The Young and the Restless Recasting Adam Newman – He’s Alive! – Suspicious Casting Call Goes Out

The Young and the Restless Recasting Adam Newman - He's Alive! - Suspicious Casting Call Goes Out

It’s pretty inevitable that The Young and the Restless will recast Adam Newman, the role played until a couple weeks ago by Michael Muhney. I mean, CBS made it perfectly clear even to the actor that he was out of there and after a short while they were going to welcome in a different actor. Muhney has been off screen for only a handful of days now and according to the Feb. 18th print edition of Soap Opera Digest, an interesting casting call has gone out for a supposed character named Connor Boyd. He comes from a wealthy family and the character is described as sexy and vibrant and his family expects him to be a success in business.

Does that sound more than a little familiar? Y&R claims to be looking for an actor in their mid-20’s but they know full well that a multitude of thirty-somethings will come in to read for the role and that age is likely exactly what they are looking for. I think it’s pretty unlikely that Jill Farren Phelps is going to put out an obvious casting call for Adam. Even when David Tom came in to read, he believed it was for a new role but it wound up being for Billy Abbott, a part that earned him a Daytime Emmy ten years ago. David was a replacement for Billy Miller who was fired because he needed just a little time off. That’s how it’s done in this business. The character you’re ostensibly testing for may be just a ploy to cast a more significant role.

So, since it really does seem that Y&R is ready to move on and it looks like they are taking active steps to do so, who do you think that you could stomach as the next Adam? Does anyone come to mind? I realize this question is actually wasted on a bunch of former Y&R fans because a lot of you guys wisely jumped ship in recent months! Tell us your thoughts on them recasting Adam this quickly in the comments below!

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  1. RedRiver38 says:

    Michael Muhney was a recast himself, but he developed the character into a sensation based on his own talents. The fans love him and want him back, but Jill Phelps plotted his firing and now will replace him with one of her friends, probably from her General Hospital casting days. The character will never achieve the connection with the audience again. You can’t recapture that kind of magic with another actor that Muhney created himself. Phelps’ arrogance will be shown to be bankrupt. No sale.

    • Tara says:

      I completely agree! Nobody will replace Adam and I no longer watch the show. A show I watched with my grandma since the early 1970’s I lost all respect for Jill Phelps and what she did to the viewers. He said she said is not confirmation.

  2. Sally M says:

    Don’t care…. No longer watch.

  3. paulc says:

    A welcomed cast change. Not everyone liked Muhney, at least I didn’t. Good riddance. The Billy cast change looks like a winner too. Now if only Mr. Tom gets rid of the Miller High and tight haircut. Tom as Abbot is natural.

  4. Eihle says:

    CBS is off my schedule. I’m done with dumb moves. Muhney’s character was the only one I tuned in to watch. The rest have gotten so predictable.

  5. Dolly says:

    MM ‘s portrayal of Adam Newman was GENIUS!!!! Absolute GENIUS!!!! The connection with the audience and the depth that he brought to this character are tough acts to follow. While there was another Adam prior to him, he took the role and made it his OWN. Without MM, BM, MS, this show is seriously deteriorating. While I will follow him wherever he goes, CBS could change everything by begging him to come back!!!!! Would love to see him back…that is the ONLY way I will tune in again after 30 years of watching.

  6. lucy2010 says:

    You’ve got to be kidding. CE and his whiny, sniveling portrayal of Adam was the primary reason I was ready to bail on Y&R altogether before MM took over. He was just awful.

  7. mamakiki says:

    Dylan is hot and super sexy. I definitely miss Billy Miller playing Billy Abbot and miss having Muhney playing Adam. I hope they realize it was a mistake and bring him back.

  8. darklover72 says:

    bring back the one who frist played adem newmen before they brought in Michael muhney.

  9. Daron French says:

    Adam is replaceable. I wouldn’t mind seeing a recast.

  10. Daron French says:

    Get a life.

    • texasbred says:

      I believe most soap fans probably have a life. In fact, many probably like myself work long hours and this is our escape. I think MM is Adam Newman because he made him soooo believable!! Can’t imagine another actor having the chemistry love/hate he had with Victor (Eric Braeden). Both those actors are like Jeanne Cooper. Can’t be replaced. LIke it or not. It is the way it is.

  11. Tom Kidd says:

    I don’t care what they say, daytime drama IS on the downswing. The talk around our local ABC affiliate is that the networks want to turn a bit more of the daytime programming back to the local stations and they are going with syndicated shows. I would not be one bit surprised if our local CBS affiliate is checking out the same options.

