The Young and the Restless Recasting Michael Muhney’s Adam Newman: Jill Farren Phelps’ Sneaky Auditions Since Last Autumn

The Young and the Restless Recasting Michael Muhney's Adam Newman: Jill Farren Phelps' Sneaky Auditions Since Last Autumn

Wow guys, the more that I learn about CBS and Jill Farren Phelps priorities, the more I feel bad for the actors that are working under her regime. When David Tom was hired to replace Billy Miller in the role of Billy Abbott he said he was initially under the impression that he was being considered for the part of Andrew Abbott. We now know that characters such as Andrew Abbott and Josh Williams were smoke screens to test not only for Billy but also to look at potential candidates that would be a good recast for Adam Newman as well. Those initial screen tests occurred back in October of last year and as we all know, Michael Muhney wasn’t fired until December.

According to the Feb. 24th print edition of CBS Soaps it looks like Jill was totally laying the groundwork to commit character assassination in the hopes that fans would be glad to see Muhney leave. She also fully intended to bring him back in the form of another actor – one that may have already been chosen months ago – long before Muhney packed up his dressing room! And what about those accusations of questionable behavior on Muhney’s part?  This kind of proves that the powers-that-be let the situation ride for months before taking action which is reprehensible in and of itself.  Either they didn’t believe the allegations but used them as an excuse to let Muhney go, their way or else they could care less about the stability and well being of the cast – or both!

Do you think that Jill and other honchos already had picked their replacement before they even bothered to let Muhney go? Tell us your thoughts in the comments below!

  • Lynne Stanton

    That is really low life and disgusting on her part if it’s true! How can you let a man take a hit on his reputation which is untrue just because you want to replace him??!!! She needs to be fired!! David Thom does not compare to Billy Miller and Michael Muhney has been attacked for nothing.

    • jeanie mackay

      I feel it is a big mistake to fire Michael because of hear say. Looks like Jill was planning this for awhile. But, why???. Please bring him back. Ratings will drop because you fired the best actor on the show.

  • KKatherine Custer

    The show us going down and then apparently mce may be leaving. If I were her I would bale too. I wouldn’t want to be associated with a company who treats their employees that way.

  • scorn

    Because the allegations are just that…. allegations. MM was fired because he didn’t play well with others…. aka kiss EB’s @$$…

  • Mark St. Clair

    No body cares about these old has beens. Please cast away Eric Braeden & Melody Scott. They are such toast. All the great new actors the put on a spinning revolving door. What the hell was wrong with Blake Hood? Michael Muhney was the best actor hired since Jeanne Cooper. He would have evolved into the next Victor. Now we will get some horrible goon like Steve Burton. Go away y&r. Your finished in my world

    • Autumn Cook

      Love it! You’re words say everything!

  • Pattie Estep

    That’s why I baled on this cut throat show.I cant stand to look at the cast.When the show is canceled all this kissing JFPs a** will be for nothing and KSJ is a really sad person for the way he acts.

  • MTC7GC

    It is clear to see what was going on, this all started when they pinned Delia’s death on MM. No doubt about it,Jill Pharen Phelps was trying to get the fans to hate Adam (MM) for what he did, but it backfired. Especially for me, I have been a viewer since the beginning of this soap and the day it was discovered that Adam was the hit and run driver was disturbing to the point that I found the show difficult to watch for a few reasons. First and foremost, another child was killed off the show, I simply do not understand this writing concept. The other issue was watching what the character Adam was going through, you could not help but feel for him, it was emotional to watch.However his acting was so powerful, I as a viewer became more drawn to him. If this man does not win an Emmy for his performance then something is wrong in TV land! Since all of this has happened I have noticed that now Eric Braedon suddenly has all these emotional scenes…hmmm, interesting. Was there an issue behind the scenes with MM’s popularity and no matter what they did to him he was still loved? This is not going to work with Victors character, sorry it is hard to feel sorry for someone who brings everything on himself. I think Mr. Braedon needed the spotlight again and definitely had something to do with the dismissal of MM. The new faces of the soap simply do not work, sorry! There is no chemistry and the show is no longer familiar and I am quickly losing interest. Do yourself a favor and bring back MM as Adam, and if they can get Billy Miller back as Billy that would be perfect! The chemistry between Amelia and Billy as well as Michael and Melissa was amazing. It is obvious that the powers to be at The Young and The Restless do not care about their fans.

  • g. (:-

    Too bad Y & R you screwed up a good thing by firing two of the best. See ya!

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  • Autumn Cook

    I hope they continue to drop!

  • Bobbie Bridges

    GET RID OF JILL FARREN PHELPS and leave the Y&R cast alone. I love Billy Miller as Billy Abbott and Michael Muhney as Adam Newman. Jill Phelps has a power issue. You can see she doesn’t care what the fans think. Get rid of her. I couldn’t believe when they tried to get rid of Melonie (Nickie) that had me very upset and now this is ridiculous. I hated loosing Phyllis (Michelle) and Catherine. But it was Phyllis’s choice and Jeanne Cooper died. But to fire these two is awful. Bring them back and again get rid of JFP.

