to see so many fans of MM !!! and yes Y&R needs the voice of current fans! And another one here to concur – the old new Billy isn’t cutting it. Your fans agree to be idiots when you mess up the writing but we have continued to follow – how many of us will continue to continue to follow if you writers continue to forget about us sitting at home , deciding whether we really need to watch??

  13. jagchicc05 says:

    I agree, bring back MMuhney and Billy, noone wants to live through a recast of Adam,
    No other actor could ever fill his shoes,or acting talent and diversity in this character. Everyone makes mistakes, god forgives all, are the producers above all that? please…

  14. lililili says:

    Oh, my, I keep repeating myself…MM and BM are gone, the cast has been vicious in their comments re a departed cast member (since when has that ever happened?) and even if it was warranted, where was the professionalism there? You, the Y and R cast members, and you know who you are, have made me totally lose any desire to see your show again.

  15. How's about says:

    Michael Muhney is the one and ONLY Adam Newman. Bring him back! Y&R needs him badly.

  16. beene says:

    I liked the old Adam . I really don’t like David tom ad the new billy. He is too young and just doesn’t have the charm & charisma that billy miller did. Besides the new billy is to young. Are they gonna cast a new 29 Something victoria . she almost old enuf 2b his mom

  17. Stelly says:

    I agree that the new Billy is a total disaster – he’s pathetic! Bring back the old Billy!!! Also, PLEEEZE bring back Adam (MM) – the chemistry between him and Chelsea is amazing – he’s such a likable character – he began as a good guy, then bad guy, and now on his way to redemption – the story line is fantastic and is sure to keep the ratings up. Are we sure that there really was a sexual harassment charge? Could it be “Victor” pulling strings – rumor has it that the two Alpha males clashed – is the fantasy world entering into reality – without formal charges, it is just heresay – PLEEEZE bring him back. He is such a strong character and vital to the story line – PLEEEZE!!!

    • don says:

      He is not new billy he played the role before and he is boring because the storyline is boring, the writers are boring which by the is why some actors do leave the show because of it.

  18. momo says:

    I am not feeling the new Billy and y’all should bring back Michael…..

  19. momo says:

    I swear all of my soaps I watch are going down hill. They are taking all the good actors and actress’s off. I been watching soaps since I was little. So figure out something with Michael and bring him back and excpecially the old Billy.This new Billy is a crock of crap. He can’t act worth a damn..

  20. Fabienne says:

    Whoever JF is bringing to replace Adam, she has killed the show by firing the only man who could play Adam and had great chemistry with Chelsea and that is Michael Muhney.His fans have left with him and will never go back , no matter what. .JF does not realize enough the disrespect she has for the people who made the show so popular. Now they are so resentful of her and CBS that they lost all respect for the producers. .Nice job, CBS !!!
    You absolutely have no idea of the damage you have done hiring JF
    She has no skills whatsoever..

  21. psmith says:

    Definitely bring the old Billy back. The one not very good he jus doesn’t have that swagger. As for Adam why can’t he ever catch a break to enjoy the life as a father and husband.

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  23. Courtney says:

    MM should come back! The new billy is absolutely awful!!! He can not act and billy was suppose to be this tortured soul who is someone that is not a push over and cry baby like the new one it just doesn’t work. Michael Muhney is perfect for Adam and I don’t know if I will continue watching if the new Adam is as bad as the new billy.

  24. Dawn says:

    This new awful..cant even stand I dont think i can stand a new adam to. Y & R youve really let ur loyal fans down

  25. Diane Johnson says:

    I want Michael Muhney back as Adam Billy Miller back as Billy. No one can take Michael Muhneys place as Adam!!!!!! The show is so boring and terrible storylines. The person(Jill)Writing needs to go before Y&R goes to the dogs and cancelled. The new Billy is awful and I hope Victoria kicks him to curb. I hate the show now with them gone.Please bring them BACK!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  26. […] be he was let go under false or exagerated circumstances. Now, it’s time for Muhney’s character Adam Newman to come back to Genoa City, and Newman’s impending return has reopened the can of worms surrounding his dismissal from the […]

  27. Teresa says:

    I think Michael Murphy should be back to the young and restless he is an excellent actor thank you.

  28. Terry Mccluney says:

    Please bring Michael muhney as Adam so young and the restless can remain the # 1 soap , and not replaced with another talk show or game show, the new billy talks through his nose . And ever one is in love with Adam .there is a first time for everything hunter king could have been fluriting and didn’t know it.

  29. Ilona says:

    I want MM back!!!!!

  30. Ilona says:

    And it wasn’t Adam who hit Delia!! Remember when he was driving on that dark road,one car blinded him, and it was the car who hit the girl!!!!

  31. Martha says:

    I agree…I believe Muhney has already apologized for his alleged behavior; why spoil a very good thing and bring in YET AGAIN another new replacement? At this point, have the ratings been affected/effected? Is Hunter being spiteful about his alleged behavior? Muhney is sexy as hell and really holds his own against Victor! Frankly, I wish we had the old Abby back! And Ashley, is she just making another “here I am” appearance? She sure was catty when she ran into Victoria! BTW, I really like the chemistry between Victoria and Stitch!!! Billy is such a whiner, keep the hots going between Victoria and Stitch!!! i have been a LONG TIME viewer of Y&R…listen to the people and bring back Adam/Muhney!!

  32. Tonya says:

    Bring back the old Adam! Find a good looking Billy. The story has lost its best 3…Phyllis, Adam and Billy. The show is terrible now.