  12. Leanna says:

    They can cast whoever they wish, if it’s not MM, I won’t be watching. I haven’t watched since he tweeted about being fired, nor have i watching ANYTHING on CBS. Nor will I ever again.

  13. Mary1054 says:

    If CBS is smart about this, they will bring MM back. His portrayal of Adam Newman superior to anything I have seen on a daytime soap. I have watched Y&R since it first aired and have been a loyal fan UNTIL the loss of MM as Adam. I am very sad to say that I no longer watch and I will only be back if MM returns. Michael Muhney made this character his own, he had the ability to have the viewers love his tortured soul. When the writers had Adam be the hit and run driver of Dehlia, it turned me off completely towards the story line. However I continued to watch because of Michael’s ability to bring such emotion his character as to what he was going through. He kept the viewers captivated. Once the decision was made to fire him, I faithfully watched till the 30th. Y&R had a strong fan base,but I believe they lost a huge part of it with the loss of MM. I recently read that CBS was once again at the top of the ratings, but remember that date included time when MM was still being aired on the Y&R. Curious to seen what happens to the ratings next time.

  14. Sher says:

    Good one! laughing out loud! :D

  15. texasbred says:

    Do you know the actor personally? Could be he was slandered. She has not filed a complaint or lawsuit as far as i have read. It is no better to judge and call him a douche than it is for someone to call a victim (if she was a victim) a bitch. Thing is, i was not there as most people posting comments.

  16. esha says:

    I believ everyone should stop watching this shkw adam is so good at what he does i strongly think he should stay or this show will be finish before you know .

  17. Nancy says:

    Stopped watching. Loved Adam. Need to get rid of Summer and Victor. Adam and Billy are irreplaceable. Have watched Y&R since the beginning. Now is the time to end.

    • Sandra Brownell says:

      why on earth did they bring back david tom? he is a terrible actor and for heaven’s sake would
      someone give him a tissue so he can blow his nose,
      he is terrible.bring back billy miller!!!!!!!also,bring back adam!!!!!!!!

  18. Sandra Mackenzie-Hunton says:

    David tom big thumbs down…bring billy miller back… You keep train wrecks like victor Newman who clearly can’t remember any other script because the same stupid crap comes out of his mouth every episode and he contradicts himself so much it makes no sense. Also why can’t you just leave billy and Victoria alone why can there not be one couple that makes it honestly and truely why is it so bad to see one couple succeed this is the only soap I faithly watch it would be nice to not have all characters be sleeze balls. Fix the summer jack nick shit it is not suspenseful it is annoying

  19. Nicole Danley says:

    I want the old billy and Adam back!!!!! It’s just not the same without them. So sad.

  20. Happymom says:

    I think something really smells with Michael Muhney being fired. I don’t condone in any way someone groping another person, but having said that, that is what is rumored to have happened and all Hunter King wanted was to have him fired? That is considered an assault, and no reports were filed? That sounds to me like a made up story and if it is, it’s sad and pathetic. Not only did it cause MM to lose his job, it puts a black mark over him, not to mention what his family could be going through because of the rumors. Y&R REALLY dropped the ball with this one. HUGE mistake letting MM go. I have watched the show since the mid 80’s, and the story lines are getting more stupid every day. The Adam Newman story line was the major reason I still watched the show. He’s a fantastic actor, and brought so much depth and emotion to the show. They need to bring back MM and get rid of JFP before she tanks the whole show and it can’t be saved!!!

  21. patte008 says:

    People are so quick to judge people before they know the facts. If you would read about this person other than the bad things in tabloids who are only trying to sell news. then maybe you wouldn’t be so quick to judge him. This is a good man who I believe was set up and slandered on purpose. and people are falling into that trap. A great actor who is paying the price for being great! As for me I will never believe this man did anything wrong. As for as replacing him he owned Adam Newman and no one will ever do that part the justice that he did. To finish off all his scenes after being fired shows a man of real class and integrity. Others would have walked away at the end of the “You are fired sentence”. Oh and by the way Michael Muhney has a wonderful family *Wife, sister, farther and brother who believe in him and love him very much. What more could one ask for?

  22. Gloria says:

    I haven’t watched since Michael Muhney’s last air date and I won’t..Even though he was a re-cast, he owned the role of Adam Newman and he made it his own and though. Billy Miller left on his own, David Tom will NEVER own the role of Billy original or not.

  23. Laura says:

    Jill will never find anyone better than Michael Muhney…DO YOU READ this Jill? Your empire is falling downhill

  24. Bert says:

    Trevor St. John. The perfect Adam Newman.

  25. Liz says:

    That’s the problem , muhney felt he was irreplaceable when u give someone that kind of power they feel they can act any way they choose. No one is irreplaceable.