  • SadCat

    I have decided the only possible explanation is CBS legal department is comprised of lawyers that didn’t attend law school. California is a state in which one can sit for the California Bar without ever attending law school. If we accept all facts disclosed, not assumed to be true, this may be the only plausible explanation. Actors are not employment at will employees. They have contracts. If a term of their employment contract was violated, this would be termination for cause. I do not know of a single job in history in which a person that was “let go”, has been repeatedly referred to as “fired” and allowed to return to work for three days after their termination. This fact remains perplexing, independent if their was a grain of truth to any allegations even having been made, whether the allegations were investigated, whether misconduct created termination for cause. The fallout has been 10,000+ fans making assumptions, in accurately citing HR laws, name calling of other fans, cast members. Accounts have been set up on both sides that seemingly smear credibility for one side or the other. In the case of MM, he has not been remotely tied to any negative tweeting about former castmates. Such is not the case for several of his most loyal supporters. People have speculated about a “gag order” placed by CBS. Find me another job in which an employer has ever fired an employee and then tried to demand they not discuss specifics of the termination. Aside from any conditions contained in the employment contract, it would be impossible to enforce. Some lawyer may have directed either party to not discuss anything specific, not communicate with fans, but there certainly aren’t “gag orders” from employers firing someone. The employer-employee relationship is severed. Most disturbing is a vital part of fan interaction has been nobely assumed by MM family members in trying to give support, appreciation, understanding, diminish negativity for all involved while maintaining the private lives they had before December 16, 2013. For everyone’s sake, one can only hope this reaches resolution before a full fledged media insurgence causes many more emotional casualties. These were people before they were actors or fans.

  • Ashley

    I have watched this show since it was first conceived. I too loved the character of Adam with Michael in the role. I used to watch the program because I enjoyed the women characters, but he played his role so well, I became engrossed in all he did from day to day. I had heard that this new director was not a good fit for the show, and it is true. To let Michael go was unthinkable. He is the best actor on the entire show, even better than Jeanne Cooper. Every day, I still tune in, but find myself turning it off or wandering away after the first ten minutes. The whole show seems to be coming unglued with stupid story lines that missing all the details that make the show “believable” and cohesive. A new Adam is never going work.

  • pat dillon

    I used to love watching this show and couldn’t wait for it to be on. After all the stories, like this one, and all the actor changes and the horrible story lines, I have decided that in order to make my point I am not watching at all. If there are other posters here who want to be “heard” then let’s get serious. Boycott the show. I agree it is like an addiction, to keep watching, maybe it will change, etc. Truth is, it won’t and if we, the viewers and fans, really want to make a point, then we need to be resolute – boycott the show. Find something else to do, go for a walk, go out to lunch, take a class, do anything else but watch this show.

  • Lynne Bures

    There is a petition in petitions to have her removed.

  • sherri821

    She needs to be fired and replaced

  • JessJ

    There is only 1 happy person on Y&R and thats Colin
    Everyone else is in the middle of a miserable or dark story line. And if you think about it, when was the last time we got to see a good old fashion love story…I dont even remember.
    Seems like the show has the winter blues, and my life is depressing enough lol

    JFP has ruined this show. I get that drama is a big part of soaps but so is love.

  • Tina

    I have not watched since Michael left. I hope so bad he get a job on General Hospital or any other soap so I can watch him again

  • Shelley

    Really,, and how many soaps have gone down the drain for doing this. Research JFP shes called the soap killer. You must have read the remarks before posting, 90% for MM/BM,so why did you post again?

  • Andree

    I agree sadly……Letting go the old Adam is almost as bad as replacing Mrs. Chancelor…God Bless her soul :-)

  • disappointed

    Delia Adam Billy were some of the best characters on the showthe show has corny actors/actresses on it nowit reminds me of something silly like passionsthe only good people left on the show are Lauren and Nikkibring back Adam Delia Phyllis and Billythe new Billy over and he’s corny and ugly

  • Marilyn

    I was really hoping Adam would turn up alive but now reading this I am disgusted that he was let go! He played the character very well and it will be hard to adjust watching someone else fill his shoes! Same goes for Billy! I keep hoping this guy, although a good actor, is just a fill in for a little while until Billy Miller comes back to take back his role. From what I am hearing this Jill lady needs to quit pushing quality out the door in a need to be a ” *****” ! Fire her and get back our favourites!! Canada speaks!

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  • Linda

    He really needs to step back. It is distasteful when people can’t let go past their time. Jeannie cooper started gracefully backing down long before she died–that is class. Don’t believe for a minute that there was really such a terrible incident with MM. He too showed real class by not dignifying the stupidity with trash about other actors on the show!

  • Linda

    He doesn’t, and his character is completely unbelievable. Who would support him after all the things he has done to his tv family in the name of “protecting his family?”

  • Linda

    Agreed. You can’t tell me that MM’s ego was any bigger than EB, but he is ten times the actor. You don’t fire someone that good because they are difficult–who would fire Bruce Willis?

  • jade

    At least B&B chose an actor who wanted to be there. JFP is killing Y&R & y’all are too blind to notice.

  • Candy Thayer

    I feel it is a big mistake to fire Michael because of hear say. Looks like Jill was planning this for awhile. But, why???. Please bring him back. Ratings will drop because you fired the best actor on the show.